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,With the Editor—
" The Battle of Life Is Ahead,'
Ex-Editor Lord Tells Penn State
EDITORIAL NOTE: All of the editors who
.served Collegian since 1925 have been invited
to write the editorial they would most like to
address to Penn State students today. Not all
of them have responded. The editorials of those
who have will appear in this column from time
to time.
Copy Editor, Philadelphia Inquirer
In these days when talk of training camps, pre
paredness, national defense and the like are up
permost, it would do well to liken the Penn State
campus to a 'huge training camp where we ;prepare
ourselves for the Battle of Life, and, incidentally
make possible the rendering of more valuable
ervice to our country.
As.freshmen we heard, as the Class of 1.944'.has
heard and will hear these next few weeks, that
"we get out of the years .we spend at Penn .State
just what we put into them." That one truism is
xepeated more than any other of the flood of ad
vice that engulfs each freshman class and yet no
words more than those can lead to a worthwhile
college experience.
Few of us would think of going out into the mid
dle of College Avenue and throwing away several
thousands of dollars in the street and walk cas
ually away. And yet hundreds of your colleagues
figuratively do that very thing every year by fail
ure to examine the contents (:) - 1' their textbooks
- more frequently and more thoroughly.
We can be more specific and make accusations
concerning one student who wasted a good part of
his .educational opportunities and we'll swear in
Dean Stoddard as •a judge and ask him to pass ver
dict. Thus we speak from cruel experience and
if that lesson can swerve any readers from a sim
ilar pitfall it will not have been in vain.
If at the start of each day of classes you take
time to ask yourself, "Am I prepared?" and then
Live an honest answer, taking pains to rectify the
cause if the answer is in the negative, you will be
well on the way toward giving a decent account of
Yourself when you get, out on the .firing line in the
Battle of Life.
In the little world of its own that Penn State is,
there are other interests which have their appro
priate places and it is important that the proper
value, no. more and no less, is placed upon each.
With the football season upon us, for example,
we are all wondering what "the chances are"• this
.year. Naturally, we would like as would follow
ers of all teams, for a "championship" team. And
yet how ridiculous! The important thing is "how
they played" and the obligation of sportsmanship
and loyalty from the speetators is just as vital, too.
These words of Grantland Rice apply very aptly
whether on the football field, the classroom or at
any point in the Battle of Life:
'Tor when the Great Scorer comes to write
against your name
Xe marks—not that you won or lost—but how you
played the game:"
A. Better Penn State"
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If you have ever booed, hissed, or Bronx-cheer
ed at the movies when one of our prominent per
sonages, whether Willkie or Roosevelt, is flashed
on the screen this little bit is meant for you.
Aside from the fact that 80 per cent of you boo
ors and hissers are not old enough to vote for
either of these men ever if you did have the am
bition and civic loyalty to vote, your disgusting
exhibitions of bad taste makes me for one asham
ed that I attend the same, college with you.
At the moment you booers are practically all
upperclassmen but if you keep it up for a month
the frosh will be joining in, for after all whom are
they to take their cue on how to act from but the
Whistling when Hedy Lamarr slinks across the
screen gives it that collegiate atmosphere and boo
ing the villain is funny, but hissing and booing
the President of the United States or his opponent
is NOT funny.
Let's leave the booing to the Brooklyn base
ball fans and show that we have at least acquired
a few manners with our College education.
This weekend is Dad's Day and_ although your
Dad might not be able to be here_ somebody else's
will. You wouldn't boo if yOur Dad were here, so'
don't disgust somebody else's parents.
We have been told at least five' times, read in
at least ten different places in Froth, that Don
West is one of the figures portrayed in Henry Var
num Poor's Old Main Mural. We . were told the
five times 'by Don (The editor of Froth is- Don
West). All we have to say is from the looks 'of the
Mural Don had better' :let a barbershop ad for
Froth. He needs a haircut.
Add ideal jobs for the Summer: Sophomore Bob
Miller was life guard at
_an all-girl camp where
the girls' ages ranged from 16 to 19.
Things we'd like to see . . . A girl drum major
for the Blue Band. Not that Jimmy Leyden isn't
good, but. after all there are more boys in this
school to look at a winsome lass strutting her stuff
on New Beaver Field than there are coeds to look
at Jimmy. What do you say Dean Grant?
More things we'd like to see . . . Billy 'Lewis
with Marjory Strode . . . Bob Montz with Leslie
Lewis on the weekends ... the girl that Jack Heck
thinks doesn't have a terrific body .•.. Maynard
Bloom's dog Tipper somewhere else besides across
the street, from Morrell's Nut Shop . . . Larry
Driever elsewhere . . Beer in the basement of
Old Main like they have at Cornell ... Penn State
have an undefeated football season and Leon Ga
jecki a full-fledged, approved-by-good-housekeep
ing All-American.
