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'Nativity' Dance
Pleases Audience
About 70 members of the mod
ern dance production group, dance
club, and physical education
group, depicted the Nativity of
Christ before a record-breaking
crowd in the Rhythm room of
White Hall last night, in the finale
of women's Christmas activities on
Utilizing heavy back drapes,
'aeights, and amber lights, the per
formers impressed the audience
with their interpretation. Bible
verses read by Aimee L. Sobbot
'4l, piano compositions of Aaron
Copeland played by Miss Herm
ance Reese, of the physical educa
:ion department, and torn toms
accompanied certain portions of
he dances.
Nativity was in three parts.
.3rophecy, fulfillment, and rever
'perations. The first dance revealed
:he contact of humans with life,
:heir fear, and the need for a re
ligion. Vera J. Palmer '4l, taking
the part of Mary, and Dorothy C,
'Ellis '42, of Elizabeth, her cousin,
danced in simple, sweeping ges
tures, sharing the knowledge that
both are to conceive. After the
'girth of Christ, the third dance
;hows a joyous ' world, confident
that the new religion will spread..
Choreography for the recital
was arranged by Miss Jessie Cam
eron, assistant professor of physi
cal education, who directed the
presentation, Jean C. Craighead
'4l, and Miss Palmer.
All the energy the average per
son uses in thinking during one
day could be obtained by eating
one peanut, says Dr. E. Alfred
Wolf, associate professor of bio
logy at the University of Pitts
Eugene H. Lederer
114 E. Beaver Ave, Dial 4066
For a Happy Holiday
Season to the friends
,and customers of this
;firm ... and a hearty
thank you for your pat
;•onage during the past.
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Nobility Reigns Over WSGA Dinner
A Date In Time Saves—
Worry About Pan-Het Ball
Put a nickel in the coin box
now to get your date for Pan
hellenic's Annual Ball, Friday,
January 10, ' the first weekend
after vacation:
Jimmy Leyden's Band will
play at the Nittany Lion Inn
from 9 to 12 p. m. for all na
tional sorority women, and
members of local groups which
are represented in Panhellen
ic Council at 1941's first formal.
With Other Women—
Ankles, Queens, Love
From Hitler And You -
The -ankles of University of
Texas women were carefully sur
veyed when the men in a market
ing research class were required
to classify at least 135 pairs of
women's shoes according to styles,
colors, and materials.
Troubled with colds? Simply
fall in love and you're safe. At
least that's what the Daily Cali
fornian told its students on the
authority of a French physician
whose opinion was backed by a
London doctor. They based their
statement on the fact that people
in love are feeling fine and have
a bright outlook •on life.
At the University of Minnesota,
coed bull sessions are taking up
the delicate problem of "the min
or vices:" Their last decision was
—"smoke if you want to, drink
moderately if you want to, but
never neck on the first date!"
Smith women were advised to
"kiss old gentlemen, for gentle
men don't tell" when they were
up in arms because Amherst men
printed the statement that they
were easily kissed.
A $45,000 cooperative hall
which will house 48 coeds, is to be
built on the University of Ne
braska campus.
Alabama Polytechnic Institute
has already elected its Ma y
Women at the University of Ill
inois held their 34th annual doll
show with each
,group chodsing
a song and portraying it with
dolls. After the show, the dolls
were sent to Chicago charities.
According to a study made at
the University of 'New Hampshire,
the woman who can cook has lit
tle trouble finding a husband.
"The era of peroxide blondes with
the 'big boy' line is practically
Freshman women at Cornell,
masquerading as men, will escort
their junior "Grandmothers" to
the annual Fresh,Man-Grandmo
ther roller skating party.
AOPis at the University of Illi
nois have formed a study group
which goes to the library three
nights a week to study.
Next semester, for the first
time, women will head the edi
torial staffs of both the news
paper and' the humor magazine at
University of California.
116 McAllister Street
9 Women Receive Cwen,
Mortar Board Awards
Nobles, vassals, and serfs from
the surrounding countryside were
guests of Lord and Lady McAllis
ter at WSGA's, annual Old Eng
lish Christmas dinner in McAllis
ter Hall at 6 p. m. last night. Dec
orated to resemble • an English
manor, the hall was invaded with
a festive air with presiding WSGA
Senate members dressed in color
ful court costumes.
Climax of the feast was the
awarding of six Mortar Board and
three Cwen scholarships. Recip
ients of Mortar Board scholarships
announced by Eleanor L. Fagans
'4l, president, were Rowena G.
Cornish '4l, Ruth I. Emerick '4l,
Mary B. Mastony '4l, Vera M.
Neal '4l, Vivian M. Smith '4l, and
Louise W. Fox '42.
The three sophomores present
ed with Cwen scholarships by
Louise M. Fuoss '42, president,
were Ruby W. Lee, Helen P. Mil
ler, and Margaret - M. Wise.
