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    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1940
Two Coeds Attend
Golf Sports Day
Attending the Golf Sports Pay
sponsOFed by the University of
Pennsylvania ,at the Philadelphia
CriClcet Club on Saturday were
.tanet L. Fleming '42 and Dorothy
xyl. Pearce '4l, accompanied by
Miss Marie Haidt, head of the wo
men's physical education depart
Miss Fleming placed second in
the medal play tournament, with
a score of 89 while Jane Cassidy,
of New York;University; carded an
84 to cop first place.
About 20 women participated in
the. sports day, representing Beav
e.;, Chestnut Hill, ,toucher, New
York 'tin iVer sity, Penn State,
Swarthmore, Temple, Pennsylvan
ia, and" West Chester State Teach
ers College.
Miss Haidt was called upon at
the luncheon that followed 'to dis
cuss the Sports Day which WRA
sponsored here last May. The pur
pose of both these sports days 'was
to encourage friendly athletic re
lationships.among the colleges, and
not to stimulate intercollegiate
Kingdon Advises Pledges
At IFC Pledge Banquet
Dr. Frank KingdOn, f ormer
president of the University of
Newark and educational director
of the Citizenship Educational
Service, addressed 365 pledges and
15 upperclassmen at the annual
Inter-fraternity pledge banquet at
the Nittany Lion Inn Sunday eve=
His topic was "What Do You
Mean Fraternity?" In his talk Dr.
Kingdon stressed the importance
of brotherhood to the ' cause of
democracy in this world.
Other speakers were Arnold C.
Laich, All-College president; john
C. Currier, president of the PSCA;
and H. 'Edward Wagner, president
of IFC.
There are ' approximately 100
head of purebred milking cows• in
the Dairy Barn.
We, The-Women—
Dad Praises. Daughter's
Advantages In College
Dad's Day was even better than
I dared hope it would be. You all
deserve our heartiest congratula-
Somehow we . at home didn't
realize you get so much more from
a college education' - than book
learning. It wasn't until last week
erid, when we saw how efficiently
you organise activities, plan with
'others and learn to fit yourselves
for your life in future communi
ties of our country that we gave
the matter much thought.
And the facilities you have at
your disposal, daughter! They were
beyond our wildest hopes as adole
scents. We hope you realize your
opportunities and make use of
them. .
Really, daughter, have you stop
ped to analyze just what you can
get from your present experiences?
You are not only schooled in the
course you have chosen but are
also growing intellectually, moral
ly and socially.
You are on your own. It is up
co you just how much you get
from your college life. Away from
home, you are in contact with
people, the majority of whom you
never knew before. It is your res
ponsibility to learn to live with
them, learn consideration for them
and solve your problems by your
It is this training that prepares
you for life in a democratic com
munity. It can only happen once
in your life—in college. And we're
glad you chose Penn State to edu
cate you for this fruitful experi
' -J.CS.
Thetas To Party Alumni
Kappa 6.lpha Theata will enter
tain its alumni at the Theta house
with a breakfast from 9 to 10 a.
m. Sunday.
Joe College Views
Women's Clothing
A man's opinion of the coed's
wardrobe is conpidered so import
ant that various shops this year
invited college men to preview
campus attires throughout the
Ultra-collegiate outfits were
viewed with approval but the men
candidly claimed "some girls just
can't wear sports clothes."
One BMOC praised sweaters in
natural shades and okayed the
'White shirt which is becoming tops.
However, high wedgies are taboo
on campus because they're termed
too "clumsy."
Unanimous approval was given
to white and all-black evening
dresses but the conservative men
shied away from red velvet saying
it was "nice 'but a bit flashy."
Plaids and tweeds took first
place in masculine admiration.
College- women agreed on that
point but they all seemed to have
a place in their hearts for the red
Graduate Attends
Hunter College Dedication
Mrs. Lawrence Madison -(Mar
garet Kinsloe '35) will represent
the 'College at Hunter College
dedication exercises tomorrow. In
cluded in the ceremonies will be
the inauguration of Dr. George N.
Shuster as fifth president of Hunt
While in college, Margaret was
a member _ of CWens, Mortar
Board, Phi Kappa Phi, president
of Alpha Lambda Delta, Collegian,
president of senior women, and a
member of Kappa Kappa Gamma.
Chapel Comments—
Dr. Kingdon Advises
Father, Son Discussions
The Dads' Day chapel service
in Rec Hall Sunday featured an
address by Dr. Frank Kingdon on
"The Resource's of Our Faith."
Dr. Kingdon advised every fath
er and son to sit down and discuss
the question of what is the most
important thing in the world. He
discounted both money and fame
as being most important, but stres
sed the importance of personal in
tegrity. "The real person," he said,
'is the man that has found some
thing greater than himself to live
Stressing the clash of ideas
among college students, Dr. King
don' expressed the importance of
argument. We argue on everything
from pdlitics to the present world
crisis. "Politics," he said, "is the
outer expression of what is going
on in our minds."
Draft Registration
(Continued from page one)
a $lO,OOO fine, five years in prison,
or both. All male students who
have reached their 21st birthday
and not passed their 36th birthday
on October 16 must register.
