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"For. 2k 'Getter Penn. Stater
F.44.441i1,1101 to 1.1 v? Pcnrr
enl.fibliAvyl 1904, a.tul i 1847.
try exc,(t,!-, Sunday And Mon.liy Burin , ; the
rewrlar yr,a....• by the - itudentg of The Penn,ylvarur.
StAte lot4e, Ent/2121 second-cl3sa rnattxrr July 5. 1934.
at, the rr.t,4,_ Stit Collel:re, Pa. uri•lc.r the a^t of
March 3, 1879
R.dam. A. Srayser
Women's Editor—Vera L. , Kemp '4l ; Managing Editor
, —Rtibert H. Line '4l ; Sports Editor—Richard C. Peters
'4 New;; Editor —William E. FciWler '4l; Feature Editor
—Edward J. K. Mc'Lorie '4l ; Assistant Managing Editor
Ilayard Bloom '4l ; Women's Managing El ito c . —Arita. L.
Illiefteran '4l ; 'Women's Prornution Manager—Edythe B.
;Rickel '4l.
Advertising Manager—Sohn H. Thomas '4l ; Circulation
Nanager—Rnbert G. Robinson '4l; Senior Secretary—Ruth
'Goldstein '4l ; Senior Secretary—Leslie H. Lewis '4l,
JUnior Editorial Board—John A,, Baer '42, R Helen.
Gordon '42. Ross B. Lehman '42, William J. McKnight '42,
Alice lit.Miirtay '42, Pat Nageliierg '42, Stanley J_
'42,Jeanne C. Stiles '42.
Junior Business Board—Thomas W. Allison '42; Paul
14. GOldherg '42. James E. McCatighey '42, MaUgaret L
4.bry '42„ VirlSinia Ogdi_in Fay E Roes '42.
nisociated Cale6ate , Preis
Co4e6tate Di6esit
Giluiunte Cotinselor
Ilaildtbil and BuAneim .Of firie
.313 Old Main Mist..
Dial 111
NOTlihAding , Editor This L•;sue
146.Vs' Po I thr tfli3 Is i
Women's Editor This 'solid
o i:3t nt, Man:wing . .2,ditx)r- 'This Issue RAc , r't W. Capper '43
Thursday Mornirug,-December 19. 194(1
What's Up With The IMA?
What's up with the Independent Men's Associa
tion? Anything?
Collegian wishes the answer were icing and com
plicated Apparently it is not. There is nothing
lip with the IMA. All is quiet on that front,
The IMA had better not reply that there is noth
ing Up because there is nothing to do. Organiza
tions that have nothing to do have no excuse for
Pounded two years• ago and dedicated to the
yrentiositinn of improving the tot of the indepen
dent man, the IMA grew perhaps too
, fast for its
cWn good, launclied an ambitious program of in
creasing social opportunity for the non-fraternity
;group, won general approval, arid then fizzled. out
like a half-cent firecracker.
if no one could accuse the IMA of hurting any
thing, not much would have to be said about the
Yilaiier, and some dark night before the odor got
too terrific, a shOvel crew could take the corpse
exit and bury it quietly t
1-loWever, it persists in calling itself an Indepen
dent Men's Association, persists in calling spas
linddic and badly attended meetings, pretends to
I•Je doing a job it really is not doing, and a job it
this prevents anyone else from attempting.
Like IFC the IMA needs the strong faculty
counseling that has been asked and hoped for in
an enlarged dean of men's staff, but, like IFC, the
IMA should manage to do a little something fot
If the IMA has conducted any exte.nsiv, intra
rotirals this fall, Collegians has not heard of them
If it has had more than one well attended meet
ing, Collegian is surprised.
If it has undertaken—not just thought about—
any organized social program to match that of the
fraternity system, that is news.
If it has seriously tried to boost its membership
vThidli has dropped from 17 to 11 units, Collegian
41as not heard of it.
If it has started—not just talked about—even
one worthwhile new project, Collegian will be
glad to know about it.
If it doesn't do something or start something,
Collegian is going to have a lot more to say.
The Mountain Lodge
teunds provided by the All-College Cabinet
Tuesday night niche it possible for work to begin
next March on the mountain lodge provi , jed for
tiy the class gift of 19.3
The funds wilt allow completion of only the
central portion oC the lodge with full kitchen,
and dormitory facilities still to be provided.
