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    ' • Successor to
the Free d a
Establishe 1887 •. , . 4r 7- ( '' _ - i 'd 4r
Tilt Bat - tg tsi.g,.::. ! l; : i4 Tilittgip
VOL. 37—No. 22
Crippled Lions Face W• Virginia Today
Heavy Schedule
Assured Alumni
A full program ,of events, start
ing with the golf tournament and
Alumni Council meeting this
morning and ending with the tra
ditional Cider 'Party tonight, will
keep • alumni, back for their 20th
annual Fall Homecoming, busy to
The business end of Fall Home
coming gets under way at the
meeting of the Alumni Council in
Room 121 Liberal Arts Building at
8:30 a.m. President Earl E. Hewitt
'O3 of Indiana will preside.
Returning alumni who feel be
wildered by the vast changes since
"the good old days" will be taken
on tours of the campus by free
buses between 9 a.m. and 12 noon
today from Schwab Auditorium.
Golfing alumni can display their
divot-digging skill in the golf tour
nament on the College course,
starting at 8 a.m.
The portrait of the late Dr. 0.
Fred. 'Boucke, former head of the
economics department,' will be un
veiled in the lobby of the Liberal
Arts Building at 11 a.m. today. The
brief ceremony will include - talks
by President Ralph D. Hetzel, Dr.
Carl W. Hasek, Dr. Max D. Trump
er 'l5, and Dean 'Charles W. Stod
dart, School of Liberal Arts.
Home EcOnomics alumnae "will
participate in a coffee hour in the
main lobby of the Home Economics
building from 11 a.m. to 12 noon.
A five-event athletic schedule
for the day will occupy the after
noon of the alumni.
After the fraternity dinners at
the various houses, and the non
fraternity dinner in the Sandwich
Shop at 6 p.m., the presentition of
the Land Grant Mural by the class
of 1932 will be held -- in Old Main
at 8 p.m.
The alumni Cider Party will be
held in the Armory at 8:30 p.m.
1913-15 Ag Alumni
Will Hold Reunion
Special plans have been made
for the five-year reunion of two
year Ag students which will be
held today. At the same time the
Ag students from the 1913-15 class
will celebrate their 25th class an
Dinner will be held in the Cor
ner Room at 6 p. m. today with L.
W. Morley, secretary of the Am
erican Cattle Club, acting as toast
master. The guest of honor will
be •E. L. Anthony, Dean of Agri
culture at Michigan State Col
All Ag alumni will register at
alumni headquarters on the first
floor lounge of Old Main. Follow
ing registration, a. general get-to
gether is scheduled in the second
floor lounge from 9 to 9:45 a. m.
The program for the day in
'eludes a tour of the campus from
9 to 12:00 a. m., luncheon in the
Sandwich Shop, Old Main,• and
the Penn State-West Virginia foot
ball game.
Observatories Open Today
The multiple observatories on
Ag. Hill will be open today from
10 p.m. to 1 a.m. especially for
Alumni, Dr. Henry L. Yeagley,
director of observatories, hits an
'Life Goes To Soccer Game'
To Be Shot This Afternoon
.Life goes to a soccer game this
afternoon when Ralph Morse,
ace staff photographer of Life
Magazine, takes shots of the
team in action for a future issue
of the popular newspicture mag
"We have wanted a soccer
story for a long time,". said Ralph
L. Wilcox, Life sports editor,
in making arrangements for the
series with H. R. Riley, Jr.,
sports publicity director for the
College.. "But we have refrain
ed because we couldn't find an
adequate subject nor determine
the way to handle it . . . Penn
State's team and Coach Bill Jeff
rey hem to supply the answer."
Mr. Morse took shots of the
team practicing yesterday.
Hort Show Opens
In Stock Pavilion
The 33rd annual College Horti
culture show opened yesterday at.
the Stock Pavilion under the di
rection of student manager Henry
J. Eavis '42 and Hugh J. Peeling
The show is being held under
the auspices of horticulture, land
scape architecture, and- home eco
nomics students.
A landscape architecture exhibit
consists of two contrasting models
of highways, "the parkway" and
the "super-highway."
Other features include a water
fall. and a small restaurant which
will be supervised by home eco
nomics students.
Included in the exhibits will be
those on ornamental horticulture,
vegetable gardening, plant breed
ing, flower arrangement, textile
chemistry, dnd pomology.
The show will continue from 10
a. m. to 10 p. m. today and frO'rn
10 a. m. to 5 p. m. tomorrow.
Sigma Delta (hi Pledges
Eight Journalism Majors
Seven juniors and one senior
were pledged to Sigma Delta Chi,
national journalism honorary, yes
terday. They will be initiated at
a formal dinner in the Nittany
Lion Inn on November 10.
Juniors selected are Ross B.
Lehman, Stanley J. PoKempner,
A. Pat Nagelberg, John A. Baer,
Don C. West, John H: Ressler, and
Gerald F..Doherty. John G. Dix
on is the senior.
Officers for the current year are
Robert H. Lane, president; Quen
tin R. Fehr, vice-president; George
Schenkein, secretary; and William
E. Fowler, treasurer.
Van Zandt Accepts Bid
To Speak On Armistice
Hon. James E. Van Zandt of the
23rd Congressional District will
speak at the joint borough-student
body Armistice Day observance if
Congress is not in session, Ray V.
Watkins, program chairman, Fe
ported yesterday.
Representative Van Zandc gave
his acceptance by 'telephone yes
terday-morning. - He also told Mr.
Watkins that Hon., Clifton A.
