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Dear Applicant!
Your votar registration application hat baan received and la now being processed. After
your registration has bean approved, we will mail to you a wallet sired Voter's Identification
Card showing tha municipality, ward and/or election district of your residence.
k 1
|r n&*uTYPcwmt on handmntuuhq buie oh mack mk ..hmn.7
(1) Isthisa-NewßegistrationQChangeofNamea Changeof AddressMl*wiat ifcmAntat
NOTE: Federal or State employees who with to retain voting resklenelwhe county offHflfcfence. check Q
(2) Print your Full Name Here ™ 111 n>t*
UttName First Name JrJSr.
(4) Voting Address - - * -MW^Re...
(Home Residence) «f no atraat number, let nearest cron street or
(I) What city, boro, or township do you live in?
(7) How long have you resided at the above address?
(!) Place of birth: , ___ _ _ mlk
(State, territory or foreign courtf^^^^
" 1 (10) Sex. __ (11) Race (12) Height.
(IB) In which Political Party do be enro^^^^^r ;
. (1|) Have you ever registered to
If 'Yes', complete the following
(ifb) Name on
(1M) County Wit
(17) Do you require Wbi
- I bortby declare that lam a citizen of tha United Slain. that on
.>, the dav of the neit eneuing primary or election. I shall be at least
eighteen years of age. and shall have resided In the Common
. wealth of Pennsylvania end in the election district thirty days,
that I am legally qualified to vote, that I affirm that the informa
tion provided herein is true and correct and I fully understand
that this application win be accepted for all purposes l as the
• equrvalent of an affidavit, and if It contains a material faiee state
ment shall be subject to the same penalties for'perjury as HI
had been duty sworn.
(IS) Be sure to sign x
ISJgnaturt ol Applicant ter RagUtmton) tf w
unebte to oign m Otroetlon Numbor 111, (19) /\
Printed Nvn* of Applicant) (Phona Nunteoi opHunU)
NanteantTadtfroM of poroon mixing In comp tet ton of Wo form.
Sample' voter registration form
Oswald okays SAB
membership change
President John W. Oswald
approved a report from the Student
Advisory Board (SAB) recommending
that its membership be reduced from 20
to 17, Raymond D. Murphy, vice
president for student affairs, said
' '..Fourteen organizations will still have
representatives on the Board, Murphy
said,' because two organizations were
dropped and'two were added. Hie Daily
Collegian and WPFM .were replaced by :
International Student Council and Penn
State Vets.
Murphy said the Collegian and WDFM
vsere dropped because the Board had
decided that he and student leaders
would meet with media represehtatives
after each meeting, thus making their
presence on the Board unnecessary.
Murphy said SAB reduced ite mem
bership from 20 to 17 by restricting the
University Council to one representative
instead of four. He said the Board agreed
that University Council had been over
The organizations re-instated on the
Board and the number of represen-
campaign gathering signatures
McCarthy wants place on ballot
Collegian Staff Writer
Eugene McCarthy is running for
President and, according to Dan
Wheaton, his Pennsylvania campaign
coordinator, it is not a quixotic run but
rather one with a good chance for suc
Wheaton, a professor at Susquehanna
University, was in State College this
week to organize the effort to gather
signatures of registered voters on a
petition that will enable McCarthy to be
placed on the ballot in November.
~• In Pennsylvania, 30,000 signatures are
\ieeded across the state to place the
name of an independent candidate on the
“Now, in Pennsylvania at least, we’re
at the petition stage,” Wheaton said.
“We probably have our 30,000, or close to
it,.but we’re still quite away from the
$O,OOO that we want, so that we don’t
need to be worried about being knocked
off the ballot by challenges.”
The filing , date is Aug. 21 but the
petitions from all over the state must be
returned to Wheaton no later than Aug.
ljs to be. bound, numbered and checked
before they are filed with Secretary of
the Commonwealth C. Delores Tucker.
McCarthy’s name is already on the
ballot in 15 states and Wheaton an
ticipates that it will appear on 40 to
48 state ballots in November.
Up to now, the McCarthy candidacy
fifs been, in Wheaton’s words, “one of
No tornadoes today! Morning fog will
give way to partly cloudy afternoon
b&ies. It will remain warm and humid
with just a slight chance of a brief shower
or thundershower. High around 80.
Cloudy and muggy tonight, low near 62.
Partly sunny, warm and humid tomor
row with a good chance of a thunder
shower, high again near 80. But alas:
•|punny and less humid Sunday, high
around 79!
,«4| Color EyM
□ Democratic Q Other.
