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    Successor to
The Free Lance,
Established 1887
VOL. 37—No. 49
emery Leaves For
.Nlloary Padey •
Col. - Ambrose R. Emery, head of
'the .military department, reported
yesterday that he will leave the
College tomorrow for a 10-day
donference in Washington, return
to the College afterwards, then
leave again for a permanent as,
signment in Macon, Ga.
His statement was = issued to
clarify reports that had been_pre
valent since his departure was
first announced last Friday morn
'ColOnel Emery added that this
conference held by the Chief of
the Infantry Office, was being
called to discuss the establishment
.of four new Infantry Replacement
Centers, throughout the country,
which will be used for giving basic
training to new men in the Army,
bath draftees and volunteers.
When, after returning to the
College, Colonel - Emery reports to
Macon, Ga., for permanent duty;
it will be for the purpose of com
manding and building the first of
these new Replacement Centers.
He explained that there will be
eight officers at the conference in
:Washington.: Four of them will
these new bases and
four_ will serve as their assistants.
The - other three centers are to
be built at Spartenburg, N. C.,
Camp Woters ) Houston, Texas; and
Camp Nacimemto, San Diego, Cal.
Dr. Carpenter To Speak
At-Phi Delta Kappa Party
• Phi Delta Kappa honorary so
- ciety will hold a combined party
-- and discUssion meeting. at the Am
_ erican Legion Hall, two miles west
-of --State—College orr :Routo 45 - ;
morrow night.
The, group will leave -Old Main
at 5 p.m., with transportation being
provided. for those who do not al
ready have a ride.
Feature of the evening will be a
group discussion led by Dr. C. R.
Carpenter, associate prdfessor of
psychology. • The topic for discus
sion is "Psychology and-Propagan
da with Special Reference to War."
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Lafe News
Washington . United States
war production officials announc
ed last night that England will buy
four flying - fortresses shortly. The
panes will not have American
gun sights but will be equal to
Nazi ships in all respects.
Berlin Reports from Berlin
last night told of the joining of
Hungary to the Axis powers. Bul
garian reserves are being called to
the colors and Turkey fears she
will be forced to enter the war if
`Bulgaria -e n ter s and attacks
Athens The Greek war min
istry reports Greek victories near
Koritza. The Greek air force
downed eight Nazi fliers in a
fierce front line battle late yester
day afternoon as the infantry
gained footholds at five points in
the fascist front line. The Greeks
have penetrated six miles into Al
London The midland indtp-
trial areas in England were bomb
- ed yesterday as Nazi planes cross
• ed the English border at a rate of
one per minute. RAF bombers
were reported to have blown up
a large munitions plant in Czecho
slovakia yesterday afternoon with
a very small force. • i!
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9 Presidents' Portraits
Placed In Lounge
• Portraits of the last four pres
idents of the College, hung in
the second floor lounge of Old
,Main yesterday have been join
ed by five other paintings which
have-been given to the College
by Pennsylvania artists.
From an • art standpoint the
most outstanding of the por
traits is the one of President
Ralph D. Hetzel painted this
year by - Henry Varnum Poor.
The other presidents whose pic
tures were hung are G. W. Ath
' erton (1882-1906), Edwin E.
Sparks (1908-20), and John M.
Thomas (1921-26).
Coeds To Select
Queen Candidates
Coeds. of Mac and Atherton
Halls. will get an opportunity to
vote for their favorite candidates
for Harvest Queen tonight.
-- Members of the Harvest Ball
committee will distribute ballots
in both dormitories and the girls
Will then select two candidates
whose names will be submitted to
the Student Union desk where all
students may vote their choice for
Four girls, other than the two
candidates, who receive the next
highest , number of votes in to
night's balloting will be named the
Queen's court.
-The committee requests that all
Ag students wear overalls on Mon
day and Tuesday preceding the
dance. The ball will be held in
the Armory Friday, December 6.
