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    Successor to
the Free
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/i P
Establishe 1887
TIA! r Elatig Tnittglatt
Lt 5 5
VOL. 37—No. 48
Neil Legislature-
Due For - GSA Fight
Special to the Collegian
• HARRISBURG, Nov. 19—A pol
itical free-for-all which no doubt
' will include a - fight over the GSA
buildings on the Pennsylvania
State College campus is on the bill
of fare for the legislative "session
that begins in January.
Leaders here, who have expect
ed it ever since the Democrats won
a majority in the Assembly, are
sure of it after the fighting state
ment made at a Butler (Pa.) Dem
-ocratic victory dinner last Satur
day by David L. Lawrence, Demo
cratic national committeeman from
: In promising a sweeping investi
_of the James administra:-
tion, the former state Democratic
chairman said, "We are going to
find out why the state can't open
"the hospitals and institutions
which the Democratic . state and
national administrations built."
"We are going to show the peo
ple of this state what has been
happening to their state govern
ment in the Janles administration,".
Lawrence said. Besides the_admin
istration of the GSA program, he
launched his attack at the Liquor
Control Board, 'the Department of
Commerce which he says is being
used to advertise the James ad
ministration, the changing of the
state workmen's compensation law,
and other James' changes.
"We will do our best to reverse
the blind obstructionism which
has caused the James administra
tion to run at cross purposes with
the Federal government on every
issue from flood control to Thanks
MI-Dinner lists - Eminent
Speakers, Guesfs Tonighf
President Ralph D. Hetzel will
be among the honored guests at the
Mineral Industries Society dinner
to be held at the Nittany Lion Inn
at 6:30 p.m. today. ,
Toastmaster be W. H. Eisen
man; executive secretary of the
American Society for. Metals. Con
gressmen James E. Van Zandt of
the 23rd District of Pennsylvania
and James G. Scrugham of Nevada
will be the principal speakers.
- Other prominent guests are: H.
M. Moses, trustee of . . the College
and president of a Pittsburgh coal
company; Senator A. H. Letzler of
Pennsylvania; Rep. Kenneth G.
Haines; Louis Jordon, executive
secretary of the American Insti
tute of Mining and Metal Engin
eers; Dean Edward Steidle of the
School of 'Mineral Industries; and
Fine Ruling Clarified
The five dollar fine for absence
from class during the 48 hours
preceding o r succeeding th e
Thanksgiving vacation will be for
all hours and not five dollars for
each hour missed, it was announc
ed from Dean A. R. Warnock's of
flee yesterday.
Beaux Arts Institute Presents
Four Awards To State Students
Four first class awards have been
Presented to Penn State senior
students in architecture by the
Beaux Arts Institute of Design.
Prof. B. Kenneth Johnstone, head
of the architecture department,
announced the awards yesterday.
One first medal and three second
medals were awarded 'by the In
stitute to Penn State entrants in
a recent contest sponsored , by that
*organization. Six first medals and
12 second medals were ay carded
in "the entire competition, Penn
Speaks Tonight
Dr. Paul Popenoe will speak to
night and tomorrow night on prob
lems of marriage and marriage
relations. These lectures are
sponsored by PSCA and held in
Schwab Auditorium.
Popenoe To Speak
On Matrimony
Dr. Paul Popenoe, general direc
tor of family relations, Los An
geles, California will discuss
"When is One Ready to Marry?" in
Schwab auditorium at 8:15 tonight.
A'nationally known authority on
the problems of sex, heredity,
marriage, and family life, Dr. Pop
enoe directs an organized attern •
to bring all the resources of mod
ern science to the promotion of
successful family life.
He is also a lecturer in biology
at the University or Southern Cal
ifornia and was formerly executive
secretary of the Social Hygiene As
In addition to tonight's speech,
Dr. PopenOe will lecture on "The
1 -Changing Family in the Changing
World" for the faculty at 4:10 p.m.
Thursday in'lloom 10 Liberal Arts
and will speak again in Schwab
auditorium on Thursday evening
at 8:15 p.m. on the topic, "What
Makes a Successful Marriage."
