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    THURSDAY; - DECEMBER .5, 1940
WSGA Christmas Fund Drives For Three
Welfare Societies To Begin Monday
(4114 ,_Aid - Society
Visited. By 18
• Beginning Monday and continu
ing 'Until' -December 16, contribu
tiOifg- from coeds for the WSGA
Christmas Fund Drive to be dis
tributed among American Wo
men's Hospitals, Mifflin County
.Children's Aid Society, and Mrs.
Hetz:en - - committee, will be ac
In an effort to surpass last year's
record of $196.25, WSGA House of
Representatives, will contact up
per-Class women liVing in campus
dormitories; WSGA Junior Service
Board, women in town dormitor
ies; and WSGA Freshman Council,
all freshman dormitories. '
In_ connection with this drive,
Misi-tlizabeth C. Bell, Miss Ma
tilda A. Bentley, and Miss Ruth H.
Zang; assistants to the dean of
~and 15 coeds visited the
Mifflin• County Children's Aid So
ciety in Lewistown Tuesday.
Mrs. Alice Nadelhosser, secre
tary of the organization, explain
ed its purposes and showed them
through the offices. The society is
caring for 83 children at $3 each
per week and has the only trained
case workers in surrounding dis
tricts. -
EMPhasizing need of Christmas
help, Mrs. Nadelhosser said that
the service was government sup
ported and funds for such aid were
not supplied. A book containing
pictures and stories about the
children is available upon request
from Miss Bell or Miss Zang.
Christmas Dinner
tommillees Set
. .
' Committees for- . the annual Old
English Christmas - dinner in Mac-
Allister Hall set for December 19
have been announced by R. Helen
Gordon '42 and Nancy E. Gosser
'43, co-chairmen.
Serving on committees are: in . -
vitations, Arita L. Hefferan '4l,
chairman; Catherine Bidelspacher
'42, Elizabeth Kinsloe '42, Eleanor
McLaughlin '42, Frances H. Talley
'42, Mary Anastas '43, Emily Funk
'43, Marjorie M. Lovejoy '43, and
' A one o'clock permission for
all coeds was granted Tuesday
by WSGA Senate for Thursday,
December 19, following the kn
nual Christmas Dinner in Mac
Hall and the Carol Sing.
Mary E. Sallida '43; decorations,
Mary W. Houghton '42, chairman,
M. Elizabeth Baker '4l, Ruth W.
Barbey '42, Katherine Loresch '42,
Betty Jo Patton '42, Marjorie R.
Chambers '43, Ann T. Drivas '43,
Jean C. Esh '43, Rosalind M. Nel
son '43, and Lorraine E. Thomas
Costumes, Marion M. Eberts '42,
chairman; entertainment, Anita M.
Knecht '42, chairman, !Marjorie D.
Cousley '42, Eleanor P. Heckman
'42, 'Helen L. Mazur '42, Martha I. 1
Stringer '42, and Harriet H. Stubbs
'42; cleanup, Mac Allister Hall,
Marion E. Sperling '42, chairman,
Else Gabrielson '42, Helen A. Jag
nesak '42, Helen M. Quakenbush
'42, and:Elizabeth E. Munroe '43;
AthertOn Hall, M. Virginia Cooper
'42, chairman, !Margaret R. Comly
'43, Marie L. Kulp '43, Odette M.
Scrivanich '43, and Natalie A. Sie
bert '42.
HoStesses for the coffee hour at
AthertOn Hall following the dinner
are north West lounge, Anna M.
Civittsi:"42,..Thirothy J. Johnson '42,
..Dorothk, CiTurt: — xian '43, and Selma
Solomon „'43; , southwest lounge,
Dorothy MI - Dios:man '42, Marg
aret Roberts '42, Helen A.
Swanson '42, : and Elsie. Rooth '43;
'northeast 'lounge, - Janet L. Eyer
.'42, Jeanne C... Stiles '42, Helen J.
