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Students at the University of
Georgia "mail" 25 unaddressed
letters and post cards daily, ac
cording to the Athens postmaster.
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Eveninas Only 6:30, 4:30 - -
nen .110111 g ir
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Shows At 1:30, 3:00, 8:30, 8:30
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MON. -
HE Service Gives
Coed Glamor Hints
How car. I budget my clothing
allowance properly? What shall
I wear on weekend ti ips? How can
I style my hair most becomingly?
Penn State coeds have found
answers to many questions such
as these in the clothing and per
sonal appearance consultation
service sponsored by the home
economics department.
This service, begun in the spring
of 1939, has helped over a hundred
women solve budgeting, clothing
and personal appearance prob
Although most of the problems
have centered around make-up
and hair arrangement, the service
includes care of clothing, budget
ing clothes allowances, clothing
selection, becoming colors, proper
accessories, and good grooming.
Women are advised on their ap
pearance, taught. licw to comb
their hair, arid shape their nails.
Work is done in a room with a
mirror covering two sides of the
wall and a dresser with drawers
full of make-up and other neces
sary equicment.
Open all coeds, the service
this year is available in Room 223,
Home Economics Building, from
3 to 5 p. in. Tuesdays under Miss
Pearle Haas, clothing instructor,
and from 4 to 5 p. rn. Fridays un
der Miss Anormaice Martin, also
of the clothing department.
Basketball, Inlramurals
Slated To Begin Monday
Basketball season will get un
derway with a mass meeting sche
duled for White Hall at 4 p.m.
Monday, when a new plan calling
for junior majors' teaching tactics
will be •explained. Practice hours,
set for 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., will con
tinue through next week. Two
practices are necessary to be eligi
ble for interclass games.
Intramural competition in bowl
ing and ping pong is also set to
begin Monday with the same prac
tice hours listed. Coeds participat
ing in these intramurals will be
ineligible for interclass basketball
or interclass swimming.
Journalism Honorary
To Pledge 15 Women
Fifteen women will receive lav
ender and green pledge ribbons of
Theta Sigma Phi. women's pro
fessional journalism honorary at
pledging in the Alpha Chi Omega
suite at 10:30 um. today.
Seniors chosen for their scholar
ship and interest in professional
journalism are Pyllis A. Buechele,
Dolly E. J. Conner, Florence E.
Held, Leslie A. Lewis, Sybil R.
Martin, Mildred R. Plapinger,
Ellen N. Rifts, and Beth H. Swope.
Junior pledges are Helen S.
Davies, Jane H. Firestein, Claire
H. Hildinger, P. Marie Lawrence,
Betty Jo Patton, Fredlyn H. Pot
tash, and Jeanne C. Stiles.
Artists Course
(Continued from Page One)
they are primarily intended,
namely the student body of the
College the faculty and staff and
the residents of the town."
Tickets will be priced at $5.50,
$4.50, and $3.50 for the series of
four numbers.
The committee has also voted
this year to use a written proxy to
be presented by students ISuying
for faculty, staff members or
townspeople. The proxy form,
which is conta;ned in the descrip
tive Artists' Course brochures to
be distributed soon, provides a
space for indicating the name of
the person from whom the ticket is
being purchased.
Seats will not be sold to indi
viduals believed not to be faculty
members or townspeople on the
day for that sale if a written
proxy is not presenter.l. This form
requires the signature of the per
son for whom the seats are.-pur
chased. Separate proxy blanks
will also be available at Student
Actress Regrets Lack OF Schooling,
Claims It Shows I
PITTSBURGH, Nov 15—" Don't
tell the students at Penn State
that I didn't have an alma mater,"
blushed golden-haired soulful
eyed Julie Haydon as she remov
ed 'greasepaint before her dress
ing -room mirror backstage at the
Nixon theatre. "They'll •be able
to.tell that from my poor acting,
The Saturday matinee of Wil
liam Saroyan's comedy "Time of
Your Life" was over. One of the
Nikon's largest audiences had just
seen the only play ever awarded
both the Pulitzer prize (1940) and
the Critics' Circle award. Yet,
listening to this slender, unbeliev
ably modest young lady one
could hardly realize that Miss
Haydon is the star of the year's
most successful play, as well as a
motion picture actress in her own
right. Before the interview be
gan, she had even volunteered to
carry a chair into her dressing
room, that the reporter might be
more comfortable!
