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    THURSDAY-, NOVEMBER 14, 1940
Phys. Ed Staff Sees Alumni
The staff of the School of Phy
sical Education and Athletics are
visiting graduates who teach in
Pennsylvania. The visits are made
both to acquaint the graduates
,opportunities open to them,
arid tb follow up the work of these
grad4tes. So far visits hakre been
Made; to Herbert 'Peterson '3B, Ott
IfV,Uenichel '39, Charlotte Weaver
•;Anly Blandy '39, William
Rhod# '39, and Tohn Patrick '39.
The Lions
A Story of Muscle
Take a 20-foot piece of hemp
rope, 794 Fenn State freshmen, and
the mathematical deftness of one
Gene *ettstone, Nittany gym men
tor and therein you have this
amazing story of muscle, which
constitutes a departure froth the
daily run'of Penn State athletics.
Since the present semester began
its lengthy course, Wettstone has
been experinienting with the mus
cular qualities of all members of
the "Class of '44 by the simple
means of making them climb a 20-
foot rope during their regular gym
class periods. .
"The original purpose," says
Gene, "was to determine the rela
tive strength of the freshman class,
and the physical status of its mem
bers in a rope contest, but the
results have proven very different
than expeCted."
Of 794 frosh who were tested
up the rope, the time taken at the
half way mark and again at the
top, 5.57 could not Climb the com
plete span. Only 237 could make
the upWard trip in 15 seconds or
The most amazing result is the
157 freshmen who couldn't even
lift their own weight off Stec Hall's
- floor ! ! !
"All of which," says Mr. Wed
stone, "shoWe that the - present
Younger - ieneration of high schobl
and college age needs more big
muscle• activity, exercise which
will develop the shoulder span, and
the biceps of the arm."
"A 200-pound footballer need
not be stronger than a 125-pciund
boxer, that is in proportion to his
weight. Leon Gajecki, present
Nittany center, can climb the 20-
foot rope in 8 seconds or less, so
could Spike Alter last year, be
cause they ! were in, good physical
The Wettstone survey ..shows
that of the 557 freshmen who
couldn't make the ascension, 412
were over, 150 pounds in weight,
in other words had more bodily
weight than proportionate • arm
"Those guys," Gene winked, "are
out for the freshmen gYm team."
Fromm Opens Newly
Remodeled Men's Store
Beginning today, Morris Fromm
celebrates the opening of his newly
remodeled store. Mr. Fromm has
done busineis at his present site
for the last twenty years, and has
been in the clothing business in
State College since 1909. His first
improvement in the present store
building was made in 1926, when
an extension was added to the
The store has been rebuilt in
Old English. style with an arcade
consisting of eight windows. The
store has been renovated through
out, fluorescent lighting and new
display cases designed by Grand
Rapids having been installed.
RIDFC Wante ffered
Insertions for this column cost 10
cents and must be received at the Col
legian Office by 3 p. in. the day pre
ceding publication.. Only the essential
facts, destination, time or departure,
and name of student *ill be used.
Cade: R.W.—Ride wanted.
P.W.—Passbnger wanted.
I,—Leave: C—Call.
R.W. Phila. L. Wed., Nov. 27
after 10 a.m. C. Lewis 4028.
R.W. Round tr ip New York
Thanksgiving. C. Salzman, 307
Irvin Hall.
P.W. Washington L. 5 p.m. Sat
C Milatta 851.
R.W. Pittsburgh Fri. 4 p.m. C.—
R. Harris 2593.
R.W. New Castle Nov. 27 aft&
11 a.m. C.—M. Wise 895.
R.W.---Syracuse L.—Fri. after
noon,.C.—E. T. Reese, 2324.
R.W. roundtrip to to Pitts. L.
Frid., Nov. 22, 4 p.m. C. McNaug
ton 608. ltpdll-15-10V
Frosh Lose Last Game To Army By 7-0
Plebes Gain Edge By
75-Yard Scoring Run
Special to the. Collegian
WEST- POINT, N. Y., Nov. 13.
In their last game of the season,
Penn State's freshman football
club battled on nearly even terms
with the Army plebe eleven here
today but came out on the short
end of a 7-0 score.
The future lieutenants gained
their seven points in the third
quatrer as the .result of a 75-yard
touchdown run and a successful
conversion for the extra point
counter. The Lion cubS came back
strong in the final period but a
strong Army line prevented a Nit
tany score
The defeat rang down the 1940
curtain for the State youngsters
with the record book showing a
fifty-fifty split—two victories,
two losses and one lie.-
They got off to a good start at
the first of the season, downing a
big Bucknell team. 13-0. Then
came Colgate's junior Red Raiders
and the game ended in a 7-7 dead
The yearlings got their 'first
taste of defeat at Syracuse the fol
lowing week as trie Orange ran
roughshod over the visiting Lions
to win 20-12. Marty McAndrews'
crew fought their way back into
the win column ha their fourth
start by coming from behind to
outscore Cornell, 13-7.