ChlappY '43, and Barbara L. Gnau
'43; southeast lounge, Estelle Mar
guiles ?f,l, E. Mae. Perry '42, Helen
.'43; and-Dolores -Y:-Paul
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Basketball Practices Set;
Two Necessary To Play
Basketball practice hours for
this week and next are 7 to 8
p. m. Monday, Tuesday, and
Thursday for majors; 4 to 5 p.m.
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
for non-majors; and 4 to 5 p.m.
Wednesday and Friday, open
house, Betty L. Ziegler '42, intra
mural manager, announced.
Two weekly practices are ne
cessary- to be eligible for inter
class competition.
With Other Women—
Women Prove TO Be
Superior Scholastically
Women are superior scholasti 7
cally at the University of Texas
too. We say "too" because last
semester Penn State men had an
average of 1.37 while -the women
boasted a 1.62.
Speaking of superiority, the
Delta Zetas at the University of
Southern California defeated the
Theta Xis in a brain battle which
was broadcast.
Mortar Boards at the Univer
sity of . Utah published an eti
quette book entitled "As We Do
It" to raise money for an under
graduate loan fund. Mortar
Boards at Texas• sponsored an
open house. Tickets sold for 10
cents and entitled the - holder for
a chance , on a. $l5 prize.
Another money raising scheme,
invented by . Phrateres, senior so
ciety at the University of Cali
fornia, is an apple sale with free
dance tickets concealed in two
of the apples.
As part of their intramural
tournament, Texas coeds had a
comic swimming relay. Each
team was given one pair of over
sized shorts and one big ,sports
shirt which had to be worn by
each member of the team on her
lap of the race.
Ellen H. Richards Club
To Sell Fruit Cakes
Fruit cakes in Christmas wrap
pings will be sold in the Home
Ebonomics Building Sat u r day
morning, December 14, by the
Ellen H. Richards Club, Julia
Adams '42, president, announced.
Margaret M. Diener '42 is in
charge of arrangements.
Orders for cakes, either in one
or one and one-half pound pack
ages may be given now to any
club member.
HE 'Hospitality Day'
Planned For April 19
A "Hospitality Day" is being
planned by the department of
home economics for April 19
when exhibits, demonstrations,
and open classes will be held,. and
men taking . hotel management
will conduct tours of their de
The Home Economics Club will
include its spring style show.
Other groups cooperating are
Omicron Nu, Ellen H. Richards
Club, • and the Home Economics
Advisory Council.
Chi Omega To Initiate 1
Chi. Omega will. initiate Betty
M. Breese '43, Jane E. Burke '43,
Marjorie IL Chambers '43, Marian
E. Fogel '43, Mary G.' Sallada '43,
Jacqueline -I.- Shafer '43 . and
-Edith. L. Smith .'43 Saturday._. •
Feet Hurl !
Gel New Shoes
If you have foot trouble, you
may trace it to the shoes you are
wearing, according to -Dr. Harriet
M. Harry, physician of the Col
lege Health Service, in an inter
view yesterday.
A well-fitting shoe, she said,
should leave at least a half an inch
of space for the big toe, and the
heel should be snug. The heel
should not be more than three
fourths or one and a half inches
high for day wear, for Dr. Harry
stated that high heels cause large
legs and sway backs. However,
she added that very few persons
can wear moccasins because they
are bad for the arches.
"Soles should be thick enough
to cushion the feet," Dr. Harry
continued, "and leather heels are
more resilient than wooden •ones.
Rubber soles are bad for feet that
perspire excessively."
Commenting on posture, Dr.
Harry said that the weight should
be equally distributed between the
ball and the heel of the foot and
that half the weight should be
held by each foot.
Feet should be frequently exer
cised and washed and dried well.
Most coeds' saddle shoes are too
dirty to be sanity she concluded.
Dr. Bond Will Address
Home Economics Majors
Dr. Helen Judy Bond, past pres
ident of the American Home Eco
nomics Association, will speak to
home economics students at lunch
eon in Mac Allister Hall Saturday
as guest of the Ellen H. Richards
Following a resume of Ellen H.
