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"Fo: A Bette: Pent: State"
Si,—.essor to the Penn State Collegian. established 1.904. and
the Free Lance. established 1897
Published. dalLy except Sunday mid Monday during the
re:rdiar College year by the otudente or: The Pennsylvania
Eihte College. Entered as second-eiass matter J'aly 5. 1934.
at the post-offlee at State College. Pa., ttender the act of
'314 . ..,.ch 3. 1979.
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'ner '42. Jeanne C. Stiles '42.
Junior Busines3. Board—Thomaj W. Alli. , For. '42.
Goldberfr James E. Al.cCaug.iiney iNtarizaret L. Em
-4m,-- '42. Virginia Ogden '42. Fay E. Ree '42.
'Gv.i.duate Counselor
National Advertising Service, Iw'.
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' , Managing Editor This Issue George Sehenkeir. '47.
tieu,is Editor This Issue Pat Nagelberg '42
Women's Editor, This Issue_ _R. Helen Gordon '42
. p , mwhomore Assistants Jack Olkein. Torn McCarthy
Tuesday Morning, November 19, 1940
Hallowe'en Witches
Grown men and women who laugh at a child's
Sear of Hallowe'en witches riding across the face
of the moon can experience much the same feel
ing over what happened at Coventry in England
last Friday.
No child could imagine the destruction that
those thousands of glinting darts brought to Coy
'entry under the full moonlight.
However, because they are both human, adult
'and child. alike .can understand something about
They know from their own experience that
'even the meek and the mild will tolerate only so
much oppression and then will fight back with
the most vicious weapons at their disposal.
They have 'known, too, the big boy who always.
'wanted to fight but was beaten when someone
: finally tried him.
They have known, too, the quiet boy who, once
Ile had to fight, took all his opponent could give
and kept on to win.
They know, too, that a nation is nothing more
than a lot of human beings added up to act as one.
Healthy Reaction
Collegian is proud of the healthy response it has
been receiving to some of the opinionated state
inents it and its readers have been making re-
Diverse opinion is the keystone of democracy.
President Roosevelt is notorious for the "kites"
he so frequently sends up to test opinion.
In State College he would soon find out which
way any wind was blowing.
Collegian will try to publish every signed letter
of general interest :that it receives. Occasionally,
like last week it will have to print only represen
tative letters when so many are received on one
The case that sent eight young men in New
York City to prison for a year and a day involted
xi° question of the draft. As theological students
•at Union Seminary, they would not have been
'drafted anyway. It is unfortunate that, because
'they were forbidden by conscience to register,
`they should have to be classed as criminals.
Surprised New Yorkers who visited the campus
last weekend and did not find the freshwater col
lege they expected had one Comment incommon,
fascinating to those from New York! "It's serlauiet
The C&iiege has received with satisfaction the
news that Colonel Emery's assignment to Wash
ington is to be only temporary and that he may
eventually return to the ROTC unit here.
When Harvard University's Widener library is
Closed, students make use of a "Rube Goldberg
Invention" to return their books. The complicated
'gadget is. described by students in the "Goldberg"
'Manner: "Student slides book (A) through slot
(13). down slide (C), to tray (DP. When _enough
'books are on the tray a photoelectric beam (E) is
intercepted. causing jack in which supports tray
to sink to floor. Dropping of the tray sets off
[dorm clock (G). which rings and calls watchman
(E-1;, who comes and collects the books.'
_C. ft,l.ssel:
Downtown Office
11.9-121. South - Frazier St
Dial 4372
In spite of the fact that it was a typical, wet
dance week-end with the rain pouring buckets on
those fortunates with money or comps who at
tended, Soph Hop was a social, if not financial,
success. Our most reliable spies reported that
Bud McFadden and Gene Yeager were there
escorting Billie Martin alfachio, and Rowena
Gotshalk, theta. Also present were Ned Startzel
with lovely. Henrietta Stein from Sunbury; Larry
Driever and Elsie Rooth, alfachio; Ed Spencer,
SAE, and Gwen Harris, dg; Rog Findley, sigmanu,
and Sis Herrman; Jack Brand, dtd, and Fi Beu
chle, chio; and Frank Flynn.
