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Weather— •
the Free Lance, Colder,
Established 1887
Possible Snow.
VOL. 37—No. 43
Cabinet Approves
'44 Election Code;
Voting Dec. 16
Complete approval of the fresh
man election code, submitted by H.
Leonard Krouse '42, chairman of
the Freshman Elections Commit
tee, was given by All-College Cab
inet last night.
Dates of freshman election day,
Monday, December 'l6, petition
deadline, Friday, December 6, and
freshman mass meeting, Tuesday;
December 10, were also granted.
A major change in the election
code as suggested by the election
committee extended the time of
voting. The polls will be open to
freshman students from 9 a.m. to
p.m. through lunch and dinner
The election committee also re
vised the code in regard to politic
al publicity. Formerly, posters
were distributed by each party and
automobiles were used for vote
solicitation. This year, all posters
will be printed by the committee
and no automobiles will •be allow
ed •to be used for political vote
For the first time in the history
of freshman balloting, two-year
agriculture freshmen can cast
their vote. This was formerly a
sore spot in the freshman - election
The final importcnt change in
freshman political rules designat
ed that all candidates must have
100 signatures of fellow class
mates, with 25 per cent of these
endorsements belonging to women.
PM Game Dance
Planned By Grads
Students traveling to Pittsburgh
for the Pitt game next weekend
for the Pitt game will be well
taken care of Saturday night by a
dance in the William Penn Hotel
ballroom at 10 p.m.
Rex Rockwell and his orchestra
will provide the music and alum
nus R. H. Frey, chairman of the
dance committee, will take care
of all arrangements, for the affair.
Alumni Harry H. Brainerd and
Edward M. Aiken will manage the
ticket committee.
Friday night before the game,
the annual Penn State Smoker will
be .held in the Schenley . Hotel at
8 p.m. The get-together will fea
ture entertainment and refresh-
Proceeds from the smoker and
dance will go into the Penn State
Scholastic Fund. All organization
work for -the affairs is being con
tributed by members of the Pitts
burgh alumni group, headed by
Benjamin C. Jones.
Dr. Willaman To Speak
At. MC Meeting Tonight
. Dr. J. J. WiHaman will speak to
the Central Pennsylvania Section
of the American Chemical Society
at 7:30 tonight in Room 119 New
Physics Building• on "The Pro
gram of the Eastern Research Lab
oratory of the United States De
partment of Agriculture."
Following the address there- will
be a-short business meeting for the
purpose of electing officers for
Campus: '43 Organizes
Organizatidn committtees were
formed and the general program
for the year was discussed at the
meeting of the Camnui '43 'party
last night.
'Rides Wanted' Column
Starts In Today's Issue
In answer to the suggestion of
Don Mackenzie '43, in his letter
to the editor which appeared in
yesterday's issue, The Daily
Collegian will inat.: gurate in to
day's papet'a rides and passen
ger-wanted column.
The service appears in this
issue on page four with the in
sertion of the only ad received
as yet. The charge per insertion
is ten cents which must be paid
in advance at the Collegian Of
fice, 313 Old Main. Notices
must be limited to two lines of
PSCA Fund Drive
Passes '39 Record
The PSCA four . day finance
drive got under way yesterday
with a $lO6 increase in contribu
tions over those recorded for the
first day of last year's drive.
Last year donations totaled
$lO7B at the end of the first day's
canvassing. Yesterday A total of
$llB4 was contributed.
An 85 dollar increase was re
corded by the women, while the
men donated 21 dollars more than
in 1939.
William Bartholoi l new '41 3 is
general chairman for the men's
canvassing organization. Section
chairmen for the four divisions are
Edward E. Lewis '4l, John Byerly
'4l, Raymond F. Leffler '43, and
Gerald F. Doherty '42.
Chairman for the women's can
Janet Herzog '42, and Elizabeth
Zeigler '42, are chairmen of the
women's sections.
Harry W. Seamans, general sec
retary of the PSCA, last night ex
pressed the hope that student in
terest in PSCA activities would
cause his year's finz.lnce drive to
surpass those of previous years.
The canvassing for contribu
tions will continue through tomor
row and Friday. Student PSCA
workers will cover student board
ing houses and fraternities. Fac
ulty members will solocit contri
butions from members of the col
lege teaching staff.
