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'Santa' Will .Give Gifts To 76
Underprivileged Kiddies Friday
MA Sports Clubs Will
Sponsor Ainrival Party
With squeals of delight and
merry giggles, 76 happy youngsters
frpm the first and second grades
of the Pine Grove Mills School
will receive Christmas gifts from
Dr. Charles C. "Santa Claus"
Wagner, of the mathematics de
partment, in the lobby of White
next Friday following an aft
ernoon of fun.
To most of these youngsters
Christmas will be Friday the thir
teenth, but that won't ruin their
Nil. No siree, they're going to have
ice cream, cake, movies, and - a
story—and best of all, gifts through
the sponsorship of WRA. and the
sports clubs.
Their party will begin with mov
ie:; in Room 103 White Hall at 2
p.m. followed by games in the
gymnasium. After this the kiddies
will gather round the decorated
Christmas tree and listen wide
eyed to the stories of Mrs. J. Ewing
Kennedy. Then to top off the whole
party,.all the guests will be treated
i.o .cake and candy, march up to
Santa when his name is called
and receive the "best dollie" or the
"r;wellest football in the world."
!lielen L. Mazer '42, activities
board chairman, is in charge of the
party, and Miss Mary T. iNitzky, of
State College, is in charge of trans
portation of the guests.
Club presidents and the part
their groups will play in the party
include: Jeanne M. Chew '4l,
'tennis entertainment and pro
gram; Louise B. Clark '4l. swim
ming•--entertainment and program;
Janet L. Fleming '42, golf and re
freshments; Mary L. Lenker '43,
al:chery—checking; Vera J. Palmer
'41,, dance decorations; Dorothy B.
Reeves '4l—gifts; Betty C. Rose.
`40., fencing•—decorations; and Jo
sephine H. Taggart '4l, tennis—
entertainment and program.
Members of these clubs have all
donated 10 cents toward the party,
;old will serve on committees.
Dinner features
'Medieval Court
Dressed in medieval costumes,
WSGA Senate members will form
the court for the formal annual
Old English Christmas Dinner in
Mac Allister Hall at 6 p. in. Thurs
day, December 19.
Leading the procession will be
Elinor L. Weaver '4l, WSGA pres
ident, as Lord Mac Allister, ac
companied by Betty M. Martin
'42, WSGA vice-president, as
Lady Mac Allister. Senior Lords
Mid Ladies will be Eleanor L.
Fagans and Janet N. Holtzinger
and M. Elizabeth Baker and Vera
L. Kemp; junior lord and lady,
Anne M. Borton and Mildred M.
Margaret K. Sherman will be
.sophomore Lord and Pauline
Crossman, Sophomore Lady. H.
Ann Carruthers will dress as
freshman lord and be accompan
ied by Jane H. Murphy, freshman
Jesters who - will visit coed
tables during dinner and inject a
fighter vein into the affair are
Martha I. Stringer '42 and Jeanne
Witherow (special.) Eleanor P.
Meckman 42. will act as page for
-the dignitaries, L. Eleanor Hen
for '4l will be poet, and Jean Bab
cock '42, cardinal. Heralding the
court will be Marjorie D. Cousely
'42 and Harriet H. Stubbs '42.
The screen's .. first musical mys
tery is the claim for Kay Kyser's
new film, "You'll Find Out,"
which combines sweet trills with
s,t trill shrieks and shivery melody.
The picture starts today and con
linues Monday and Tuesday at the
Featured with the Professor of
Musical Knowledge are Peter
Lorre, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi,
mid Kyser's famous band.
WSGA Christmas fund
Drive To Begin Monday
Starting :Monday, all coeds
will be contacted by members of
INSGA House of Representativet.
Junior Service Board, and
Freshman Council for the annual
IN 4 SGA Christmas Fund drive.
WSGA has set 25 cents from
each coed as a goal this year.
Contributions will go to Ameri
can Women's :Hospitals. riVliffiin
County Children's Aid Society.
and Mrs. Hetzers Emergency
Fund. The drive will continue
until Monday, December 16.
WS6A Coffee Hour
Groups Selected
Committees for the coffee hour
i n Atherton Ha 11 following
WSGA's Christmas dinner in Mac-
Allister• Hall have been announc
ed by R. Helen Gordon '42, and
Nancy E. Gasser '43, co-chairmen.
Serving as hostesses for the
hour will be: northwest lounge,
Ann M. Civitts' '42, Dorothy J.