Saturday night was party night. There were
so many we couldn't get around to them all. First
of all we covered• the grand opening of Drydock.
The murals by Jean Craighead were well done
and we might suggest that she be appointed offi
cial Penn State artist. We can't go anywhere
without seeing something she did. Rog Rogers,
who is to be m.c for the rest of the year did a fine
job. He was accompanied by Doris Disney. Aime
Dierkens, sigmachi, and Betty Ann Albright, theta,
were there as were the Lawrence twins and Davy
The sigma nus went to Huntingdon en - masse
Saturday night to do the night spcits. Henry Har
ris took Marybelle Crossman, alfachio, and saw
her off Sunday to practice teach in Gettysburg.
There were several other alfachios and Pat Patton
and Bert Douthett, chios. Bert did her best to con
vince a Baltimore fellow that she was a Southern
belle by affecting a phoney accent.
Lindsey Arison, du, threw a house warming
Saturday night. It was a roaring success and the
gueSts included George (Sam) Harrison and
"Ooodey Beitsch; Harrison's brother, Bill, manager
of 'the Pennac; Mike Sabella and Lola Saska, gam
•mafi; Joe Menham, deltasigmafi, and Libby 111-
mard, alfachio.
And then there was another at Mike Brotman's.
All the Thespians were there: Marce and Lou
Stringer; the Three Stooges; Jackie Reese and
Jimmy Leyden; and George Schless, Al Mclntyre,
Roy Nichols, and Herb Cahan, who were back for
the week-end.
The saes had a Monte Carlo party complete
from Bingo to automobile races. Everyone was
supplied with paper money and the only fellow
who wasn't losing his last cent to the bankers was
Pat Nagelberg, Eleanor Benfer, theta, came with
Bob Zwinggi: Dotty Long with Bill.scott; Peggy
Embury, kappa, with Chuck Beatty: Bea McKech
nie, kappa, and Craig White.
. ..... .
YOU Penn State men
have made this store
.~ i
t :
~:: .i
your clothing head
quarters for many
years. We have serv
ed you with quality
merchandise, and will
continue to do so for
-.........z....................y4., ..y..:::::::•:::.:::
'.......:•••••••• 2
. . 1.3. : :::::::•;:l . :•; .:
: • :::::::4
f .....i., ..........::::::. many years to come— •:: : :::•:•: :A ... 1.:
:." :•:: .......:•:•:•:•,
::::::: :::: ••••• i, ... .•::::•:•:4.
:::::,,,,,, • • •,........::„........::,
..:: : ::: : ::,::: : : :; :.: : 4 ,
;::::::::::::::::::::: - .: ,••::........::.7,1
E.:.F.....:.y......:...1 1 A p it
- HARI)ER 7:::::::;K:K:i . :!
::;:„.40 , JALR -:„::::.:::::.:.::::...
,? :a.....1 . ::::. WEST COLLEGE AVE. :::i . ....' ff : : ..:'
v....:::::: •
i IK-:•:::::;;;•: ::•.
1:: ) .:::::::::::::::::giff.:::::::::::::::: - ::::::::::::::::::::::::;:: :: 1
,;•::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:::::::::::•:::•:::::•:•:•:::: ':i.:::::;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::•:' . ...:::::::::::::::::::::::::.:.:.;:::::: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : i ,
*F:::::::' ... /:::::: . :::::: . ::::::::•:::::::•:•:::::::::: ............::::::::::::::::::::::•:::::::::,..., ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::„
..: : : : : : : : : : -. 7
!ff . .; - ...- -..:::::.*:::::.::::::::::::::
...: ' ................:.........,:.:.:.:.::::.:.:.:.:,:.:.: '
...... ...,............:).:.:.: ....:.: : ................„
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without charge but must be received
at the Collegian Office. 313 Old Main.
no later than 6 p. in. 'the day preced
ing publication. Faculty members are
urged to use this column to announce
exams. class cuts, and similar material.
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Camera Club, 412 Old Main, 8
p. m.
Hat men, 305 Old Main, 7:30
p. m.
House of Representatives, 305
Old Main, 5 p. m.
Student Union dance, Armory,
4 p. m.
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