Richards' life to be presented by
:Margaret M. Diener '42, Dorothy
H. Grossman '42, and Jeanette
Salkin '42, Dr. Bond will compare
hOme economics conditions during
the late 19th and early 20th cen
turies to those of today. She will
also address the home economics
faculty at dinner Saturday.
Nursery Children Learn
Etiquette At Lunches
—Table manners are being taught
to Home Economics Nurser y
School children at lunches which
have been served in the dining
room of the Nursery since Mon
Visitors may watch the children
from booths. Mrs. Marion S. Mc-
Dowell, associated professor of
home economics, is in charge:
Woman's Building Frosh
To Hold Dance Saturday
: -0-4 1EMEN
Woman's Building freshmen will
hold a party and - dance in their
lounge from 7 p.m. to midnight
The committees are: entertain
ment, Gloria N. Duerst and Shirley
J. Tetley; decoration, Jane G.
Judwig and Helen D. McKee; food,
Jane Arent and Anne M. Serocca.
Observe Founders' Day
Celebrating their founders'• day,
Alpha Omicron'Pi will have a tea
from 4 to 5 Sunday.
AEPhi Plans Open . House
Alpha Epsilon Phi- will have, an,
open house for Phi sigma. - Delta
in the Grange play . roonc : - 9C-3 'l3.
We, The Women—
Still Trying To
Figure Out—
IF the turkey tasted just as
good one week later?
HOW to get the room warm in
the morning without walking
across the icy floor' to close the
HOW to • manage four needles,
decrease for the instep, turn the
heel, and end up with a sock?
•IF they dare postpone Christ
HOW to get up for an eight
o'clock after vacation?
WHY the Pennsy doesn't put
special coaches on for Penn Stat
ers before and after vacations?
WHAT sense there is in having
classes between vacations?
WHY you can't get a winter
dress in November? ,
WHY eight o'clocks are on.
fourth floor, Old Main?
IF finals are really only two
weeks after Christmas vacation?
-HOW the Greeks put up such a
good fight?
HOW Pitt got past the "seven
WHY rushing season can't be
WHY every coed can't be a
WHY profs get such delight out
of assigning bluebooks on Friday
the thirteenth?
New Club Plans
Winter Carnival
A winter carnival is being
planned for February by the
newly organized figure skating
club, according to Elizabeth K.
Heath '43.
Miss Marie McCormick, pro
fessional ice skater, will conduct
classes for beginning and advanc
ed skaters twice a week for. 50
cents a lesson as soon as the
flooded tennis_ courts freeze.
Miss Mildred A. Lucey, • wo
men's physical educational in
structor, and Ray "M. Conger,
men's Physical Education instruc
tor, have approved the club which
will become a part of the newly
formed Intercollegiate Outing
The club met Tuesday night
and has set intercollegiate skat
ing as its goal.
Let Us Solve Your
Ti. D. I Phone 4220
'More Machines°
Cry Home Eccers,
"Why can't Atherton Hall have
more sewing machines?" com
plained one desperate home ec
cer, trying to finish her dress be
fore 10 p. m., but waiting in a
line of seven for the Sewing ma
chine in one of Atherton's pres
sing rooms.
"At least," pouted an inexperi
enced sewer, far behind in her
dress construction, "they could
leave the sewing room open all
night instead of closing at 10
"Darn it all," exploded another
seamstress working furiously to
beat the dead line. How can I ever
press this sleeve without a sleeve
board? I've got to finish this dress
or else."
Many other home economics
students taking courses in cloth
construction are voicing the same
complaints. A certain day is set
in every clothing class when the
finished dress is due. With ap
proximately six hours a week out--
side work required for every stu
dent, present sewing facilities in
Atherton Hall are inadequate.
'Headaches and backaches would
be lessened, more dresses would
be finished on time, and many
more coeds would be happy if
only Santa Claus would surprise
Atherton coeds by leaving a new
sewing machine and sleeve board
in each pressing room. Now, all
they need to know is Santa Claus'
SPE Entertains DGs
Sigma Phi Epsilon entertained
the Delta Gammas at dinner at
5:30 p. m. yesterday.
Offers You
New and Delicious
Sweet Rolls
Lewistown Nall 1911