Besides beitig minus an alma
mater, Miss Haydon explained
that she had had only a few years
Of grammar .school and • junior
high, after which she had run
away to join the theater. "You
might call me a person who ,play
ed hookey on a big scale," said
Miss Haydon.
As a child, Miss Haydon had no
hobbies, "except dreaming about
the theater." Her pet exercise
was walking.
Penn State's Fred Waring has
nothing over Julie Haydon when
it comes to trying to join a school
group and being rejected. "I
tried to join the junior high dra
matic club," Miss Haydon remin
We, The Women—
Coeds Enthusiastic
About Many Projects
by Arita L. Holleran '4l
Women's Managing Editor
What's your course?
What's your year?
We're awfully glad
To see you, dear.
Yes, you've guessed it,' open
house. We're really proud of the
freshmen. In spite of the rain and
the fact that Panhellenic slipped
up on the dining room announce
ment, most of the houses reported
a fairly adequate turnout of fresh
men. There will only be one or two
more open houses so let's hope
that they will be even better at
AND WHILE we're in the mood
we'd like to 'congratulate ourselves,
all of us. Panhellenic did a beau
tiful job - with the convention. Both
the Cwen and the flVlortar Board
dances were great successes. We
women have a higher percentage
of PSCA subscribers than the men.
And last, but by far least, a great
many women students have been
volunteering to knit for the British
War Relief. Some of us don't know
the first thing about knitting, but
with a lit le help tam those who
do, a satisfactory finished product
should result.
If you can knit or aren't afraid
to make a stab at it, get in touch
with Janet.„ Eyer cr any of the
members of Senate. They will be
glad-to tell you where you can
go to get the wool and needles.
Whether you make a sweater,
socks, gloves, or s scarf, you are
bound to enjoy the pleasant sen
sation one has in doing something
for someone else.
LOST—Ladies white gold Hamil
ton wrist watch. South Allen St.
Reward. Notify Club,Office. Dairy
Building. 3tchl 1-19 E
pertly repaired. Portable and
office machines for sale or rent.
Dial 2342. Harry F. Mann, 127 W.
Beaver avenue. - lyr-CRE-ch
Her Acting
isced, "but they said I didn't have
enough talent. Today, the presi
dent of that club and I are the
best of friends."
- By this time Miss Haydon had
removed most of the loud makeup
which she wears on the stage as
Kitty Duval, a woman with a
shady profession but a conscience
of gold.
'I was first inspired to be an
actress 'when I saw Pauline Fred
erick. Today my favorite actor is
Eddie Dowling (her leading-man
in TOYL)—I think he's the great
est actor in the world."
"Do you think scenery and cos
tume necessary for a play," Miss
Haydon was asked.
"IL a play is good enough," she
answered, "it will shine through
everything, even bad acting. I
believe that this play, too, might
be ,produced without scenery and
other effects and not lose its
"When an actress travels from
city to city, does the change of air
affect her voice?"
"A real actress always main
tains the same voice," Miss Hay
don replied. "But mew--I never
speak the same way twice, I never
know how my 'next' voice will
Her favorite roles, Miss Haydon
announced, were as the servant
girl in "Shadow and Substance"
and as Kitty in TOYL.
When told that Penn State had
already had its first snow, Miss
Haydon's 'large eyes grew larger,
and she wanted to know all abbut
Penn State and even began to in
terview the interviewer about the
Ag School.