$l,OOO Offered To Winner
Of Mathematics Exam
Mathematicians! Here is a
chance to win a $l,OOO prize schol
arship to ' Harvard, or a cash
award. The annual Putman Prize
Examination will take place early
next semester, and is open to all
undergraduates who 1-ave not re
ceived degrees.
The exam will cover elementary
mathematics, and information as
to what will be required may - be
secured at the office of the de
partment of mathematics, 211 Lib
eral Arts Building.
State students secured 4 of the 18
First medal winner was Charles
S. Bicksler '4l, whose problem was
rated one of -the 6 best out of 160
submitted. The subject for com
petition was a deeign for a United
States consulate in a 'South Amer
ican city.
Harold G. Wilson '4l, Carl 'W.
Ernst '4l, and John" R. Suydam '4O
were the second medalists. Seven
problems were submitted •by Penn
State students.
Cabinet Asks Saturday Grid Holiday ;
Hetzel 'Favorable' To Assistant Deans
Cabinet Rests Plan
To Increase Staff
President Ralph D. Hetzel favors
assistant deans of men and will
consider "the financial feasibility"
of establishing them this year, it
was reported at the All-College
Cabinet meeting last night by a
special committee headed by Sam
uel A. Dum '4l.
Cabinet unanimously accepted
the report thus ending, at least for
the present, its consideration of
the plan.
According to the report the
President. was "receptive and con
vinced that the problem of addi
tional help, in the dean's office was
of genuine signficance." He said
that if it is not possible to employ
assistants this year the matter will
be given consideration in 1941-
The committee reported that it
had presented four reasons to Pres
ident. Hetzel for additional help
in the dean's office. They are as
1. There is need for leadership
in organizing or motivating al
ready existing organizations of
student welfare.
2. Men's dorms.are in need of
additional advisors. There is lack_
of sufficient facilities for handling
problems which should go through
the College.
3. The IMA and unaffiliated men
are in need of continuing leader
ship or advisory facilities •to con
tinue progress already begun.
4.. There is need of a continuous
connection' Between • fra terniti •
and the dean of men. Although
the fraternities do have persons
of advisory capacity, the advisors
are of varying capacity and they
lack centralization of the study,
drinking and dating problems.
PRA Reaches 86%
Of Finance Goal
Harry W. Seamans, general sec
retary of the PSCA, announced last
night that with the PSCA finance
drive not entirely finished as yet,
86 5, of its . goal of $3600 has been
!Mr. Seamans - expressed . the be
lief that with 30 , solicitors still
at work last year's total of $3614
will be passed before the campaign
is finished.
Men have contributed $2255, or
90%, of their $2500. Women have
pledged $931, or 84% of the plan
ned $llOO.
AltlibUgh this year's tptal is not
as great as last year's; there" has
been a decided increase in
number of - students who have con
tributed, even though they pledged
smaller amounts.
Secretary Seamans stated that
the drive has been extended be
cause of the fact that the original
four days scheduled for the cam
paign came in the middle of a
bluebook period. As a result, many
students were unable to' be reach
ed. These will be covered by stu
dent solicitors today and tomorrow.
Candidales Called
.Don C. West '42, editor of Froth,
yesterday issued a call for all bus
iness and editorial candidates.
Businesi candidates will meet , at
4 p. m. today and at 7 p. m. tOmor
row. Editorial candidates will
meet aT 7 p. m. today and at the
same time tomorrow. - (It is not
,peessary that candidates be able
to read or write.)
Vocational Speaker
.Mr. R. 0. Davies, Sears, Roebuck
and Co. personnel representative,
will speak Thursday at 4 p.m. in
Room 121 Liberal Arts. His topic
will be "Vocational Opportunities."
Sears Employee
Will Discuss Jobs
R. 0. Davies, member of the
Sears, Roebuck, and Co. person
nel department will speak on "Vo
cational Opportunities" in Room
2_l„a t ila era 1 Arts atig,...w,
The meeting is sponsored joint
ly by Delta Sigma Pi, commerce
and finance honorary, and the
Agricultural Engineering Society.
