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The: 1.10-0
On National Defense -
. ,
In case you still doubt that the
:Lion- grid team has a defense as
terrific as two stone walls, you
might like to know that prior to
the - I,thigh breather - Saturday, the
Nittany - representatives ranked
eighth in the country for "total"
According of the American Foot
ball 'Statistical Bureau (long may
'their adding machines liVe), Bob
Higgins' lads were surpassed on
thp -national football defense, scene
E by only Georgia, Mississippi State,
Navy, Richmond, San Jose State,
Colorado State, and loWa, in total
'yardage made their front line. Be
hind the Lions came two of the
country's top-flighters Tennessee's
Ifols and Michigan (Harmon)•
' Rucknell and West Virginia tried
'6O offensive plays
_against the Nit
tany crew, gaining 47 yards rush
ing, and 161 by aerial thrusts,
which even moreso emphasizes
the locals' weakness against air
raids. .•
So potent is the. 1-ligginsmen's
ground defense that before the En
gineer tussle, -they were ranked
third in the country in .turning
back enemy gains by
.land. .Only
georgia and Penn' 'topped the
.Lions, according to.AFtSg
A hurried checkup from this
corner, ' following the , Battle — of
.B.ethlehern, showed that the Staters
moved into second plug. .behirgl
,Penn. Lehigh Alined ,but eigtit
yards all afternoon, botisting total
_gains of. opponents by land - to 55
yards against Penn. State. Prince- .
ton, playing Penn, tallied a minus
16 yards against the Quakers,
while C t olumbia marched 71 ya,rds
through Georgia. Which results in
Penn's moving into first,place with
but 26 yards against them, Penn
State in
„second with 55, arid Geor
gia slipping down to third with 75.
All of which is a nice tribute to
Messrs. Vargo, Platt, 'Mori, Ga
jecki, .GarbinSki, Stravinslii, and
Please, Mr. Higgins, just- give us
a pass defense as potent, and Tern=
ple will owe us two touchdoWns
after Saturdays iarne -
Frosh Work On Defense
for Syracuse Saturday
Defensive scrimmage against
the varsity and pass defense kept
the freshmen on their toes yester
day as they drilled in preparation
fOr the Syracusegame at Syracuse,
The fierce tackling of Joe Kray
nabk, center, and Aldo Cenci, quer;
terback, stood out as .the yearling
line..proved tough for the varsity
to crack. On several .occasions the
frosh broke through and threw the
bitte?jerseyed backs for a loss.
~ ATef
Only At
Opposite Old Main-, State College
roam I
syrocvser Last To Beat
Licin 8001011 1 Will. Try
For RepiteSotonlay
Since their last game in the sea
son of 1932 when a strong Syra
cuse eleven edged the liittgnymen,
2-1, the, invineible saner machines
of Ceech ,ref fret' have not lost
a single game in their 57 contests.
Saturday the Orangemen will at
tempt to again overthrow the
1 01 1 0PiPs of soccer.
41w.gys has the Syrac4se :ggre
ga4pn been the spgrithling block
for the Nittawrnerj, and not since
that memorable cfay in the fall of
1936 when the Orange tied Penn
State, 44, has there been as thrill
ing a soccer match or as tight a
squeeze for Bill Jeffrey's bOys.
I The teams were deadlocked •at
3-3—in the last quarter when the
spark reached the powder. A last
minute rush- saw Syracuse take
the lead with a goal .0 seconds be
fore the game ended, and with the
_l5OO spectators still cheering what
appeared to be an Orange victory,
Nittahy Captain Bill IVlcEwan
drove the ball toward the Orange
-net—.a seemingly impossible kick
from 35 yards out that packed so
much power' the Syracuse goalie
stabbed for the ball after it was
in the net. .
Captain Bill McEwan, incident
ally is the brother of one of the
great soccer players of all time,
John MgEwan, Syracuse center
forward, who scored the goal that
beat the Lions in 1932, the only
time a Jeffrey coached team was
defeated on New Beaver Field.
