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    W*DN,EBI:YKk; g9VEt:ItEII 20; 1940
N.i4i . :y - ', • 1;t oieis, dry . F o r: Thsiiri.6ool.- Win Against- Quakers Toda y
Bet*een .
The that
law- On The Liens
It's.-about - time the
newspapers forgot Prexy H.etzei's
. "Statelnent" last' week about all
.:victorioUs • football elevens. fn the
first place it was a. story which was
aged' in wood; becauSe the good
.Dr...Hetzel made the quote' at• the
`193 . 9'. football :
,banquet arid' at
an Alimmi' dinner last winter:
• In reality, there is no- reason to
lielieve that Prexy would want to
see - 'State:get• lielted:Tn fact, we
doubt Whether- there is anyone on
the•Periff- State , canvas who' is more
overjoyed' after •a. L ion- vie to ry thari
Prexy.- •
-.When he stated that continuous
athletVc sucCess . 'waS harrittful to
soliolarshits; he was' speaking from
-the .viewpciint of •ans - r' good; educa
tor, and he was right.. .
But what he did' not Mean, you
can. t be -sure, is that Penn State was
in .the class' of Pitt' 'a feW , years
hack and some of: the Southern
colleges at the ritorient: Nei - did not
mean to direct" the statetrient at
Lion football teams- any- more than
he.,did at any: .othez institutions,
: because the Ilittany record: fort' the
past few seasons has been anything
but all-triumphant.
- Somethnes •we think- newspaper
men have too good an imagination.
Today in Philadelphia, the Lion
soccermen seek their sixtieth win
without a" defeat against a strong
Penn boot outfit. Sooner or later
some Collegian sports editor is
going to have to break doWn and
write a sad, sad, column about how
the Nittan'y•kickers have succumb
ed to that inevitable beating. I am
of ,the sincere - opinion that this is
not the year in which it will hap
Pitt's fighting loss to Nebraska
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Lion Eleven Runs
Through Scrubs.
With only three days remaining
before the titanic struggle between
the undefeated Nittany Lions and
the clawing 'Pittsburgh Panthers,
Coach Bob Higgins put his charges
through the last scrimmage of the
season yesterday afternoon.
The varsity and second team,
enjoyed a Roman holiday at the
expense' of the third stringers by
romping to numerous gains and
touchdowns time after time'. The
regulars scored thrice in the early
part of the practice session before
giving way tolhe• second: eleven.
Bill Smaltz. started• the scoring
proceedings with a 10-yard smash
through , center which was reminis . -
cent of his great playing in the
Pitt game last year. The second
'siX-pointer* cattle on , e a 0 yard re
. verse run , by Len Krouse and , was
followed' a , few minutes• later by a.
long , pass' from Smaltz to Torn
Vargo , for another tally.
Led by SParky Brown-and Ralph
the second stringers
continue& the high.- scoring plays
• and showed a polished offense that
:bodes. no good for Saturday's• op
A slight dam Pet was put on• the
good- offensiVe showing of the grid=
ders when Wade , Mori and Bill
Smaltz , were , forced to leave' the
field because a recurrence - of old•
injuries. 'Morh knee injury' began
to give him trouble and Smaltz's
ankle was slightly twisted. Both,
however, are expected to see ac
tion in the final game of the year.
might spell bad omens for the visit
of the Lions • in Pittsburgh Satur
day. From the statistics, Pitt should
have won over the once-licked
Corn-huskers. Remember, too, that
the Panthers were, without the
services of several of their best
lads, Thurbon and. Jones.
$ 2.20 Richmond ....... $10.20
.75 Philipsburg, N. J. 6.70
4.80 New York. ...... 8,40
5.25 Boston ..........
8.65 Sunbury .-. ....... 3.35
17.10 Wilkes-Barre .• • . 5.
12..90 Berwick ......... ,
.85 Scranton ........ 5.85
. 6.70 Binghamton ..... 8.05
3.45 New Alexandria .. 4.90
Hotel State College
Penn Has Won 2 Games,
Lost Four This Season
Pointing. for their 60th victory
without defeat, Penn State soccer
Lions-. will invade Philadelphia,
today to face the University of
Pennsylvania eleven in the next
to the last tilt of their 1940 season.
Penn is appearing on the Penn
State schedule for the first time
since 1930 when the Lions won 3
to 1. Though the Quakers have
won but two games and have lost
twice as many this year, they are
always a threat and all of their
losses have been close games.
They won from Lehigh and Lafay
ette but were defeated by Prince
ton, Yale, Haverford, and Swarth
more. Cornell and Penn played to
a scoreless tie.
Only Penn and Temple stand in
the way of .another undefeated
seaserf, the eighth- straight for th
•Nitialf3)men, if they are successful.
