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    AIM Board Urges
Probation for Three
In Drinking Cases
The Association of Independent Men's Judicial Board of
Review last night recommended to the dean of men's office
that a sophomore from the Pollock area be put on office and
judicial probation, and that two freshmen from the Nittany
area be put on office probation.
In the first case, the counselor found a nearly empty pint
and a nearly full fifth of whiskey in the student's room
on the morning of Nov. 6.
The student said that he had invited three friends from
Pitt Poster
Is Canceled
A poster contest sponsored by
Alpha Phi Omega, national serv
ice-fraternity, which was planned
for Saturday before th e Pitt
game has been conceled.
Douglas Moorhead, a member
of Alpha Phi Omega, requested
permission for the contest from
Ernest B. McCoy, dean of the
College of Physical Education
and Athletics, and was refused
by McCoy for several reasons.
Against University Policy
McCoy said a poster contest
held at Beaver Field prior to a
game is against general Univer
sity policy. He gave as another
reason the fact that there would
be enough confusion at Beaver
Field Saturday without the added
confusion of a poster contest. Mc-
Coy also said that after the con
test there would be no adequate
place to put the posters and they
might be strewn around the sta
dium and field.
Alpha Phi Omega originally
planned to hold the contest to
improve and increase the Penn
State-Pitt tradition. The contest
was to be open to any group on
To Be General Contest
William Stiffler, chairman of
the committee on the poster con
test, said the contest was to be a
general poster contest with little
regard to size or content.
Stiffler said the planned theme
for the contest was the Pitt-Penn
State rivalry and the Centennial
year. He said the entries were to
be divided into two categories;
comic and general following of
the theme.
Two Prizes Would Be Given
According to the plans, two
prizes would be given for each
of the two categories—first and
second prizes with a cup or
plaque or the money equivalent
for each prize. Groups could get
the money equivalent so that
dormitory groups would be able
to divide the prize if they entered
and won.
Stiffler said the group is not
planning another event to take
the place of the poster contest.
Campus Ban Set
On P.A. Systems
The use of public address sys
tems on campus has been prohib
ited by the Senate Committee
on Student Affairs.
Wilmer E. Kenworthy, director
of student affairs and secretary of
the committee, said yesterday the
ban, which is effective during all
hours, applies to all organizations
and individuals.
Formerly, public address sys
tems could be used during non
class hours.
Kenworthy said violators of the
ban could be penalized by the
appropriate disciplinary bodies.
The ban was requested by All-
University Cabinet.
Philadelphia here for the Syra
cuse game, and that they brought
the pint with them. Most of this,
he added, was drunk at the game.
He also said that he and one of
the friends later that day went
to Bellefonte where they pur
chased the fifth. He denied buy
ing the whikey, saying that his
friend made the actual purchase.
However, he admitted drinking
some of the whiskey.
The student was not inebriated
and is legally allowed to drink.
Although he said he did not know
exactly how the fifth was found
in his room early the next morn
ing by the counselor, he freely
admitted being responsible for the
actions of his guests.
The second case also involved
a drinking incident. Two fresh
men had been drinking at a down
town bar and after being inebri
ated they returned to the dormi
tory. There they exhibited dis
orderly conduct in the form of
loud singing and shouting. The
students denied that any of the
other students in the dorm had
any special objections to their ac
tions, and said that none of them
complained about being dis
The students also said that they
had not been specifically exposed
to the University regulations on
drinking in the dormitories and
the possession of alcoholic bev
erages on campus.
Some controversy also arose in
this case about whether or not
students should be merely warned
the first time they violate these
drinking regulations. The two stu
dents said that they were under
the impression that this would be
the case in their incident.
Board prbbation puts the stu
dent uncler the surveillance of the
dean of men's office. This sub
jects them to periodic calls by
that office for consultation. The
length Of the probation is set by
the dean's office.
Judicial probation means that
*the judicial board may call the
student in to attend a meeting
as they see fit. The student is not
compelled to attend the weekly
meetings of the board..
Kenton Concert Ticket
Sale Continues at HUB
Tickets are still on sale for the
Stan Kenton Concert to be held
at 8;30 p.m. Friday in Recreation
The tickets are on sale for $1.50
apiece at the Harmony Shop, Mu
sic Shop, and the Hetzel Union
desk. Members of the Jazz Club
are also selling them.
The Jazz Club, sponsor of the
concert, has also sponsored the
Louis Armstrong, Dave 'Brubeck,
and Modern Jazz Quartet con
West Rejects Soviet Security Pact
GENEVA, Nov. 15 ( 1 1 3 )—The
Western Allies turned down
European security pact based
tonight a new Soviet bid for a
European• security pact based
on the continued division of
They also rejected a draft dec
laration by Soviet Foreign Minis
ter V. M. Molotov which would
commit the Big Four powers to
consider the disarmament prob
lem in the future with emphasis
on the' Russian objective of ban
ning atomic weapons.
Molotov's repeated efforts to di
vorce European security from
German unity got a chilly West
ern reception.
"As long as Mr. Molotov per
sists in his refusal to agree to
discuss German reunification by
Simes Issues Warning
On Destruction at Pitt
—Photo by Harrison
MEMBERS OF ALPHA CHI RHO fraternity take their
turn standing guard over the Nittany Lion last night as
part of the IFC-sponsored program to protect the Lion
from painting by Pitt enthusiasts.