.McEwan was also one 9f
the members of the team that
went to Scp.tland in 104.
This year's captain, Walt Nos
terman, makes this comment about
Saturdayi,s . game, "Syracuse • has
,been a nemesis for Penn
State. Last year we won; 5-0, but
they had a much better team than
the score indicated. At any rate,
it will be the . toughest game yet
this year."
The coaching -systems of. Penn .
State and, Syracuse are as differ
ent as day from night. The
Orangemen use power and rough
er tactics than the Nittanymen
who stress strategy, short kicks,
and clever passing.
Coach Jeffrey ' will start the
team, that opened against Bucknell
last week, and will take along five
of the follpwing: Ernst, Dearborn,
Seavy, 'Taylor, Arnold, and Duf
Candy, Eppright Win
freshman harrier Race
Showing far more promise than
any two freshmen have displayed
in the past three years, Guyer
Candy and Bill Eppright spurted
to a
. 15:54 photofinish in a fast
three-mile time-trial yesterday.
Candy, who has shown the
greatest harrier improvement in
this fall's worlcouts, and Eppright,
transfer student from Fignn, estab,
lished the best time in three years
when they out-footed 12 other
freshmen to the finish Line.
Although :Eppriglit will not be
eligible to compete in this year's
freshman harrier duels,. Candy
will - be well supported by flobbs,
Stone, Hazel, Falcon, Wright, and
Eno, all who turned in a 17 min
ute three mile .tintO Yestgc44l3i.
The times: Candy 16:54, Epp:.
right '15:54, Hobbs 16:19, Stone
16:41, Hazel 16:50, Falk/on 17:19,
Wright 17:24, Eno 17:31, Hyson
.17:38, Cressman 18:03, Bourges
18:035, Diamond 18:46, McVoy
19:22, and McEvoy 19:30.
While And Veniresco Shape Up Weil
(lash As Yarsily Gridders Scrimmage
• All hands were on deck and in
good shape yesterday as Coach
13oblfiggins sent his ..ion gridders
through an intensive two hour
scrimmage against the freshman
squad in preparation for the aerial
blitzkrieg and crushing running
offensive the versatile Temple
eleve expected to reveal on
While the varsity players show
ed up well against the "Owl" de
fense used by the yearlings, the
most encouraging factor for the
undefeated Lions was the per
formance turned in by the return
ing injured gridders. With vet
eran Craig White, Ralph Ventres
co and Bob Wear back in playing
condition, the State squad should
be at its fullest strength for the
Temple encounter, barring any in
juries this week.
The return of White should
bolster the Blue and White pass
defense considerably since the
three-year veteran halfback is one
of ' the ablest 'defenders against
forward passes Higgins has. He
will share the wingback assign
ment with Len Krouse whose ball
carrying and pass receiving has
been outstanding in the three
games this year.
With Bill Smaltz all ready to re
sume his passing and kicking du
ties in the backfield, the fullback
spot was further bolstered by the
agility shown yesterday by yen
fresco. The big sophomore star
appeared fully recovered from the
bad knee injury which kept him
out of action since the opener with
Temple At Full Streng th
As the Terriple Owls began pre
parations for Perin State, Coach
Ray korrison, for the first time
Aerial Warfare
Wins inframurd
In -last night's intermural foot
ball games Jordan Hall, last year's
winner in the independent league,
defeated the - Penn State Club 12-0
in a preliminary game.
Kappa Sigma trounced Delta
Chi 20-0 in a •quarter final game
in the Fraternity league. This
game was marked by the spectac
ular aerial warfare of Kappa Sig
ma's Bill Moritz, John Allison, and
Bill Lewis. Montz was on the
throwing end and Allison and
Lewis did a good job of catching
his heaves. In a semi-final match
Alpha Chi Sigma, last year's fra
ternity league winner, kept on the
winning side of the ledged by nos
ing out Alpha:Phi Delta 7-0. Scor
ing their touchdown on a forward
pass from Dick Volmerto to Bill
Alpha Chi Sigma will meet the
winner of the Kappa §igma,§A.F i
semi4inal game to be played to
night. Other games tonight will
find Frazier A. C. meeting the
Blue and White, Irvin Hall, last
year's independent league win,
ner, opposing its dorm rival Watts
Hall kid Brlß will plash with
Fairmont HAVtin A second round
match. The intramural finals will
all be played off next week.