First Hillel Coffee Hour
Scheduled For Today
The . first meeting of the Coffee
Round Table, an informal study
hour, will take place at the Hillel
Foundation at 4 p.m. today.
The Coffee Round Table will
present a series of informal talks,
with discussion from the group, at
which Rabbi Benjamin Kahn will
preside. Coffee will be served.
Bob Chester Hailed As Band
OF The Year By Enthusiasts
With only three days 'left to
reserve booths for Soph Hop,
fraternities are urged to turn
their $5 deposits in to Student
Union, co-chairmen William P.
McFadden '43 and Eugene R.
Yeager '43 announced last night.
Bob Chester and his "rhythms of
tomorrow" orchestra, who will
provide the music for Soph Hop,
are being hailed everywhere as
the real threat to the title of "top"
band of the year. Chester creates
music that is a combination of all
tempos, "sweet" and "swing," as
well as "dreamy," with emphasis
on "danceability" and coloring o,f
Broadcasting over the major
Cabinet Learns
Asked For Assistants;
Backenstose Head Of
Hat Society Council
An All-College Cabinet request
for an organization cf hat society
presidents made two weeks ago
has already been carried out, Jack
W. Brand '4l reported to All-Col
lege Cabinet last night.
Thomas C. BEI ckerkstose '4l,
president of Skull and Bones, will
head the hat society council,
Brand reported. Other members
are William F. Finn '42, president
of Blue Key; Charles H. Ridenour
'43, president of DruiJs; W. Frank
lin Barr '43, pres:clent of Friars,
and Brand, who is president of
Parmi. Nous.
In case of any emergency at
which the present:- of hat men is
requested, Backem:tose, if con
tacted, will make immediate ar
rangements to have all hat men
turn out, the Cabinet was told.
A meeting of the newly organ
ized presidents was held in Old
Main last night for a discussion of
organization plans a d for a dis
cussion of a Poverty Ball to be
held before Christmas.
Cabinet also amended the list of
complimentary dance tickets to
provide for the managers and cap
tains of all officially-recognized
College sports. This means the
addition of rifle, skiing, and hoc
key. A motion to have several
women's leaders added to the list
was defeated, the 12 men unani
mously ,opposed, the four women
Cabinet members all in favor of
the motion.
Cabinet was told by Lewis C.
Cavalier '4l, that it was impossi
ble to have a student recreation
room in Old Main because the
room suitable, 301, is needed for
an accounting office.
Below Grades Lisfs Due
In Deans' Offices today
Today is the deadline for be
low grades from class instruc
tors, the deans' offices of all the
Schools have announced. How
ever, the lists will not be mailed
out until Saturday because the
time necessary for compiling
will take a few days.
No permanent record of below
grades are kept in the deans'
offices after the grades have
been mailed. A mid-term below
grade will only be recorded in
the instructor's office and two
sheets will be mailed, one to the
parent and another to the stu
radio networks has built up Ches
ter's popularity. Engagements at
such outstanding ballrooms as
those of the William Penn Hotel
in Pittsburgh, the New Yorker
in New • York, and the Book-Cad
illac Hotel in Detroit have pushed
him into the ranks of the "name
bands." Chester is trying to prove
to the country as a whole that his
band deserves a top rating, before
attempting to "crack" Broadway.
With the "Cinderella band of
the year" supplying the music and
a large number of dancers expect
ed, Soph Hop promises to be a
success. Tickets are on sale at the
Athletic Office in Old Main for
Warnock Has Already
Hat Men Unite
'Greased Pig' May Cavort
During Half 01 NYU Game
Temporary plans draWn up by
W Lewis Corbin.'4l, chairman of
Tribunal, for a "greased pig
race" to be held between halves
of the NYU football game Saturn
day were unanimously approved
at the All-College Cabinet meet
ing last night.
One representative freshman
from each fraternity and inde
pendent group will be present
with the insignia of his group
clearly indicated by black and_
white. They will be given five
minutes to catch the pig; the
winner, in case of dispute, to be
picked by a group of five judges.
Cold Snap Causes
Frosh Penalties
Cold weather caused seven
freshmen to appear• before Tri
bunal last night on charges of
hands in pockets. In fact, Edgar
Breisch Jr., actwally paraded into
the Tribunal members' presence
with his hands in his topcoat.