Johnson '42, Dorothy C. Furman
'43. and Selma Solomon '43; south
west lounge. Dorothy H. Gross
man '42. Margaret R. Roberts '42,
Helen A. Swanson '42, and Elsie
Rooth '43: northeast lounge: Jane
R. Keith '42, Marjorie A. Kron
ick '42, Ruth V. Billington '43. and
Marguerite J. Gies '43; southeast
lounge, Elinor M. Derr '42, Flor
ence N. Goll '42, E. Louise Back
'42, and Helen W. Hancher '42.
Coffee Servers
Coffee servers will bd: north
west lounge, Ann J. Halberstadt
'42, Jeanne G. McAdam !42, Jean
F. Burch '43, and Ada Lord '43;
southwest lounge, Jane B. Hos
kins '4l, Janet M. Hartz '42, Ber
nice M. Maurer '42, and Eloner
Cloud '43; Northeast lounge, Janet
L. Eyer '42, Jeanne C. Stiles '42,
Helen J. Chiappy '43, and Bar
bara L. Gnau '43; southeast lounge
Estelle Marguilies '4l, E. Mae
Perry '42, Helen R. Cohen '43, and
Dolores Y. Paul '43.
Serving cookies will .be: north
west, Dorothy C. Ellis '43 and
Jean V. Nichols '43; southwest,
Lois E. Notovitz '42 and Ruth
Pearce '42; northeast, Gertrude H.
Hecht '4l and Mildred R. Plapin
ger '4l, southeast, Leona R. Feld
stein '4l and H. Deana Rosenblum
'42. Nut and candy servers are:
northwest, Margaret J. Chubb '42,
southwest, Elsie J. Lund '42;
northeast, Dorothy H. Field '42;
southeast, Betty Nurick . (special).
Serving cake will be: northwest.
Sylvia Levinson '43; southwest,
Louise M. Fuoss '43; northeast,
I Marjorie L. Sykes '43; southeast,
Margaret M. Lams '43.
Cream and sugar servers will
be: northwest, Beatrice Levinson
'43: southwest, Helene S. Davies
'42; northeast. Patricia Mac Ki
nney '43; southeast, Marian S.
Owen '43. Women obtaining sil
ver for the affair are: Roberta J.
Kelly '42, chairman, Dorothy B.
Reeves '4l, A. Patricia Behney
'42, E. Elizabeth Mason '42, Ruth
J. Plessett '42, Evon Y. Wilson
'42, Helen L. Woodcock '42, Mar
tha N. Albert '43, Mildred L. Aus
try '43, 'Teresa C. Marusak '43,
Mildred B. Schmidt '43, M. Vir
ginia Smith '43.
Replenishing Committees
Replenishing refreshment plat
ters will be: coffee, northwest,
Frances G .Reist '42, and Lillian
R. Furman '43; southwest, Eliza
beth J. Bertolette '42 and Mar
tha E. Powers '42; northeast Car
olyn R. Erb '43 and Becky L. Rupp
'43; southeast, Margaret Van-
Houghton' '43 and Ruth E. Stamm
'43; cookies, northwest, Mary R.
Craft '42 and Elizabeth C. Rose
'42; southwest, Elizabeth A. Bow
er '42 and M. Pauline Rugh
northeast Dorothy L. Magor '43
and Jean Kissinger '42; southeast,
We, The Women—
Thoughts Of Others
Fitting At Christmas
It isn't too early to begin think
ing about how we may help oth
ers less fortunate than we at
Christmas.‘ One of the best ways
Penn State coeds can do this is to
contribute to WSGA's annual
Christmas drive which begins
When you budget for gifts, why
not include 25 cents for the fund?
That's what WSGA has set as a
goal from each woman student
and that small amount will go a
long way toward making someone
happier at Christmas.
Starting Monday and continu
ing until December 16, members
of the House of Representatives,
Junior Service Board, and Fresh
man Council will contact_all coeds
for the drive.
Money collected will be distrib . -
uted equally among Mifflin Coun
ty Children's Aid Society, Ameri
can Women's Hospitals, and Mrs.
Hetzel's Ethergency Fund. By con
tributing to the drive, you help
all three of these representative
Remember not so long ago when
a doll and story-book or a little
extra spending money meant so
much to you? And how much
you enjoyed candy and nuts? Your
contributions will mean even
more to the children benefiting
from the Mifflin County Aid So
ciety who have only life's barest
American Women's Hospitals
help relieve suffering among ci
vilians in war-torn areas. and at
home assist in disease prevention
and child health. Here on our
own campus, Mrs. Hetzel's Emer
gency Fund aids our classmates
who have sudden obligations to
Individually, our parts in aid
ing these needy ones is small, but
collectively, we can do much to
help others have merrier Christ
So, when a WSGA 'representa
tive approaches you, don't be
grudge deserving people a little
of your holiday fun. Let's sur
pass last year's $196.25 record!
