The daily collegian. (University Park, Pa.) 1940-current, November 02, 1940, Image 7

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rpsh Star
paiffer in Experience,
1-because Guy Candy and
Charlie Hobbs ran neck and neck
in the freshman crois-country-
In .
meet with Syracuse, which the
State frosh 'won 19-36, it's not rea
sonable to assume that they have
run iSarallel careers in other ways.
And, oddly enough, that's just
what we found out when" we start
ed to inquire about the two ISTit
tany frosh who ran the three-mile
course in 15:46, only 13 seconds
slower than the freshman record.
On one hand we have Candy,
weighing in at 138, 5' 11 - tall, who
never ran cross-country before he
came to Penn State from Tyrone
this fall. His running mate, -- Hobbs,
125 pounds, 5' 6 1 / 2 itall, ran second
in the Public High School Cross-
Country Championships in Phila
delphia last year after three years
. of competition, for Northeast High.
Candy's experience in high
school was limited to mile races.
Last year he took third in the state
championships with a 4:29 mile.
He's got a good-looking sister
who's a red-headed nurse in the
College Infirmary, by the way.
Hobbs, besides , his cross-country
experience, ran' the mile in high
school and was a half-hearted pole
The parallel shows again in the
friendly manner of both boys. Both
are dark-headed stylists of Gene
Yenske's type.
14 R flig To 'faPital
.L#Y. yY L. Lepley, ' assistant
professor of physchology, will fly
to 'Washington, D. C. tomorrow to
confer with the .committee on the
selection .and training of aircraft
pilots. •
Punting is the UpiverOty of
weapon this f:4 11 . 4e4AiX l ,5 the /1.5 t
of p„ . ,a,..71ec,0ci 'DeWitt
Arr9.3v, 0 1 :4P, 301?
". 2 .V 1 19. 1 . 0 PrAge anti .G. l . 6l 7k 'in
~~ q~~
G~ ¥~~~
Lion Yearlings To Baffle Cornell Cubs Al 12:30 Today
Pella Leads tiffany
BOOM In Yardage
Pepper Petrella i leading the
Nittany Lions in ground gained for
the first half of the gridiron cam_
paign, a summary of the figures
for 'the first four games revealed.
The flashy ball-carrier from
Downington has carried the -ball
73 times in four games and has
piled up a total of 386 yards, has
lost only 36, and has an average of
4,9 yards per try on the basis of
net yards gained.
Len Krouse's -speed on reverse
runs gives him the highest average
per try for any back on the squad.
The shifty wingback has carried
the ball 21 times for an average
of 7.9 yards per run.
Second only to Petrella in
ground gained is veteran tailback
Chuck Peters who is averaging
5.3 yards per attempt or a net av
erne of 183 yards in 36 tries.
czaig White and Ralph Ventres
co stand second to Krouse in av
erage-per-try with identical marks
of 5.9 yards.
T.C. Net. Avg.
Krouse 21 165 7.9
Ventresco 7 41 5.9
White 8 47 5.9
Peters "36 183 5.3
Petrella 73 354 4.9
Brown 32 118 3.7
Gramley . 4 23 3.2
Vargo 2 5. 2.5
2 5 2.5
16 36 2.3
Sin . altz 23 \33 1.4
2 -15 -8.5
An old tradition at the Univer
sity of South :C.exolina. is the build
ing of fires in ,front of canws
gates on the eve of the annual
Clemson. The stu- .
4 : 3 4e?A* 4°Pe keep the
!•‘- . Ti * g_ers" away.
• • •
" •
' •
, • •
• • '
Injuries cripple Lions
Ili FOI Smnd Win
A badly crippled Lion freshman
grid outfit will play its last home
game of the season against a pow
erfuLbunch of Cornell yearlings on
the football practice • field at 12:30
p.m. today.
