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    )'AGE FOUR
Costume Parade
ro Climax Party
' A costume parade with prizes
for the best individual and group
costumes will climax the Hallow
een Party sponsored by WSGA
..Ttlnior Service Board slated for
Atherton Hall from 10 p.m. to mid
>light Wednesday, October 30.
Prizes will also be awarded in
dividual and group winners in
apple and guessing contests. Cider,
doughnuts, and candy will be in
cl:_tded in the ten cent admission
charge, with pap corn balls, apple
contests, fortune telling, and guess:
ing contests costing two cents each.
Proceeds will be used for scholar
The four Atherton Hall lounges
.iud main lobby will be used for
Ike party to which all coeds at
linding must wear some type of
Committees appointed last night
include—apple contest: Anita M.
necht '42, chairman, Margery J.
Rosenberg '4l, Jeanne E. Willough
by '42, and Martha N. Albert '43;
cider: E. Louise Hack '42, chair
'man, Ruth Y. Francis '42, and Dor
othy H. Grossman '42; decorations:
7,oary W. Houghton '42, chairman,
Kathleen R. Barron '4l, Roberta
G. Robertson '4l, and Anita Ram
'4l; entertainment: Catherine
)34delspacher '42, chairman, Pat
ricia L. Patton '4l, Mary R. Craft
'42, end. Eleanor Hermann '42;
fortune telling: Eleanor M. Derr
'42, chairman, Eleanor T. Dill '4l,
Ifelen S. Davies '42, Janet M. Hartz
'42, and M. Elizabeth Georgia '43.
Pop cctr.n balls: Dorothy J. John
e3on '42, chairman, Elizabeth
Bertolette '42, Anna M. Evans '42,'
and Martha E. Powers '42; candy:
M. Virginia Cooper '42, chairman,
Kathleen Frazier '42, Claire H.
liildinger '42, Dorothy I. Rhoads i !
4 -'42 ' and Betty J. Lindenmuth '43;
~signs:. E. Mae Perry '42, chairman,-1
.mouth Porter '4l, Helen W. Han
-r her '42, Marge King '42, Betty
,Martin '42, and Harriet H. Stubbs
`42; and publicity: R. Helen Gor- -
'inn '42 and Roberta J. Kelly '42.
"OR RENT Desirable, double
second floor, front room. Apply
C. L. Martin fill. stpdlo26E
WANTED Advertising space
salesmen. College students only
;'or established College publica
'Cons. Must .be dependable and able
do prepare own layouts. Write at
once stating particulars. Address
?lox BB The Daily Collegian. P.O.
'h3ox: 261, Town. stpdlo2sE
pertly repaired. Portable and
office machines for sale •or rent.
'Dial 2342. Harry F. Mann,. 127 W.
'Beaver avenue. lyr-CRE-ch
FURNISHED, private bath, show
er, electric refrigerator. Party
Jc•aving town will sublet at reduc
ed rate. Phone 4183:
ITpd 10-23 MLE
LOST—GoId ring with initials
JHE. If found please return to
422 Atherton Hall.
LOST—Red male cocker spaniel.
Answers to Mose. Get in touch
with AKPi house. Call 2871.
ITchg 1023 MLE
November I and 2 'THE BALLOON GOES UP' Schwab Auditorium
11 necks Granted
For This Sunday Night
Eleven o'clock permissions
have been granted for this Sun
day night to upperclass coeds re
turning from the Penn State-
Temple football game in Phila
delphia and those remaining in
State College, WSGA Senate an
nounced last night.
Freshman coeds returning
from Philadelphia Sunday night
will be allowed 11 o'clock per
missions but those remaining in
State College must be in by 9
Records Show No
Enrollment Drop
"Contrary to the statement in
last Sunday's New York Times,"
said Frank D. Kern, dean of the
Graduate School, "enrollment has
risen by 26 over last year's enroll
ment at the same period."
The New York Times said,
",Penn State, with a general in
crease, records a decrease of 163
in the graduate schools traceable
to acceptance of positions in in
dustries affected by the national
defense program. In the case of
graduate students majoring in en
gineering alone, there were nine
resignations arising from this
Opposed to this statement is the
fact that enrollment this year is
524, while last year's enrollment
was 498. There was a decrease ac
cording to figures now obtainable,
in the number of students enrolled
in the agriculture, engineering, and
liberal arts, but an increase in edu
cation, cherdistry, and mineral in-:
dustries. Hovievek, this is -insigni
ficant because of the:natural varia
tion from year to year.
' Except for. a decrease recorded
in enrollment for 1934-35 enroll
ment has steadily .risen every year.
