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Krouse Elected Captain Of 1941 Lion Football Team
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The Lions
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Wednesday's rub-drub-drubbing
which : the Lion hardwood experts
handed Bucknell's Bisons may be
a good-indication that Penn State
is headed for one of its most suc
cessful seasons . . . A team built
largely on a sophomore foundation,
which can so completely dominate
a•garne as was done . at Lewisburg
Wednesday night, can only be
• painted a sparkling future . All
of which is just one more tribute
to tong John Lawther, coach of
the Lions . . . Lawther has given
•Riftany-:cage fans a type of bas
ketball they have had to develop
an appetite for in his four seasons
here And State fans are slow
ly—pigirming. to see the light and
appreciate the slow, deliberate at
=tack •%f the Lawthermen, the 3 'ef-
Retive- sliding zone defense, both
ref Wi*lt reached , an. all time•height
4erfection against the Bisons ...
Tire: probable reason for growing
support of the• "Lawther system"
ice; the fact , that it is producing, re
sults hitherto . unknown to Vittany
basketballs outfits . . . In. the four
seasons. the :Present Lion mentor
has — been tutoring.-1061 cagers, he
has won•. more games than all: the
teams could: gather during the
seven campaigns 'before he came
here . . . From 1929 to' 1936 Penn
State basketballers knocked down
43 wins, and since Lawther made
his debut in 1936, they' have won
53 court battles . . . In the 1929-30
season, the score sheet showed 5
wins in 14 attempts ... In 1930-31,
it was 3 out of 15; in 1931-32, 6 of
15; in 1932-33, 7 of 11; in 1933-34,
8 of 12! in 1934-35, 8 of 17; in
1935-36, 6 of 17 . . . Then came
Lawther and the New Regime . . .
In his first season, 1936-37, his
charges took 11 victories in 17
games . . . In 1937-38, it was 13 of
18; in 1938-39, 13 of 23; and last
year, 16 of 23 .
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. .
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-......=--...... -..-... g.......
Hitriisintrg $l.BO $3.25
Philadelphia . 3.30 5.95
Sew - York ... 4.65 8.40
Boston 7.40 13.35
Sunbury 1.85 3.35
.Berwick 2.45 4.45
Wilkes-Barre 2:90 5.25
:Scranton . 3.25 5.85
Binghamton . 4.45 8.05
Baltimore ... 3.25 5.85
Washington .. 3.70 6.70
Richmond • ... 5.65 10.20
Altoona 1.20 2.20'
Johnstown ... 1.90 3.45
Greensburg. .. 2.65 4.80
New .
Alexandria 2.70 4.90
Pittsbu h ... 2.90 5.25
Cleveland...., 4.80 8.65
Detroit=• --- 7.15 12:90
Dayton ' I
LawNcer Expeds
Tough Wile
lii the opinion of Coach John
'Lawther the Colgate-State basket
ballt tilt in Rec• Hall Saturday night
won't be any pushover in spite. of
the Lions' good showing as they
ran up a lop-sided 55-21 score on
Lawther pointed out that, al
though the 1939 Nittany _court ag
gregation subthied the Red Raid
ers by a 43-25 count, Colgate pop
ped up later in the season and
trounced by 10 points the same
Syracuse team which had defeat
ed the Lions, 34-29.
,"Even John Galloway, the Col
gate coach, admits he has a good
team," Lawther added. "That's
going some and makes me think
we'll have a fight on our hands."
The biggeit weakness in the
team, according, to Lawther, -is the.
lack of dependable substitutes. Bob
Ramin is not living up to expecta
tions and John Linde, the other
sophomore sub who has seen action
in. the' two contests played to date,
is "not ready" defensively,
ther. said.
Eliner Gross showed a great deal
, of. improvement. in , the Bucknell
game; especially in his shooting;
*Lawther said, while Captain John
ny Barr is rounding into form but.
'he'll have' to play still: better ball
in order to be as good as he was
'last year."
Scotty Moffatt is not yet in top
condition and unable to play a full
40 minutes but Lawther expects
him to get into shape before the
season swings into full stride after
Christmas vacation.
Gridders 48th In 5 Years
Nittany Lion football teams
have piled up a .611 winning per
centage for games played during
the _ last five years. Ranking
forty-eighth in the country, State
gridders have a-record of 22 wins,
14 losses and four ties.