University Seeks
Of C. V. Cummer
Who is C. V. Cummer?
This is the question asked by
studalts who have posters signed
with this name tacked to numer
ous trees on campus.
Most of the signs can be read
in sequence, similar to the road
side signs advertising a shaving
cream familiar to motorists. Oth
ers simply ask, "Who is C. V.
Cummer?" •
Students are not the only per
sons inquiring about Mr. Cum
mer. It seems that tacking posters
on campus trees is prohibited by
a University regulation.
So Wilmer E. Kenworthy, di
rector of student affairs, has ask
ed the Campus Patrol to look for
Mr. Cummer. And Walter W.
Trainer, landscape supervisor, has
instructed his men to take down
the signs.
If Mr. Cummer wants his ap
parent fame to continue, he'll
have to put up more signs. If he
puts up more signs, he may get
caught by the Campus Patr.ol. So
we may soon know who is C. V.
means of free elections," U.S. Sec
retary of State Dulles said, "we
are not prepared to consider frag
mentary Soviet proposals to put
asunder what the four heads of
government joined together."
British Foreign Secretary Har
old Macmillan said that "Since
Mr. Molotov on his return from
Moscow in effect tore up the sum
mit conference directive by refus
ing to discuss the prospect of a
reunited Germany under a system
of free elections, it seems to us
that discussion of these projects is
irrelevant and contrary to the will
and the spirit of the directive un
der which we are working."
French Foreign Minister An
toine Pinay said he had made
clear the views of his government
"concerning the two inseparable
parts of Item One of our agenda,
European security and German
"Mr. Molotov did not feel that
Jar of Paint
Found Hidden
Behind Lion
A quart jar of olivedrab paint
was found behind a tree approxi
mately 100 feet to the rear of the
Nittany Lion statue at 7:30 p.m.
last night by members of Alpha
Chi Rho fraternity, who w ere
guarding the monument at the
According to the group watch
ing the Lion, a lone man dressed
in khaki pants and a dark coat
was seen walking through the
woods behind the statue while
the fraternity guards were having
their picture tak en standing
watch over the statue. -
A detachent was sent out to
scour the woods and adjoining
parking lots in search of • the
man, thought to be a student
from the University of Pittsburgh,
but to no avail.
Upon returning to their post af
ter a thorough search, the stu
dents found the jar of paint in
its hiding place behind a tree
which the intruder had passed.
The group reported no attempts
were made to paint the lion.
he could pursue this road . . . I
express my very strong regret,"
Pinay added.
On the eve of concluding the
deadlocked 21-day parley, the
Western ministers resolved not to
consent at this time to another
conference with Molotov in 1956.
In two sessions lasting seven
hours today, the conference:
1. Broke down on development
of East-West contacts.
2. Disagreed on further ap
proaches to disarmament negotia
3. Killed a Russian proposal for
a nonaggression pact between the
Atlantic alliance and the Soviet
controlled Warsaw treaty bloc.
4. Killed a Russian proposal for
pulling out half the foreign troops
in Germany, reducing total armed
forces of the four powers by the
number withdrawn, and putting a
ceiling on the military strength
of East and West Germany.
Statement Made
After Painting
Of Pitt Campus
Students who take - part in
any action involving the des
truction of property on the
University of Pittsburgh cam-
Pus this week will be subject
to disciplinary action, Dean of
Men Frank J. Simes said yester
Simes made this announcement
after receiving word from Theo
dore Biddle, dean of men at Pitt,
that the Pitt campus had been
painted Monday night.
Biddle said that the words,
"Penn State beat Pitt," had been
painted in blue paint in several )
places along the sidewalk outside
the Cathedral of Learning, the
main building on the Pitt campus.
Black Enamel Used
The same inscription was paint
ed on the building at three en
trances. These were painted in
black enamel.
Simes said that Biddle was not
sure whether or not students from
the University were responsible
for the damage to the Pitt cam
pus. Simes added, however, that
the evidence seemed to show
pretty conclusively that Univer
sity students were involved.
Another regrettable side to the
incident, according to Simes, was
the fact that now that University
students apparently have made
the first move, students from Pitt
will feel justified in retaliating by
defacing some of the University
Could Lead to Serious Trouble
Things of this nature, Simes
said, often lead to a chain re
action of events which may end
in serious trouble on either cam
Monday night Interfraternity
Council voted to have member
houses guard the Lion Shrine at
the suggestion of the dean of
men's office. That office received
a phone chill from the dean of
men's office at Pitt stating that
the Lion Shrine should be guard
ed since Pitt students had paint..
ed the University of West Vir
ginia campus last week.
Fraternity Theft
Stumps Police
Borough police investigating
Sunday morning robbery of food.
stuffs at Phi Epsilon Pi fraternity
have not found any new evidence,
patrolman Ralph M. Farmer said
last night.
Previously, police had f o u n d
three fingerprints on a ground
level basement window through
which the burglar is believed to
have entered the house. Police
have been unable to check the
fingerprints, Farmer said.
Police Check Cards
At Town House
Borough police made a spot
check for minors at the Town
House about 9:15 p.m. last
Police said a faculty mem
ber had complained that mi
nors were being served alco
holic beverages there. No mi
nors were taken into custody.
according to police.
However, George Homich.
manager of the Town House,
said one patron was requested
to leave because he was un
able to prove his age.
Police said no other checks
were made.