The. University of Pennsylvania,
however; 'promises stiff competition
with five. of last - year's lettermen
heading a• veteran lineup. These
letterinen• are: Art'Caturani, inside
right; HthiVey Gendeti, left half
back; George* Kroupa; center for - -
ward; Ed Miller, outside. right; and
Captain Bob• Partridge,• inside
_Coach Bill Jeffrey will start his
most successful combination of the
year . with: Captain Walt Hoster
man, Gazzy Green and Don Me
grail playing halfbacks, Dick-Dear
born and , Hal Freeman in the full
back positions. Len Leskaras will
guard the goal, Van Hartman will
play. outside right with Anibal Gar
indo on the inside right. Woody
King will be in• the center slot.
Ned Corman will start at the in
side left position and Don Durain
will be at the halfback post.
Johnny Dufford, Bobby Ernst,
Bob Seavy, Charlie Taylor, and
Charlie Arnold are the reserves
making the trip also.
Rifle Teams Trains
FOr Nation's Best
Forty varsity candidates and
forty-five freshman aspirants are
practising on Monday, Wednesday,
and Thursday evenings as the Nit
tany Lion rifle team prepare for
another strenuous season to face
the best rifle teams in the nation.
When the regulai season gets
under way, the varE•ity will make
three trips, one to West Point, An
napolis, and Pittsburgh for com
petitive matches. If State's team
equals its last s"ason's record, it
will enter the finals of the Na
tional Rifle Assoriation at Wash
ington, D. C.
• Although .the regular schedule,
as yet indefinite because of num
erous challenges from the coun
try's best teams, will not start un
til after the Christmas holidays,.
the varsity riflemen are now tak
ing conditioning' chills which in
clude dry firing and calisthenics.
Rounds of amniunt;on Will' be is
sued next week as practice record
firing begins.
Coach Capt. Arno P. Mowitz.
and his assistant 2nd. Lt. Patrick
W. Riddleberger intend to try out
a new Wmn for preventing the
team of tiring from a heavy sched
ule. Capt. Mowitz revealed that
this year the Lion squad will not
practice firing as often as it did ,
last year because of the danger of
losing accuracy through fatigue.
He hopes that physical condition
ing drills will take place, of too
strenuous a practice schedule.
Freshman coach Lt. Stephen
B. Gilliard will f o 11 o w the
same - program in conditioning the
yearlings. After a wek of actual
firing, the fresitrnen,,will be,pitted
against the varsity in -practice
Round-Tr i P.
Cage-Opener To Climax
The fourth annual• basketball
I clinic featuring the varsity's sea
, son opener, against W&J', is sched-.
uled - for Rec' Hall on Friday and
Saturday, December 6 andl 7.
Two other demonstration• games
are on the program. One is be
tween- Lock Haven State Teachers
College and the' Lion junior var
sity and the other is a high school
contest, Allentown versus Brad
Each game will be analyzed by
a• group of coaches over the public
address system during the pro
gress of the game.
' Only session of the clinic sched
uled Friday is State varsity prac
tice from. 6:30 to 8:30 p. m. at
'which the. Lion• offense and' de
fense will be' demonstrated: After
registration Saturday morning
'Dean Carl P. Schott will welcome
the visitors. Rule changes and the
new banking - board will be dis
,cussedi by aCorge Beech Jr., prep
ident of Mountain District Basket
'ball'• Officials Association.
The' bank board recovery play
'will be explained by Gerald New
'ton, coach' at Elwood City High
School'. Next'• on• the program are
five panel discussions on various
phascB of basketball and' general
A half-court scrimmage will be
conducted between the American
University team and , Bloomsburg
State Teachers College to illus
trate man-for-man arid zone' styles
of play and a demonstration of
basketball teaching techniques
will conclude the 'morning ses
After lunch basketball movies
will be shown in Room 121, Lib
eral Arts. Jack Hulme, trainer,
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Deadline For Winter IM:
-Entries. Set- For Friday'
All intramural entries must
,be reported• to Room 213, Recre
-I;ation Hall, by noon Friday,
Eugen C. Bischoff, director, of
intramural athletics, reminded
intramural aspirants yesterday.
Before being eligible to com
pete in intramural sports, Mr.
Bischoff emphasized the re
quirement that all competitors
must have a physical examina
will then talk on "Keeping the
Boys In Sh . ape to Play." He will
be followed by a demonstration by
the State coaching staff and the
varsity squad.
Immediately after the higY
school game; which starts. at 2:4f
p. in., a foul-shooting contest wil
be conducted for high schoo
teams. The Lock Haveri-Jay Vec
will start at 6:30 p. m. and the var
sitY• encounter at 8 p. m.
There will be no registratior
charge for the clinic nor adrfiiSsion
fee for any of the games.
Show Those Panthers How
To Play• Ball
Glennland Bldg.
~~~ F~ ~~
~ ,\ ,
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