The daily collegian. (University Park, Pa.) 1940-current, October 11, 1940, Image 4

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Waring Broadcast, Radio Pep Rally, Collegian Dance This Evening
Football Pep Rally
Set For 1 Tonight
Tonight is THE night!
The night of the mammoth foot
ball pep rally which will go out
over the air through KDKA. The
night that Fred Waring will intro
duce to listeners all over the coun
try the song he wrote for Penn
An expected crowd of 6,000 stu
dents and alumni will gather to
root for the Lion gridders before
their clash with West Virginia to
Things start popping at 7 o'clock
when Fred Waring will dedicate
Penn State's song on his - regular
15-minute broadcast. The program
will be relayed through amplifiers.
At 7:30 a rehearsal for the pep
rally broadcast is scheduled dur
ing which time students and alum
ni can see a broadcast in the mak
ing. By 8 p.m. the actual broadcast
will be in full swing. Coaches Bill
Kern of West Virginia and Bob
Higgins of State will offer com
ments on tomorrow's football clash
between their teams. School songs
of both colleges will be played
and sung with the entire Lion
squad present.
Included among the numbers se
lected for the broadcast by the
Blue Band and Glee Club are the
"Victory" and "Nittany Lion"
songs and "Hail West Virginia."
An interesting feature of the
broadcast will be the "Miss-infor
mation Please" quiz starring the
three candidates for the "Collegian
Queen" title, Jean Craighead '4l,
Gloria Knepper '43, and Phyllis
Watkins '44.
Don Dixon '37 Will Handle
Rally Broadcast Tonight
A Penn State alumnus, Donald
Dixon '3; will have charge of the
broadcasting of the Pep Rally to
night in Rec Hall. Don, a Sigma
Nu, played the piano for the Var
sity Quartet while here at State.
Following their graduation the
members of the quartet sang as an
entertainment unit in the. Pitts:
burgh area. When they broke up
after six months, Dixon got a job
with station KDKA in Pittsburgh.
Jones, Speidel To Address
Cambria Teachers' Meet
Dr. Lloyd Jones and Mr. Charles
Speidel, of the School of Physical
Education and:Athletics, will leave
today for Ebensburg to attend
the Cambria County Teachers' In
stitute, today and tomorrow.
Speidel will speak on trends
in the development of physical ed
ucation and possibilities of the fu=
ture, while Dr. Jones will discuss
the role of health, physical edu
cation, and recreation in the pro
gram of national defense.
Will Play
Fred Waring has written a new
Penn State song which he will
broadcast on his radio program to
night. He indicated recently that
he hopes to be here for the football
game tomorrow.
Waring Dedicates
New Song Tonight
The new ,Penn State song, writ
ten by Fred Waring, a former Col
lege student, will be heard for the
first time at 7 p.m. today when it
will be dedicated on Waring's reg
ular NBC Red Network program
sponsored by Chesterfield Cigar
ettes. Amplifiers will relay the
broadcast to an expected 6,000
students and alumni in Recreation
Hall for the football pep rally.
Waring's pep and alma-mater
songs for colleges have undergrad
uate groups- all over the country
jockeying for a spot on his Friday
smoker edition of Pleasure Time
devoted to college listeners. It was
with a great deal of sentiment,
therefore, that Waring accepted an
invitation to dedicate a song to
his own *alma mater.
Waring explained his interest in
the project this way: "There's
nothing more heartwarming than
a good college tune. They are sung
and sentimentally remembe r
ed when other songs are forgotten.
But, though hundreds of popular
tunes are brought out each year,
little effort has been made to add
to the list of traditional college
pep and alma mater songs. I am
happy to make some contribution
to this grand type of music, par
ticulirly when my own college is'
Fred, the first popular orchestra
leader to make commercial use of
glee club singing, failed to make
the Glee Club at Penn State. This
snub resulted in his taking his in
terest in group singing•to his own
r• ' •
Get YOUR Substnphonfand Dance TickelNOW aISTUDENT UNION ! !
Collegian Dance .
Will Follow Rally
The first big all-college swing
session of the year—the Collegian
Dance—will officially get under
way tonight at 9 o'clock in Rec
Hall, following the mamoth pep
The Campus Owls will furnish
the music, Collegian subscribers
will furnish the dancing. During
the intermission, all-college pres
ident, Arnie Laich will present a
cup to the winner of the "Col
legian Queen" title.
The candidates are Jean Craig
head '4l, Dormitory Queen: Gloria
Knepper '43, Sorority Queen, and
Phyllis Watkins, Freshman Queen.
The name of the lucky co-ed, se
lected yesterday by a committee
of judges; will remain a deep dark
secret until intermission when the
winner is presented with the cup.
