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    JACK FARLS, sop/ - , 1:101",
aerial from Quarterback Milt Plum. This play. good for 19 yards.
pushed past defanditr Bob Lusardi. to Rutgers' nine-yard line.
Plum scored two plays later.
Moore Scores
In Lions 3413
Collegian Sports Editor
The comet-like 'form of Lenny Moore streaked across the
turf Saturday, and for the second straight year , his lightning
offensive devastation caused general havoc for the Rutger's
Moore made a complete nuisance of himself as he scored
three touchdowns, ripped off 179 yards in nine carries for
his best day in his three-year col
s iege
Plans to Change
defensive 1 40 . and
rk as
usual. .
And in defeating the expected
did h is share of
Spring Week weak Rutgers squad 34-13, to stack
up its fifth win in eight tries,
Penn State played a "team" game
OK'd by IFC with quarterback Milt Plum, and
linemen ' Otto Kneidinger, Sam
Valentine, and end • Jack Faris
sharing the spotlight.
But even in winning, the Lions
were none too impressive, except
for Moore. In whipping the small
er and weaker Rutger's , eleven,
Penn State allowed two scores,
but did have the assurance of
wrapping up , their 17th consecu
tive winning campaign.
Plum Gains on 'Sneak'
Interfraternity Co u n cil last
night, voted approval of the IFC
Spring Week committee's sug
gestions to revamp the existing
Spring Week schedule.
Robert Bullock, IFC president,
will present the suggestions to
All-University Cabinet meeting
Thursday night.
The Spring Week committee
suggested that participating fra
ternities be allowed to choose the
theme they use for the Carnival,
or at least have more say in the
matter than they have had in the
In addition, the committee said
that a Spring Weekend should be
established instead of the existing
Spring Week. The weekend would
then be moved away from• the.
Senior Ball, instead of being com
bined with the dance.
One Night Carnival Asked
Considering Spring Week's ef
fect on fraternity scholarship, the
committee recommended that the
Spring Week Carnival be held
one night, and that the Mad Hat
ter's parade and Ugly Man con
test be removed from the program
completely. At present, the carni
val runs Thursday and Friday
night of Spring Week.
In other action, IFC voted to
have member houses guard the
Nittany Lion shrine from any
vandalism by University of Pitts
burgh students.
Phone Call Spurs Decision
The suggestion was made to
IFC after the dean of men's of
fice at the University received
a phone call from the dean of
men's office at the University of
Pittsburgh yesterday, stating that
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Milt Plum, playing only part of
the game, as Coach Rip Engle
used two strings and finally sent
in the third platoon late in the
game, stayed on the ground, and
used the would-be short-gainer—
the quarterback sneak—for con
sistant gains for from five to 10
Rutgers managed a second per
iod tally to chalk up the 94th
straight game in which it has
scored—the second longest record
of its kind in the nation. For Penn
State it was the 25th game in
which it has scored.
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Molotov Blocks Exchange of Ideas
GENEVA, Nov. 14 (in—Soviet
Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov
refused tonight to remove the
Iron Curtain barring free ex
change of ideas with the West.
The Russian accused the three
Western foreign ministers of sub
mitting proposals that would open
his country to "freedom for war
propaganda . . . freedom for un
restricted subversive propagan
He ignored a warning by Sec
retary of State Dulles against
dumping Soviet "discarded arms"
in the Middle East under the guise
of peaceful trade.
' The 13th session of the Big Four
conference failed to make any
progress on the third and last
item of its agenda—development
of East-West contacts. The minis
ters will end talks on this item
tomorrow morning, then return to
deadlocked Item I—European se-
TO Elting
Division of Counseling
Awaits Budget Approval
A Division of Counseling with a four-point program to assist students in adjusting
to their studies has been agreed upon by "all parties concerned" and is ready is to be put
into practice pending sufficient funds.
Adrian 0. Morse, University provost, said yesterday the counseling division is ready
to be set up but probably it will not be until the University budget is passed by the Gen
eral Assembly.
The budget providing $24.5 million for the University is stalled in the Senate. The
Aseembly reconvened yesterday but did not consider the bill.
Ruled for
Car Violator
Tie first suspension resulting
from a violation of the rule ban
ning freshman cars has been
handed down by the Senate Com
mittee on Student Affairs sub
committee on discipline.
The freshman was suspended
for the spring semester. He will
be permitted to finish out the
present semester and will also be
permitted to apply for readmis
sion next year.
According to Dean of Men Frank
J. Sirnes, the student had received
a warning earlier in the semester
when the dean's office was not
sure whether or not all freshmen
were clear on the car -ban ruling.
Simes said the student ignored
the warning and the case showed
no doubt of his guilt,
• Only One Penalized
The_studenkiiiiilyone in
has been penalized this semester
for having a car'on campus. Ap
proximately a half dozen others
have been reported to the dean
of men's office for violations of
the car rule, but all were cleared.
The car ban was put into effect
this semester in an attempt to al
leviate the crowded parking situ
ation on campus.
• Since then the Association of
Independent Men has set up a
freshman car interviewing com
mittee to hear pleas from fresh.
men who think they have legiti
mate reasons for having cars on
campus. . •
Six Granted Permits
Thus far the dean of men's of
fice has granted parking permits
to six freshmen on the recom
mendation of this committee.