It was naturally expected to drop.
again this year because of the de
fense situation, but so far the facts
are contradictory.
; Murphy, Dougherty
Given WSGA Posts
Jane Murphy '44 was appointed
the second freshman senator and
Marion Dougherty '44 was named
to WSGA Judicial Committee by
WSGA Senate last night.
The other freshman senator is
H. Ann Carruthers who was elect
ed at the freshman Mass meeting
two weeks ago and the other Judi
cial member is Ruth Popp,. who as
sub-chairman of Freshman Coun
cil, is automatically on the com
Both senators hold office for a
term of one year while Judicial
committee members retain office
for their- four years in College.
CATHAUM: "Third Finger Left
Hand" Plus; New "March of
STATE: "Too Mani• Girls"
NITTANY: "The Return of Frank
ITpd 1025 E
MEN ! !
Have you heard this remark about your
self?—"Too bad he didnt take care of his
hair when he had it"—Try our scalp treat
ment and have thick, lustrous hair.
Garet Beanie Salon
Gletuntland Bldg.—Dial 207.1
Al The Movies
Sadie Hawkins Day Set November 9;
To Be Climaxed By Spinster Skip
Following the action of Sadie
Hawkin's father, who created a
holiday in Dog Patch for his ugly
daughter to catch a husband, All-
College Cabinet voted to set aside
November 9 as Sadie Hawkins Day
here at its meeting last night.
Although national Sadie Hawk
ins Day will be observed on other
campuses November 2, Penn State
coeds will wear skirts and shoes
which facilitate running after the
men of their choices at the Cabinet
date since houseparties prevent
date reversals on the national day.
The day when women will adopt
Dog Patch's Sadie's tactics of chas
ing prospective husbands will cul
minate in Mortar Board's Spin
ster Skip in White Hall from 9 to
12 p.m. with music by the Campus
Decorations for the dance will
follow the Sadie Hawkins theme,
according to Ruth Goldstein '4l,
decoration chairman. Comic strip
paper ' dolls and Little Abner
sketches by Jean C. Craighead '4l,
will provide the setting for the'
dance when coeds escort their,
The male "Catch-of-the-Cam-'
pus" will be crowned at the Skip.
Penn Stale GOP
Takes First Step
Following up the attempt to form
a Penn State chapter of the College
Repuplicans of America (CRA),
the initial step was taken last night
when James S.. McKelvy '4l, act
ing as , temporary chairman, an
nounced the following names as
charter members of the chapter:
Robert Z. Torrance '43, Jack W.
Brand '4l, Clarence Huling '4l,
William 0. Meyers '42, Charlie A.
Reid '4l, Elinor Benfer '4l, H.
Edward Wagner '4l, Adam A.
Smyser '4l, Ronald F. Crawford
'4l, Beatrice McKechnie '4l, Roger
S. Findley '4l, H. Morel Roller
'4l, Thomas J. Robinson '4l, and
George Parrish '4l.
Zeigler '42 Named
Secretary of WSGA House
Betty L. Zeigler '42 was elected
secretary of WSGA House of Re
presentative last night and com
mittees were appointed for the
WSGA Christmas drive, exchange
dinners, and etiquette.
Co-chairmen of the Christmas
drive are Elizabeth Kinsloe '42 and
Anita M. Knecht '42; Dorothy E.
Salszmann '42 and Agnes Peebles
'4l are in charge of exchange din
ners, and Marion E. Sperling '42,
and M. Elizabeth McFarland. '43
head the etiquette committee.
Twenty-four women make up
WSGA House of Representatives
with one representative from each
woman's fraternity, one from each
upperclass down town dorm, four
from Atherton Hall and one from
Grange Dormitory.
'Outside of These We Love You'
For Women
1. Anklets arid hose together,
make up your minds.
2. Knee socks (ask the men.)
3. Dressy clothes on campus
(includes fur coats.) •
4. Wedgies.
5. Peeled nail polish
6. Oversized rings.
Sherman Emphasizes
Freshman Dating Rule
Freshman women may not
date off campus, in dormitories,
or in men's fraternity houses
before 5 p.m. Saturday, accord
ing to a restatement of the rule
by Margaret K. Sherman, Soph
omore Senator, last night. Vio
lators will be dealt with by
WSGA Judicial Committee.
Conflicting Actions
Confuse Drive
What action WSGA will take on
its proposed war relief drive was
uncertain today after the conflict
ing actions taken last night by
WSGA Senate and the All-College
In a meeting at 8 o'clock, the
WSGA Senate approved a drive
for funds for the British War Re
lief Society to be conducted from
November 4 to 9.
