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Successor to , 4 ' Weather—
the Free Lance, la, t .,... ~.- , lict it , 4.
Slightly Warmer.
Established 1887 ci . r Ei ttl i g
VOL. 27—No. 19
Full Program
Avirails Returning
Alumni This Week
Alumni Homecoming Weekend
*ill get under way Friday with
registration of alumni in the first
floor lounge of Old Main and will
continue through Saturday with a
full round of activities.
Highlight of Friday night's ac
tivities-ix/11 be the student-alumni
mass meeting at Recreation Hall,
featuring the announcement of
Collegian Queen for 1940 and the
broadcast of Fred Waring's new
Penn State song. Station KDKA
,will broadcast the mass meeting
proceeding's after the War in g
Fraternity and sorority house
decorations will be judged in the
annual Ah r upni Homecoming House
Decorations Contest on Friday
night. The most original and best
executed sorority and fraternity
decoration will receive a loving
After the mass meeting, the
Alumni Council and the
lege Cabinet and other student
government officials will partici
pate in a get-together in the Sand
wich Shop at 9 p.m.
-The Collegian Dance, first of the
season's big dances, will provide
-the grande finale of the evening,
with the Campus Owls playing
from 9 p.m. to 12 midnight.
In conjunction with the annual
Alumni Homecoming, the forestry
.department has planned a house
warming program for its new
building and a forestry alumht re
union. A complete program has
been arranged by the department
for 'Friday and-Saturday.
The two-year agriculture course
alumni will take part this year
in the two-year ag get-together,
held every five years. A special
program has been arranged for the
'l3-'l5 Class which is celebrating
its 25th anniversary.
Golf tournaments, campus tours,
the Alumni Council Meeting, the
freshman football game; and the
Home Economics Alumnae Coffee
hour will occupy the returning
alumni and alumnae Satur.clay
Varsity 'soccer with Western
Maryland and football with West
Virginia will - be the major events
Saturday afternoon.
Closing event on the alumni cal
endar will be the Cider Party in
the Armory to which alumni, fac
ulty, and especially seniors are in
vited. The cider-fest begins at 8:30
p.m. Saturday.
Hatch Act Consul
Sought By College
The College is seeking consul on
the application of the Hatch Act
to employees of the 'College, it was
indicated yesterday.
The Hatch Act bars anyone paid
with Federal funds from political
activity. The College is a land
grant institution and each year
receives a Federal grant, part of
which is used for salaries to teach
ers and other employees.
It is held likely that an opinion
by John U. Alkins Jr., attorney for
the University of California, will
also apply to the College. Mr. Cal
kins said that professors were af
fected by the Hatch Act and add
ed: "I do not think one who mere
ly wears a button is likely to be
considered as participating in a
political campaign.
"However,- I believe that even
such simple operations as the or
ganization of precinct clubs or ac
tive participation in political
meetings would be in violation of
the law. Lending one's name to
political committees is at least on
,the border line and may.well cross
Addressed Fresh
Adrian 0. Morse, assistant to
the President' , in charge of resi
dent: instruction, addressed the
second compulsory freshman
meeting laSt night on "Do You
Want to Learn?" (see story below.)
Morse Addresses
Frosh Meeting
Pointing out that while the value
of extra-curricular activities can
not be minimized, Adrian 0. Morse,
assistant to the president, in charge
of resident instruction, addressing
the freshmen last night, said,
"if grades were given for extra
curricular activities, I have an idea
that the average would be about
the same as that of the student's
Continuing, Mr. Morse :stated,
"It is often said that you don't
learn anything from books. Well,
you can learn the effects of carbon
monoxide by experiment, but the
best way is to get it out of a book.
"The student has great difficulty
in keeping in mind the connection
between education and the daily
assignment. The battle of the books
is not won by a blitzkrieg at the
end of the semester, but by a daily
battle with the books."
E x p la in i n g the psychologic
al connection between good study
habits and good grades, Mr. Morse
explained that the most fateful
hour in College life is 8 o'clock, the
hour when the student either sits
down to study or goes out for a
good time. Those who maintain
good study habits come out on top
at the end of' the semester, he ex
The program, presided over by
A. John Currier Jr. '42, president
of PSCA, also featured songs, led
•by Prof. Frank Gullo, cheers, and
a solo by Jackie Reese.
