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Soph i op Slips Back into Groove With Total Deficit 01$R9Orni
Students Won't Volunteer In War
AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 21---Col
lege students. exempted from the
draft at least until next June and
told by President Roosevelt that
they are more useful in the class
room than in the 'army, face today
a world plagued with ever-spread
ing war.
With the election over, increased
aid to Britain appears certain, and
whether from circumstances or
from blundering, the possibility
exists of armed conflict against
the axis powers. If war were de
clared, how many men now in
college Would volunteer, how
many would wait until called?
That was the question scores
of interviewers for Student Opin
ion Surveys of America presented
to a cross section representing the
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entire male enrollment of U. S.
colleges and universities_ Nearly
one-fourth of the men are ready
now to join the army in case of
war. The rest, a majority of 76.5
per cent, say they would wait un
til drafted.
These national weekly polls of
college thought are sponsored by
150 campus newspapers, The
Daily Collegian among them.
Personal interviewing is the meth
od used in gathering opinions
from a proportionate sample that
contains correct ratios of men and
women, lowerclassmen and upper
classthen, and all types of col- .
leges, distributed over six geo
graphical sections of the country.
This was the question used: "If
the/U. S. went to war against Ger-
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ye*, at.
~(7';4-TE CO.24EL-
many. Italy, or Japan, would you
leave school and volunteer or wait
until your turn came in the
These . were the returns, section
by section:
Men only: Vol. Wait
New England 36% 64%
Middle Atlantic ....20 80
East Central .. . ....21 79
West Central 16 84
South 28 72
Far West 23 72
All Men Students ..23.5 76.5
One year ago last month Stu
dent Opinion Surveys found 42
percent declared they would vol
unteer if "England and France
were in danger of defeat and the
U. S. declared war on their ene
405 Couples Paid
To Hear Chester
Sliding back into line to com
ply with the tradition of former
years after last year's $l3OO pro
fit spree, last Friday night's Soph
Hop recorded a loss of $298.91,
according to a statement released
yesterday by co-chairmen Eu
gene R. Yeager '43 and William
P. MacFadden '43.
However, the loss this year was
not as great as that of 1938 which
was $901.96, and can be explained
Partly by the bad weather and
the influence of preceding big
A total of 405 paid admissions
repreknts the largest amount of
income— Booth rental
amounted to $145, -and $132.50
was collected from checking. To
tal income added up to $1862.30.
The orchestra expenditure of
sl,qoo represents the greatest
amount of expenses. Decorations
cost $350, $25 more than last
years decoration bill. A total of
$2161.21 for expenditures was
reached, as compared with the
$2687.44 debit total for last year.
Complimentaries issued this
year numbered 73, an increase of
three over 1939's record of 70.
The tentative statement:
Admissions, $1417.50; tax on
admissions, $167.30; booth rental,
$145; checking, $132.50. Total
income, $1862.30.
Music, $1000; decorations, $350;
programs, $115.75; tax on admis
sions, $167.30; advertising, $114.75;
.compensations, $100; checking
labor, $57.50; telephone and tele
graph, $5; labor, $137.50; ticket
printing, $23.66; piano rental and
tuning, $l5; miscellaneous, $74.75.
Total expenditures, $2161.21. Es
timated net loss, $298.91.
Lecture Is (hanged
The senior engineering lecture
scheduled for November 22 has
been postponed and H. K. Breck
enridge will lecture at a later date
to be announced. There will there
fore be no lecture on Friday. The
next meeting of the class will be
on December 6 when representa
tives of the General Electric Com
pany staff will present "The Job
gZeturii On.gagement
CHESTRA will play one of those return
engagements which it regards as the best
testimonial to its artistry. -
In 22 years, the orchestra has played 856 - •
concerts in 25 states, Canada and Cuba:
Those of you who heard the Cleveland
Orchestra last year enjoyed its thrilling
performance and those of you that did
not attend should by all means hear it on
this year's •
*. " 4
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22, .1.940 •
Marital Advisor
Dr. Paul Popenoe, who spoke in
Schwab Auditorium last night on
"How To Make A Successful 3,11ar..;'
Happy Marriage
Needs Coopeialion
"Cooperation is the greateit
factor in .the establishment of a
successful marriage," declared Dr.
Paul Popenoe, nationally known
marital adviser, in an address be—
fore 500 students and faculty
members in Schwab 'Auditorium
I -
last night..
Dr. Popenoe pointed out that a
balance betwen three forces or
factors must be obtained before 'a
successful marriage can be ob
tained. These requirements 'are a
sincere . and - -cooperative attitude
toward marriage, possesion of
technical information, and the' , '
conviction-that the opposite sex
is not a natural 'rival.
"Newspapers are also contribut
ing to unwholesome attitudes," re
vealed the noted marirage prob
lem consultant. They use seven
column headlines to cry out that
prominent people are not- getting
along with each other. They
never print anything about the
millions of happy marriages. •