The committee, which is to be
a year-round group, is still accept
ing letters from students who
wish to have a hearing. Upon
hearing the student's plea, the
committee may recommend that
the student receive a permit from
the dean's office.
The applications are being re
ceived at the Hetzel Union desk.
Simes has pointed out that the
reasons for • granting permits to
these students all center around
emergencies at home.
curity and German reunification.
They will try to agree on some
sort of joint communique at the
final session of the three-week
conference Wednesday.
It is not certain the Big Four
will even be able to agree on an
other conference before they leave
Geneva. Until Molotov refused
last week to consider unifying
Germany by free elections and
ruled out the Eisenhower aerial
inspection plan as a first step to
ward disarmament, a 1956 confer
ence seemed a certainty.
In a private huddle with Brit
ish Foreign Secretary Harold Mac
millan and French Foreign Minis
ter Antoine Pinay this morning,
however, Dulles expressed oppo
sition to setting a time and place.
He was reported to have argued
that the question of another con
ference should be left open until
after each minister had reported
to his chief of government on the
Geneva failure. Macmillan and
University Senate heard a re
port on counseling last Feb. 10.
This program was a combination
of two earlier reports approved by
the Council of Administration in
January, 1953.
Four Phases Named
The proposed counseling pro
gram would cover four phases of
counseling and testing. They are:
1. A program which is under
taken before a student registers,
to see if he is proper University
2. A program during his fresh
man year while the student
chooses a curriculum.
3. A program similar to the pre
sent division of intermediate reg
istration for those lagging behind
or failing.
4. A vocational counseling pro
gram to assist the student in
choosing a field of specialization
and finally a job.
Applicants to be Tested
Under the program a student
would be given tests before he is
admitted to the University. The
results would be used by coun
selors to help the student deter
mine whether he has sufficient
background to choose a curricu
If results warrant,dt, he would
be admitted immediately to the
curriculum of his choice.
If the student is not ready to be
assigned to a specific curriculum,
he would be admitted to the Uni
versity under a general curricu
Under the general curriculum,
the course of study would be pre
scribed for him which would re
veal his aptitudes. At the end of
his freshman year, he could move
into a specific curriculum.
To Decide Curriculum
The second phase of the pro
gram (devoted to freshmen) would
attempt to help those students
who have not decided on a cur
riculum before entering the Uni
The third phase would be simi
lar to the present DIR.
The fourth phase would be
aimed at helping students choose
elective courses which would be
helpful to him in his vocation. It
would also help to place him in a
job. .
Would Combine Services
The report setting up the pro
gram recommended the following
services of the University be com
bined under the Division of Coun
The student advisory service,
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Pinay were said to have urged
firming up arrangements for an
other Big Four talk next year,
on the theory it would contribute
to further thawing of the cold
The second item of the agenda
—disarmament--will be referred
back to a United Nations sub
committee for continued discus
sion. Despite assurances fr o m
both sides that their aims are
identical—to make a peaceful
world—they have not bridged any
of their •big differences on prac
tical methods of disarmament.
Western officials confirmed they
probably will consent to a Molo
tov• proposal to incorporate in
the final communique a sentence
renouncing the use of force. He
had first demanded only renunci
ation of atomic weapons, but al
tered this when Dulles comment
ed it seemed he was opposing
just atomic war and not other
Asked for
Two Frosh
Tribunal has recommended 'that
two freshmen in engineering be
placed on disciplinary probation
for the remainder of the aca
demic year for removing a flash
light from a borough police car
the evening of Nov. 3.
Edward 0. Pollock, assistant to
the dean of men in charge of
fraternity affairs, was an eye wit
ness to the incident, which oc
curred around 10 p.m. while the
police car was parked near the
main campus gate.
Pollock said he saw the stu
dents remove an object from the
car, and followed them to their
West • area dormitory, but could
I not find out their names or room
Identified Next Morning
' The students were identified the
next morning by their resident
counselor on the basis of Pol.
lock's description.
At their hearing before tri
bunal the students at first denied
knowledge of the incident, but
later admitted their participation
when confronted with Pollock's
eye-witness report.
The students could give no rea
son for the incident, other than
attributing it to the Halloween
spirit. They said they did it as a
A report by the students' dormi
tory counselor stated that they
had been consistently involved in
misbehavior prior to the incident.
To Be Reviewed
The case will be reviewed by
the subcommittee on discipline of
the Senate Committee on Student
Affairs at 2 p.m. today.
Disciplinary probation restricts
a student from participating in
all extra-curricular activities. A
notation of the incident is re
tained on his record until his
eighth semester, at which time he
may petition for its removal..
Phi Ep Robbed;
Search Started
State College police are inves
tigating the robbery of foodstuffs
from Phi Epsilon Pi fraternity
which took place sometime be
tween the hours of 1:30 and 7 a.m.
According to borough police, the
thief entered the house through
aground-level basement window.
Police have obtained footprints
and fingerprints from the win
The exact amount of foodstuffs
stolen from the fraternity is un
known. But police said that ap
parently the thief could not carry
away the entire amount because
two egg cartons and three other
boxes were left outside the house.
State-Rutgers Movies
Movies of last Saturday's Penn
State-Rutgers football game will
be shown at 7:30 tonight in
Schwab Auditorium. Tor Toretti,
assistant football coach, will nar
The movies are sponsored by
Androcles, junior men's hat so
ciety, and the College of Physical
Education and Athletics.