The meeting was marked by the
discourteous attitude of the fresh
Today Is Last Chance To Vote
For Collegian Queen Candidates
Watkins Takes Lead
For Freshman Queen
With voting closing today at 6
p. in. the race for 1940 Collegian
Queen is getting closer with last
week's Dormitory and Sorority
leaders maintaining their margin
by only a few votes and Phyllis
Watkins moving up to first place
in the Freshman Queen election.
The leaders up to 6 p. m. yes
Freshman Queen —Phyllis Wat
kins (178) and Jane Kimick (176).
Dormitory Queen—Jean Craig
head (169) and . Ann Dorworth
Sorority Queen—Gloria Knep
per (190) and Dolores,Paul (157).
'The judging committee will
Frosh To Request
'Beat W. Virginia'
All freshmen are required to
wear 'Beat West Virginia" signs
this Thursday, Friday, and Satur
day, it was announced last night by
W. Lewis Corbin '4l, president of
In the short quiz which was held
for exempted frosh, it was revealed
that none of the boys knew who
either the All-College President
or the captain of the football team
was. As a result, they were asked
to get the signature of each of these
men by next Tuesday.
With a Moslem veil draped over
his head, Alber Miller will carry
this sign, "I Must A'Veil Myself Of
All Customs." John Cooper,, who
took the fateful chance of dating,
will appear this noon in the garb
of a coed. In addition to• this,
Cooper will carry a potted "mum"
and advertise the Hort Show 'by
announcing in large letters,
"Mum's Not The Word About The
Hort- Show."
Melvin Kaminsky will wear box
ing gloves. His placard reads, "I
Had A `Pull;' Look At Me Now."
Other offenders sentenced last
night by ' Tribunal are Robert
Johnston, James Yeardley, Robert
Walters, and Sidney Cohen.
It was announced - that all fresh
men must attend the broadcast at
Rec Hall this Friday night at 6:45
p.m., and all frosh are to sit down
17 Tapped By Parmi
Nous, Scull And Bones
Parmi Nous and Skull and
-330n41.; jtrilor and senior hat so
cieties, respectively, tapped new
members yesterday at noon in
front of Old Main.
- The seven seniors who will be
initiated by Skull and Bones
tomorrow evening are: H. Ed
ward Wagner, IFC president;
Robert Robinson, baseball, Tri
bunal and Collegian; Thomas C.
Evans, baseball manager; Rich
ard C. Peters, Collegian sports
editor; William P. Conlon, track
manager; W. Ray Herrmann,
IMA president; Jack Dixon;
LaVie editor.
Ten men will be initiated by
Parini Nous Tuesday evening.
They are Edward B. Harris '4l,
lacrosse 'manager; John A. Pe
trella '42, football; Len Krouse
'42, football and junior class
president; Charles E. Medlar '42,
baseball and basketball; Alex
ander L . . Bourgerie '42, track;
Gazexer G. Green '42, soccer;
Paul C. Mall '42, boxing; Rich
ard V. Grimes '4l, basketball;
Lester W. Kutz '4l, fencing;
fencing; James W. Ritter '42,
1 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
meet tomorrow night to select the
Collegian Queen from the three
queens who are elected by the stu
dents. Each winner will be pre
sented with a trophy at the Col
legian'dance Friday night and will
be introduced over KDKA at the
Pep Rally earlier in the evening.
The judging committee which
will meet in 305 Old Main tomor
row is composed of Arnold C.
Laich '4l All-College president;
Hummel Fishburn, associate pro
fessor of musical education;
GpOrge Donovan, manager of Stu
dent Union; H: Ridge Riley, Col
lege sports editor; William K. Ul
erich, editor of the Centre Daily
Times; Robert Robinson, manager
Of the Cathaum theatre; and Guy
Stayer, kcal photographer.
Cabinet Proposes Change
In Town Traffic Routes
Bob Chester's Orchesfra
Signed For Soph Hop
It was announced last night
by Soph Hop co-chaimen Eu
gene R. Yeager and William P.
McFadden that Bob Chester and
his orchestra, students' choice in
the recent band balloting, has
been signed to play for the Soph
Hop on November 15.
Charlie Barnett, the second
choice, was unavailable because
of a three day engagement in
Chicago. The committee will
meet later in the week to decide
-on dress, theme, and decorations
for Soph Hop.
Friday Pep Rally
Will Be Broadcast
Penn State's third annual foot
ball pep rally in Rec Hall at 6:45
p. m. Friday will be highlighted
by the dedication of Fred War
ing's new Penn State song at 7
p. m. and the broadcast of the
rally over station KDKA from 8
to 8:30 p. m.