Varsity Debaters Open
Season Away Next Week
- Representing the women's var
sity squad'in the first inter-collegi
ate debates of the season, Mary I.
Greenberg '42 and Gertrude H.
Hecht '4l will uphold the affirnia
tire side of the question "Resolv
ed that the nations of the western
hemisphere should form a perm
anent union" against Loyola Uni
versity, Swarthmore College, and
Ursinus College next week.
Miss Greenberg, member. of
Delta Alpha Delta. women's speech
professional, and Miss Hecht, preSz
ident of Delta Alpha Delta, and
member of Delta Sigma Rho, na
tional forensic honorary, will op
pose Ursinus nomen on campus
Monday night. Tuesday night they
will debate Swarthmore men at
the Swarthmore High School, and
they will argue against a union
with Loyola men at the Knights
of Columbus in Baltimore, (Mary
land, Wednesday.
' All debates will be in Oregon
or cross-examination style, and
members of the audience will have
an opportunity to question the
speakers in open forums which
Margery J. Rosenberg '42 and
Esther M. Hall '43.
Nut and candy replenishers 'rill
be: northwest, Jacqueline I. Shaf
fer '43 and Laila M. Dunkelberger
'43; southwest, Muth Keisling '43,
and Ruth M. Saylor '43; northeast,
Gerry A. Custer '43 and Ruth J.
Moore '43; southeast, Judith L.
Cutshall '4l and Martha B. Man
ifold '4l; service, northwest,
Jeanne M. Lindeman '42 and Ro-
Wena M. Gotshall '43; 'southwest,
Elizabeth Schoch '4l and Fer
nande Mosterez '42; northeast,
Josephine M. Werner '4l and Sal
ly H. Faber '4l: southeast. Lois A.
Remensnyder '42 and Cheryle
Rules Harvest Ball
Margaret K. Sherman '43 was
chosen queen of the Harvest
Ball, annual rural extravaganza
held last night before a•crowd of
340 couples. The highlight of the
evening was a novel air raid
salute by the orchestra during
a blackout of the Armory as tan
.fare for the announcement • of
the queen.
freshman Council Helps
WSGA Christmas Drive
Seeking complete coverage for
contributions from all freshman
dormitories and hall groups,
Freshman Council is doing its part
in aiding the WSGA Christmas
Drive which began Monday, De
cember 2 and will continue • for
two weeks . until December 16.
Council has appointed Margo D.
Blass '43. general chairman in
Mac Hall and Betty R. Broderick
'43. general chairman for Worn:-
en's Building. Women represent
ing downtown dormitories will
manage. the campaign for their
respective houses.
The Christmas Drive was orig
inated by Freshman Council sev
eral years ago, but was taken over
by the WSGA when it became too
large for the Council to handle. _
ocithai .
And Kay Kyser's Band Featuring Ginny Simms, Harry Babbitt,
Ish Kabibble, Sully Mason
WSGA Groups Will Hold':-
Faculty Dinner Tomorrow.
WSGA Senate and WSGAIJun
ior Service Board will e'ntertaln
guests at Sunday -dinnei'dri - Mac-
Allister Hall and Atherton' Hall,
respectively. - •
Dr. 'Kistler, Sunday chapel
speaker, and Mrs. Kistler will be
guests of WSGA Senate: and MiSs
Charlotte E. Ray, 'dean of . :wornen,
following chapel Service. Immedi
ately•after dinner, an informal dis
cussion in Mac Allister Hall lobby
will •be held for.all interested co
eds. •
Continuing their program of.
student-faculty Telation.s, WSGA
Junior Service Board will . enter
tain Hummel Fishburn; :associate
professor of music "education,: Mrs,
Fishburn, Miss Anna P. LOcklin,
assistant professor of English lit
erature, and Philip A: "Shelley, as
sociate professor of German, in.
Atherton Hall tomorrow.
WRA's Outing Club will spon 7 .-' -
sor a mixed skating party in the
Armory at 7 p.m. ,
Evenings Only 6:30, 8:30
Shows At 1:30, 3:00, 6:30. 8:30
Shows at 1:30, 3:00, 6:30, 8:30