□ Republican t
□ Constitutional □ No affiliation
jte ol law registration
(tte) Address on Previous Registration _
ilia) States Zip Coda
as □ No Q Physical Disability □ Illiteracy □
State nature ol disability
, Mtw rood tbit btnsfty tnd Sign your ntmt btkm
9 any paraon shad aign an official rapiffirffiion appßcatlon card knowing any
atatamani dadarad thtrain to bo Mao, ha ahail ba gutty of perjury, and
upon conviction. ahail ba aantancatf to pay a flna not axcaading on# thou*
aand doilara (11,000), or ba Impriaonad for a tarm not axcaading fiva (5)
yaara. or both, at tho diacratlon of Iha court In addition, aantanca ahail in*
dude toaa of tha right of auffragt abaolutaly for a tarm of tan (10 yaara.
(Sign on labal asactfy m print td abov* in Numbtr 2)
tatives they are permitted to have are as
follows: Undergraduate Student Gov
ernment, 2; Academic Assembly, 1;
Panhellenic Council, 1; Interfraternity
Council,. 1; Association of Women
Students, 1; Organization of Town
Independent Students, 1; Association of
Residence Hall Students, 1; Black
Caucus,’ l; Graduate Student
Association, 2; University Council, 1;
Board, of Trustees, 1;' Council of Branch
Campus Student Governments; 2.
Murphy said SAB periodically revises
its membership to make it more
representative of student interests. He
said the board’s membership has been
changed several times since its in
ception in 1971.
Murphy said that in addition to
recommedning changes in SAB com
position, the report to Oswald also
clarified the following SAB functions:
consulting and advising the president on
university policy, coordinating the
concerns of other groups involved with
student welfare, and improving com
munication between the president and
the student body.
the best'kept secrets of the national news
media.” He sees all that changing soon,
“All we need is a media
breakthrough,” Wheaton said. “We
figure that once we reach the ballot in 20
to 25 states the national media will have
to admit that McCarthy is for real and
we’ll get more exposure.”.
The media is already beginning to pick
up on McCarthy’s quest. McCarthy
appeared on “Meet the Press” last
Sunday and the current issue of
Newsweek contains a story about his
Though the Newsweek article handles
McCarthy in a condescending manner,
Wheaton feels it is just a matter of time
before the former senator will be taken
Tornado damages
in area
A tornado touched down yesterday in
the rural area between Pine Grove Mills
and Meadows, causing extensive
damage to houses and other property,
but causing no injuries.
A woman sitting in a car with her child
was picked up by the storm but was put
down, just slightly damaging the car.
Two houses had their roofs ripped off,
one barn was demolished, with pieces of
the building thrown several hundred
yards away from the barn site, and two
crop dusting planes were destroyed,
according to an eyewitness.
“The barn and the plane were com
pletely demolished,’’ Scott Chesner,
student meterologist, said. “There were
lots of shingles and insulation from the
roojs of the houses strewn all over the
area. The tornado obviously skipped
over the ground . . . some places were
completely untouched."
The tornado also caused a power
failure by felling lines in the area. A
..Floor No
Apt No
(to) County of rwldonce
<•) Data of Births
Decision not to rehire RA upheld
Collegian Staff Writer
Residential Life Director M. Lee
Upcraft recently upheld the decision of
South Halls corrdinator Chris Horn not
to rehire a gay resident assistant at the
end of Spring Term, nor to rehire him for
the coming academic year, the Collegian
was told Wednesday.
Sources said the RA, .who has asked
not to be identified yet, appealed Horn’s
decision, on the grounds he was
discriminated against on the basis of his
sexual orientation.
A reliable source said the RA had
informed his area coordinator that he
was gay May 17, and on May 20 Horn told
him that after reassessing his job per
formance and behavior in other specific
USG plans voter
Collegian News Editor
Thousands of students are expected to
register in the most extensive voter
registration drive Centre County has
ever seen, predicts Paul Stevenson,,
director of Undergraduate Student
Government’s Department of Political
“We will be doing more work than anv
registration group yet,” Stevenson said
last night, referring to an all-out cam
paign from now until the Oct. 4 registra
tion deadline. '
The latest registration drive, a drive
that will climax in a September rally on
the HUB lawn, is being organized as a
result of the new register-by-mail bill
passed by the Pennsylvania State
, Legislature last month.
That law enables a person to sign up to
vote in the privacy of his dwn home,
traveling no further than his mail box to
be an official voter. Previously, students
had to hitch a ride to the Centre County
Courthouse in Bellefonte or trek
downtown to the Glennland Building for
the field registration, a special three or
four-day sign up sponsored by the
League of Women voters.
According to Stevenson, mail-in ap
plicants should receive registered voter
cards Within 13 days of the mailing.
The implications of mail registration
on the student voting population are
tremendous, according to Stevenson.