Woodrum of the Sixth District of
Virginia, the other speaker invit
ed, will give, a definite ,answer
within the next fey.% days...
'Coming Round' the Mountaineers
Lloyd Parsons
Carl Stravinski
Mike Garbinski
Leon Gajecki
Wade Mori
Frank Platt
TOm Vargo
- John'Patrick
Chuck Peters
Len Krouse
Earl Brown
Referee—A. D. Horgan, Boston College. Umpire,—H. J. Benzoni,
Columbia. Linesman—J. R. McPhee, Oberlin. Field Judge—E. W.
Cavanaugh, Pittsburgh.
Two 4 Orclocks
Freed By Watkins
Ray V. Watkins, scheduling of
ficer, yesterday promised an All-
College Cabinet committee that 4
o'clocks, except a few laboratory
classes, will be eliminated on Wed
neiays and Fridays during the
second semester.
The move was made, at Cab
inet's request, in order that cam
pus groups would have a day hour
at which to schedule meetings.
Originally the request was to
have an 4 o'clock classes abolished
but this proVed impractical be
cause of space limitations and the
necessity of scheduling some lab
oratory classes and field trips in
the afternoon.
"Next year more 4 o'clock per
iods maybe eliminated," Mr. Wat
kins said. "With new equipment
we will be able to schedule more
than one section of a class at a
single hour.
He said that the College is al
ready doing everything possible to
free stuants from late afternoon
hours. As an 'example he pointed
out that physical education classes
and most other two-hour classes
are held from 1 to 3 p.m. instead
of 2 to 4 p.m. as, they were two
years ago.
He also showed that most class
rooms are in use 80 per cent of
the time, while at most institutions,
he. said, 66 per cent is ,considered
good._ , .
Probable Sta r ling Lineups -
'44 Men Must Enter
By Southeast Gate Only
All freshman men attending
the Penn State-West Virginia
football game must enter New
Beaver Field through the south
east gate which is beyond the
soccer field and facing the Hor
ticulture Building, W. Lewis
Corbin, president of Student Tri
bunal, announced late'yesterday.
"Freshmen caught violating
this ordinance will be punished
severly," the Tribunal head
warned. Hat men will' e station
ed at various points of the field
in order to enforce the ruling.
Pep Rally, Broadcast •
Gives Gridders Sendoff
W{th Rec Hall's large space
crammed to the bursting point last
night, the blasts of Penn State's
students enthusiastic songs and
cheers practically shook the gym's
windows in the annual Pep Rally
and KDKA boardcast.
The actual broadcast was post
poned. until 9:35 p.-m. because of
a Willkie speech conflict, but the
Pep' Rally was run according to
schedule with the program being
recorded for the late broadcast.
.The student body roared out a
mightg challenge to West Virgin
ia's gridders who are here for to
morrow's, fracas.
Bob Mellace
Vic A'Hearn
Vincent Cimino
Tom Gillooly
Vic Peelish
Walt Pike
John Shonk
Charles Seabright
Dick 'McElwee
Don McCann
John Carliss
Possibly Rain.
Gridders Perform
For Alumni Guests
A badly crippled Penn State
football team, its hopes for an un
defeated season somewhat dashed
by the injury jinx which struck
this week, will face a lean and
hungry posse of Mountaineers
from West Virginia University on
New Beaver Field at 2 p. m. today
in a battle that promises to make
or break the Lions' 1940 gridiron
An expected Homecoming
16,000 crowd is expected to wit
ness the first struggle between the
two elevens since 1931,
On the eve of the game last
night, Coach Bob Higgins express
ed little hope for his Nittany team.
The cause of the cloud of pessi
mism is the absence of the first"
two fullbacks, Bill Smaltz and
Ralph Ventresco, because of in
juries suffered in Monday's scrim
mage. Smaltz is out with a twist
ed ankle, while a recurrence of an
old knee injury forced Ventresco
to the sidelines.
With the battered backs almost
definitely out of the game, the
Blue and White aggregation will
take the field with the passing and
kicking assignments in the hands
of inexperienced players. Ordin
arily, Craig White, senior wing
back who kicked in his sophomore
year, would.dq the punting chores
but the blond veteran sprained his
shoulder in the Bucknell -encoun
ter and will be out of action for
ten days.
No less than three changes in
the Lions' backfield will be made
as a result of this week's occur
rences. The only remaining start
er from the Bison tilt is reliable
Johnny Patrick, the veteran quar
Replacing Smaltz will be chun
ky Earl "Sparky" Brown, 165
pound sophomore making his var
sity debut. Hard running Len
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Gloria Kfiepper
Is Collegian Queen
Gloria Knepper '43, member of
Kappa Kappa Gamma and 1940
Sorority Queen, was chosen Col
legian Queen at the annual sub
scription dance held in Recreation
Hall last night. Attendance was
set at '1,139 couples.
The selection of the queen high
lighted an evening at which Fred
Waring's new Penn State song,
"Mighty as a Mountain," was
boardcast to the dance audience.
At the intermission cups were
presented to Miss Knepper as Col
legian and Sorority Queen, Phyl
lis Watkins '44 as Freshman
Queen, and Jean Craighead '4l as
Dormitory Queen.
Music was provided by the
Campus Owls.
Classical Record Concert
Scheduled For Tonight
Richard A. Wolters '42, will con
duct a classical music record con
cert this evening at 8 p.m. in 417
Old Main. The concerts have been
a Saturday night feature for the
last two years and will be con
tinued throughout the year.
The recorded music will be dis
cussed during intermission and the
formation of an art appreciation
group will be attempted. The con
cert is open to all students.