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    4 The Daily Collegian Monday, August 2,1976
Concerts, plays and movies on schedule
Out of Town Concerts the Civic Arena Aug. 10. Peter forms Aug. sat 4 and 8 p.m. at
Pittsburgh: George Benson Frampton, Gary Wright and the Allentown Fair.
plays jazz Aug. 7at the Syria the Beach Boys are at Three
Mosque. Earth, Wind and a Rivers Stadium Aug. 14.
Fire and Ramsey Lewis are at* Allentown: America per-
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Dance Band Concert
The Dance Band will play “Great American Tunes” at a concert at 7 p.m. Tuesday on Herman
G. Fisher Plaza.
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10-fc Setfunfesy
Philadelphia: Janis lan
Aug. 8 at the Robin Hood Dell
West. The Beach Boys Aug. 11
115 SFta&erSi.
in the Spectrum. Aerosmith
Aug. 13 in the Spectrum.
Tickets are available at
Ticketron or at National
Record Marts.
Concerts in Town
The Dance Band will pre
sent “Great American Tunes”
outside Kern in Fisher Plaza
at 7 p.m. Aug. 3. In case of rain
the concert will be held in 102
Kern. Free. 1
The New York Renaissance
Band performs Aug. 5 at 8
p.m. in the Recital Hall of the
Music Building. Free.
The Un-Common After-
Dinner Theatre will present a
musical revue of Broadway
songs entitled “Yankee
Doodle Tune,” in Kern, 8 p.m.
Aug. 5 and 6. Tickets may be
purchased at the Kern In
formation Desk or call 865-
1878 for reservations.
“That Championship Sea
son,” directed by veteran
actor Edward Binns. Aug. 3
through 7. Playhouse Theatre.
“Little Mary Sunshine.”
Aug. 3 through 7 at the Pa
vilion Theatre.
“The Girls in 509." A satiri
cal comedy on politics. Boal
Barn Playhouse', now through
Aug. 7.
Cinema I. “Murder by
Death.” Peter Sellers.
Cinema 11. “The Omen.”
The Flick. “The Big Bus.”
Ruth Gordon, Stockard
Channing and Lynn Redgrave
in a rompingcomedy.
State. “The Tenant,”
starring Roman Polanski.
The Garden. “That’s Enter
tainment. Part 2.” Tuesday
“Life Guard” begins.
Mo'vies. "The Bad
"News Bears.” Tatum O’Neal
and Walter Matthau.
The Screening Room. “Vir
gin Snow.”
Campus: “Death Wish.”
Thursday through Sunday, 8
and 10 p.m. Pollock Rec
—Compiled by Barbara Coil
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Ballet series ends
Collegian Arts Writer
The final performances this past
weekend of the Pennsylvania Ballet
demonstrated once again the versatility of
this young company. Completing the
summer series of three programs, which
have included both romantic works like
“Les Sylphides” and more modern ex
periments like Harkarvy’s own “Con
timuun,” the Pennsylvania Ballet
presented in the classical mode
Harkarvy’s “Madrigalesco” and in the
modern, Robert Rodham’s “An American
dance review
“Madrigalesco,” which opened the
program, is an elegant ballet suggested by
the various 4 ' paintings of the Italian
Renaissance. The choreography and
costumes evoked the soft colors and music
of those more courtly days. The women’s
high-waisted gowns were especially ap
propriate, a nice touch being the colored
ribbons that swirled beneath the dancers’
gauze skirts. The men’s costumes,
however, looked unfortunately like
football jerseys.
Although the movements of the men’s
corps de ballet were a bit ragged the
Joy of sex put to novel
'Come Out to Play'
Collegian Arts Writer
“Come Out to Play,” Alex Comfort
Crown Publishers, N.Y. (1975)
For those of you who have been reading
“The Joy of Sex” behind the covers of Sam
uelson’s “Economics,” here at last is a book
by Alex Comfort even your maiden aunt
Gertrude would admit reading.
Book review
Comfort such a marvelous name for a
sexologist wrote “Come Out to Play” in
Britain in 1961, although the novel has only
recently been published in the United States.
The novel’s original publication date is even
evident from Comfort’s note that “in those
days, explicit sexual matters had to be
written in Sanskrit.” Despite its decorous
tone, “Come'Out to Play” is unmistakably by
tI SJg3 7pm
“Everything Must Be Sold"
The Book Place
204 W. College Ave.
OPEN 10 ajn. to 10 p.m. daily
• Ask about storage shelves for sale •
I* ** *** **
! JSffi Vizza r I
fVIUUIUITI With on# armor# topping*
t Little Caesars Pizza
'Entrance Front & Rear (Boro Parking Garage]
men simply lacked the precision of the
women the dance had a fluid quality the
audience applauded again and again. The
audience was so responsive Friday night I
wondered if their appreciation was not
somehow being milked by the repeated
curtain calls.
Ballet Master - Robert Rodham
choreographed the most exciting dance of
the evening, “An American Rhapsody.” ' *•
The music could not have been more
American: George Gershwin’s “Three
Preludes” and “Rhapsody in Blue.”
tiershwin, more lhan any other
American composer, put. his finger on
what we Americans are, or think we are. -
His music, both blues'and jazz, evokes our
view of ourselves as sly, sophisticated and
innocent all at once. Rodham’s ballet
brings together our gaudy patriotism and
our way of loving:' Uncle Sam introduces
the innocent lovers, the sailor and his girl,
the moll and the gangster and the
sophisticated couple we idolize in film.
This fantastic assemblage culminates in
an art-deco sequence: a platinum-haired
dream in a splendid art-decodress waltzes
with her elegant partner in tie and tails
across a silver stage in Gershwin’s finale
to “Rhapsody in Blue,” showing what
Radio City Music Hall and America were
like in the great days of the past.
the author of “Joy of Sex”: the protagonist
shows a definite' preference for obscure
Oriental copulatory positions in which th#
woman hangs upside down.
“Come Out to Play” recounts the adven
' Hires of George Goggins, a pioneer sexthera
pist who also experiments personally in his
chosen field. The results of Goggins’ research
are hardly scientific they are merely hilar
ious. • A
Along with, his lover-assistant-personal
therapist Dulcinea, Goggins sets about
improving the sex lives of the wealthy and
upper-caste of Paris and London. This turns
out to be a more difficult task than expected
money will not buy everything, it seems
so Goggins enlists the aid of a chemist who
has developed a perfume-aphrodisiac. ;i
A little of that powerful stuff in the victim’s
soap and even the stiffest upper lips begin to
quiver. When an entire quart of it is let loose,
Comfort’s later effort, “Joy of Sex,” becomes
Comfort’s gospel Sex is Fun—was never
better preached than in this witty novel.
Alas, there are no pictures.
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