Important Notice -
Because- of the football half
holiday Saturday, The Collegian
will not publish its scheduled Sat
urday issue but will print an eight
page paper tomorrow. This ar
rangement is being made to allow
staff members to join other stu
dents in attending the Penn State-
Pitt game in Pittsburgh,
Daily Collegian Challenges Winner
OF Penn-Cornell Touch Football Fray
An undefeated, untied, unseor
ed upon, and wholly imaginary
Big Red team will engage in dubi
ous battle with an equally well
trained Quaker outfit this Satur
day afternoon on Franklin Field.
The Cornell Sun has answered the
challenge of the dauntless publi
cation, The Pennsylvanian, to come
to grips in the grueling game of
touch football.
Eager to maintain its position of
dominence in collegiate newspap
er circles and desirous of continu
ing its glorious traditions, The
Daily Collegian has taken precar
ious measures to protect its un
marred escutcheon. (Shield to the
boys from Ithaca.) The Penn State
publication has challenged the
Cornell Daily Sun and the Daily
Pennsylvanian. The two-bit circuit
has now become the Big Three.
The honorable gentlemen of the
pre s (we'll molder the °bums)
from Ithaca and Philadelphia are
scheduled _to engage in their
knockdown, do-or-die, chaw-em,
up, rootin', tootin', ephemeral
contest prior-go their varsity clash
on Saturday. The *swash-buckling
junior board and simple sopho
mores .of The Collegian offer- 'to
meet the victor of this contest on
New Year's Day ifanyone can be
persuaded to show up. '
The Sun feels confident of vic
tory, so confident in fact that it
Popenoe Advises
Mature Marriage
"People should be physically,
mentally, and intellectually matur
ed before they marry," Dr. Paul
Popenoe, general director of Fam
ily Relations Institute, Los An
geles, California advised in an ad
dress before 900 students and
townspeople in Schwab Auditor
ium last night.
Dr. Popenoe pointed out that the
stage of adult maturity is reached
when a person gets to love other
people besides himself. According
to Dr. Popenoe, there are many
people who never reach this neces
sary point and therefore cannot
hope to make a success of maul
age. The worst offenders, he said,
are those who have been tied to
their mother's apron strings since
early childhood.
"Too many young men and wo
men think that marriage is a
child's game,"- warned Dr. Pop
enoe. "Marriage in reality is a
proposition which demands sacri
fice, compromise, and complete
understanding of the partner's
point of view."
Dr. Popenoe advised young peo
ple to get interested in community
affairs such as church work, clubs,
and boy and girl scout organiza
tion. He states that statistics prov
ed that aggressive personalities
tended to make better matrimonial
"There is an inadequate pro
gram of social life present in over
50 per cent of our schools and
colleges," said Dr. Popenod. "This.
is an unhealthy condition." He
went on to say that it is the res
ponsibility of the more fortunate
ones to provide activities in which
all would have .Rn opportunity to
advance their social and emotional
Addition To ROTC Staff
_ William Crumlish '39, has re
cently been added as a Second
Lieutenant to the engineering div
ision of the military department
at the College it was announced by
Col. Ambrose R. Emery.
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has augmented the Pennsylvan
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5,000 Fans To Turn Out
For Mammoth Rally Today ;
Prexy Grants Hall-Holiday
Their request for a Saturday football half-holiday granted, some
5,000 football-mad students hoping to see their football team complete
its first undefeated season since 1921 0 will swarm over the Jordan Fer
tility Plots tonight in a mammoth bonfire pep rally expected to put
last week's celebration to shame. The rally will start at 7p. m.
Guests of honor will be the football players who leave Friday
morning for Pittsburgh where a Penn State team has not beaten Pitt
since 1919.
Aroused by word that Pitt students, just as enthusiastic over Salt
urday's contest, are wearing "Beat He— Out of State" buttons, the
Lion rooters tonight will sacrifice a gigantic straw panther to the
flames of their victory bonfire.
