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    Successor to
the Free Lance,
' Established 1887
VOL. 37—No. 24
College Set For Draft Registry Today
Cabinet Grants
Temple Holiday
The football ^ half-holiday will
came on Saturday, October 26; the
day of the Temple game, All-Col
lege Cabinet decided last might by,
an 11 to five vote.
..Only other date suggested was
November 23, the date of the Pitt
game. The main objection to this
day was that it will come only
,days before Thanksgiving.
The first• by-law of the Penn-
Sylvania State College Student'
Government Association, one per
mitting substitutes to attend Cab
inet meetings when the regular
member can not be there, was
It reads; "In case an acceptable
excuse has been presented for an
absence, a Cabinet represntative
may send the next - highest officer
of his organization to act as a sub
stitute, said substitute not to have
a vote until he attends three meet-
The Education School Council
budget was approved in its en
tirety by Cabinet. Parts of budgets
submitted by the other six coun
cils. were also okayed. Theodore
Rice '4l, chairman of Interclass
Finance Board, said that a special
meeting of Interclass Finance
Board will be called within the
next week or two to act on budget
items which were rejected.
Frank R. Flynn '43, chairman of_
_ _
a Student Union dance committee,
reported that , Lieut. Jack H. Weske
had told him that the Armory
would be available between 4 and
5 p. m. Tuesday through Friday
each week. Flynn also said that
George L. Donovan, assistant Stu
dent Union manager, will be ready
to start dances next week.
The report of Jack W. Brand
'4l, AA ,president, that AA elec
tions continue to be held 'separ
ately from All-College elections
was accepted. Brand gave as rea
sons for his report that to hold
both elections at one time the AA
constitution would have to - be re
vised, that the AA presidency
would become a "political plum,"
and that separate elections involve
no added expense. •
The same committee that ob
tained the consent of Ray V. Wat
kins, scheduling officer, not to
schedule 4 o'clock classes on Wed
nesdays and Fridays next semes
ter was instructed to investigate
the possibility of abolishing eve
ning class periods.
ROTC Dept. Using
Vick°la Marches
A victrola and amplifier have
been added to the ROTC equip
ment for the purpose of aiding the
students while drilling.
When questioned as to the help
Which such marches as "Our Di
rector March" give to the drilling
boys, Colonel
_E. D. Ardery re
marked, "The march music is de- ,
eidedly beneficial to the students,
since it keeps the cadence without
having the distraction of different
people counting out the cadence."
The band music shaUld also
accustom the cadet Officers to giv
ing commands in time with music,
as is done for parades. •
"The amplifier-may also be. used
for giving commands -to large
groups i ". Colonel Ardery added.
The outfit was losined to the ROTC
by . Student Union.
c ,-, c (at it
1 r4 ni g !..,,,,, 0
Here's The Schedule By Which Students Should Register;
Emery Explains Draft; Hibshman Supervises Registration
b et, 1
Colonel Emery spoke last night
to the American Society of Mili
tary Engineers on the effects of
the draft regulations and the con
ditioth under which.. the student
may receive some sort of tempor
ary delayment if he is called for
training duty.
Col. Emery Gies
Draft. Regulations
"Conscription is nothing, new
and unusual and is not .the start
of the war but a means of staying
out of the war," Colonel A. R.
Emery told a group of students at
a meeting of the American Society
of Military Engineers.
Colonel Emery pointed out, "that
in a democracy. every one shares
in the good and everyone should
also share in the bad, and showed
that conscription is the only fair
way of including all Americans in
the National Defense progrim."
He• explained that the registra
tion today for students is an ab
sentee registration and their
blanks will not be acted on by the
State College board but by their
own local board. Each district has
a quota of men alloted for mili
tary service, if this quota is filled
by voluntary enlistments no men
will be drafted from that district.
"If a student is enrolled in the
advance Course in ROTC he is ex
empt from service until gradua
tion. The basic ROTC does -not ex
empt one from service, but when
drafted it increases chances of ad
vancement," the colonel stated.
All students called may have
service deferred until July 1 but
this is not• automatic and must be
requested of the Local board.
If this registration fills all — the.
personnel requirements there will
not be another registration, but as
soon as it is necessary to have an
increased personnel the president
can set another date for a new
registration. •
Lehigh Game Tickets
Tickets for the Lehigh game
at Bethlehem Saturday are now
on sale at the Athletic Associa
tion box office in Old Main from
8 a:in. till 12 noon, and from
1:30. till 5 p.m., Harold Gilbert,
assistant to the graduate man
ager of athletics announced yes
terday. The price of the tickets
is $1.50.
A-Car ..
Law-M .
Rut-Te .
All students eligible for con
scription have-been asked to reg
ister in the Armory today accord
ing to this
,schedule. Class- excuses
will be given for registration. Stu
dents 'who are ill must notify the
registration committee which will
be in the Armory;
'Students who are eligible for
the draft and are unable to register
"today because of illness should call
the Registration desk at the Arm
ory.and ask fora special registrar
to come to their homes and register
them. nless they follow this pro
cedure and register on time, many
complications may -arise. (See
story, column five.)
Woodrum Unable To Talk
Here On Armistice Day
Hon. Clifton A. Woodrum of the
Sitcth Congressional District of
Virginia will not be able to speak
at the joint- borough-studen rbody
Armistice Day observance on No
vember,-Ray V. Watkins, chairman
of the program committee, said
last night.
Mr. Watkins said that Repre
sentative Woodrum could not come
because of Congressional commit
tee meetings.
Hon. James E. Van Zandt of the
23rd Congressional District of
Pennsylvania, the other speaker
invited, has agreed to hold the date
open and will be here, Mr. Wat
kins said, unless Congress is in ses
sion on November 11.
