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Now Many Slates
Can YOU Name I
How many states can you name
correctly if given a map with state
lines drawn in but name de
If you can name all of 48, you
will be doing better than nine out
of ten students according to tests
given to classes in beginning
geography recently. More than
one-fourth of those. taking the
tests could not fill in the names
of half of the states correctly. Sev
eral missed Pennsylvania and
more than one-third of the group
missed one or more of the states
bordering Pennsylvania.
The same test included the coun
tries of Latin America and the av
erage student, it was found, could
fill in Only one-third of the names
of these countries correctly.
Central America, as far as five
sixths of the class were concerned,
is a no-mans land. Panama was
the only country that more than
one-sixth of the class was sure
about. In view of our increasing
interest in Latin America, this
lacl - : of knowledge is hardly un
One student was so uninformed
about Latin America that he
marked in Germany, England,
France, Italy, et al, on the map of
South America.
The examination given involved
writing in on outline maps the
names of the 48 states, 13 Middle
American countries, and the 13
South American countries. The
average grade was 54, with men
averaging 10 points higher than
women. The highest grade, 97,
was Made by a freshman. The
test was given to several faculty
members and one seventh-grade
student. The latter's score was
about 20 points higher than the
college student average.
Copies_ of the maps are still
available at the Geography Divi
sion office, 109 Mineral Industries
Building, if you want to see what
you can do.
Bm In The FaM
You're Lucky
Infants born during October
and November have bones which
are better in maturity and mineral
density rating, on the average,
than those born during other
This conclusion resultS from a
study conducted in the division of
home economics research at the
College by Dr. Pauline Beery
Mack, director, Portia Bricker
Harvey, and Alice Jones Beakley.
The study included the taking
of X-rays of the left arm and left
leg of approximately 400 infants
born in a Pennsylvania State Hos
pital (Piiilipsburg) during the
period of study. The infants were
all X-rayed within 48 hours of
birth. The bones were then rated
according to standards for matur
ity and mineralization.
"The average bone ratings be
came successively poorer from Oc
tober and November to June and
July," said Dr. Mack, "and then
began to average progressively
better. The differences may be
attributed partly to the generally
better diets which are available
during the spring and summer
months and partly to the larger
amount of sunlight which is avail
able at that time."
The study also shows that moth
ers in their early and middle
twenties are likely to have chil
dren with better initial bone struc
ture than those of other ages.
"The study points clearly to the
fact that too little education on
diet during pregnancy is being
given during the present time,"
Dr. Mack pointed out.
"More attention should be giv-.
en to this subject in the schools
and' in adult classes. In this and,
other studies, it has been founds
that education is- as important as•
purchasing power the ...wise
selection of foods.'
Readers' Alley—
The Daring Young Man
Of Theatre—Guess Who!
At last comes a volunteer to
take our place in the literary
trenches while we watch foot
ball practice and in other ways
apply ourselves to less import
ant things than reviewing books.
Anyone know a better word
than "grateful'"
It is with great interest that we
greet the first three published plays
of William Saroyan, presented in
a volume entitled THREE PLAYS,
principally because he has includ
ed The Time of Your Life, which
won both the' Drama Critics'
Award and the Pulitzer Prize this
year. Here, we see a tremendous
personality (that of a genius by
his own admission) turning his
talents to the theatre.
"My Heart's In The Highlands,"
the first of the three plays, is a
delightful fantasy in which Mr.
Saroyan carefully disregards every
custom and rule of playwriting
found in Aristotle's three unities,
through the French "well-made
play" to Baker's post-war plati
tudes. There is no plot, no division
into acts or scenes, very little con
tinuity—merely beauty and Saro
yan. These, however, are more
than enough excuse for any play.
It is thoroughly entertaining and
satisfying even though the cur
tain is drawn while all the princi
pal characters have both feet
planted firmly in mid-air.
The Time of Your Life, the gem
of last season, is the reply to
Shakespeare's oft-quoted "What is
the concord of this discord?" Here
in, •Saroyan takes an extraordin
arily heterogeneous group, includ
ing Joe f a philosophic barfly). Tom,
his disciple. Kitty Duval (a woman
with memories). an adventure
seeking society woman, her hus
band, and a negro boogie-woogie
pianist, and setting, them in a
honky-tonk waterfront dive,
weaves a compelling tale of their
lives and of life itself.
In Love's Old Sweet Song, the
complement of this trilogy, Saro
yan, in his beautifully benighted
style, gathers together an itinerant
pitchman, one Barnaby Gaul. a
sentimental and romantic woman
of 44, an ever-increasing family of
Okies, and an idealistic messenger
boy whose, blind devotion to his
Greek wrestler father is exceeded
only by his sentimental zeal, and
lets you in on the subsequent ac
Dorm Plans Party
The Nittany Coop Dormitory
will hold a Hallowe'en party in
conjunction with several men's
town dormitories at 8 p. m. to
day. The social committee is Betty
A. Bischoff '4l, Betty A. Whittaker
'4l, and Sallie L: Witter '42.
