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    FRIDAY, ,NOVEMBER 15, 1940.
6Gamo With Mexico
Adds Unusual - Touch
Io Lion Cage Schedule
don't know if they'll be any
'good or not. - At least; they'll be
colorful," Basketball Coach - John
Lawther said yesterday referring
to the game with the University of
Mexico scheduled in Rec H_all on
February 25,
Lawther- said that he knew noth
.i4 at .: all about the Mexican team
thollgh it seemed to be his opihion
that they play a wide open, spec
tacular brand of basketball.
'Other cpponents, not on last
year's schedule, arc IV,luhlenberg
and American University in Wash
ington, D. Cr, Mt. _ Union, Akron,
Kent State, and Rutgers have been
Lawther explaineri that the cus
tomary Christmas trip has been
eliminated in order to - shorten the
schedule. -The Lions will play 21
games this, year in comparison
with the 23 - played last year and
the year before. However, those
were the longest schedules \ in Lion
cage history, the previous high
having been 13 games in 1937-38.
The first two games of the sea
son W&J here on December .7 and
Bucknell at Lewisburg on Decem
ber 11—will be among. the tough
est on the schedule if the 1939-40
record,is any. ndication. W&J beat
State, 44-37, and Bucknell won by
a 35-26 score.
A Lawther-coached Lion team
will play at Bucknell for the. first
time. The last, that State played
the Bisons at' Lewisburg was in
'1912. The Colgate gym will also
be new to. Lawthez for the Red
Raiders, with whorr basketball re
lations were resumed last year af
ter a - five-year lapre, -will be met
at Hamilton, N. Y. for the first
time since 1934..
It'll be a long, fast train ride for
the cagers after they battle NYU
in New York City on January 10
for they are scheduled to play Pitt
in Pittsburgh the next night.
,The two service teams—Army
ami Navy—are both on the slate
but both games are away from
home. Army will he met on Feb
ruary 22 and Navy an January 8.
Penn Slate Harriers
Speak For Their Captain
The Nittany cross-country team
raised their voices yesterday to
support Penn State': cheer for
Captain Bill Smith who competes
in his final 101-A meet Mondaye.
Al Bourgerie said, !That last,
long trek up Cemetery Hill will
show Smit pourink it on."
"Mac Mitchell may be good, but
our cap'n is better," quoted Dusty
Rhodes - .
"One of tho greatest harriers
I:ve - seen will whip NYU's star,"
-Pop Thiel promised. 1.
Frank Burkhart commented,
"Billy-boy will bring home the
bacon." •
Chet Snyder remarked, "He's
the best collegiate I,unner, best
Vern Kotz concluded, "Smith
and Cerhetery Hill can't be peat."
Fun Directory-- -
OR ,
What Goes On In State College The Weekend
Of November 15, 1910
- , ti Soph flop. with Doh Chester Friday
. 2. State, N.Y.U. football game Satur.
day afternoon.
. 3. Grand opening of Drydock Sabo- -
day night.
Me o
r - s - ar et
Free Delivery
'.. 104 W. BEAVER AVE. DIAL 775
Temple Coach Denies Making Newspaper Charges
Mr. Dick Peters
Stale College, Pa.
Dear Mr. Peters:
I received two marked copies of
"The Daily Collegian," and I• can
not blame you for your letter in
the, paper or your attitude in the
matter if yoil can , really believe
I made such idiotic statements as
I have been quoted as having
BelieVe me. I have. the highest
regard fol. Bob - - Higgins and Penn
State Colege. Neve. have I stated
to 'anyone that , Penn State or
BUcknell scouted us in any way
other than in an honorable and
sportsman-like way. No -one could
make me believe Bob Higgins
would countenance anything oth
er than that of the most --gentle
manly and- sportsman-like - tactics.
' Further. I have never referred
to either Bucknell oit Penn State
as "lesser, elevens," and I have had
Veteran Tackle
Frank Platt, regular lineman,
who will - play his last home game
against New_: : Arork
_pniyersity.,. to
MI IM Participants Must
Take Physical Examination
Eugene C. DischJff, director
of intramural athletics, pointed
out that all intramural partici
pants must have a physical ex
amination to be, elig:ble to com
. A list of entry fees for winter
sports was released and follows:
badminton, 25 cents per person,
singles only; ping pang, 25 cent's
per persons, single:.; only; vol
leyball, $1 per team; handball,
25 cents per person, .singles and
doubles; wrestling, 25 cents per
person; • ;boxing, 25 cents per
person; and basketball, $1 per
All entries for winter intra
mural sports must be turned in
to _Room 213, Recreation Hall,
with entry _fees,' before noon,
November 22.
our publicity directo.: search all
the press stories and we cannot
find where the words were used.
I certainly never iisecl them nor
could I have thought them. Frank
ly, I.take off my hat to these two
great - spirited, c 1 c an- playing,
sportsman-like foot ball teams.
There is nothing "lesser" about
The thoughtless and misquoting
gentlemen of
_the presh have done
me a_ great deal of harm that can
never be entirely undone. How
ever, your paper, The Daily Col
legian," can probably do more
than any other paper to set the
matter right in the minds of the
Penn State studente in denying for
me these quotations.