The Waring dedicating is broad
cast on a coast to coast hookup
from 7 to 7:15 p. m. over the NBC
Red Network and will be ampli
fied in the Hall. From 7:15 till
7:30 p. m. entertainment will be
offered by the Blue Band and the
Glee Club. Rehearsal for the
broadcast will be held from 7:30
till 8 p. m.
The radio broadcast immediate
ly following the informal enter
tainment will feature the "Miss
Information" quiz when the three
remaining candidates for Colleg
ian Queen will answer technical
qUestions asked by campus lead
ers. Their answers, no doubt, will
be recorded for posterity.
Coach Bob Higgins and Coach
Bill Kern of West Virginia will be
interviewed along with Captain
Item Gaiecki. Also present and
active at the broadcast will be
Earle Hewitt, president of. the
Penn State Alumni Association.
Weekend Dating
Allowed '44 Coeds
Noon today marks the end of
the three-week no-dating period
for fershman women but they will
still not be permitted to date ex
cept over weekends until. Move-up
Day in May.
Startingf Frid a y, freshman
women will be allowed three dates
a weekend _including one one
o'clock and one ten o'clock which
may be taken Friday or Saturday
night, and Sunday until 5:30 p. m.
Freshman coeds may associate
with men on campus during the
week until 5:45 p. m. but may not
be with them in dormitories or off
campus on weekdays.
All women are reminded to sign
out and in when leaving and re
turning fro mdates and to indicate
riding if they intend riding out
side of State College.
Written permission from home
must be obtained by women who
wish to go away ever weekends
except when they are going home.
Coeds returning from weekend
visits must be back by dormitory
closing hours. Infractions of these
rules will be dealt with by WSGA
Judicial Committee.
Night Buses Asked
To Make Campus Stops
All-College Cabinet last night
proposed a new system of traffic
routing in the borough and voted
to recommend it to borough coun
Under the system Prospect Ave
nue, Beaver Avenue, College Ave
nue, South Atherton Street, South
Allen Street, and Garner Street
will be through arteries. A provi
sion was included to have stop
signs placed on Garner Street at
Beaver Avenue and Prospect Ave
It was also voted on to recom
mend to council that the West Col
lege Avenue bus parking area be
kept at approximately the same
location but with enough space be
tween the interesection of South
Allen St eet with ollege Avenue
to allow motorists clear vision.
(After February 1, 1941, a bor
ough ordinance will prevent buses
from parking on College Avenue.
Cabinet would have this ordinance
Elinor L. Weaver '4l, WSGA
president, was instructed by Ar
nold C. Laich '4l, All-College pres
ident, to ask the Greyhound Bus
Company to have late buses make
a stop on the campus near the
women's dormitories.
Laich appointed a committee to
ask Col. Ambrose' R. Emery, head
of the ROTC department, if the
Armory could be used for Student
Union dances in the afternons. At
present the Armory is used for
ROTC purposes at such times.
Frank R. Flynn '43, Walter M.
Kniaz '4l, Richard C. Peters '4l,
and Marjory A. Harwick '4l were
named to this group.
After a short discussion on a
"Keep Off the Grass" campaign
it was agreed to ask the Daily Col
legian to campaign for such ac
tion by the students. Laich prom
ised if this did not succeed other
action would be taken.
A motion by Adam A. Smyser
'4l to let Student Union operate
the Drydock night club and to
have surplus funds put into a sink
ing fund was passed.
IFC Head Calls
Meeting Tonight
H. Edward Wagner '4l, IFC
president, announced last night
that he had called a meeting of all
fraternity presidents to discuss the
payment of the $42 damages done
to street signs in last week's pa
jama parade at the Pi Kappa Al
pha house at 7 p. m. today.
Wagner stated that he hoped a
settlement could be made and that
the houses whoses members were
responsible for the damages would
volunteer to help pay for the
How the money will be collect
ed is a problem which the meet
ing tonight may solve. Of 14 house
presidents who were present at
the meeting of the Borough Coun
cil, all of them insisted that their
members had not participated in
the parade.
Wagner pointed out that IFC it
self could not pay the damages,
due to a liimted budget. Unless
the house presidents agree to a
voluntary assesment, the matter
will be brought before All-College
Cabinet. The signs were put up
by •the Borough at the request of
last year's All-College President
H. Clifton McWilliams Jr. with the
assurance that students would re
place them if destroyed.