At 11 r.. m. Fred Waring's song,
which he dedicated to Penn State,
will be rebroadcast over a nation
wide hookup. The song will be
relayed through amplifiers for the
benefit of dancers.
Following this, the Campus
Owls will continue playing until
12 midnight.
Lazy men are scorned by women,
Dr. Simpson's study of the island
customs revealed. When a man
proposes to a girl, she asks two
questions: "Where is your field?"
and "Are you a good worker?"
'Unfortunate,' Says Laich
In a statement issued last night
on the rejection of responsibility
for damages resulting from last
week's pajama , parade, All-College
President Arnold C. Laich '4l said:
"It is unfortunate that this matter
could not be settled as was prev
iously planned. However, the mat
ter will be taken up by the All-
College Cabinet and, in accord
with our promise, an agreement
will be reached."
'The First BIG Dance of the Year'
Dance From 9 till 12 To The Campus Owls' Music
May. Sing
Samuel Gallu :40, in answer to
a student petition, may introduce
Fred Waring's new State song on
the Chesterfield football smoker
to be broadcast at 7 and 11 p.m. to
Frosh Don't Know
Way Around Yet
Results of a survey conductpd
by members of Dr. William M.
Lepley's class in experimental
psychology indicated that fresh
men and newcomers to the campus
are rather slow in learning the
locations of various well-known
local institutions.
Among • the questions asked in
the survey, were: Where is the
Rathskeller? the Theta house?
President Hetzel's office? Metzgers
store? and the PSCA office?
The results obtained proved that
46 percent of the men and 13 per
cent of the women know where
the Rathskeller is.
Only two percent of the men
were sure of the location of the
Theta house while 25 percent of
the females know the sorority .lo
Forty-two percent, of the boys
were familiar with President Het
zel's house in comparison to six
percent of the women.
Metzger's impressed 83 percent
of the men and 81 percent of the
new girls were acquainted with
the store.
The PSCA struck a familiar note
in the minds of the newcomers as
78 percent of the men and 66 per
cent of the women knew that it
was in Old Main. -
Locust Lane Lodge Elects
Locust Lane.. Lodge announces
the following officers: Marcella
Knaus, president; Marion Dußois,
vice-president and social secretary;
Irene Fanuci, secretary-treasurer.
Season's First Big
Weekend Plans
Alumni registration, first floor
lounge, Old Main. ,c•
Varsity - Club Dinner, • Centre
Hills Country Club, 6 p.m.
Fred Waring broadcast, relayed
in Rec Hall, 7 p.m.
Student-Alumni Mass Meeting
and Pep Rally Broadcast, Rec Hall,
begins 7 p.m.
Alumni Council and All-College
Cabinet get-together, Sandwich
Shop, Old Main, 9 p.m:
, Collegian Dance, Rec Hall, 9
p.m. to 12 midnight. -
Fred Waring broadcast, relayed
in Rec Hall, 11 p.m. •
Golf tournament for Alumni,
College golf course, 8 a.m.
Campus tour for Alumni, buses
leave from Schwab Auditorium, 9
a.m. to 12 noon.
Alumni Council meeting, 121
Liberal Arts, 8:30 a.m.
Freshman football game with
Bucknell, Beaver Field, 10 a.m.
Presentation of portrait of 0. F.
Boucke, Liberal Arts Lobby:ll a.
Home economics alumnae coffee
hour, main lobby Home Ec build
ing, 11 a.m. to 12 noon.
Varsity soccer game with West
ern Maryland, Beaver Field, 1 p.m.
Junior varsity football with Cor
nell, Beaver Field, 1 p.m.
Varsity football game with. West
Virginia, Beaver Field, 2 p.m.
Fraternity alumni dinners, 6 p.
Non-fraternity dinner, Sandwich
Shop, 6 p.m.
Presentation of Land Grant
Mural in Old Mqp, . •
Cider party fox'alumni, faculty,`
and seniors, in Armory, 8:30 p.m.
Phi Kappa Sigma 50th Anniver
sary celebration, today, tomorrow,
and Sunday. •
Hort Show, Stock Judging pa
vilion, today, tomorrow, and Sun
Two-Year Ag reunion, head
quarters, second Root: lounge, Old
Main, tomorrow.
Forestry alumni reunion and
dedication of new Forestry Build
ing, today and tomorrow.
Customs Off For Dance
W. Lewis Corbin, president of
Tribunal, issued the following
statement to freshmen last night in
regard to customs and dating for
the pep rally and Collegian dance:
men must wear customs - and - are
not allowed to date for the pep
rally. For the dance, however, cus
toms and dating restrictions will
be off. •
Mrs. Howard G. Niesley is the
new alumnae adviser to Zeta - Tau