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"For A Better Penn State"
• iintalilished 1940. Successor to , the Penn State. Collegian,
entablished 1904, and. the Free Lance, established , 1887.
Ft!Wished! daily except Sunday'. and Monday , duningt the
isegular College• year by . the• students of The Pennsylvania
State College. Entered' as' second-class matter July 6. 1934,
eit the post-o__ce• at State'. College; Phi, under the , act' of
.1/11arch 3, 1879.
Editor Business Manager
fidlun A. Sznyser '4lt Lawrence-5. Driever '4l
Women's Elithr—Vent , L. Kemp , '4l; Managing: Editor
. Robert H. Lane '4l; Sports Editor—Richard C. Peters
*414. New.i Editor William E. Fowler '4l Feature Editor
Edward+S. K. McLorie '4l;. Assiatant Managing Editor—
flayard4 8100211 '4l'; Wemeres.. Managing Editor—Arita L.
lib/Thrall '4l; Women'; Promotion „Manager—Edythe Bi
Riche/ '4l. -
iedvertisim: Manager---Tohn FIL Thomas '4t Circulation
NVonager--Robert G. Robinson '4l ; Senior Seeretary—lttith
C•ddnhein '4l; Senior Secretary—Le_olie H. Lewis '4l.
Junior I litnrial Board—John A. Baer '42. R. Helen.
Cordon '42. - Ross B. Leliman '42. Witham J. McKnight '42,
Alice •M, Murray '42, Pat Nagelb?r,r, '42, Stanley J. PoKenip. '42, :rearm,. C. Stiles '42.
,runior Ensineu Board—Thomas W. Allison '42, Pau
M. G.91(11).2rg '42, James E McCaughey '42, Margaret L. Em
bury '42, Virginia Ogden '42,, Fay E Roes '42.
Nationai Advertising Service, kr.
College •Pnbllsbers RePresentative
Cladnate Counselor
Pliftoriar and Business. Office
•113 Old Rain Blair.
Dlar 711!
Managing EditOr This rssue __.____William J. Melt-night '42
•Nt•we• Editor This Issue Baer '42
-Women's Issue Editor Murray; '42
Sol►homore Assisthnts __Robert It Sieger. Richard' S. Stebbins
Friday Mornings Dt.cezriber 13, 1940!
IFC Handles. Its First Vilalgoe
Of The New Dating Code
That rnterfraternity . Council has caught awl
punished a violator of the Interfraternity Dating.
Code' is proof enough that it means. business.
Just how much it means business and how
cmickly it has acted' are testified , by this case; the.
first' presented: to it.
Monday morning, H. Edward Wagner '4l, Inter
fraternity Council president, received a letter in
ibrming him of the violation and giving informa
tion that would suggest it was the work of some
thing more than a crank.
By Monday noon the house had. been informed.
andi the violation turned over to the three-man
TEC judiciary. Wednesday noon the case was
heard and the penalty meted. out.
No. one has been deluded into believing that the
'violation reported. is the only one committed. Phi
Kappei Sigma, unfortunately,. is something', of a
scapegoat. The fraternity, however, has received.
it; penalty gracefully and the total effect is going
to be . fOr the best of the Colitge,
In. this first case both IFC and Phi Kappa Sigma
have acted , commendably. The Judiciary Board , is
to be commended, too, for giving a comparatively
nglit penalty in the . first case.
IFC Cleans Its awn Flands
One of Collegian's readers has questioned its
Molicy of giving publicity to the• names of frater
nities, found, guilty of Interfratirnity Dating Code
This reader, Prof. E. W. Callenbach, member of
Alpha Gamma Rho, has based his objection not on
the• fact of giving publicity but on the fact that
fraternities are held , accountable for the action of
their members while• other living groups are• not.
How,. Professor Callenbach asks, does Collegian
justify the distinction between fraternities and
other groups which he correctly points out.
Collegian's answer is that the College itself has
drawn a line of distinction between the• fraterni
ties and: the other living groups. 'To' the fraterni
ties it has extended the privilege of regulating
their own dating. The College itself remains di
rectly responsible for the . social activities of the
other living groups.
Iki return for their privilege, fraternities are ex
pected to handle their own enforcement. This
fall the Senate Committee on Student Welfare, be
lheving that Interfraternity Council so far had ,
foiled to provide adequate enforcement, served ,
notide it would take matters into its own hands if
improvement were not shown this year.
Acting on that, the Interfraternity Council
president, H. Edward. Wagner 41, presented a• new
and simplified dating code to‘ IFC, had it approv
etii, and , then served notice it would be enforced.
110. cooperate in that enforcement the Collegian on
October 25, 1940; pledged , itself to give full pub
licity to violations in order that fraternities might
ne• made conscious of the code. The publicity was
planned as both a preventative , and a punishment.
It has served that purpose.
_O. Russell F,ik
Downtown Office
119-121 South Frazier SL
Dial 4372
We were deluged with mail. We had to wade
through a colossal mountain, It took a steam
shovel to , clear Collegian's front door-:--there were
so. many letterS in front of it. •
(Ed; note: Oh, yeah! Hereafter no more con
tests in the column. It took us a week to get back
to. work. Say, some of those letters were pretty
So we cut our classes and spent last week scan
ning our fan mail. Some entries were really
original like Lions Trails, Cassius' Curiosities, A
*Maniac's Mad Dreams, and Compusrears.
(Ed. note: Why don't you cut the dribble and
come to• the point?)