Western Movies Slated
For Louise. Homer Group
Colored movies of Grand Can
yon, Yellowstone National Park,
and other western points of
terest will be shown at the Louise
Homer Club meeting in the north
east Atherton Hall lounge at 7 p.m.
Prof. George W. Henninger of
the music department will act as
narrator during the pictures.
McDowell To Return
from N.Y. Conference
Mrs. Marion S.' McDowell, asso
ciate professor of home economics,
will return Monday from a con
ference of the Child Study Associ
ation of America in New York City
which lasted from Wednesday
until yesterday.
RIDES Wanted and
Offered .
Insertions for this column cost 10
cents and must be received at the Col
legian Office by 3 p. m. the day pre
ceding publication. Only the essential
facts, destination, time of departure,
and name of student will be used.
Code: R.W.—Ride wanted.
P.W.—Passenger wanted
L.—Leave; C—Call.
R.W.-3 to Wash, D.C., L—noon,
Wed., Nov. 27, C—Burch, Room 6,
Ath Hall.
P.W.—Shamokin, vicinity, Nov
27 after 2 p.M. C--Gillespie, 2581.
The S. S. Markland, , i 4300 gross tons out of.
- Bellefonte, has been re ~ cirted by the (CENSOR
ED) war' office to be a i rfanster of war".] The
flash further Stated—" The S. S. Markland as
usual _is entertainin4.lfer passengers with
gaiety and fun in the unusual way."
- _
Coeds/re Tired—
Now What Next!
That the average college woman
does not get, enough- sleep and as
almost always tired and tinder
nervous tension was professed-by.
Mrs. Ivalelare S. Howland, as
sistant professor of physical edii
cation, yesterday.
""A practical_ solution 'to the
problem would be an• 11: p. m.
lights-out restriction," she—at- -
gested: "College women should
learn not to wait until the night
before a blue book to study, since
tests are really not f 3 enzied things.
"Unfortunately the Penn State
woman abuses the, privilege of
College facilities for health edu
cation by delaying her studies and
staying up until 2 a. m.," MrS.
Howland claimed. : •
With Other Women,
Women Start Practice
For Post-Draft. Days
Anticipating days when cam
puses will be bereft of men,, coeds
have been practicing for post-draft
days. At Kent State in Ohio half
the women in Lowry. Hall. donned
masculine clothes and escorted the
other half to a sweetheart party.
Alpha Xi Delta at Sloimt Union
in Ohio had a dateless hayride, and
women at Western State Teachers
College in Michigan had a costume
"Broomstick Ball" just, for them
selves. .
To aid freshmen in becoming ac
quainted, the Freshman Slipper
Club at Bucknell sponsored din
ners every Wednesday night for
six weeks for 20 men and 20 wo
men of the class of '44.
With Thanksgiving vacation just
around the corner, sorority women.
in Champaign-Urbana are prepay-
ing for their annual Turkey Run..
Representing the various sororities,
two-man teams will crawl through
tires, leap hurdles, and climb over
bales of hay to capture the turkey.
* * *
-A cow flappei contest among
teams in Champaign-Urbana will
be one feature of an annual event
sponsored by the Hoof and Horn.
Club. A loving cup will be pre
sented to the team best- decorating
a cow with ribbons, rouge, lip
stick, and eye-brow pencil.
A cloud-hopping trouble maker
meets a trouble-hunting newspap
er girl—and boom!—it's love!
That's how it all starts between
Claudette Colbert and Ray Milland
in a scintillating romance, "Arise,
My Love," which plays today,
Monday and Tuesday at the Cath
When Claudette, the fashion
writer, gets a yen to write man
sized stories for Associated News
she snatches an aviator from a
Spanish firing • squad and flies him
to France. Soon she finds her heart
melting under- the effect of , the
Paris moon and Ray Milland's
ardent wooing.
Milland gets a job flying for
England and Miss Colbert is as
signed to the Berlin bureau. To-,
gether again, they grow more .
sober and ;their love grows deeper
as the movie rises to a magnificient
emotional climax.