' The whole frosh team, according
to Coach Marty McAndrews, is
"pretty well bunged up." This is
in addition to injuries which have
forced regulars Bob Wallace and
John Jaffurs to the sidelines and
which have made necessary •the
transfer of Andy Yurick, guard;
to quarterback to fill in for Harry
Snyder, second-string signal
caller. •
Both teams will be seeking their
second victory of the season: 'ln
two contests the Ithaca youngsters
have walked over Kiski, 34-0, and
been edged 7-6 by the same Col
gate tedin 'which fought to a 7-7
tie with State.
In two other contests the Lion
ye.arlings outscored Bucknell„ 13-0,
and took a licking from Syracuse,
The probable starting lineup for
State - : Jack Potsklan, left end; Dan
Halpin, left tackle; Paul Schlegel,
left guard; Joe Kraynack, center;
Jim Bonham, right guard; Bernie
Brosky, right tackle; Bucky Wal
iers, right end; Aldo Cenci, quar
terback; Chappy Peters, left half
back; Dan Dimidio, right half
back; and Jack Banbury, fullback.
1t0402 Hits Bank Night
Going home to see the family
can be very profitable if the case
of Lewis C. Hohnka is taken as an
example. While in his home town
othilipshytg Thursday night,
Lewis citopped into the 'Rowland
Theqtye to t arnyse himself and
clmE out With a $ 1 9. 0 b l t night
;~~;{; y 7 y{(~ ~n?:4r:
~ . ..:, ; . :;::.::',.‘5 i :,..,',-: . i. , ..:: , ...::,
Ric HAI"
Stellar. Receiver
Above is Alex (Jeep) Urban, ace
pass receiver of the South Carolina
team. The Lions will do well to
keep their eye on this shifty lad
who will be trying to snag passes
this afternoon.
Nittany pone Have Had
7 Undefeated Seasons
The 1940 season is the 54th year
of football at Penn State, the •first
team having played two games
with Bucknell in 1887. :Nittany
Lion teams have played uninter
rupted schedules from 1887 to
The first State team was also
the Lions' first undefeated eleven.
Undefeated records are also listed
for the 1894 and 1909 teams, but
the 1911 squad was the first Vit
tany aggregation wiggly recog
nized as a lea.dipg college eleven.
This team won ,eight games in
ducting victories over_ Cornell,
.Penzt, Colgate and Pitt. It play.ed
A scoreless tie with WAyy.
Other ung.o94ted "seasons were
1912, 1920, and 1921.
O. 111 Y IWO infliS
. ON I • • • • • • L' 1 M I I
Pekelio's 4 Topcbdowns .
Pace Nittany Scorers
With Krouse Second
Pepper Petrella, scourge of
State opponents, is leading the
Nittany Lions in scoring with 24
points at the season's halfway
mark, a compilation of statistic,
revealed yesterday.
.The Downingtown mite tallier"
his points on four touchdown
jaunts, one in the Bucknell game.
one against West Virginia, anc
two in the clash with Temple
last Saturday.
Three Lion backs follow Pep
per in the scoring column with V:
points each. Len Krouse, Chuck
Peters and Sonny Rice have count
ed twice.
TAD. E.P. Tot
. 4 0 24
..2 0 12
. 2 0 12
. 2 0 12
.0 6 6
.1 0 6
Rice .
Day ..
0 4 6
11 10 `•7B
*Automatic safety in Bucknel
Vacant All-American SpoT
May Be Filled This Year
In the lobby of Rec Hall fivr
full-length pictures of Penn State*.•
five All-Americans are very prom
lnently displayed. An empty space
the same size as one of the pic •
tures, is also very prominent.
The five Lion All-Americans ar
William "Mother" Dunn, 1904; Bo
Higgins, 1919; Charley Way, 192. U•
Glenn Killinger, 1921; and JOZ`.
Bedenk, 1923.
This year, the first year in a ion'
time, State has two candidates t.
fill that vacait space on the wall
They are captain Leon Gajecki
who, like "Mother" Dunn, plays
center, and Tom Vargo, end.
Twenty-eight of Coach Rex En
right's University of South Caro
lina football players, practicall:•
his entire squad; have registere,l
for Uncle Sam's selective _
$3,85 COUPLE