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; the-Free Lance, ••• '.. 'l , jv 4 ;ill ,(• • ~,,.,.,, t,)
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Established 1887 . ./
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", "VOL. 37- 7 No. 36
Undefeated Lions Are Set For Intersectional . Game
Mueller Selected
To Sponsor Drive
On Room Lighting
John E. Mueller, past president
of the Edison Electric Institute
and, manager of commercial sales
for West Penii Power Co., has been
selected to head a Rooming Illum
ination Week drive, Dr. Arthur F.
Davis, associate professor of phy
sical education and chairman of
the College illumination commit
tee, has announced.
•In order to educate students on
the minimum light required to il
luminate a room, the committee
will sponsor this drive during the
week December 12-19 in special
classroom and demonstration clin
The demonstration clinics will
be set up in various fraternities,
dormitories, rooming houses, and
hygiene classes, which will be in
structed in proper lighting tech
nique by Mueller and his assist
ant, Mr. Harry Rostofski.
Members of the jillumination
committee are Davis, A. R. War_
nock, dean of men, Miss Charlotte
E. Ray, dean of women, Harold
W. Loman, College purchasing
agent, Dr. Joseph P. Ritenour, di
rector of the College Health Serv
ice, Dr. Harriet M. Harry, Miss
Anna. 3. 'Searle, hostess of dormi
tories, Roberta J. - Kelly, chairman
of the Junior Service Board, Mrs.
Franklin B. Krauss, president of
State College Women's Club, Mrs.
EdWara M. 'rear, president of
State College AAUW, and John
M. Byerly '4l, chairman of the
Student Housing Board.
Flynn Campaign Chairman
Art Flynn was appointed cam
paign chairman for the freshman
Campus party by Kemp Noble,
party chairman, prior -to a meet_
ing Thursday. After a short ses
sion during which no important
business was transacted, the party
adjourned until Monday night at
7:15 p. m. The meeting is tenta
tively scheduled for Room 318. Old
Collegian Weathei 'Ham' Adopts
ShortMave Prediction Method
Rain or shine? Ask the weather
man, he knows!
After spending hours studying
wind currents and intricate graphs
of Mother Nature's various moods,
the weatherman announces his
verdict to thousands of anxious
. But here on campus there is a
different weather prophet.
Instead of locating the north
wind. just as it begins to sweep
down from the icy Arctic or plot
ting the course of a western dust
storm, Collegian's weather seer,.
William J. McKnight '42, speaks
into -a "ham" radio mike every
night before Collegian press time
"_Calling' CO, calling CQ."
Many answers from amateur
'radio operators tumble through
the ether, but McKnight .Anly lis
tens for one source. From the Pitts
burgh area and farther west, the
"hams" tune in on McKnight's
-frequency. •
h e n Weatherman -McKnight
gets on the job. - -.• :
From long' radio. experience; he
has discovered. that Penn States
Ui.eather • conditions - one. 'day
111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 11111111111!
Blue Band Rehearsal
Called For 1 p.m. Today
A special rehearsal of the
Blue Band will be held on the
soccer - field at 1 i
p.m. today, Di
rector Hummel Fishburn an
nounced last night.
The rehearsal scheduled yes
terday. afternon was cancelled
because of rain. The South Caro
lina band is not coming here and
the Blue Band will have twice
as much time as usual between
the halves of the game; Director
Fishburn added. He hinted that
the band was_ preparing some
special— maneuver for the be
tween-the-halves parading:-
11111111111111111111111111111111111111111 111h1111111111111111111111111
Rain For HPI-
Yes! - So What!
What would a Penn State
Houseparty be without rain or
snow?•is the question we hear ask
ed time and again these cold, wet
day. The answer, oddly enough
is "Swell!"
Still,• we manage to do quite
well regardless of the weather. It
often resolves itself into- a race to
see whether 'nature can soak your
outsides faster .than you can soak
your insides. We've always found
such conditions stimulating, to say
the least. Maybe it's the competi
tive.spirit in man.
If the :weather's. .grand,. then
there's nothing 'to do- but 'enjoy it.
But, just think of what-fun can be
had if • the weather's lousy, like
'now, and you have . to play twice as
hard to get the same results. Ac
tually, the brain-over-brawn boys
would have us believe, you get
loads more fun on a rainy week
end. Which all sounds like pure
rationalization to us, but so what?
Somehow, we feel that this
drizzly weather gives the hat-girls
(the newest name for imports) a
definite advantage over- coeds.
What good is a hat anyway if it
doesn't rain, snow, or something.
The locals, however, will over
come this handicap if they con
vince- the boy friend that "With
the Wind and the Rain in My
'Hair" is really a classic based on
some idea or other that that's the
greatest thing in the world.
later than those of Western Penn
sylvania arid Eastern Ohio and In
After receiving the weather
reports from his cohorts, McKnight
computes his weather prognostica
tions into a "Fair, Sightly Cooler,"
or "Rain and Warmer."
Far from picking his selections
from a hat, McKnight has system
atized his procedure into a 75 per
cent average of accurate weather
forecasting, even if it does take
one away from the preciseness of
a weather expert's laboratory into
a fantastic question of "How's the
weather out there, Joe?"
• Since. the Daily Collegian could
not obtain the official weather re
port from the College Weather
Bureau because its reports are not
released until morning, McKnight
has proved a 'good substitute.
H6vever, - McKnight has his "off
nights" also. Two weeks ago, he
made a "Fair and Warmer" pre
diction. It snowed. Yesterday, it
rained instead of being "Generally.
