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    Successor to
the Free Lance,. -
Established 1887
VOL. 37—No. 45
PSCA Fund Drive
Apace Last Year
With $1,115 In .
The 1940 PSCA finance drive
was exactly even with last year's
when returns were compiled last
night at. the end of the third day
of soliciting. The total had reached
Because the drive is still below
the $3,600 goal it will be extended
over the weekend, Williarn B.
Bartholomew '4l, chairman, an
nounced last night. A check-in
will be made tomorrow night and
a final check-in on Monday night.
Both men and women's groups
have reached 69 per cent of the
goals set for them, $2,500 for the
men and $l,lOO for the women.
Usually, women take an early lead
and hold it through the drive.
The complexion of the campaign
this year , also differs from last,
Bartholomew said, in that a larger
percentage of the persons seen are
contributing. However, so far,
fewer persons have been contact
Complete tabulations on the re
turns to date follow:
Tues. Wed. Thurs. Totals
Men $ 754 $522 $675—51,951
Women - 330 214 220 764
Totals $1,084 -$736 $895—52,715
Totals • $849 $978 $882,715
Goal: Men $2,500; .Women—
Dickson Praises
Poor's Murals
"Henry Varnum Poor is one of
the best fresco painters in Amer
ica," said Prof. Harold E. Dickson
'last night when he spoke on "Am
erican Mural Painting" in the first
of the Liberal Arts Lecture series.
That the Land Grant mural' was
not complete was - clearly brought
out by the , speaker. He told of the
innumerable place' in Old Main
where additional murals could be
painted, by Poor, but" the most
necessary factor was lacking—
"In comparison with outlays on
other things, the expense of more
murals is not sb very formidable,"
Prof.., Dickson .continued. "Since
the . ingredients for • masterpieces
are right here. at the College, we
should not let lack of money stand
in the way."
Discussing the Land. Grant mur
al, the lecturer showed by means
of slides that the central • 'organi-•
zation of the fresco works together
like a well-oiled machine. Without
the columns in Old Mainsetting off
and properly supporting the cen
tral figures it would be off balance.
In addition, Prof. Dickson stated
that until the lighting system is
completely adjusted, the real effec
tiveness of the figures cannot be
revealed to the observer.
LaVie Senior Picture
Deadline Is November 15
Deadline for senior LaVie pic
tures-hai been set for Monday, No
. •vember . 25; John. G.. Dixon-'42; edi
tor,. announced yesterday.
Any , senior. whose . picture has
not , yet' been taken : , ic.:_requested' . to
contact the Penn State Photo Shop
.',as soon as possible. .
. . . ta• TS
Snow Followed By
• Clear, and Cold.
New Placement Quarterly
Available Al Lower Rate
School and- College Placement,
new quarterly published by the
Pennsylvania Association of
School and College Placement,
now available to College students
at a reduced rate of $1 a year.
The Association was formed
last spring with a primary pur
pose of promoting placement and
furtheririg the refinement of place
ment technique. S!nce its organ
ization, the Association has be
come national in scope, having a
membership that includes persons
in 39 states and Canada.
Special subscription rates are
available only through the office
of 3. Orvis Keller. assistant to
the president in charge of exten
Pig Won't Caper
During NYU Game
This little pig wont to market,
this little pig stayea home. The
latter porker was the one who
tried to get onto New Beaver
Field tomorrow afternoon.
College administrators, fearing
that visiting alumni and imports
would misinterpret the proposed
greased pig race as a direct slap
in the face to the SPCA, yesterday
literally killed the fat little fel
low, 'by • putting thumbs down on
his bristling back.
According to the • authorities,
three main bbstructions kept, the
four-legged - slice of bacon 'from
thrilling: the ,- crowd tomorrow: • •
- little •' fellow,- if
-.turn- to l einercy•e r ,. w eni
barassing.injury before the howl
ing ..crowd, thus turning the fun
into folly.
2. That grease from the piggy
might .be wiped onto the grass of
New Beaver Field,. thus causing
embarassment to football players
in the second half.
3. That metropolitan newspap
ers and the
_radio audience might
think Penn - State was making a
Roman carnival cf its football
These reasons, said the admin
istrators, if - they occurred would
offset the spirit of fun propagated
by a greased pig race. So the sec
ond little piggy •is still up in the
College barns, happy, but unex
Boro Presents Itemized
Statement On Budget
An itemized statement of the
$42 sign damage in the fraternity
pajama parade on September "30
has been presented to Arnold C.
Laich '4l All:C011ege President.
. The •bill includes nixie posts at
$1.50 each ($13.50); three street
signs at $5 each ($15); 14 cubic
.feet • of concrete, $3.90 and 24
tours of labor at $.40 an hour
The All-College Cabinet voted
that• the damage be paid as soon
as an itemized bill war received.
Thespian Show Remains Uncensored
A technically revised but abso
lutely uncensored show is what
George Parrish, Thespian Club
president, promised campus play
goers who plan to attend the re
peat performance of Thespians'
sensational new production "The
Saloon Goes Up" in Schwab Aud
itorium this weekend. . •
• Well-received hut somewhat
criticized for being slightly risque .!
when - It was presented for the first
time. Houseparty Weekend,' "The
Balloon .Goes .Up" will be given
Year's First Bon-Fire, Blue Band
To Feature Pep Rally At 7 Tonight
'All-Americans Spirit Will Pervade
Soph Hop, Music And Decorations
Bob Chester's Band
Will Supply Rhythm
- All - American orchestra
playing -la an AIL-American set
the nation's newest hit band
of 'Elie Amerieiiti nations . fritrifigriettMinl* •
. . Bob
Chester's music in a "Salute to the
Americas"—that's tne setting for
tonight's. Soph Hop in Rec Hall
-from 10 p m. to 2 a. m.