A $90,000 boiler is being com
pleted at the University of Idaho.
FOR RENT—Wanted young man
to share half of large double
room, 728 S. Pugh Street. Phone
2380. ltpdlll3sV
ATTENTION!—Students interest
ed in Personal Management or
Sales- Promotional Work, and who
need part time work at present,
kindly_interview Mr. C. D. Griggs
between noon and 6 p. m. on Mon
day, Nov. 4, at the Hotel State
College. ltchlllE
LOST—Black wallet with matri
culation and other cards. Re
ward. Call Chuck Reed, Beta
Theta Pi, 2271. 3tchllsE
FOR SALE—Tuxedo, size 35; ex
cellent condition. Single breasted.
FURNSIHED Kitchenette, pri
vate shower, electric refrigera
tor, automatic heat. Unlimited hot
water. Phone 4183. ltpdlllE
meals available at reasonable
rates. .Call 4161 for. reservations.
Mrs. Stern, 217, E. Foster_ •
6tpd . Sat-Tue-Thu 11-14
High School Rank
Affects Flunks
Acebi•ding to statistics released
from the Registrar's otficP the
largest number of students who
drop out of College were in the
Dower three-fifths of their high
school graduating class.
In a survey which was made of
last year's freshman class, 7L5
per cent graduated in the upper
two-fifths of the outgoing class in
secondary school and 28.5 per cent
were in the lower three-fifths. The
dismissal figures .of that class
showed that nearly three-fourths
of the withdrawals were in the lat
ter category. Hence, the lower the
status one had in high school, the
less chance he had of finishing his
college course.
Further information stated that
out of the total enrollment of
6,245 students in the College last
year. only 217 were dismissed be
cause of - poor scholarship. In addi
tion, 2,912 students were admitted
as standing in the upper fifth of
their'class in high school.
Gauger Named Chairman
Of Research Committee
Prof. A. W. Gauger, director of
mineral industries research at the
College, has been named chairman
of a committee under whose guid
ance two research projects are now
being conducted at the College. •
The committee is the gaseouS
fuels committee of the American
Society for Testing Materials.
Jack Sachs
~~ ..
South Allan- Si.. Diagonally Across. from. Post:Office ~:-!
ARROW TIES 'Ac ROW Wiio47.sl4:l'
... and are we proud of that handsome Gordon
Oxford shirt! In fact we have proudly spirted
College men for genera
tions—and today Arrow
is still - the favorite to
min on any campus.
Gordon Oxford has the
famous button-down
Dover collar, Sanfor
ized-Shrunk (fabric
shrinkage less than
1%). Invest $2. today
in this time-honored ce
lebrity. Another buck
will buy an Arrow tie
to top it off. See your
Arrow - dealer today.
Music Notes-:
Chester's Band Is Tops
Musically And Vocally
Although it's pretty early to haz- -
ard a guess as to the success of
Soph Hop---how can it miss with
a band like Bob Chester's? If you
listened to its broadcasts from the
Chatterbox this summer or went to
see it, you'd be enthusiastic, too.
This band is really solid. Bob Ches
ter admits that the - ,stylistic base of
the orchestra is about the same as
that of Glenn Miller's, but the
band really sounds the best when
it doesn't use that five-way reed
After you've listened to the band
for any length of time, you realize
that there is a real trumpet man
in the brass section. That is Alec
Fila, a fine lead man. Great things
are predicted for this nineteen
year-old, and you can rest assured
he will live up to them. His rhyth
mic drive is responsible for the
band's good beat. If anyone can be
compared to Muggsy Spanier, it's
this lad. --
The rhythm section doesn't add
up to very much, but it is capable.
The best man in the section -is-
Bobby Dominick, playing the kind
of guitar you'd like to hear more
Among the trombones we have
Al Mastren of the former Red
Nichols band. An excellent tine
and technical perfection distinguish
Al Stuart and lovely Dolores
()Weill do the vocal honors. If you
haven't heard her yet, then it is
almost compulsory to attend Soph
Hop. This girl SINGS and
FRIDAY', - 140VEMI3ER - 1,1.190
• • •
straight from the heart. Ao:ipoxmieil
Baker stuff here.' - •
Bob Chester his the makirig - S;Ofp
the Cinderella band of 1941.:
. ,
Evenings Only 6.30, 11:30-''.
'Pride and Prejadicer-v ,