Fair and Cooler."
He may be a "ham" weather
prophet, •but he's still a gocid cab.
With South Carolina
South. Carolina
E. Carter -
Stan Nowak
Elston .
Referee—W. H. Friesell, Princeton. Umpire—R. B. Goodwin,
IAr&T. Linesman—F. E. Carrol, St. Bonaventure. Field Judge—A.
K. Marters, Dartmouth.
Politica! Debate
To Open Season
. Plans have been completed by
the Forensic Council to make the
election-eve, Penn State-Univer
sity of Pennsylvania debate an out
standing feature of the coming de
bate season, it was announced yes
terday by Professor Joseph F.
O'Brien, coach of men's debate.
The debate will be held at 8 p.m.
Monday in Room 121 Liberal Arts,
on the issues of Willkie versus
Roosevelt. — The affirmative side
will be upheld by John Landis '4l
from the- U. of P. and William E.
Harkins '42, while the Willkie ar
guments will be attacked by Shel
don Cross' 42 of Pennsylvania and
David R. Benjamin '4l. Prof. Harry
P. Zelko of the speech department
will act as chairman of the debate.
Special effort is being made to
appeal to the student body by
making the debate an informal
political get - together, Professor
O'Brien said. The audience will
make its decision las to the merit
of the arguments by voting both
before and after the debate.
Elected SPEE Chairman
Fred C. Stewart, professor Of
mechanical engineering, was -re
cently elected 'chairman of the Al
legheny section' of the Society for
the Promotion of- Electrical - En
gineering. •
Only Junior In Starling Line
Probable Starting Lineups
left end
left tackle
left guard
right guard
right tackle
right end
left halfback
right halfback
Chapel Service Features
Noted Speaker Tomorrow
Chaplain John H. Frizzell has
arranged to have Dr. Hobart D.
McKeehan, of the Abbey Evan
gelical and Reformed Church of
Huntingdon, speak in Chapel Serv
ice tomorrow. Dr. McKeehan's
subject is "The Divine Prome_
The regularly-scheduled speak
er, Dr. Justin W. Nixon, will be
unable to "attend.
Dr. McKeehan holds the rare
reputation of being the youngeSt
clergyman ever to be listed in
Who's Who in America.
Freshmen Eulogize Corbin
"In fond memory of W. Lewis
Corbin. Who died of frustration at
the Class of '44."
Yesterday morning's contingent
of early risers were horror strick
en to find the above epitaph dec
orating the "building stones col
umn" in front of the Armory.
Decorated with a beautiful black
ribbon, the 10 x 12 sign was
strung up 8 feet from the ground.
After much frenzied phone
calling, it was discovered, to the
relief of all concerned, that our
worthy Tribunal: Chairman was
still hale and hearty. Needless to
say; he was very much surprised
to hear of his recent death.
Later in the afternoon Cor-
Penn State,
Gajecki (c)
and Cool.
State At Full Strength
For Gamecock Tussle
An undefeated and untied Nit
tany Lion football eleven, riding
on a crest of a four game victory
streak this year, will make its fifth
bid for higher national recognition
on New Beaver •Field this after
noon when it clashes with the Uni
versity of South Carolina team in
the annual Fall Houesparty game.
The kickoff for the Lions' only
intersectional game of the 1940
season is scheduled for 2 p. m.
Boasting one of the best forward
walls in the country and two sets
of fleet backs, the Nittany Lions
will be favored to retain their
lofty position among the rapidly
dwindling list of unbeaten and un_
tied teams. For the second succes
sive Saturday, the rugged State
team will be at full strength to
meet its opponent's onslaughts.
Although defeated in their three
starts to date by Georgia, Du
quesne and Clemson, the Carolina
Gamecocks have one of the South's
most effective aerial attacks which
they will probably use with great
frequency in an effort to upset the
applecart. The Southerners tal
lied five touchdowns through the
air against Duquesne and Clem
son, rated among the nation's out
standing teams.
To offest the visitors' aerial of
fense, Coach Bob Higgins will re
tain the, same veteran-studded
lineup which trampled over the
Temple - Owls, 18 to 0, last Satur_
day. The two senior halfbacks,
Chuck Peters and Craig White
drew the starting assignments. The
Lions' two best ground-gainers,
Pepper Petrella and Len Krouse,
who between them have account
ed for over half of State's scrim
mage yardage this year, are ex
pected to enter the game in its
early stages.
Bill Smaltz and Johnny Pat
rick will occupy the fullback and
quarterback spots, respectively.
in the starting array. Smaltz is
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.Pits News Endorses
Absentee Vole Drive
The Pitt News. student news
paper at the University of Pitts
burgh, has joined the Daily Col
legian and All-College Cabinet in
a drive for !absentee voting in
Pennsylvania, the `..."ollegian was
informed by telegram last night.
Free postcards for students to
send home to General Assembly
candidates are still obtainable at
Student Union. A list of candi
dates may be seen at the desk.
Students who receive replies from
candidates have been asked to
turn the information over to the
bin was asked by a Daily Colleg
ian reporter how it felt to be able
to read one's obituary. Cor
bin's statement to the press was
that he didn't mind it at all:
It had not been determined as
yet, when the Daily Collegian was
put to bed last night, whether any
action would be taken against the
8-foot freshman who is suspect
ed of the dastardly deed.
Don't forget, frosh, if you see the
aforementioned culprit walking
around the campus, please do not
hesitate to report him to Tribunal.
In addition, the English Comp de
partment would like to meet up
with this sadistic killer of sen
tence structure.