«T HE reindeer has had his day,"
1 says the well-known Mr. Claus.
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college crowd this year—l'm going
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warmth and comfort and friendliness
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Merry Christmas!
DIAL 733
Bonham Honorary
Freshman Leader
Len Krouse; ace , Lion wingback.
and 1940' high scorer, was elected
to captain the 1941 Nittany foot
ball team last night at the annual
football' banquet held at the Nit
tany Lion Inn.
Krouse, who will take the place
of Leon Gajecki as Lion leader,
will be remembered chiefly by
Penn State fans for his brilliant
pass receiving this, past: season, a
department in which he was sec
ond in the nation.
Also announced at the banquet
was the election of Jim Bonham
as honorary freshman captain for,
the past campaign. Bonham star
red at guard for the Nittany frosh.
Krouse becomes the first back
field man to lead a State team
since 1937 when Sammy Donato
was co-leader with Johnny Eco
nomos. The new Lion captain was
introduced fittingly by retiring
Captain Gajecki.
The banquet was highlighiled
with speeches by Shorty Miller, ex-
Lion grid star and now a nation
ally-known football official; Presi
dent Ralph D. Hetzel; and Head
Coach Bob Higgins. Casey .Tones,
prominent Penn State ,alumnus,
acted as toastmaster.
Other speakers were Dean Carl
P: Schott of the School of Physical
Education and A.t h tics, and
Dutch Hermann.
IM Semi-finals
Will End Today
The semi-final round of the In
tramural Boxing Championships
will be concluded in Rec Hall at 4
p. m. today. Sixteen fighters came
through the quarter-final and
first semi-final bouts yesterday
with 13 decisions, one TKO, and
two forfeits.
Chuck Ridenour, Phi Delt
wrestler, scored his second TKO
in the series by stopping Jack
McCloskey, Theta Kappa Phi,
with a whirlwind of leftS and
rights in the second round.
The summaries:
Fraternity Division
127-pound class: Chuck Ride
nour, Phi Deit, TKOed Jack Mc-
Closkey, Theta Kappa Phi.
135-pound: Bill • Scheabacker,
Phi Kappa Sig, won by forfeit
from Herb Jennings, SAE; Mort
Blaustein, Gamma Sig, decisioned
Chuck Beatty. Phi Kappa Tau.
145-pound class: Leo Russell,
KDR, decisioned Al Taylor, Sigma
Nu; Frank Horpel, KDR, decision
ed Tony Decillis, Alpha Phi Delt;
Chuck Flock, TKE, decisioned
Howard Merrill, AZ.
155-pound: Max Peters, - Alpha
Chi Sig, decisioned Ed McGinley,
Theta Kappa Phi; Iry Jontow, Phi
Sigma Delta, decisioned Pat Con
lin, Theta Kappa Phi; Joe McCor
mick, KDR, decisioned Jim Henry,
Phi Delt.
165-pound: George Howard,
Delta Chi, decisioned Ray Fox,
Theta Kappa Phi; Carl Zeigler,
Sigma Pi, decisioned John Grey,
175-pound: Dick Carlton, AZ,
decisioned Jack Griel, Kappa . Sig.
Unlimited: Nick Ranieri, Al
pha Phi Delt. decisioned George
Purnell, Phi Gam.
Independent Division
145-pound: Jack Krauss deci
sioned Paul Moyer.
155-pound: Bob Burak won
from John Blotzer by forfeit.
Today's semi-finalists:
Frateinity Division
120-pound: • Bill Knauff, Sigma
Pi, vs. Torn Walsh. Phi Kappa;
,127-pound; Chuck Chalfant, Sig
ma Nu, vs. Chuck Smith, KDR;
,135 -pound: Leo Konigstein, Beta
Sig; vs. Bill Scheabacker, Phi
Kappa Sig;„ 145-pound: Bill
Charles, KDR, vs. Leo Russell,
155-pound: Bob Sullivan, Theta
Kappa Phi, vs. Iry Jantow; Phi
Sigma Delta; Joe McCormick,
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H. Leonard Krouse '42, above,
was named to succeed Leon
"Gates" Gajecki as captain of
the Penn State football team.
The selection of Krouse was
made public at the football ban
quet last night.
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