Collegian did not and still does not believe that
it was wise to erect only part of the proposed
Cabin and then wait for more ftinds to appear, but
action how must be based cm what has already
beett clothe.
The opinion of the Cabinet on thiS matter
*eras to indicate the best - possible course and the
&Rine which the All-College Nicreation Commit
tee favors: That every effort shall now be press
cB to raise immediately the several thousands of
dollars necessary to complete the lodge in all re
spects so as to make it unnecessary to endure its
obvious deficiencies.
Business 'Manager
Lawrence S. Driever '4l.
44;M .. 1.1.
Distributor 01.
_C. Rugsell Elk
aiwntown Office
It 9-121. South Frillier St
Dial 4372
__Witham J. McKnight '42
Vera L. Kern') '4l
Campy Goes Santy .
Of course it had to happen. Not in years has
any campus columnist been able to resist the lure
of false whiskers and artificial reindeer. Who is
Campy to shatter the sacred tenets of tradition?
With much tingling of bells and a faint aroma
of chimney soot, your would be St. Nick offers the
following gift suggestions in the spirit of joyful
Louise Paraska grass skirt
Chuck Lund
Ealph Sapp
Eddie Spencer
Russ Eck
Larry Drie vet
Les Lewis ...."Little Hercules': - safe for jewelry
Don West "Elements of English Usage"
Jack Good
Prof. Wueller two fifth of Black and White
Nancy Hamil Carnegie Hero Medal
Sammy Wyand
Jack Dixon ...
Bob Higgins silver punch bowl
troth Staff large package "Stoposmell" incense
Charlotte Lipman sarong
Ralph Routsong muzzle and leash
Muriel Ball ...
Charlotte Millet
Rog Findley, one dozen. black cigars
Bill "Weatherman" McKnight a barometer
Poetic Justice
Leon "Shaft in the Draft" Rabinowitz, we un
derstand, is the proud possessor of a nice low draft
number in the Philly district. In fact, it looks
very much as though Leon would receive the real
life sure-enough shaft in June.
Incidentally, Leon will M. C. for an All-College
talent show in Schawb Aud tomorrow night.
Notes On Café Society •
Most novel dance of last weekend (tch, tch, Lion
Tales). was the cafe affair at SPE . . . a colored
doorman wearing Tommy Sica's blueband coat
greeted guests . . . an illuminated sign in front
flashed "Club Sig Ep" . . . guests sat at tables
night club style and sipped beverages (strictly
WCTU) dispensed at an imitation bar . . . fences
separated tables from dance floor where Campus
Owls reigned . . .
Art Meyers and Gwen Harris announced that
they were linked
. by a sweetheart pin . . . Paul
Gies '4O and Peggy Moyer '39 were back . . . Elsie
(kissyourmoneygoodbye) Rooth with Ed Smith
again . . Bill Leworthy and Jeanne Ruess .. .
Bill Murphy and Janet Hartz . . . Ted Winter and
Miriam Rhein . . . Mary Christmas and Hal P.
egnefit Events
We note with interest the news item on the
front page of yesterday's DAILY COLLEGIAN to
the effect that the college had levied 385 fines of
$5 each in enforcing the Thanksgiving Day class
cut Rule. That ain't exactly hay!
We took three or four math courses around
here, to say nothing of Money and Banking and
every time that we figger it out, we get the same
total—sl92s in fines. That still ain't exactly hay!
So we came to the conclusion the only smart
thing for the Bursar to do is to stop by McLan
ahan's and get one of the new Buxton Wallets, that
they arc featuring for the Holiday trade at $2.00.
Anyone who has that much money ought to have
a safe place to keep it, and those Buxtons sure
fill that bill or something. Smartly designed in 4
black or brown, they'd make an ideal gift. Yes,
they have the Lady Buxton for Women and that's
plenty smart, too.
Seeopiet* The Sumer
We have it on good 'authority that the -Maniac
has uncovered enough evidence and plans to write
a red-hdt expose on the fact that Penn State Co-
Eds prefer Mary Lincoln and Whitman candies
over any other brands, sold locally at McLana
hans (adv't).
With this valuable fadt at yaw' disposal, you
don't. have to haVe a Phi Beta Kappa key on your
watch chain to arrive at the conclusions that; 1,
Mary Lincoln and Whitman candies. (sold. at. MC-
Lahahans) are very popular on this campus: 2,
Tither one would make an ideal gift• for any co-ed. ,
Both are Gift Packaged. Mary Lincoln sells two
pounds for one dollar. Whitman's a pound for a
dollar. Advertisement.