I hope I may have an oppor
tunity in the near future of 'being
on your campus and meeting you
and other members of the student
i body in order that I may, in per
12 Seniors Play
Last Home Games
Led by Captain Leon 'Gates"
Gajecki, 12 senior members of the
undefeated Nittany Lion focitball
squad will play their last home
game when State clashes with the
New York University eleven here
With only tne game at Pitts
burgh remaining on the Blue and
White 1940 gridiron schedule, the .
'battle between( the Lions and
Violets will give local followers
their final chance to watch the
last year players in action on New
Beaver Field.
- including GajE:cki at center,
-eight seniors will take the field at
.the opening kickoff tomorrow.
Both the tackles and ends, Frank
Platt and Carl Stravinski at the
tackle posts, flanked !oy Tom Var
.go___qiid...L,/oyd, Parsons will be
starting their last t'om'e game. The
other regular senior linesman will
be veteran Wade Mori at one of
the guard spots.
Chuck Peters, ster.:ng left half
back, and Johnny PatriCk, block
ing back and signal caller, will be
the three-year veterans in the
starting backfield.
Four other gridders who have
performed meritorious service for
the cause of Penn State football
will be making their last home: ap
pearance. They are • halfback
Craig White, regular handicapped
with injuries all. year., guard Jim
Woodward, another hard luck
player, tackle Walt liniaz and ex
tra-point specialist Ben Pollock.
All of the senior‘. aided by their
teammates will be out to keep the
record of not being beaten on New
Beaver Field since 1938 intact.
Two regulars wit) probably be
missing from the Lion lineup,
Coach Bob Higgins announced
yesterday. Mike Garbinski- and
Craig White, regular left guard
and right halfback respectively
are out with shoulder injuries
and are not expected to see serv
ice tomorrow.
The University of Minnesota
print shop has a staff of 33 lino
typists, pressmen, cutters and bind
er's. •
Pasteurized Milk and Crew;
A Phone 859 I
son, deny these quotations - and ex
press to you my very great con
fidence in Bob Higgirie and Penn
State College.
Please come' to see me when you
are in Philadelphia. I would like
to know you as well as have you
get a more honest picture of tile.
Very sincerly yours,
Ray Morrison. Head football
coach, Temple University:'
Sport editors note--
We hoped at the t;me ,of our
open letter to Mr. Morrison that
the story appearing in the Phila
delphia Record was not true. But
circumstances being what they
were, it Was felt that to sit back
and take such remarks without
comment was not the manly thing
to do. It is with much happiness
we print this letter of Mr. Mor
rison's. We hope to unwrap the
whole mesc in the near future.
Violets Complete
Grid Preparations
NEW YORK, N.Y., Nov. 14—
Dr. Mal Stevens, Violet coach,
stressed defense in today's indoor
practice session as the NYU squad
completed preparations for the
game with Penn State. The Violets
will leave here tomorrow morning
for Lewistown, Pa., where they
will rest till game time Saturday.
Forced indoors for the third
straight day, the NYU gridders
were put through a lengthy work
out in an effort to form a forward
wall capable of offering resistance
against the highly regarded State
line. Stevens studied the actions
of his linemen minutely and inter
rupted proceedings often to point
out flaws.
The defense program has al
ready wrought two changes. Harry
Petereit, the regular right tackle,
has been assigned to right end, and
Iry Hyman, the regular left tackle,
has been named reserve center
Without being deprived of his orig
inal job.
The two tackles will he replaced
Stan Rosen and Bernie Jovans.
Woodrow Wittekind, quarterback,
is the only doubtful starter having
suffered a leg injury in the last
play of the Franklin and Marshall
Jayvee Hooters Meet
Lock Haven Varsity Today
On Practice Soccer Field
Lock Haven State Teacheis Col
lege will provide the opposition
for the only junior varsity soccer
game scheduled for this year. The
game will be played on the prac
tice field below the golf course at
four o'clock this afternoon.
Fifteen booters will compose the
Nittany Lion Jayvee squad. The: .
are George Roy, Bob Donaldson.
John Dufford, Alfred Arnold.
Charles 'Ascher, Wally Patton.
William Mills, Howard Jones, Jim
my Jones, Orville Everitt, Russel'
Bish, Max Chenoweth, Frani
Yeaple, Charles Phillips, and Dave
No definite starting lineup ha' .
been chosen as yet by Coach Bil'
_lt is very likely, how
ever, that all of the booters wiE
see action during the skirmish.
The jayvee soccer team is not a
separate unit but is made up of
varsity substitutes and others whc
do not measure up to varsity cal
ibre as yet. Today's game wa
scheduled as a courtesy to the
Lock Haven team. which couldn'.
be classed as varsity competition
for the Lions.
'44 Boaters Down. Army
End Season Undefeated
Following in the footsteps c
their victorious elder brothers, th
freshman soccermen defeated th
Army plebes, 2-0, at West Poin -
Wednesday, to end their season
undefeated and unscored upon.
Bill Prichard, freshman cente •
forward, scored in the first period
from a pass by Henry Yeagley• in
the neatest play of the game.
Bill Bechdel, State sub, scored
in the third quarter. The game was
a dismal affair as far as weathe••
was concerned, with the ball
soggy and hard to control.
Pos. P. S. Fr. (2) Army Plebes (0
G. Struck
R.F. 'Horvath
R.H. Miller
C:H. Schnure
L.H. Etters
O.R. Stauffer
I. R. Yeagley
C.F. Prichard
I. L. Williams
O.L. Black
formal or
She'll- Enjoy
Those. Beautiful
Fresh Flowers
In Her Corsage
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