The daily collegian. (University Park, Pa.) 1940-current, October 16, 1940, Image 3

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Vikings Started
Game of Soccer
When Bill Jeffrey's lads take the
field against Bucknell here Satur
day, :they will be engaging in a
gaine that is one of the oldest and
one of the most popular team
,garriesin the world.
Ancient legend has ,it that the
Vikings were the original soccer
,players when, after a hard day's
battle,' they would neatly slice off
;the head of one of their Danish
(prisoners , and play .a game in
,which they used the grisly object
ifor a ball which they passed back
Larid forth using their feet. This
wis,history's first soccer game.
From that day many years ago,
the sport grew in popularity until
nearly every youngster and-grown
up in Europe played the game.
Oliver Cromwell and many other
lleading statesmen of England were
'adept in the art of handling a ball
with their feet.
The descendants of these very
people 'still learn soccer as soon
as they walk, and so far the aver
! age athlete in America has never
approached in soccer ability these
experts. wheise ancestors invented
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Kraynack, Frosh Center,
Hurt In Scrimmage;
Wallace Back In Uniform
"Old Man Injury" again hit the
yearling gridders last night when
Joe Kraynack, first-string center,
received a possible fracture of the
jaw when he was-kicked making a
shoe-string tackle of John Day as
the frosh scrimmaged the varsity
second team yesterday.
Other injuries, hoWever, were
almost non-existent as Curly
Mann and Bob Walters were back
in uniform. Mann had his neck
hurt in the -Bucknell game Satur
day and Walters, who had been
slated to start -at an end post
against the Bisons, had been out
since last Thursday with a sprain
ed shoulder.
the guile.
For instance, six years ago our
own .Bill Jeffrey tool one of the
nation's best soccer teams, the
crack. Penn State eleven of 1934,
to the British Isles and toured the
'country playing teams from col
leges down to those made up of
young Scottish schoolboys. Yes,
even the youngsters outmaneuver
ed and outplayed the highly touted
Lion team. And to put it mildly, as
"Genial" Bill Jeffrey does, "We
came out second best."
In his book on the subject, Jeff
rey claims that soccer is a game
for anyone between the ages - of 10
to 50. Confidentially, though, now
)that - Bill is passing the 50 mark,
he plans to revise the book this
year and make it read "10 to 55."
Higgins Stresses Pass Defense
Its Lions Prepare For Lehigh
Coach Bob Higgins evidently
expects aerial bombs to fall with
alarming frequency this Saturday
when State clashes with Lehigh at
Bethlehem as he sent his charges
through a stiff session of pass de
fense yesterday against Engineer
plays brought back by scout Al
It was the inability of the Lion
backs to stop West Virginia's pass
ing attack that got them into hot
water Saturday and with Lehigh
and Temple all set_to - fill the air
with forwards the next two games,
Hig is leaving nothing unturned
to plug that weakness.
Four players were on the side
lines yestefday as the second team
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The Lions
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Lines on the Lions
You've got to take off your derby
to Willy (The Wabbit) Smith, cap
tain of the Lion cross-country team
for his showing Saturday. Though
he turned the Nittany course in
27:04 to win ahead of the best man
Michigan - State possessed, the fly
ing little 'State captain wa's forced
to see his team lose by a wide mar
gin. But that's the way - it goes in
• If you remember, the Lion grid
ders were to have been at a loss
Saturday without the passing arm
of Big Bill Smaltz. True, the burly
first stringer was missed at times,
but in the tossing department his
substitute, Sparky Brown, didn't
do so badly. Sparky threw three
aerials during the afternoon, com
pleting two of them, while Smaltz,
when he was in, made good only
two of five throws. It was obvious
however that Big Bill was decided
ly hampered by his heavily taped
This coming Saturday will give
Penn Staters another chance to
turn out •en masse to watch Bill
Jeffrey's soccer kings boot the tar
out of Bucknell as there will be
no varsity football game scheduled
on New Beaver Field to draw fans
to the west side of the stands. Let's
hope there'll be a few extra
bleachers erected, so that the
crowd won't have to stand during
the game.
It'll be over two weeks before
the next home football game. That
gives College officials lots of time
to get the loud speaking system
working better. Plenty of people
have been' asking why . all the sub
stitutions aren't announced during
the games, why the amplyfier
hasn't more volume, and why no
statistics at halftime.
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If you must still be convinced
that Penn State has one of the
best grid machines in the East,
just ask 'Bill Kern and the West
Virginia lads, who after the game
Saturday vowed to the high heav
ens that the Lions are more powdr
ful than Fordham's erstwhile
Rams. They'll also tell you that
Pepper Petrella can run the mole
skins off Mr. Eshmont and Mr.
Filipowlcz of said Rams.
Being hit by a couple of upsets,
this writer scraped through with
six correct predictions, slipped on
three, and had one tie, to bring his
season average to .756.
Sigma (hi Beats Phi De
hi intramural Swimming
Sigma Chi's splashers bested Phi
Delta Theta swimmers in-an intra
mural meet yesterday, 30-20.
In intramural - football, Phi
Kappa Tau defeated KDR by two
first downs to one in the first round
on Monday night. Swan and Wal
ton, PKT passing combination,
were responsible, for tictory in
the game's last minutes. Alpha Phi
Delta downed Alpha_ Zeta in the
`third round, three first downs to
one, Monday.
scrimmaged with the freshmen at
the close of the practice. Craig
White and Ralph Ventresco are
still suffering from their shoulder
and knee injuries,• respectively,
while Bill Smaltz, who saw action
for a while hi' the Mountaineer
tilt, is nursing a sprained ankle.
Wade Mori turned up with a blood
clot on his shin but he is expected
back in uniform in a day or so.
Special to The Daily Collegian
BETHLEHEM, Oct. 15.—Block
ing and pass perfection continued
to be the principal diet handed out
by Coach Glen W. Harmeson as
the Engineers prepared for their
toughest opponent, Penn State, to
be met Saturday afternoon in Tay
lor Stadium. •
Set back by their first three
foes by decisive scores, the Lehigh
eleven is in the best of physical
condition and the spirit of the
team remains high. Although the
Engineers have lost three straight
games to Penn State in as many
years, they are recalling that in
1918 and 1936 'the Brown and
White aggregations scored upsets
by registering 7-6 victories al
though the Lions' were big favor
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Leyden Beats Rowbothant
In All-College Golf Match.
In the semi-final round of the
All-College golf tournament, play
ed yesterday, Don Leyden defeat
ed George Rowbotham 2 and 1,
Leyden will meet Scotty Max
well for the championship on Sat
urday afternoon.