..,,':' , .TZ` ,
life-size Mickey (Mouse)
shovel, heavy-dOty doll
penny bank
penny bank, jr. side
Sierra Sue and a brume
a wadio
jaunty porkpie hat
.new Buick
blue button
Letters to the Editor--
Reader's Opinion
On Maniac's Column
To the Editor
• The organization of which you
are the head has the motto, "For
A Better Penn State." Is this motto
just five words or is the Daily
Collegian for the betterment of
the Pennsylvania - State College?
You permitted some idiotic nin
compoop to jeopardize the reputa
tion of one of our women students,
Miss Bischoff. Any person who
hasn't enough mentality to res
pect the women of our institution
is an ignorant
. ass who should
never have entered our college.
Yet you allow him to write for our
At the beginning of each year
when the Collegian is enticing
subscribers, your sales Men tell us
how splendid it would be to buy
two Subscriptions and send one
home to our parentS. Please tell
us who would want to send this
issue of December 14th home to
his parents?
Mr. Smyser, as editor of the Col
legian, you have erred in permit
ting such an article to be publish
ed. You should read this "scandal"
column before it is published and
determine whether everything is
all right. When we say that every
thing should be all right, we don't
mean that it should only be true,
but we also mean that the remarks
made should not injtire anyone.
As -for our part, we think that
you owe this girl an apology which
should be written in the Daily Col
legian to 'show that you aren't a
nincompoop yourself.
Sincerely yours,
James G. Riddell, '4l
George H. Lovell, Jr., '4l
Dr. Struck Heads Group
Dr. F. Theodore Struck, head of
the department of industrial ed
ucation, was elected president of
the National Association of Indus
trial Teacher Trainers.
Leon "Shaft in The Draft" Rabinowitz,
Master of Ceremonies
1. Roy Rodgers One-Third of the Stooges
2. Meyers Brothers From Major Bowes Program
3. Jeanne Witherpw and Kirkpatrick __Adagio Dance
4. Ned Startzel and Marce Stringer
• 5. Andy Szekely Maestro of the Piano
6. Swingerettes Girls' Trio froni Thespians
7. Connie Xanopka. Soprano
8.. Ji Pi Jam Band
9. 3 Beats and a Pickup __Prom Leyden's (kcheatitt
10. Adrian Nolfi • • tenor
11. Phylis Dalton Specialty Dame
12. Jimmy McAdams Leader of Campus Owls
TicketslOc—Advance Sale At Student Union
11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111119 , 1
Tea dance at the Hillel Found?.;
tion, 3:30 to 5 p.m.
Grades for seniors who are to
be graduated at- Midyear Com
mencement must be in the office
of the Registrar not later than 5
p.m. January 24, 1941.
-. Christmas Carol Sing on • Old
Mairi, terrace at 8:30 p.m.
All hat society members turn
in Poverty Ball ticketS at Student
Union today.
Poverty Ball in Rec Hall from
9 to 12. Admission $1 per couple,
and a can of fOod.
PSCA Worship Service, 304 Old
Main, 9:15 p.m.
Senior journalism. placement
book questionnaires must be re
turned to the journalism office to
Student Union dance the
Armory at 4 pan. . .
Meeting of - the Grange in 405
Old Main at 7 p.m.
There will be a meeting of all
deer hunters who were fined for
cutting classes the first day 'of deer
season in Old Main at 7:30. p.m.
The room-number Will be posted
on' the bulletin board. •
Thu Beta Pi Initiates
Sixteen New Members
Tau Beta Pi, honorary engin
eering fraternity, has initiated 16
new members into• its organize-
Those initiated were: William
G. Barger '42, John F. Elliott 41,
William P. Hindman '4l; Roland
L. Hummel '4l, Lester W. 'lC.titt
'4l, Walter E. Llewellyn '4l, "Clay:
ence B. Monk '42, James C. Mollie
'4l, John B. Morgan '42, Robert
C Rollings '4l, Stanley G. Schiffer
'4l, Walter N. Shambach '42, Theo . - .
dore Whitehurst '4l, Robert W:
Wolfe '4l, George W. Zanziriger
'4l, and George M. Zins '4l.