Why football Coaches
Always Get Gray Hair
Warren Klauser, reserve NYU
guard, has seen action against the
big bruisers of Missouri, Syracuse,
and Franklin and Marshall. He
has been at the b6ttom of many
pile-ups, but he has always man
aged to come out unscathed.
Last_ Sunday Klauser was re
turning home from a squad meet
ing. In looking for a short-cut he
leaped over a hedge—and landed
on his left elbow.
NOw his elbow is broken, and
he will be inactive for the re
mainder of the season.
1111111111UlliffillIM1111111111111M11111111111111111111111111111111 ,
Penn State Grange meets in 405
Old Main, 7 P.m. •
Block and Bridle Club meeting
in 206 Agriculture Building, 7:30
p.m. Movies will be shown.
Fireside discussion at the home
of Rabbi and Mrs. Benjamin Kahn,
301 S. Pugh Street, 8:30 p.m. The
discussion will be on the topic
highlighted by the "Town Meet
ings of the Air" broadcast.
PSCA and Hillel Foundation
Thanksgiving planning committee
meets in Hugh Beaver Room at
4:15 p.m. •
Deadline for entries for winter
intramurals has been set for No
vember 22.
Chemical Student Council meet
ing in 305 Old Main, 7 p.m.
Grange meeting in 418 Old Main,
7 p.m.
Portfolio now on sale at Student
Union, 10 cents a copy.
Internatial Relations C 1 u b
meets 7 p.m. in 100 Liberal Arts.
Discussion on "Must We Fight
Al The Movies
"The Mark of Zorro"
"I Wan'. A Divorce"
"No Time For Comedy"
pertly repaired. Portable and
ofiThe machines for sale: or rent.
Dial 2342. ,Harry F. Mann, 127 W.
Beaver avenue. lyr-CRE-ch
FOR SALE—One full dress suit
with white vest, practically new.
Size 38. Call 4336. 2tchll-15E
Harriers In Top form
As 1(4-A's Draw Near
After losing four straight har
rier dual meets to such high-rank
ing teams as Michigan State, Syr
acuse, Manhattan, and Pitt, be
cause of an injury -riddled squad
the Nittany Lions are lboking eag
erly toward Monday's IC4-A's as
they show far greater form than
at any time this season.
With the return of Al Bourgerie,
who has been out of action since
he pulled a tendon in the Michi
gan State duel, Werner's charges
are at full strength and may pull
a surprise race against the har
rier favorites as they vie for na
tional honors on New York's Van
Cortland Park.
Captain Bill Smith has been
stepping up his time in each dual
contest, and right now shows far
more improvement over his last
year's times. Against Pitt, the
Nittany leader set another course
record as he rar the Schenley
Park five-mile grind in 26:05 min
In their tuneup for the IC4-A's,
which the harrier world looks
upon as the nation's greatest
cross-country competition, the
Lions paced through a tough sev
en-mile drill and fast one-mile
sprints early this week. They plan
to taper off ,in the few remaining
days in order to be. in peak shape
for Monday's contest:
A Box of Candy
Delicious Assortments
Latest Magazines—Tobaccos
Established 1896
Where The Athletes Meet
Mighty Lion Forward
Wall Still Plenty Good,
hi Spite Of Critics
While a victory over the New
York University Violets in Satur
day's clash is uppermost in hi:
mind, Coach Bob Higgins is peeves:
no end by this week's comment:
as to what happened to the mighty
Lion line against Syracuse.
Never one to offer an alibi an(
considered even by his severest
critics as a real sportsman, the
former State All-American never
theless feels justified in explainini
the lapse in the forward wall. The
center of the line was weakenei
considerably by injuries to Mike
Garbinski and Wade Mori whe
played through most of the game.
Garbinski injured his shoulder
at the outset of the •battle and Mori
wasn't even included in the orig
inal traveling squad because of
sprained knee. knee. With Jim Wood
ward on the sick list with an at
tack of grippe, it's no wonder the
hard running Orange attack gainee
more through the line than all five
previous foes put together. The
Lion mentor hopes to have hi'
charges at full strength for Sat
Higgins put his varsity througl
an intensive defense pr ac tic c
against Violet passes and runninf
plays yesterday afternoon. The
Lions' aerial defense has improvec
considerably since the beginning o:
the season but the coaching staf_•
is taking no chances.