Edgar, who is raising a mus
tache only for the reason that
freshmen at Harvard and Yale are
restricted in this practice, when
asked by W. Lewis Corbin '4l, Tri
bunal head, if he knew why he
was there, answered, "I've got a
sneakin' suspicion." His assign
ment is to get the signatures of all
Mortar Board members and also
sweep up the campv.s of dirty pol
itics with his broom.
Complete' in war paint, feath
ers, Indian blanket and war club,
Albert Miller will stalk the cam
pus declaring, "Little Chief Red
Man—Heap Bid Penatly."
If you're ever feeling low just
stop Kenneth Weimer, "Campus
Pepper-Uoner," and he will glad
ly give you a short snappy pep
talk on Penn State's fine weather.
Richard Schwab's back is to be
burdened by Ray Leffler's short
verse, "Rain, Sleet, Snow—Hands
In Pockets—No!" John Bauscher
had the bad taste to walk by the
Tribunal meeting in Old Main
with his dink on. Quick thinking
Druid, Leo Roan, nabbed him on
the spot.
Other violators night were
William Bishop, George Critsimil
ious, Thomas Warman, and Ray
Reitz. •
Corbin announced that customs
would be off at 5 p. m. Friday and
Saturday for those freshmen with
Soph Hop dates.
Drydock Opens Saturday
With New Entertainment
Featuring a star-studded floor
show, the Drydock, student soft
drink nite club, will open its new
season in the Sandwich Shop Sat
urday night.
Headlining the bang-up enter
tainment card will be the Meyer
Brothers, novelty team who were
winners on 'Major Bowes' Amateur
Hour; Roy Rogers, one-third of the
Three Stooges, as master of cere
monies; Leon 'Shaft in the Draft"
Rabinowitz, impersonator; Connie
Konopka, vocalist; and George
Sumner, piano accompanist.
Table reservations may be made
at Student Union and at the door.
There will be a cover charge of
25 cents per person.
Dean Of Men's Request
Made In Budget Report
A. R. Warnock, dean of men, has
already asked for assistants, it was
reported to All-College •Cabinet
last night by Samuel A. Dum '4l,
chairman of a committee to inves
tigate the proposed enlargement of
the dean's staff.
Dum said, "Dean Warnock told
the committee that he had includ
ed a provision in his budget for
either two field workers or one
trained assistant."
It was indicated that Dean War
nock's request had been made be
fore Cabinet began discussion of
the matter two weeks ago.
Dum also said that Dean War
nock asked the committee to con
fer with President Ralph D. Hetzel
on the matter. The committee will
probably do this when President
Hetzel returns from Chicago late
this week, Dum said.
It was not reported what the
exact duties of the field workers
would be. Field assistants had not
been considered in the previous
First student body to consider
the addition of assistant deans of
men was the Student Housing
Board. At a meeting on October
24 it went on record as favoring
assistant deans to increase the
work done through The dean's
After his report last night Dum
said that another and probably
final report will be presented at
the Cabinet session next Tuesday.
Committee Plus
Six Outing Clubs
To offer a well-planned recrea
tion program for leisure hours of
students and faculty members, the
Recreation Committee under the
chairmanship of Dean A. R. War
nock in its last meeting created
six outing clubs in endeavoring to
take in all sporting interests on the
Although the committee will
promote and sponsor a large pro
gram, it will not seek to supplant
any other active recreation group,
but will merely assist them in de
veloping a more extensive pro
'ln order to take advantage of
the recreational facilities at hand,
clubs including certain sports are
organized as follows: the Riding
club, the Winter Sports club for
skiing and ice-skating, Hunting
and 'Fishing club, Hiking club tak
ing in camping, bike-hikes, and
nature outings, the Water Sports
club with swimming and also
bowling, and the Markmanship
club which covers rifle, archery,
and skeet.
Ray M. Conger, instructor in
physical education, is in charge of
the sponsoring of the All-College
Outing Club which incorporates
all the sporting clubs mentioned.
200 Directories On Sale
In Registrar's Office
Two hundred student director-.
ies, priced at 10 cents each, will
go on sale this morning, William
S. Hoffman, registrar, said last
About 800 directories have been
received but 600 copies have been
distributed to faculty members,
be said. He added that he did not
know why the entire order has
not been delivered but said that
he expected the remainder of the
order within the next few days.