“Precincts must have between 600 and
800 voters,” he said. “If many students
register, it could mean a precinct made
of four dorms alone, whereas before
several dorm areas combined to make
up one precinct:” The number of new
precincts, however, will depend on the
number of new student registrations.
The USG campaign will be based on
some funds by Associated Student
Activities, Stevenson said, although
more money will have to be raised in
special activities and through con-
“McCarthy is running this time to
provide the public with an alternative,"
Wheaton said. “He is going to force the
Democrats and the Republicans to talk
about the issues. There won’t be a block
of votes either party can put into their
pockets and walk away with just
because that block of votes has nowhere
A recent unpublished Lou Harris poll
showed that while only 5 per cent of the
polled voters knew McCarthy was
running, in a three-way race (between
Ford, Carter and McCarthy) he received
10 per cent of the vote. That, according
to Wheaton, shows a high recognition
factor derived from past campaigns and
a softness in the support of Carter and
West Penn Power Co. spokesman said
the power was interrupted about 1:30
p.m. and came back on at different
times for different parts of the area as
the circuit was repaired. The campus
was deprived of power for 'about an
hour, causing a few classes to be can
celed. Full power was restored by 3:30,
according to Bill Hetrick of the Physical
Plant. '
This was the first tornado in this area
since June 5, 1975. Ferguson Township
was also the site of the last tornado.
Tornados rarely form in this area,
because of the nearby mountains, ac
cording to Chesner.
“It’s hard to say if more tornados will
happen this year,” Chesner said. “The
chances are very small that there will
be another one. in Centre County this
The storm caused damages between
$300,000 and $400,000, according to the
situations, and having taken everything
into consideration, he decided that he
(the RA) was not the type of person they
wanted on the RA staff this year.
At that time, sources say, the RA had
received neither 30 day’s notice that his
appointment would be discontinued nor
written reasons for his dismissal two
violations of administrative procedure,
according to the Residential Life staff
According to an informed source, on
June 28th the RA received written
reasons for his dismissal that the RA felt
were intentional misrepresentations of
the truth. In a July 3 letter to Upcraft,
the RA wrote, “In light of his (Horn’s)
statement and 1) my subsequent denial
of due process according to Residential
Life’s own administrative procedures;
tributions from both political parties.
“We will remain non-partisan,”
Stevenson said, adding the project would
not cost Centre County anything.
He said USG has a “tentative
agreement” to collect packs of the voter
registration forms and distribute them
at such places as Fall Registration.
Private organizations (including the
USG group) may get the cards from the
state, Stevenson said, but so many
groups have asked to distribute them
that the state personnel will have to
decide which groups get priority.
Syria, PL O end conflict
BEIRUT, Lebanon (UPI) Syria and
the Palestinian Liberation Organization
yesterday signed an agreement to end
their conflict in Lebanon and Cooperate
in the search for a speedy settlement of
the 16-month-old civil war.
The pact, a milestone in Lebanon’s
civil war, was signed at the Foreign
Ministry in Damascus by Syrian Foreign
Minister 'Abdul Halim Khaddam and
Farouk Kaddoumi, head of the PLO
political department, a. UPI
correspondent reported from
Syrian and Palestinian negotiators
applauded and hugged and kissed each
other during the ceremony ending at
least on paper a bitter three-month
Syrian-PLO conflict.
But in Beirut, Christian rightists and
Moslem leftists attacked one another’s
strong-holds in the capital’s suburbs in
battles that claimed 22 -dead and 50
North of the capital, rival, rightist
factions clashed fiercely in what ap
peared to shape up as a major conflict
over whether to accept the truce that the
Syrians and the Palestinians are now
“I go out on the street and circulate
these petitions myself and I challenge
you to go out there for one hour and find
anyone who has a positive identification
with' Carter and the issues he stands
for, ’ ’ Wheaton said.
“McCarthy,” Wheaton said, “has
shown strength not only among
Democrats, but also among liberal
Republicans. He is not a narrowly
defined liberal Democrat. In fact, he’s
not a Democrat at all. ”
“We feel that Carter is vulnerable,”
Wheaton said. “If Church hadn’t come
into Ohio, Udall would have stopped him
there. If Woodcock hadn’t given his
endorsement to Carter in Michigan,
Udall would have stopped him there.
These are the remains of a barn, two planes, and farm equipment housed in the barn after a tornado hit this meadow about five
miles from State College in Fairbrook, Pa. yesterday.
en cants per copy
'ridey, July 30,1976
f ol. 77, No. 22 8 pages University Park, Pennsylvania
'ublished by Students of the Pennsylvania State University
2) the evident discriminatory nature of
Carol’s (Carol Butler, his immediate
supervisor) behavior toward me; and 3)
Chris’ (Chris Horn) prejudicial remark
at a staff meeting, I cannot conclude that
the decision to terminate my em
ployment was not solely or partly based
on my sexual orientation.”