Okay, ed; old boy. The winner, none other than
George Rumsey who knows how to call his shOts.
Rumsey's prize-winning name now adorns the top
of this space. As his spoils, he receives a ticket to
Poverty Ball which hits town next Thursday and
deserves everyone's support. This is the dance in
which the• poot and needy make out. Calling all ,
rug-cutters (Hilarious Jay Kelly) and Jump-jivers
—don't forget the can!•
Some Typical Letters
"You asked for a name for your column. Why
not just leave- it at "???" That• suits it better than•
anything; else. One never knows what to expect.
It'S supposed to , be. funny, but is it??? It's sup
pose& t% be , newsy, but is it??? It's supposed to
have. pep; vim and vigor—in other words spice,
but does it??? A good name—NO—'
(Ed. note: There's something• to- that!)
And while the next letter was not received in
connection with the contest, it came from a gal
and was about her mention last week in connec
tion with pictures on money that you wouldn't
mind kissing away. •
"I really .don't know what to say
About that Collegian the other day.
It kept me busy from morn 'til night
Trying to answer each one just right!
Some of the boys tried to be funny
And wanted to play this new game—Money!
The first few remarks I didn't mind;
I tried to convince them I wasn't that kind!
Then at night when I was called to the phone
And. told in a very sarcastic tone
That Washington was turning in his grave—
-1 tried so hard. to really be brave:
Here's one thing I've really found,
That Collegian definitely gets around!
Just four little lines on the second• page
And your life for a week is on the stage!"
Journalism seniors may obtain
,personnel , questionnaires• from.
'Miss Cori, Room 311 Old Main.
Campus Center Club Christmas'
Party changed to Atherton. Hall
Lounge at 7:30' m. Admission•.
to members, one ten cent gift.
Any students interested in spe
cial round• trip. train fares to- Phil
adelphia or New York for Christ
mas have until 3 p. m. to sign up
at Student Union.
Students wanting special round
trip train fares to New York and
Philadelphia over Christmas may
sign up at Sttident Union until
The Graduate Club will hold
their Christmas party tonight in
the Sandwich Shop at Bp. m. •
Agriculture . faculty meets in
Room 109, Agriculture, at 4:10
Music quiz at the Hillel Foun
dation after services tonight.'
Senior Engineering, lecture on
"What an Engineering Designer
Does" in Room. 110; Electrical
'Engineering, at 4:10 p.
, Players tryouts in 405 Old
,Main at 7:30 p. m. Sign up at.
Student. Union.
, Ski Club. meets in Room. 418-
01ct Main. at 7 p.
Forestry Ball. in Armory from
'9 to 12. Admission $l.
College Art Group Christmas
'party in - .418' Old Main- at 8- p:
Kappa Phi Kappa, meets at
Delta Chi- fraternity at 2:30 p. m.
Letters to• the Editor--
Artists' Courie Draws
Professor's Comment
To the Editor
The comments of your column
ist "Cassius" on the method of
ticket distribution for the Artists'
Course were, accurate and timely.
I have noticed that these . pro
grams are enjoyable from all parts
of the auditorium. Why shouldn't
the committee at sales time call
for written applications which may
be sent by mail? Have these num
bered, and then the series in the
auditorium be alloted by chance.
Then at our leisure we could get
our tickets, or they could be sent
to us by mail.
Here' is the second suggestion. I
have noticed that Commencement
addresses and music can be done
well in Rec Hall. With attention
to amplifiers and• absorbent hang,
ings, the course• could be offered
there without the necessity of
long queues that start at two - in the
morning. The added- patronage
would• also permit a longer series.
Prof. J. P. Kelly
Hunter College. recently dedicat
ed, its $6,500;000• building.
:F4l = 7:47 .Mil=?Elt;l'M/I:.'•;7'.AWIFOZ;MiItTzWXY:;ZMSnI,:r43FgI*A3tSfg
. _
You can be sure that a gift of books is always welcome.:
It's the one gift you• can be sure will please. And;Yoli:
can be sure of finding the kind'of books you want.inDour:'.
complete stock. We'll wrap it up in. Christmas••paNr:: :
and ribbons and make it really beautiful.
A Complete Selection In •
Our New Basement Store
... - I=ls 2 sozicatsllzgintSZtl===xlsAMM4l:2o:sNAZMC.= . 7•:;is:A=Zls/1?
FRMAT," DECEMBER' 12; 1940'
ew Pgifientfreided
f Facul4tileelhila
Two- new RoAitipiis _were , creat
ed in the Sato], of the Libeial
'Arts; Dean.. Chas=VF. Stoddhrt
said yesterday:
] order. to better
.quaint s un
dergraduates tEe:- - liihool with
job prospects and - vocational
. guidance infofmation, Prof. Hen
ry B. Young ant:Prof.-Julia G.
Brill, both of the English compo
sition department, will act as vo
cational counselors for
_men and
women students, respectively.
: The second innovation was the
appointment •of Dr. • Robert E.
Dengler, professor, .of . classical
languagelS. as transfer- examiner.
He will facilitate the -transfer of
students to the Sphbol of the, Li
beral Arts from other curricula.
This Tea: . aiie-
As A Special Offer.
The Collegian Will
Send A Gift Card With
Each Subscription
Keep The - Folks - At
Home Posted On Cam
pus News—They'll Be
Pleased With Your
On Sale At'T - .
Collegian Offiie
- OT : - '''"
Student Union •