We heard two stories this week about Hitler and
life under him. They are supposed to be gospel
truth. The first you folks from Philly should ap
preciate. It seems that some people in Philadel
phia wrote to relatives in the Greater Third Wreck
and inquired as to how they were faring, did they
like it, etc. The relatives wrote back and said life
in Germany was beautiful and they had every
thing in the world where they would rather be
and that was Laurel Hill in Philly. Laurel Hill is
Philadelphia's best-known cemetery.
The second little morsel concerns a sister arid
brother. The sister lives here in America and the
brother lived in Germany. j This sister and
brother_kept up a regular correspondence until
one time the sister, when her brother asked would
she like him to send her a souvenir from Ger
many, wrote in a joking way that she would like
;Hitler's eye. ,By return mail .she received a .grisly
piece of something which upop..exarnin4ion-turri
.out to be a human' eye. That was the last
.c.oLninunication she received from Germany.
- • . doors of
"The youth of America
Our colleges with hope - anti vision. Their spirit is
the spirit of advehture. Their urge•is the Urge of
I i
growth. Their principle qualification for admis-
SIOTI is eUriosity. Their most valued recommenda
tion is the desire for better things. Their finest
*equipment is courage and determination to suc
ceed in a world of opportunity. They are en
dowed with the talents 'of normal himitin beings
and are burdened with the frailties common to
all men. This is the material with which the col-
lege works and no finer task may be 'found in all
time than to create from this material . a product
that can be recognized as a gentleman and a
scholar:" Rutgers University's Dr. Fraser Metzger'
aptly describes the "raw material" 'of higher
education. -
"It is the task of intelligence to build -up our
social 'order, and the' beginriirigs can .be in the
classroom, the campus. and the community.. 8y
teaching 'men th'itrihey - need each bther and de-
Pend upon each other,. we Will instil the religiods
impulse into modern life." Rabbi Charles
man of Glencoe,lll., irva talk at Lawrence College,
Appleton, Wis., assesses the role of religion in a
At The News
News item: "The Spanish press,
taking' pain's alignment with Axis*
powers for granted, today assailed
the policies of the United States.,
The newspaper '".ABC" warned
that. the Axis might consider Am
erican aid :to England and the pact
with Canada a cause for War."
Have you ever seen one of those
8.8. Before Blitikreig) gangster
films in which Big Butch •grabs the
little, dried-up guy by the coat la
pels and grunts, "Well, are y' with
me or against me, bud?" The little
fellow squeaks, "I'm behind you,
Butch," and then, about two mur
ders and a gun-fight later, pipes
up from behind Butch's back,
"Watch y'selves, boys, or me 'n
Butch'll give y' de woiks." Does
the comparison need more explan
However, funny as it may be to
think of Spain, its 24,000,000 people
still hungry from the effects of
one of the most ruinous civil wars
-of history, - threatening the United
States with what "me the Axis"
will do, the whole current situa
tion is definitely no laughing mat
ter. It isn't that we may .expeet
to . wake up tomorrow to - find dark
skinned Latirfs or little slant-eyed
gentlemen running around in our
backyards, but that the Axis na
tions are at last getting into posi
tion to-•tell the United States to
keep completely clear of the pres
ent conflict.
Since, it seems, the policy of
complete isolation has been proved
an impractical one for us, the
United States has not and will not
keep from giving aid to Britain.
Thus every new nation added to
the Axis brings this war closer to
* * ••
Courtney Riley Cooper has, by
his own choice, attended his last
circus. Whether snubs from Wash-
"Watch Them Being Made"
-H. and W. De-NUT .SHOP
117 S. PUGH ST.
No! It hasn't affected, the ever smooth
saing of the 5,
_ ffl on
, e ly
patsport necessary is your MATRICULATION
So cerebrate State's football opener in
nautical style under the efficient command
Maloney '43 Injured
In Moksrsycle Acddent
Harry A. Maloney Jr. '43 is in.
the infirmary following a motor
cycle accident at 4 o'clock yester
day afternoon in which he suf
fered at;rasions of his right knee.
He was reported in "good con
dition" last night.
Maloney was riding on Route
:322 near Bpalshurg when .a drive
shaft —in his motorcycle broke.
John T. Taylor '42, a fraternity
brother of Maloney's, drove his
car to the scene of the breakdown
to tow Maloney home. In the 100
block on West Fairmount Avenue,
'Taylor swerved his ear to avoid a
hole in the pavement and Maloney
was thrown into the ditch.
Mem-flake Recorded
A heavy earthquake located
about 4,700 miles from the College
was, rec - orded by the seismograph
of the School of Mineral Industries.
The quake took place about 3 a.m.
yesterday and lasted about 40 min
ington after his investigation
. of
"fifth column" activities in Mexico
caused his suicide will probably
never be lalbwn, but one thing is
certain; namely, that this country
has lost one from whose type
writer came a true portrayal of
thing's American.
. .
Drive4n Theatre
Warren Hull, Marsha Hunt
Sit In Your Car—See ind
Hear the Movies
L mile west of State College
On 'Route 322