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ncore /\ en' Or 'Cram
You Must Know The Language
There may be what is known as
an intercollegiate language which
links one school to another, but
just be stranded on an alien cam
pus some day and you'll find your
self trying to translate net words
that simply won't jibe.
If the Dean called you in his of
fice to say you were "getting
;3tabbed" (Wesleyan U.) or "catch
ing a blippy" (Duke), you'd prob
ably realize you were "getting the
cob" (lowa State) and would have
to do an "encore" (Ohio State).
but would walk out moaning,
"Geez, I 'flunked out!"'
If you're on the other end of the
curve, they're apt to call you a
"cram artist" at Duke and a
"DAR" at U. of California. Georgia,
Tech terms him the "three point
five man." but we know him as
Education Problems
Disscussed At Parley
Problems of education were
discussed at the conference of the
Child Study Association of Am
erica last week, according to Mrs.
Marion S. McDowell, associate
professor of home economics, who
returned from the conference in
New York Sunday.
A. psychological experiment
among children from 10 to 12
years old was described by Dr.
Goodwin Watson, professor of
psychology at Columbia Univer
sity, and Dr. Howard Y. McClusky,
associate director of the American
Youth Commission spoke.
'Nixed kiting Saturday
Mixed roller skating. sponsored
!by the WRA Outing Club, will
hold the spotlight in the Armory
from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday. at 25
cents per couple.
trYPEWRITERS—AII rn akes ex-
pertly repaired. Portable and
office machinA for sale or rent.
Dial 2342, Harry F. Mann, 127 W.
Beaver avenue. Iyr-CRE-ch
!LUST—Small tan puppy, black
nose, mascot of P•hi Kappa Tau
;fraternity. Last seen 'T ues d a y
morning. No identification tag.
3 tch 11 -258
extra money for an hour's eve
ning work. Report to Star Hall,
217 E. Foster at 8:30 Thursday nite.
Eugene H. Lederer
)14 E. Beaver Ave. Dial 4066
Do You Look Your Best
the estimable Phi Bete.
We "polish the apple" here for
the "heat gods" (Ohio State's
profs) while of Ohio Wesleyan
they cover it all by doing a neat
"quill" job. And, when we're ac
cused of "sleeping in," at Ben
nington it's.merely a case of "tak
ing a pad."
Your stiff courses are "lulus" at
Duke and exams are "board
fights" at West Point. If they're
too tough, you'll probably have to
Ferdinand (throwing the bull at
U. of West Virginia.)
In case you want to call a coed
by some other name, you might
note that to the men at Illinois
they're "O.K. Judys." Chicago U.
is rather liberal with "dollies," but
cynical Duke names them "sex
/111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1
Ellen H. Richards Tea
Set for 4 P.M. Today
Ellen H. Richards Club will
hold its first student-faculty tea
in the lobby of the Home Eco
nomics Building from 4 to 5 p.m.
The committee includes: Vir
ginia Ogden '42, chairman: Mar
tha E. Powers '42, refreshments;
Marion M. Eberts '42. invita
tions; and Jean E. Clark '42,
'Refs' Will Be Tested
Candidates for official rating in
basketball, who will take a pre
liminary examination in White
Hall at 4 p.m. today from Mildred
A. Lucey, instructor of physical
education, include: Dorothy M.
Pearse '4l, Mary Ann Succop '4l,
Betty E. Widger '42, Helen L.
Woodcock '42, Jane E. Burke '43,
Mary V. Devling '43, Ann .T.
Drivas '43, Sara J. Jackson '43,
Doris J. Laderer '43, Odette M.
Scrivanich '43, Marilyn R. ThOmp
son '43. and Lila A. Whoolery '43.
Forum Beds Van Riper
PSCA Freshman Forum elected
Harriett G. Van Riper, president;
Dorothy K. Brunner, vice-presi
dent; Margaret K. Ramaley, secre
tary; and Dorothy" Jane Jennings,
treasurer. Elections were held in
the Hugh Beaver room at 7 p:
Tuesday. Officers will be install : -
ed in the Hugh Beaver room at 7
p. in. December 3.