Itnifh Replaces• Sandson
William Sandson '4l, Phi Kappa
Sigma, resigned from his position
as assistant manager of fencing.
Charles Smith '4l, Phi Kappa,
first alternate assistant, will re
place Sandson. •No reason was
given for Sandson's resignation.
• Blazer Staff flamed
H. Leonard Krouse, junior class
president, appointed a committee
of juniors yesterday, to handle the
sale of Junior Blazers this year.
The chairman, William Myers, will
be assisted by 'Peter J. Krones,
Jean Balthaser, Robert R. Furlong,
Joseph P. Gavenonis, William H.
Arthur, and Frederick Rasmussen.
For Temple
since the season got under way,
had no lineup problems.
The problem of selecting a team
'is almost eliminated, and the
coaching staff was able to devote
two hours today to correcting the
faults made in the Michigan State
Morrison has complete faith in
the ability of Jimmy Powers, the
fullback who ran 105 yards on the
opening kickoff, to call plays.
If there is any change in the
starting lineup for Saturday's
game it will be at_ right halfback
where George Sutch may replace
Angelo (Spitzz) Sparagna. Both
are sophomores. —Sutch, injured
before • the season started, played
about 15 minutes against the Spar
tans and he turned in a good per
Sparagna also played well, and
he rates on even terms with Sutch,
but against the rugged State team,
Morrison may figure that the lat
ter will be the beter choice.
Afer scouting the Lions, assist
ant coach Henry Frnka reported
that State has the most rugged
pair of ends of any team the Owls
have faced this year.
"Tom Vargo, in particular," he
said, "is going to be tough to han
dle. The forward wall has plenty
of drive and our line will have to
play its best game of the season."
Physically, the Owls came out
of the Michigan State game in
good shape: - Some of the players
Were a bit bruised but there Were
no serious ailments.
Kelly To Be Lion Al Temple
Torn Kelly '42, Beta Theta Pi,
will don;the Nittany Lion Skin for
the Temple game next Saturday.
Before the 'game the Lion will be
paraded about the streets of Phil
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Snyder, Katz Cop Harrier
Time-Trials For Starting
Lineup Against Sy racuse
Vern- Kotz and L:et Snyder
breasted the tape together in yes
tOday's three-mile time-trial in
16:06 minutes as only six of Coach
Chick Werner's injury-riddled
squad competed for starring posi,
Lions against Syracuse who will
run here Friday morning.
Flashing around the Nittany
course in rabbit style, Kotz and
Snyder headed a field consisting
of Pop Thiel, who finished in
16:23, Captain Bill Smith 17:57.
Dusty Rhodes 17:58, and Bill Jime
son clocked at 21:23.
Smith, Penn State's slender
legged IC-4A champion, was con
tent to let other harries set the
pace as he began final drills tc
win the last home cross-country
meet of his Penn State harrier
Only four varsity harriers are
certain of starting against the
Orangement. Smith, Thiel, Sny
der, and Kotz, have been name('
as the Nittany Lion nucleus, while
three other positions are still in
Al Bourgerie, Herm Goffbera
and Howie Wheeler, three varsity
men who were injured last week
returned to practice yesterday.
but only went through a calisthen
ic drill in order to losen up Mac
tiye muscles.
Maxwell Leads Leyden
in MI-College Golf Tilt
In the finals of the op-college
golf tournament, Donal& L. Ley
den '4l, was one down yesterday
afternoon to G. Scott Maxwell '4l.
at the end of the first 18 holes of
the 36 hole match.
The second 18 will be played off
next Tuesday afternoon. To the
winner will go the annual cup
presented by the Athletic Associa
- • • - . • • •
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