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The Lions
Lines On The .lions :
•Lebn "Closea • Gates" Gajecki;
- Perin "State's All-American center
and captain, still maintains he
-wo - n't turn to the professional Toot
•ballers „next fall. His latest offer
Was.trom the Chicago Bears, a let
ter asking whether he would tie
interested in • the •kick-for-cash,
pass-for-pay, game.
"To which letter," says Gajecki,
The . only first string repeater on
. the Lipn All-opponent team for
.A 940 .was Whitey Piro, Syracuse
• wiugnian, who held down the
„same spot ,on the 1939 edition.
Johnny Plewak, little . Bucknell
co-captain, • moved up from the .
1'939 second team to the 1940 first
..01even at the guard position, "while
Goodridge; Pitt. terminal,
-wound up on the second team both
- : = years. Dick Banger, Syracuse back,
.vho made the Lions' second team
.This year, .was on the 1939 coaches
"second selections.
In case you wonder why baSket
r,iball draws the greatest number of
spectators per year of any athletic
:event in this country, drop around
Rec Hall way Saturday and look
in on the clinic, which should. give
,you some inside intricacies of the
'court game.
Charlie "Doc" Speidel, Nittany
;.wrestling coach, has one of the
:most overlooked records behind .
.him of any coach on the campus..
In fifteen seasons as head grap
pling instructor, "Doe' has pro
duced 20 individual champs in the
-Eastern Intercollegiates. A sum :
total shows that in those fifteen:
years, ."Doc" has show the lads
:how :to win 71 dual matches 'while!
Only dropping: l _l:6. And 'it looks•
:from here =as though this coming
::season will be a very favorable
one for Charlie's ledger.
--,B TL
Question - of the day: How many
'cold days do we have to have .
:around here :before somebody -be
?gins working., On: the ice rink on
the tennis courts????
L Now that Georgetown has
=cepted the Orange Bowl•bid, Penn
State can settle back 'for a long
:Cold Winter, and not worry about .
palm beachsuits, straw hats, and
...?)FiaznEbathing beatities.
—:!Movie on "Aquatic ArtiStry" in
White Hall at 7 p. m.
::.Iriterfraternity Council Meet
'Trig, '7 .p. :m., Phi Kappa 'Tau.
•:. :Outing Club Meeting. '6:30 p. m.
:Members 'should bring 'ten cents
:Or • ChriStrrias Party. Plans for
it zoller skating party will be -dis
iiissed. •
ski 'Club meeting Friday *lliad;
6.'1 p. rn„ Room 318, 'Old .Main.
:ItteCtion o 'officers.
4.'BCA:committee for.lhe Xresh-
Irtiarr !touncil 'Clnigttnas MEtnee'
.:meet Ihe. 'Hugh lleaver,
own, 1 1
"Alla 'freshmen and Ititsperclags
- krith 'Sign !up iberore 'tomorrow at
ttiCatin.. • . 4 • t
Zlerson will. speak -on the
:lAttiereseetft ?Materigls - arra 'Their
-Jtit Anetiting !tit 'the lituderit
• '. %Okra _tel. the . .Ameriettit ( o.e.ktimie
defy; 7 7:;30 p. Th., ilonTh IN Mt,
Arlnoty . rat 4 Van.
A.: 'Student .bounoil :meets, 7
.:01:C•Itn; -in'Alloom .318 Old Main:
'': 3 trartge .have '43 nreeting in
1..4ti0tn . 405 ?Olt 'Main, 7.3). In.
arrtput.: 4 :l l l•Dritty
Atrotil. l llB 41311 ti PVT iri
.—•-• • •, -
-:.:lS.tudent : - Hcrusing _o3oatd•-• meets
, '..iti;Stoora.3los And Main, ti m. •
:•.;:i4lictilty and ftwnfipenple " 'tic t-
g l -toutse to on'
43 'a' lin.
ife,;l4s3n6gt , -.* : Zetalte lbw&
04.3 - 71TaralLIsais;, 4-:1O- p.