After deliberating the appeal for
nearly two months, Upcraft upheld
Horn’s decision and indicated that the
RA would not be given written reasons
for his decision as he had previously
requested because the RA was con
sidering legal action as a possible course
of redress.
Craig Millar, assistant vice-president
for student affairs, told the RA that he
would not review Upcraft’s decision.
registration drive
Provided they get the cards, USG
personnel will conduct a seminar on how
to fill out the forms and will personally
watch those registering to make .sure
their local addresses match the return
addresses. Stevenson said that election
officials checking for fraud would note
any such differences and investigate.
The USG officials will be especially
encouraging students to register in State
College, Stevenson said. "We will point
out that they are residents of this town
and that State College receives revenue
sharing and other funds because the
expected to push.
Damascus radio said the Syrian-PLO
accord pledged Syria to “safeguard
Palestinian presence” in Lebanon,
guarantee the country’s sovereignty and
“encourage” Lebanon’s waring factions
to “introduce the reforms they deem
necessary” to bring about a settlement.
Palestinian sources in Beirut and
Damascus said PLO Chairma'n Yasser
Arafat would soon travel to Damascus to
put his signature on the pact, along with
Syrian President Hafez Assad.
Palestinian sources in Beirut said they
expected Arafat to make the trip
Rightists militias besieging Nabaa, a
Moslem enclave in predominantly
Christian northeast Beirut, launched
attacks with rockets, mortars and
tanks. Palestinian and leftists countered
with an assault on the Christian suburb
of Ain Rumaneh, fighting fierce house
to-house battles that claimed at least 17
dead and 30 wounded, according to the
But the fiercest fighting of the day was
reported between rightists in the
PSU refuses to allow
, bus driver union vote
The University has refused to allow
an election to determine union
representation for Campus Loop bus
drivers, as it informed Council 83 of
the American Federation of State,
County and Municipal Employees,'an
affiliate of the AFL-CIO, in a letter
dated July 23.
The Loop drivers had previously
requested an election to prevent
unionization under Teamsters Local
According to Federation
representative Lee Cogan, the letter,
while refusing to consent to elections,
stated in reference to the Loop
drivers, “Such personnel would not
be an appropriate unit. Moreover, it
is the position of the University that
Upcraft refused to comment on the
matter. Horn and Butler could not be
reached for comment. '
Tony Silvestre, chairperson of
Governor Milton J. Shapp’s Council for
Sexual Minorities, said the RA informed
him soon after he had been notified that
his employment would be terminated
and said the RA felt he had been
discriminated against. Silvestre
referred the RA to the State Department
of Education’s Committee for Gay
Concerns and suggested the American
Civil Liberties Union as a possible
course of redress.
When asked to comment on the
matter, the RA said, “I’m going to fight
this thing with as many resources as I
can muster."
students are counted as residents,” he
said. “It only makes sense that they
register here.”
Stevenson is pleased with the state’s
decision to allow the mail sign-up. He
described it as a “personal cleansing”
a relief from all the problems Centre
County has given students wanting to
register in the last four or five years. He
was referring to past decisions requiring
student tax-paying for voting privileges
and placing polling places out\nf easy
student access.
Christian citadel of Jounieh, 12 miles
north of Beirut.
Witnesses in Jounieh said tension
following a clash Tuesday, between the
militias of the Phalangist Party and the
National Liberal Party of Interior
Minister Camille Chamoun exploded in
street fighting in several quarters.
Hassan Sabr el-Kholy, the Arab
League’s special envoy to Lebanon, met
with Cahmoun in east Beirut and per
suaded him to accept a truce to allow the
Red Cross to evacuate wounded at the
besieged Tal Zaatar refugee camp.
Chamoun later said bn radio he and
Kholy “also agreed to deal with the
current situation from its roots at the
meetings and contacts to be held later..:
“Tomorrow afternoon we will begin
meetings' with the appropriate officials
and the Arab peace-keeping forces to
adopt measures to end the fighting and
the abnormal situation in the country.
“There is room for optimism.”
He said he would also meet with
President Suleiman Franjieh and
Phalangist party leader Pierre Gemayel
the representation of your
organization can only be determined
with the results of an election. ”
Cogan said the federation has
petitioned the Pennsylvania Labor
Relations Board to hold a hearing to
decide whether elections should be
held. He said that the hearing will
probably be held in three to four
weeks and that if the board ruled in
favor of the federation, then elections
will be held about four weeks after the
Cogan also said that the Loop
drivers organized under the
federation would be a separate
bargaining unit and that part-time
drivers would be allowed.