New Rushing Code
Approved By FAA
The rushing code this year was
successful, and there were virtual
ly no violations of the code re
ported Prof. Marsh W. White,
chairman of the Judiciary Com
mittee at a meeting of the Fra
ternity Counselors Association, at
the Pi Kappa Phi house last night.
Professor White stated that the
increase in the number of pledges,
which is the main purpose of the
change in the code, shows that the
new system is successful.
The house guest plan also prov
ed to be generally satisfactory, re
,the Judiciary Committee
chairman. Of the 277 guests 219
pledged to their host house, while
24 others pledged to different
The committee reported that no
major change was deemed neces
sary, but that a few minor ones
might be suggested, namely: the
abolition of the law prohibiting
out-of-town parties, and the mov
ing up of the pledging date so as
not to interfere with college activ
H. Edward 'Wagner '4l stated
that the IFC was having difficul
ties with the Dating Code, and sug
gested that the counselors put on
their program for the year the
topic of -enforcement of the code.
Wagner stated, "I believe that this
is the toughest problem ever faced.
by the IFC."
11 a.m. to 12 noon
1 to 2 p.m.
2 to 3 p.m.
.... 10 to 11 a.m.
3 to 4 p.m.
9 to 10 a.m.
4 to 5 p.m.
8 to 9
~ m
... .....:~•`:3i:
Edward K. Hibshman, above,
will be in charge of the 90 special
registrars who will register all
male students between the ages of
21 and 36, except advanced ROTC
students. The r egis tr ars were
sworn in last night and will be on
duty from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (For
story, see column five.)
Frosh Discovers
Custom Loopholes
._4ll .fres.binan name cards. may
be taken off next Friday noon, it
was announced last night by W.
Lewis Corbin '4l, chairman of Tri
bunal. Corbin also said that cus
toms will be lifted for those who
have Cwen dance dates this Friday
Student Tribunal had its biggest
workout of the year last night
when one• Robert Edelman appear
ed, apparently minus his customs.
When asked by Corbin where his
black bow tie was he promptly
raised his pant leg and proudly dis
played it tied around his leg. All
his other customs, • however ob
scure, were discovered to be on his
body in some similarly ingenious
In answer to the astonished Tri
bunal members, Edelman merely
informed them that he and several
other freshmen had found a few
"loopholes" in freshman customs,
and he was demonstrating these.
When asked by Ray Leffler, mem
ber of Tribunal, to further discuss
these "loopholes," Bob continued
as follows, "I admit there is no
place but the head for a dink.
However 'wear' in the dictionary
is indefinite so the tie may be
worn on any part of the body."
Corbin at this point stopped the
lengthy discussion on ways to
avoid customs and sent Edelman
from the 'MOM.
When he returned the following
penalties awaited him: dink pin
ned on rear-extremity, white socks
on hands, coat and pants on back
wards, one roller skate on, walk
backwards with mirror to guide
him, pants rolled up and tie on
leg, name sign spelled backwards,
and for evefyone's enjoyment Bob
will sing the freshman song back
wards every day at 1 p.m. in front
of Old Main.
After this case a list of the other
custom violators includes: Charles
E. Kohler, Warren Currier, Em
mett L. Boyle, Thomas E. Vasilich,
Frederick Clever, Fredrick C.
Krug, Stanley Von Nieda, Allyn
,ayre, and David Mackey.
1,800 Expected
To Report Here
Approximately 1,800 students
will register for the country's first
peacetime conscription. in the Ar
mory from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. today
under the direction of a corps of
90 special registrars headed by Ed
ward K. Hibshman, chairman of
the College draft committee.
Advanced ROTC students are
the only College group exempt
from the draft. All other male stu
dents, including aliens, between
the ages of 21 and 36 must regis
ter. Eligible students who are resi
dents of State College should reg
ister at the Armory, not in the
Registration in the Armory is
for students only. Faculty and staff
members should register at the
Alpha Fire Company hall. The Col
lege draft committee has asked
students to register according to
an alphabetically-arranged sched
As preliminary steps to registra
tion students must obtain a sample
registration form at Student Un
ion, fill it out in pencil, and take
it to registration. Matriculation
cards are also required.
Students will be excused from
class only at the hours they are
scheduled to register. Those who
are ill or who can not report for
other reasons should notify the
registration committee which will
be on duty at the Armory.
Responsibility for registration
lies with the individual student.
Failure to register carries with it
a $lO,OOO fine and/or five years
in jail.
Late News
Moscow—Russian troops have
mobilized on the Rumanian bor
der 100,000 strong. Bucharest is
the scene of rapid mobilization
and citizen evacuation. Soviet
and German coolness signifies the
break between the two countries
over the pact by which they were
to tell each other of their military
plans. Russia claims Germany
was quiet on the entering of Ru
Rome—Premier Mussolini's own
paper warned the United States of
Japan's superior strength in air
and sea power and declared that
the Axis powers may some day
turn against the American people.
London—Nazi bombers were
turned back six times yesterday as
they attempted to invaded the
continent. They crossed the Eng
lish coast at a rate of one a min
ute and dropped four types of
bombs: fire, oil, instant exploding,
and time bombs.
Cologne—RAF bombers concen
trated their bombing attack on the
German oil plants and oil tanks
yesterday and last night in com
pleting master plans of German
destruction. They set approxi
mately one million gallons of oil
on fire in Cologne and bombed
other oil towns. England is strik
ing at Germany's vital point
though Hitler has drained Ru
mania of all its oil in attempting
to replace this huge loss.
Ankara—Turkish officials are
centering their attention on the
rapid evacuation of her people
from Rumania.
And Cool.