"Moon Over Burma"
Plus March of Time "Mexico"
"Rangers of Fortune"
"Down Argentine Way"
Look as well during class hours
as you do on a date—it's just as
important. A complete line of
sportswear may be found at the
new State College Smart Shop.
Come in and see our wide.
Ail The Movies
In The
With Other Women,
Coed Football Brings
Fan Mail From East
Drawing every big-time news
gathering organization in the coun
try, Pi Beta Phi and Tri Delta, sor
orities at University of South Caro
lina, held the first coed football
game in the nation. As a result of
all this publicity the women now
are being swamped with fan mail
from all over the East.
Texas University redheads are
united. Rho Eta Delta, their sOr
ority, recently sponsored a drive
for the IVlaple Leaf Fund, an or
ganization to aid Britain's home
less war refugees.
Other socially-minded coeds -at
Texas have formed a secret service
organization called Pzathx. These
G-women help with Various drives
and projects, keeping their good
deeds a secret.
A West Virginia coed, Elizabeth
Bailey '4l, was the first woman
student to solo in this year's CAA
course, when she made her flight
two weeks ago.
A "smelly" issue of The Owl,
Temple magazine, was published
this month. Perfumed pages and
articles for men and women on
perfume , created the aroma. The
women were told how to be
"EXTRA-tantalizing" by using the
correct perfume, and the men were
informed of the type girl each
scent suits.
Waynesburg College coeds are
refugees from an air raid—a cold
air raid. The coeds are being cared
for in private homes and sorority.
houses while the furnace in their
dormitory, Walton Hall, is being
California coeds sponsor a social
usage forum where guests answer
coeds' queries on what to wear and
how to act.
University . of South Carolina
takes stock of its coeds and finds
that the average woman on its
campus weighs 121 pounds with
her clothing on. She has six pairs
of shoes while she prefers socks
to stockings.
The blonds in general weigh less
than the brunettes, but very few
girls willingly reduce.
Tlie Women's League of Kent
State University sponsored an "In
augural. Tea" in keeping with the
patriotic furvor that is apparent
on so many campuses.
Swim Club Meets Monday
WRA Swimming Club will hold
its business meeting in White Hall
at 7:30 p.m. on the second Thurs
day of each month instead of
weekly, Louise B. Clark '4l, presi
dent, announced last night. Weekly
program for the club, consisting of
practice,' instruction, and games,•
will be posted on the pool's bull
etin board.
Alumna Georgia W. Owen '4O,
now a -student dean at Ohio State
University, returned yesterday to
visit the Delta Gammas until Sat
Wanted and
in# Offered
insertions for this column cost 10
cents and must be received at the Col
legian Office by 3 p. in. the day pre
ceding publication. Only the essential
facts, destination, time of departure,
and name of student will be used.
Code: R.W.—Ride wanted.
P.W.—Passenger wanted.
L—Leave; C—Call.
PW—Philadelphia, L—Friday, 3
p.m., C—Gene, 4062.
PW--Pittsburgh, L—Friday af
ternoon, C—Orkin, 2481.;
PW—(3) Gettysburg, L—Friday,
5 p.m., C—Harris, 2381.
'RW—Phila., L—Wednesday af
ter 11 a.m., C—Rm 203 Watts Hall.
RW—Wilkes-Barre, L—Wednes
day after 10 a.m., C—Jenkins, 711.
RW—Seranton, Wednesday
Afternoon, C—Ed, 2907. -
RW—(2) Phila.,. L--Wov. 26, 3
p.m., C—Kinney, 2911.
RW—Erie, L—Wednesday noon,
C—Deibert, 2593.