Posters giving the procedure for
registration will be distributed by
the Daily Collegian tonight and
tomorrow morning to fraternity
houses, stores, and prominent cam
pus locations.
"Relation of the Draft to College
Students." will be discussed by
Col. Ambrose R. Emery at an
open meeting of the American So
ciety of Military Engineers in
Room 110. Electrical Engineering,
at 7:30 p. m. next Tuesday.
Students will have another op
portunity to gather pertinent in
formation about the draft tonight
when Lieut. -Col. Lewis B. Her
shey, selective service executive
officer, and Dr. Frederick Osborn,
chairman of the advisory commit
tee on selective service, answer
questions on a CBS broadcast, "A
Student in Selective Service," at
10 p. m.
-JiSli The Penn Stale
310 E. College Ave.
• College Ice Cream
J. B. P
While Hall Equips
Coeds For Fall Sports
The potential Robin Hood or
Patty Berg needn't be discourag
ed! Whit.. Hall's equipment room
can fit the athletic coed for her
favorite fall sports.
Archery-supplies include 4 port
able (and inflammable!) targets,
8 home-made faces for targets, 20
gloves, 20 vari-sizer bows, 17 arm
guards, 8 canvas carriers for ar
rows, and also 7 dozen footed, 2
dozen 28-inch, and 7 dozen new
About 20 dozen golf balls and
2 dozen indoor cotton balls help
the coeds follow through and ac
quire proper timing.
Hockey players who vie tornor
row - with the U. S. touring team
find 67 sticks, 69 wooden balls,
26 leather balls, 3 official balls
and 44 shin guards to lead them to
victory. Goalies have 3 chest pads
and one pair of shoes, size 7, to
halt scoring attacks.
Education Council
Draws Up Budget
A budget, which is to be sub
mitted to the Inter-Class Finance
Committee and the All-College
cabinet for approval this week,
was drawn up by the Education
School Council Sunday night.
Peter G. Fetzko '4l, announced
that the council will concentrate
their efforts on building up a high
ly organized centralized organiza
tion comprised of separate clubs
and societies in the five depart
ments of the Education school,
which are Home Economics, Gen
eral Education, Industrial Educa
tion, Music Education and Nature
Plans were also discussed on
how to better and intensify stu
dent-faculty relationships.
The council will soon complete
plans for a series of student-facul
ty mixers to be held • throughout
the year. All Education students
and faculty are urged to offer sug
gestions and criticisms to the
council by means of coupons
which Student Union will distri
bute this week.
The Council will meet in the
second floor lounge of Old Main,
Oct. 13, at 6:15 p. m.
Women's (hem Honorary
To Hold Open House
Demonstrations concerning all
chemistry activity on campus will
b.e given under the sponsorship of
lota Sigma Pi, women's chemis
try honorary, at their informal
open house meeting in Grange
Dormitory Wednesday evening,
October. 16. - .
All women students in the
chemistry field are invited to the
open house, when those eligible
for membership will be selected.
Grooming Tips
For Chic Women
A well-dressed woman is judged
not alone by what she wears but
by how she wears it. Fashion mag
azines notwithstanding, last year's
clothes can look just as smart as
the new models with a bit of at
tention to details and a small
amount of proper care.
First essential in good grooming
is pressing. Woolens, silks, taffeta.
and linen should be ironed on the
wrong side with a damp (not wet
cloth. Velvet should be turned in
side out and steamed. Stubborr
pleats may be pressed on-the right
side, first with a damp cloth ane
then with a dry one, but never•
without some protection betweer
the iron and material.
Airing and brushing immediate
ly after ' wear will lessen the
amount of pressing no end.
Sweaters should he aired and
folded carefully and placed in a
drawer with plenty of space to
prevent crushing. They may be
laundered as frequently as neces
sary if blocked with an iron.
Leather and alligator shoes wil
keep their luster longer if polishec
often. Scrapes and scratches ma: ,
be hidden with a dab of iodine or
brown shoes or ink on black. Shot
trees are a must and should be
placed immediately after wearing
Dust is better averted than re
moved from hats and a hatbox is
the best precaution. Tissue paper
inside the crown and around the
brim will preserve the shape of r.
hat beautifully.
Home Economics Council
Has Initial Meeting
Meeting for_ the first time this
year, the Home Economics Advis
ory Council discussed many issue:
in Room 223 Home Economics
8 p. m. las': night.
Charlotte A. Lowe '4l, was it
charge of plans for a suggestee
home economics "Hospitality
"Does the Education Counci
still exist? If so, what is our part
on it?" was another question the
Council attempted to answer.
The Council asked for changer
in the library, better light, better
books, and discussed the request
for an additional night for library
Estimates of the cost of books.
uniforms and, material will be
sought to be made available to
freshman home economics stu
dents next year.
Honorary Plans Talks
Clarence 0. lArilliaxns, associate
professor of education, will soor
address the freshman women it
Women's Building and Mac Hal'
on study problems. These talks are
being planned for the benefit o '
the freshmAn coeds by Alpha Lam
bda Delta, freshman honorary so