• Dance co-chairmen Eugene R.
Yeager '43 and William P. McFad
den '43. have succeeded in hitting
the perfect combination for .dance
enjoyment in the blending of a
modern band with a modern
theme. •
Soph Hop dancers will enjoy
the music of one c'f the fastest
climbing "name bands" in Amer
ica. Bob Chester is the outstand
ing choice to take over the title
held by Glenn Miller last season—
"the Cinderella band cf the year."
Featuring Dolores O'Neill, pop
ular vocalist, and,a group of 'mu
sicians who know hcw to please in
any style or "groove," Chester's
outfit is certain to be a musical
Tonight's dance will follow the
lead of last year's Soph Hop in
being semi-formal. Tickets are on
sale for $3.85 at the Athletic Of
fice in Old Main today and may
also be purchased at Rec Hall to
There will be a meeting of the
Executive Council of the Board of
Trustees in the President's office
at 7:30 p. m. today.
again Friday and Saturday nights
in its original script.
"Not one line has been nhanged.
Not one skit his been cut," Parrish
said last night. "Only technical
revisions that will speed up the
production hive been made."
Built, around Marce Stringer,
the Three. Stooges, and •the Cam
pus Owls' red-hot swing band, the
new show :is revue •embodying
several Fred Waxing musical ar
rangements for orchestra and glee
club plus one original tune, "Little
Soph Hop - Co-Chairmen
Trustees Meet Tonight
Delayed Froth Publishes
Special Soph Hop Issue
:After recovering from .a se;
• shockesuffereden- the
censor clamped dorm recently,
Froth yesterday made an at
tempted comeback as a colleg
ian jest book with publication of
a Soph Hop issue.
The magazine, only two
weeks behind its original:sched
ule, has dedicated its third issue
of the year to Soph Hop and
the draft. The Daily Collegian
has also been nonored with a
two page spread.
Subscribers to Froth are dili
gently searching the publica
tion for a reproduction of the
censored cover which it was ru
mored would be printed in this
Civil Service Commission
Announces Openings
The United States Civil Serv
ice Commission Was announced
that applications will be accepted
for the positions of quartermaster,
laboratory mechanic, and transla
The quartermaster's position is
for Jeffersonville Quartermaster
Depot, Jeffersonvillc, Indiana, and
applications may be filed there
Full information as to the re
quirements for these examina
tions, and application forms, may
be obtained from G. C. Snyder at
the State College Post Office.
Bo Peep," which stopped the show
twice Houseparty Weekend.
Skits in the new production are
clever satirical takeoffs showing
campus life around Ithe Corner
Room, the College, Dispensary, and
the R.O.T.C. drill field.
Tickets for the production are
on sale at the Corner and at Stu
dent Union. Fifty cents will get a
seat r Friday night. Seventy-five
will do the - Ar;ck • Saturday. Cur
tain both nights -will-be promptly
at 7 o'clock. •
lid And Sottung
Urge large Attendance
Final arrangements for the
year's first bon-fire pep rally to be
held on Holmes Field at 7 p.m.
tonight have been made and a
huge turn out is expected, it was ,
announced by Walter A. Sottung
'4l, head cheerleader, last night.
In an effort to demonstrate
school spirit behind the Lions, Sot
tung and Arnold C. Laich '4l, All-
College president, drew up hasty
plans and expressed the belief that
in spite of the possible conflict
with the Thespian show tonight
the rally will be a gigantic suc
With the starting of the bon-fire
promptly at 7, the Blue Band and
cheerleaders will collaborate in
building up the pre-game spirit of
the students. Amplification of the
rally has been arranged to aid in
the success of the affair.
Scheduled to arrive at 7:30, the
Nittany Lion .eleven will be greet
ed with individual cheers and
spirited songs as partial evidence
of the backing of the team by the
Hoping that the rally will repeat
the great success of last year's pre-
Pitt gathering, Sottung stated that
the only possible disappointment
could •be bad weather.
Thomas C. Backenstose '4l,
chairman of the hat societies, an
nounced last, night that the hat
men are cooperating - fully with the
rally leaders, and that all - hat men
are expected. to be-present tonight.
With the completion of the bon
fire tonight, plans will immediately
be begun for arranging another
rally to arouse student spirit for
the Pitt game next Saturday.
Library Exhibits
Old Documents
Notices of the Declaration of In
dependence, the death and burial
of George Washington, and ac
counts of the assassination of
Abraham Lincoln are included in
an exhibit of newspapers, docu
ments, and manuscripts being ex
hibited at the Library until No
vember 25, Mrs. Sally S. Carey,
chairman of exhibits, has announ
News of the Revolutionary War
against the 'British is printed in a
newpaper on exhibit. Counterfeit
copies of the famous Ulster County
Gazette of January 4, 1800 contain
the tragic news of Washington's
death. a
Copies disylayed of the New
York Times: and Harper's-Weekly
for 1865 carry the news of Lin
coln's assassination.
One of the few copies -af the
Vicksburg Daily Citizen dated
June 27, 1863 •and printed on wall
paper is shown, telling of the
seige of Vicksburg by General
Grant and his army.
PSCA Seminar Elects
Student Officers Tonight
The election of officers will
comprise the principle business of
the PSCA Seminar meeting at 7
p. m. tonight in 304 Old Main.
Refreshments, political banners,
and songs have been planned to
give the meeting a political flavor.
The election committee consists of
.Arlene K. Smith '42, Charles R.
Clemson '4l, Gerald F. Doherty
'42, and,Raymond Lee '44.