Mr. Davies is a graduate of the
University of lowa, and prior to
entering the field of business,
spent 11 years in college admin
istration, serving as assistant dean
of men at the University of lowa
and as dean of men at Drake Uni
While serving as a research exe
cutive of General Marketing
Counsellors, Inc., of New York
City, Mr. Davies was on the staff
of the Harvard Graduate School
of Business Administration. At
present he is active in executive
selection and training work.
Senior Committee Will
Study Gift Suggestions
In order that all details may be
worked out in the selection of a
senior class gift, a special commit
tee has been appointed by William
B. Bartholomew, class president.
'Members are W. Lewis Corbin
'4l (chairman), L. Eleanor 'Benfer
'4l, Leon J. Gajecki '4l, Vera L.
Kemp '4l, Richard • C. _Peters '4l,
Grace E. Rentchler '4l, and H.
Edward Wagner '4l.
Late News Bulletins
Athens Greece made an ap
peal 40 the United. States yester
day afternoon for aid. They claim
ed that they need munitions and
other war supplies if they expect
to hold out against the Fascist
regime. They especially need large
bombers and pursuit planks to fight
the large air - 'forces of the Italians:
War official Wells told the Greek
war ministry that United States
would give them "sympathetic
The Greek war forces held
Continued Cold,
Partly Cloudy.
President Will Decide
On Pitt Game Today
All-College Cabinet voted by a
16-4 majority last-night to recom
mend a Saturday morning Pitt
game holiday to President Ralph.
D. Hetzel with the stipulation that
even if the football team beats Pitt ;
no holiday should be granted on
Arnold C. Laich '4l, All-College
President, will convey the request
to President Hetzel this morning.
William B. Bartholomew '4l,
senior class president, announce 4.•
that there will be no special ai . "
rangements for transportation .to•
Pittsburgh this weekend as "stu
dent interest has not been suffi
ciently great of demand it."
Laich announced further plans
for the Pep Rally tomorrow night
and appointed a committee con
sisting of George L. Parrish '4l
(chairman), Marshall D. Miller '4l,
Thomas C. Backenstose '4l, and
Walter A. Sottung '4l.
The Blue Band will start the
rally with a parade from down
town. It is planned that students
will fall in behind the band and
march to the Jordan Fertility Plots
where a huge bonfire will be wait
ing. An effigy of the Pitt'Panther is
doomed to be burned at the stake.
The football team and speakers
will be on the scene shortly after
seven. .
Also discussed at. the Cabinet
meeting last night were possible
improyements for conditions of the
sale of tickets for the Artists'
Course, relief of congestion in stu
dent,t/se of the south entrance to
the Liberal Arts Buildings, and
formation of a better cheering
section for football games next
Frosh Dating Customs
Off After Thanksgiving
"When the freshmen return from
Thanksgiving vacation their dat
ing privileges will be restored,"
it was announced last night by W.
Lewis Corbin '4l, chairman of
tribunal. Corbin also stated that
all customs will be off for two year
agriculture freshmen after Thanks
Two figures will be seen rolling
about the campus this week. They
will each have dunce caps on, and
each be rolling on wheels. One
figure will be a "dummy" model,
on wheels, and the other will be
Francis Musser, who has failed,
to wear customs, with roller skates
on. The sign reads: "We're Both
Freshman soccer player Henry
Yeagley will display his skill at
handling a soccer ball this week
since Tribunal has requested him
to kick one with him where ever
he - goes. It may get quite difficult
in crowded places. He also will
carry a sign which reads: "I'm A
`Sucker' Player."
strategic positions on three sides of
the city Koritza late yesterday
and were expected to capture the
city very soon. They expect to cap
ture about 30,000 men and greatly
needed supplies. The Italians
brought 400 airplanes into the fray
in order to allow truckloads •of
troops to enter the city and to
cover the retreat of the fascist
Berlin—Communiques from Ber
lin last night told of the plans for
a meeting of Balkan nations and
the Axis powers today at Vienna.