Boutgerie Is Named Cros=s-Country Captain
far! Is Chosen
Harrier Manager
Alexander L. Botargerie. '42 and
Howard H. Earl '42 hint been
• elected 'captain and manager res
pectively of the 1942 varsity cross
country team..
Bourgerie was 'chosen at a learn
banquet held Tuesday night at the .
Nittany Lion Inn and Earl was
chosen at 'elections by the cross
country executive -c ommittee
which met yesterday afternoon.
The team at its banquet also chose
Guyer (Tink) Candy '44 honorary
captain of this year's freshman
Other cross-country managers
named yesterday afternoon were:
Associate managers, -Richard M.
Steinhilber '42 and William B.
Rosskam II '42; first assistant man
agers, Frank E. Baldwin '43, Jo
seph R. Quickel '43 and C. Henry
fMtCall '43; freshman manager,
Charles. E. Hannan, Jr. '43; 'and
alternate managers, Lynn Kippax
'43 and Robert R. Sieger '43. .
In voting on the sophomore can
didates for managerships, - the
cross-country 'executive committee
made two changes in the recom
mendations submitted by the out
'first assistant managers.
On bearing a protest made by:
two of 'the three managers last
night, 'Neil M. Fleming, graduate
manager of athletics, said that the
changes .would stand. They were
made in the best interests of the
sport, he said, and were according
to authority vested in the commit
tee by the Athletic Association
constitution. The decision of the
five-man committee was; unanirn
ous,,..he reported.
The outgoing first-assistantman
agers had -handed 'in identical lists
iri recommending - their -successors.
Members of the ommitt e e
whiCh took the action are: Mr.'
Fleming; Charles D. Werner, coach
•of cross-country; William J. Smith
'44, cross-country 'captain; 'G. Ed
ward Spencer '4l, .cross=country
manager; and Jack W. Brand '4l;
president of the Athletic Associa
tion. Frank- A. Gleason '4l, sec
retary of the Athletic Association,
.attended the • meeting as a non
voting member.
Managership elections for foot
ball and soccer will be held today.
Mathieu Schedule
Five Home Meets
Featuring a formidable array of
home meets, Penn State's-wrestl
ing Lions will initiate their 1941
campaign against Maryland on the
Rec Hall mats January .11.
Following 'the Maryland battle,i
Charlie Speidel's grapplers will;
tangle with Lehigh, Cornell, Mich-'
igan and Army in successive ihome
Leh trb . T antern. "rin'tcrroriilecli le;
rChintpktnilorlhe la4t Ihlte;yeait
And .eliMos 'one zrf .'Stara ;Mgt
dangerous opponents, comes here;
.iFebruery,l3:forlsheearthe.t'opthe is
'off the season.
Terbruary 42 the 'Cornell :grail-I
Tilers .invade Hall as• Tart;
.61 a 'Saturday' -double Ottrattioni
.Tisotare 4bittlegise-.,
Itween . Lts Atitrdles boxers and tie ,
itsairny 'Cadets. • ' • : • . •
•• 9 11he.'laat 'matt •on:iihe rwresitlOrs'
`home •oatd l'be .4ilorny,.
Tltinaxing one •of tlit.anost -homes-,
sive khedules 'that Met-Matt
'had Tar ca flunibettof wears. • 1
:Syracuse, :Printtiton and wavy .
.round oattheigrappleri' vard,Avifh!
all three inedts ibeing:acheduled for.
.foreign - mats. .
PENN .wrAirz wiruginLlNG
atm. 11-41Vfatylaha • ...... 'Rome
,31m. 18-4%,q , ettsse .Away
Feb: . 1 1-41:titaisitan glVitky;
Feb. , B—Lehigh. ...... . Home
,:Feb. • ' Away
Feb. :22—clot he 11•.:....... liome
..27.44Midifigah fame
'Mar. Acene
sk% • 4 7-1 .
3-1 ,- 112•tettellegiates: • ,
(At Columbia)
Lion Football figures
Listed By Grid -Experts
The complete and final statis
tics on Penn State's 1940 football
season were released today by the
American Football Statistical
Bureau at . Seattle, Washington.