RW—(2) Pittsburgh, L—Satur-
inside Story About
Mac Hall Meals
Behind Mac Hall's dining doors
is a staff of almost a hundred men
who prepare and serve meals. In
the office are Miss Ida M. Parent
and Miss M. Elizabeth Latham whd
plan menus and buy food. Reigning
supreme behind the kitchen steam
table is the chef; his talented
hands, 12 years of Mac Hall ex
perience, and a capable staff en
able him to prepare food for al
most 500 women. Helping him are
an assistant chef, salad man, kit
chen man, and general man who
replaces other employees. Desserts
are prepared by the baker and his
Food preparation begins early
in the morning and ends at dinner
with, the help of 60 College men.
Waiters line up before the steam
table and take platters of ,meat
and vegetables to each tables. Sec
onds, beverages, and desserts re
quire return trips when dirty
dishes and silverware are'.placed
in the dish washer.
Fourteen dish washers place
dish4S on a wooden rack, send
them through the washer and rins
er, and then into the hot plate
-heater. Meanwhile, bus bOys serve
waiters, pots and pans are scoured,
and the head waiter completes his
check-up. Potatoes and carrots are
pealed for the next day, coal is in
the baker's oven, waiters set the
tables, and refrigerators and store
rooms are locked.
One hour after the dinner bell,
Miss Parent is ready to lock the
kitchen. To provide more cooking
space and menu , variety, new
equipment was installed last sum
mer. Equipment includes: five
new refrigerators, milk room, fruit
room; meat room, left-over room,
freezing room, four gas ranges,
three deep fat friers, master mixer,
vegetable steamer, two stainless
sinks, two. steam kettles, a batter
mixer, and a baker's table.
No wonder coeds gain weight!
Nursery Will Serve
lunches For Children
Children of the Home Econom
ics Nursery School will be taught
how to feed themselves at lunches
served beginning Monday, Decem
ber 2.
The meals will be served in the
nursery kitchen and served in the
dining room where visitors may
watch from booths. Mrs. Marion
S. McDowell, associate professor
of home economics, is in charge of
the Nursery.
Beta Theta Pi will entertain
Kappa Alpha Theta at dinner at
6 p.m. tonight.
Friday, December 6—Armory--9 to 12
Price sl.oo—Checking Included.
Don't Forget To Vote For The
We, The Women—
Chemical Analysis
Of Penn State Men
Chemical Formula: Mal
Member of the human family
Specific Gravity; - :::Variable
Occurrence in Nattitre: Can be 14-
cated wherever wine, women, and
song exist.
Physical Properties: All colors,
sizes, and shapes., Generally
pears disguised in an S sweater,
without a tie, unshiven;:ind wear
ing shineless shoes and la
ble raincoat. A few may be seen
in a scratchy tweed • suit, loud•
matching socks and tie, saddle
shoes, and one of six honorary
hats. Natural surface free froth
covering of pigment and grease,
but hidden beneath whiskers. Puffs
up at all - coinpliments and melts
when treated properly. Boils at
nothing and may freeze when least
expected. Usually indifferent, oc
casionally cheerful, and some
,times very friendly.
Chemical Properties: Volatile.
Highly inflammable, and - danger
ous in an argument on polities.
Possesses great affinity for green : -
backs, chocolate layer cake, and
beer. Valence is five to one. Turns
green when placed next to a better
specimen. - •
Chemical Action: Boos and
whistles in theatres, jitters to fast
music, enjoys dialing '5051.
Test: When treated with soap
an& water becomes odorless and
colorless. Shampoo reveals„k-good
head of hair under the-_covering
of grease or -perfumed glue._
Conclusion: Not so bad. ' •
lota Sigma Pi initiates
lota Sigma Pi, women's national
chemistry honorary, initiated-Jos
ephine H. Benjan '42, Ruth
Reid '42, Roslyn
_L. Schuman and s
Mary L. Wolff, graduate students',
and Ruth H. Zang, special student
iff the Chemistry Library,- at 5:30,
p. m. yesterday. The new mem
bers were entertained at dinner at
the Allencresl.
Gigantic Salel
Glamoroui -
Today and Friday
E. College State College