L. Eleanor Benfer '4l. was an
nounced winner of the WSGA
Junior Service Board .doll by Eli
nor L. Weaver '4l, who as Lord
McAllister drew the number. -
Miss Charlotte E. Ray, dean of
women, and her staff were pre
sented with gifts.
During the celebration, fourteen
members of the Louise Homer vo
cal ensemble and Mrs. Willa C.
Taylor, director, sang Christmas
Preceding the court into the
dining hall were Marjorie D.
Cousley '42 and Harriet H. Stubbs
'42, heralds. Jeanne I. Wither
ow (special) and Lila A. Whoolery
'43 were jesters.
Senior Lords and Ladies were:
Eleanor L. Fagans and Janet N.
Holtzinger; M. Elizabeth Baker,
and Vera L. Kemp; junior lord
and lady, Anne M. Borton and
Mildred M. Taylor; sophomore
lord and lady, Margaret K. Sher
man and Pauline Crossman;
freshman lord and lady, H. Ann
Carruthers and Jane H. Murphy.
Eleanor P. Heckman '42 was
page for the dignitaries, L. Elea
nor Benfer '4l, poet, and Jean
Babcock, Cardinal.
In typical Old English style,
women students and guests were
dressed fOrmally and ate from un
covered tables with only spoons
and knives.
Following the feast, guests,
court, and coeds adjourned to
Atherton Hall for a coffee hour.
Two Faculty Engineers
Honored By Society
In recognition of 25 years of
membership in the society, two
faculty members of the School of
Engineering have been awarded
life memberships by the Ameri
can Society of Civil Engineers.
Those' honored were Paul B.
Breneman, professor emeritus of
mechanics and materials of con
struction, and Horace R. Thayer,
assistant professor of engineering
Professor Breneman; who head
ed the department of engineering
mechanics until his retirement
two years ago, is recognized for
his work in organizing and equip
ping the testing section of the
naval aircraft factory of the Phil
adelphia Navy Yard.
Fee-Deferment blanks
Due By January 7
Applications for second semes
ter fee deferment must be com
pletely filled out, signed, and re
turned by January 7, Bursar Rus
sel E. Clark - announced yesterday.
Blanks can be secured at the
Bursar's .Office any time until
then., Tomorrow' ,:the office will
P./ 0 * a S :
Doll Brings $2B For
British Mar Relief
Proceeds from tickets for
WSGA" Junior Service Board's
doll totaled S2BAO, Roberta J . :-
Kelly '42, chairman, announced
last night. The money will
given to the State College chap
ter of •British War Relief So
Winner of the doll, announced
last night at the Christmas din
ner, was L. Eleanor Benfer '4l.
We, The Women
Merry Christmas,
Happy New Year !
IT is all around us.
IT is in the steamed open let
ters addressed to Santa Claus.
IT is in the lighted Christmas
trees and hemlock stretched be
tween lamp posts.
IT is in the snow on the ground
and in the stars over Old Main.
IT is on sleig,hS and skating
IT is a Christmas seal, on the
back of each letter and package.
IT is bright red mittens.
IT is in the batches of holiday
spice cookies.
IT is in rapt faces singing
Christmas carols.
IT is in magazirie - articles and
newspaper editorials.
IT is the sounds of falling snow
and in Sunday morning church
IT is in the tinkling .of glasses
and jingling of bells.
IT used to be in Santa Claus,
but now it is• in reunions, teas,
parties, cards and presents, and
midnight church services.
IT is an inescapable something
which illusively slides out of be
ing defined.
IT is the Christmas Spirit.
WSGA Grants 11 O'clocks
For Sunday, January 5
Eleven o'clock permissions have
been granted all women students
by WSGA Senate for Sunday, Jan
uary 5, 1941 when students return
from Christmas vacation. No ex
ceptions will be made to this rul
Queens College, New York, is
said to have the broadest music
education program of any liberal
arts college in the United States.
New York University will ob- 5 1
Merry Christmas To All
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Hiland Shop
Ath Hall Coeds Party
In Bursf Of Yule Spirit
Atherton Hall's latent Christ-.
mas spirit burst forth in songs and
merriment as coeds from the four •
Units gathered in the foyer at 11
P. m. Wednesday night to carol:-
Preceded by individual unit
parties with refreshments, °games,—
holiday decorations and entertain
ment, the mass sing led by .two
women from each unit climaxed,
the evening. •
In the southeast unit; Mrs. Gail
B. Pope, hostess, sang several
-selections while the northwest and'
southwest groups exchanged gifts; -
Social chairmen, Judith L. Cut
shall- '4l, Janet M. Hartz '42, El
sie J. Lund '42, and Elsie L.
Rooth '43, were in charge of - the
Phi Mu Has Yule Party
Phi Mu held its Christmas party
in the sorority house at 1 a: m. to
day. Instead of exchanging gifts,
each coed gave a piece of kitchen
ware to the house.
Greetings ...
from g
S. Pugh St.
a ,
now torzak,
Westinghouse Appliances
Our Entire
Organization-Jqins In
Wishing .A Very
a .
'1 •
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