The figures cover the Nittany
Lions' offensive and defensive to
tals in punting, receiving punts,
rushing, forward passing, and to
tal offense.
The summaries!
No. Yards Blk.
Offense Totals 44 1578
Defense Totals .63 2255 1
No. Yards
Offense Totals 54 655
Defense Totals .. ..40 492
No. Yds. Loss Net
Offense ..423 1948 163 1785
Defense .216 756 175 • 581
Att. 'Comp. Int. Yds.
Offense .116 .54 13 .655
Defense .108 40 22 492
Plays Net Yds.
Offense Totals .539 2440
Defense Totals .324 1073
Rec Hall To Open
For Sunday Use
Ambitious youths bursting with
energy will be given an oppor
tunity to rid themselves of sur
plus weight in Rec Hall Sunday
afternoons from now until May
11, with the exceptions of Sun
days falling within holiday per
Dr. Carl P. Schott, dean of
Physical Education, agreed to
free Rec Hall from its shackles,
when approached with the pro
poSition by the Recreation com
mittee. With a well-rounded re
creation program planned for
each Sunday, the grand opening
is set for . this 'Sunday.
Admittance to Rec Hall will be
granted to all students upon pre
sentation of their matriculation
cards. If, however, after a stu
dent is admitted to the building,
he opens one of the side doors to
admit a person not a student, the
Sunday recreation program will
be abandoned.. Dr. Schott de
clared that the program is design-.
ed to accommodate students only.
Only through the cooperation
of all students can the Sunday
program continue, it was learned.
A campus patrolman will be sta
tioned at the southeast locker
MOM door to check matriculation .
Adtivities will begin on the
floor soon after 2 p. m. and con-'
tinue until 5 p. m., after which
the building will be locked at 5:30'
p. m. Exit should be made by
all students through the door at
which the patrolman ;is Stationed..
In charge of the various acti-.
vities 'on the - main 'floor 'will be
three Physical Education majors'
Who Will see that all students
have 'the same Importunities to!
use . 'whatever :facilities They de-
Dtiting rgertain :seasons of
'the ihowevet, organized .in
yratnitral activities will be given
first ,preference in the - use a floor
space and *equipment.
. 1 17pon presentation al 'the stu
deriVa .towel ticlcEit, he 'will bet
loaned any equipment 'he wants .
from the equipment T 00111; .but he'
must return the - eqUipmetit at;
closing time.
Nittany Lion Soccermen Select
'4O All-Opponent Collegiate Team
As a tribute to the meritous
playing of individual opponents,
the Nittany Lion soccermer.. with
the aid of Coach Bill Jeffrey last
night selected an all-opponent
team of individually outstanding
players against whom they con
tinued their streak of eight con
secutive seasons without defeat.
Although the Jeffreymen select
ed only one team, second team
hondrs and honorable mentions of
talented players were too numer
ous for the team and Coach Jeffrey
to agree upon.
In the, opinion of the coach and
players, Partridge of Penn and
Gukeyson of Army were evaluated
as probably the best individual op
ponents met during the season.
Following is the Nittany •booters'
preference for an all-opponent
G... . Manhold Syracuse
RF....Patridge Navy
LP. .. Morrison Bucknell
RH. .. . Partridge Penn
CH. .. .Gukeyson Army
LH. ...Reedy Navy
0R... McWilliams . W. 'Maryland
I R. ....Lorene Temple
CF.... Chester Penn
I L. .. .H. Mizzell .... Gettysburg
OL. .F. Mizzell . ... Gettysburg
17 More Shopping
Days Until Christmas
11,*t. T^,ort
W. College Ave. State College
Here Is The 'Chance To Show. Off Yorl• Pnfi .
Plaid Shirt, overalls and Fardnerette , CoptinDP.t7
friday, December 6--Armory-9 to 'l2
Tickets-41AD per 'couple, checking included.
Music by the CAMPUS OWLS
&member—Vote For The garrvet Per
. At .Student Union
-Great icon
COReit 8/1.4: dEFFREV.
SoCcer Coach Bill Jeffrey
whose hooters are topnotch in
the country, helps choose an all
opponent team.