President Ralph D. Hetzel yes
terday afternoOn granted the All-
College Cabinet's request for a
football half-holiday Saturday
morning. The complete text of
his letter to Arnold C. Laich '4l,
All-College president, appears on
page tw,o. the holiday cut fine
will not go - into effect until next
MI Mopll* Paper
Describes School
The current issue of "Mineral
Industries," published by the
School of Mineral Industries and
issued this week, includes a com
plete survey of the School, with ar
ticles, pictures, arid drawings ex
plaining every aspect of the
School's activities.
This issue is the result of careful
study, and it is believed that no
other school has ever undertaken a
similar project. • •
A double spread on the center
pages of the 8-page edition is de
voted to drawings of the floor plans
of the MI Building, including the
new wing.
The whole edition is given over
to articles explaining the trends
and objectives of the School. An
editorial .by Dean Edward Steidle
stresses the.unity of the Common
wealth, mineral industries, and the
College in building a "program of
instruction and research for the
benefit of its citizens."
"Credit for this union," Dean
Steidle's editorial continues, "is
due to those industries which, des
pite the depression years, contri
buted laboratory equipment and
thousands of dollars for research,
and' to State and College officials
who recognized the need for a
Mineral Industries School on Penn
State's campus.
Other articles describe resident
instruction, fields of work, exten
sion work,"enrollment, and mineral
industries research.
"How shall we deal with aggres- Greece will feature the meeting of
sion .in the Americas?" the topic the International Relations Club in
of tonight's Town Hall program, Room 100, Liberal Arts, at 6:45
will the subject of the Fireside p.m. today.
Discussion at the home of Rabbit Dr. Robert E. Dengler, professor
Benjamin M. Kahn, 301 S. Pugh I of classical languages, will be the
street a* 8:30 tonight. principal speaker.
Discussion Tonight
Slightly Warmer.
Preceding the rally, students
and cheerleaders, led by the Blue
Band, will form at 7 p. m. at the
Corner Room for a parade through
town, which will terminate at the
grounds. The route of the parade
is: south on Allen to Beaver; east
on Beaver to Locust Lane; north
on Locust Lane to College Ave
nue; east on College to Shortlidge
Road; thence to the fire.
At the fire, the students will be
led in songs and cheers, the guests
of honor will be introduced, and
the speakers will give short com
ments. At the height of the rally,
the huge effigy of the Pitt Panther
will be offered to the hungry flame
of the bonfire—Penn State spirit.
Fraternity men are asked to co
operate by having their freshmen
paint and carry "Beat Pitt,"
"Down with the Panther," and
other slogans and banners.
The five hat societies will be
present to keep in order the en
larging parade as it adds spirited
students to its ranks: They will
also keep the rally in order.
The "Beat Pitt" signs worn by
the freshmen are of good omen
for the State team. in the past
three years, the "Beat Somebody"
signs have been worn by the
freshmen for seven events, and
State has won all of them.
The committee in charge of the
bonfire and rally tonight as ap
pointed at the All-College Cabinet
meetings Tuesday includes George
L. Parrish '4l (chairman), Mar
shall D. Miller '4l, Thomas C.
Backenstose '4l, and Walter A.
Sottung '4l.
At Pitt, this is "Penn State
Weekend". A huge Pitt pep rally
has been arranged for Friday night
at the Soldiers' and Sailors' Mem
orial Hall, and open house frater
nity dances will be held Saturday
As evidence of his enthusiasm,
one Pitt student sent a letter to
Charles A. Lockwood '42, enclos
ing one of the "Beat He—Otit
of State" signs, and signed it "The
Commuters Invited To
Eat In Sandwich Shop
Commuters who bring their
lunches with them may eat them in
the rear of the Sandwich Shop
during the noon hour, Miss Hazel
Fall, manager of the Sandwich
Shop, announced yesterday.
"They are very welcome to use
our tables," Miss Fall said, "and I
assure them that they will be un
der no obligation whatever to buy
anything from us."
iGreecian War Is Theme
In IRC Meeting Tonight
A discussion of the war in