An hour later, All-College Cab
inet met and adapted a motion that
all war relief drives should be
gathered into one campaign to be
conducted next spring. '
The Cabinet motion came after
- a proposal was made to have a
drive sponsored by student govern
ment for funds for the World Stu
dent Service Fund. This was pass.:
ed up in favor of the motion for a
united drive.
Elinor L. Weaver 41, WSGA
president, reported after the Cab
inet meeting that no final WSGA
action could be forthcoming until
the Senate meets again next Tues
Student Art Group Picks
Committee For Activities
Selection of a committee of five
marked the organization of the
Student Art Group last Friday.
The committee, whose purpose is
to promote activities _throughout
the year, is composed of Alice
Freeman '4l, Ruth Licht '42, Har
old Raab '42, James Cohen '42, and
Richard Wolters '42.
The purpose of the group, which
is to stimulate art appreciation
through student-conducted meet
ings, was revealed by Wolters who
spoke on "The Technical Analysis
of Paintings." He explained var
ious scientific methods for testing
. the authenticity of paintings.
The next meeting of the group,
open to anyone interested in art
appreciation, will probably be held
November 8.
Mac Hall Holds lea-Dance
Novelty dances and refresh
ments were featured at the tea
dance given by. Mac Hall women
yesterday afternoon. Marjorie E.
Siebert '43 was in charge of ar
For Men
-1. Sweaters without shirts—
looks as if you just made it
from bed to class.
2. White socks (long under
wear excepted.)
3. Blue and green together.
4. Striped tie with striped
shirt or suit.
5. Braces and belt together.
6. Garterless socks. .
We, The Women--
About Gardens, Art
And School Spirit
IT WAS with regret that we
watched the flower garden in front
of the Zoology building, eing plow
ed under, but it is with poignant
distress that we learn the 78-year
old campus beauty spot will be re
planted—but with grass. Soothing
green will never satisfactorily re
place the brilliant colors of the
first College garden.
cussed in terms of national wel
fare, communal good, and Amer
icanism these days, it is good to see
that our country's culture is not
being left in the background. There
has been •an important swing to
American music, literature, and
art which receives-fresh impetus
from such organizations as the
newly-formed Students Art Group
which will present non-technical
art appreciation talks which every
one may attend.
DEDUCING that the decadence
of College spirit has been propor
tional to the increase of coed en
rollment is as inane as claiming a
native who shot a buffalo with a
bright red arrow - would always
have the same hunting luck when
toting the exact missile.
Women's Varsity Four,
Vocal Ensemble Selected
Members selected for the wo
men's varsity_ quartet and the vocal
ensemble were , announced yestk
day by Lola Saska '4l, Louise
Homer Club president.
In the varsity quartet, are Betty
M. Brown '4l, Edith A. Burrage
'4l, Grace M. Hendershot '4l and
Lola Saska '4l.
First sopranos of the vocal en
semble are Edith A. Butrage '4l,
Beverly E. Dibble '4l, Alvira
Konopka '4l, Margaret B. Viartde
'4l, M. Elizabeth Rinaurd 741;:atid
Elizabeth 3. Wetterau Second
sopranos include Betty.:M. Bro Vin
'4l, Dorothy H. Grossman Sara
P. Searle '42, arid Grace Seip
.. '
Altos are Jean Fisher '43; :Jane
Gibboney '42, Grace, M. Hende&
shot '4l, Anita M2Knect '42, and
Lola Saska '4l.
Cabinet Will Pay
(Continued from page two)
said, until yesterday- morning
when the room was ready to open
for the first time this year. Lewis
C. Cavalier '4l, Peter G. Fetzko
'4l, and Walter M. Kniaz '4l were
named to investigate the sudden
switch in plans. •
A committee of Jack W. Brand
'4l, Richard M. Geissinger '4l,
Marjory A. Harwick '4l, and H.
Leonard Krouse. '42 was appointed
to determine if a plan could be
worked out to give parents a spe
cial price on football tickets for
the annual Dad's Day game.
Robert N. Baker '4l, Arnold C.
Laich '4l, and Rice were selected
to act as an advisory group to
Soph Hop committee.
Action on school council budgets
was postponed until the next
meeting of Cabinet. Interclass
Finance Board was unable to meet
Monday and the board must act
on the budgets before they can be
considered by Cabinet.
Drydock Opening Dale
Moved To November 16
In order to cooperate with the
Mortar Board's Scholarship Dance.
which will be held November 9,
the opening date of Drydock has
been changed from Rovember 9
to Saturday,-November 16, it was
announced yesterday by Emer C.
Flounders '4l and Robert N. Baker
'4l, co-chairmen of the soft drinic
night club.