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Offense Tactics Stressed
By Yearling Gridders
Marty McAndrews' second
string frosh gridderS scrimmaged
the junior varsity yesterday after
noon as the first team concentrat
ed on offensive tactics under the
direction of Steve Rollins.
Pass defense seems to be the
main weakness of the yearlings
"Marty" McAndrews
and McAndrews spent an hour
drilling his backfield men in this
phase of the game.
Charlie McFarland an d Bill
Briner are on the injured list with
sprained shoulders but both are
expected to be able to report for
practice next week.
Twenty-three freshmen have
dropped from the squad during
the two Weeks of practice leaving
65, a number expected to remain
about constant, still out for the
Eight signers of the Declaration
of Independence were Harvard
that the Jordan_ soil
fertility plots on the
East Campus are the
oldest Experimental
Grounds in North
Opposite Old Main
ts .
Two Veterans Will Miss Grid ()Oilier. Tomorrow
Peters, Stravinski
Replaced In Lineup
Carl Stravinski, senior left tac
kle, will definitely be missing from
the State lineup when the Lions
take the field against Bucknell on
New Beaver Field tomorrow.
The veteran's knee was injured
in the practice tilt with the fresh
men Saturday and the week's lay
off from drills has failed to allev
iate the injury. His place in the
starting lineup will be taken by
Walt Kniaz, another senior who
was a regular in his sophomore
.... ••,,ik%:?i
With Pepper Petrella already
slated to replace Chuck Peters,
Coach Bob Higgins will be without
the service of two of his stars.
Peters has been out of action with
a separated shoulder for three
weeks and, though he has been
in uniform all week, will be kept
out of action. _
The Lions were sent through a
_light passing drill yesterday with
Bill Smaltz, Ralph Ventresco and
Earl Brown tossing them for the
first two teams. Special emphasis
was placed on pass defense since
the Lions have shown weakness in
this department at times.
Bucknell's coach Al Humphreys,
in the meantime, was non-commit
tal on his choice -for the signal
calling job. There's a good possi
bility that Gene Hayes may get
the nod for the starting assignment
at quarterback, replacing Dukes
Dueger, letterman last year. Hayes,
who is an accurate pass-tosser, fits
into the aerial plans of the Hum
phrey eleven.
The Bisons devoted more than
two hours yesterday to an aerial
drill for the backs and ends, while
the remainder of the squad worked
out under line coach Bus Blum.
Throughout 'the afternoon the
Bucknell linemen checked their
blocking and concentrated on Some
of the fundamental plays used by
the Lions.
Cow Equals 100 Hens
In Work Needed For Care
Caring for Susan the cow re
quires as many, man hours of labor
as looking after 100 little red hens,
according to a study made by J. E.
McCord, professor of farm. man
agement and agricultural eco
nomics, and C. E. Cronemeyer,
statistical clerk in the department
of agricultural economics. --
Half of this time is spent on
milking, the study shows. Each
year 71 to 87 hours are spent per
cow on that particular labor.
Feeding cows comes next, with an
average of 37 hours per cow..
Cleaning stables requires over 18
hours for each cow.
Leads Lions Against Bucknell
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LEON GAJECKI—Penn State Center
Werner Optimistic As Harriers Squad
Prepares For Time-Trials Tuesday
Showing far more improvement
than :Coach Chick Werner had an
ticipated in their two-weeks prac
tice sessions, the Nittany Lion har
riers will be in excellent form for
Tuesday's time trials to decide the
lineup for the Michigan State en
counter on October 12.
"Although I haven't clocked any
of my runners yet, they show all
indications of beating the time of
any pre-season team that I have
had in years," Werner contended.
While he was fairly optimistic.
about. the squad's capabilities earl
ier this fall, Werner now admits
that all of his junior harriers, who
won the 1938 freshman IC-4A
championship cross-country title,
have shown surprising form and
will be a formidable threat to Lion
...- ' BUY
..-.., Npw - , -,-_,
One blue note in Werner's plans
is 'the ankle injury of Herm Goff
berg, who was slated to aid Cap
tain Bill Smith in rolling up first
and second places in dual meets.
Goffberg's ankle has-failed to res
pond to treatment, and whether he
will compete in.the - Michigan State
match is uncertain. .
"On the other hand ; " the cross
country mentor added, "Pop Thiel
has ironed out.his fault of saving
too much staying power for the
finish line, and Alex Bourgerie,
junior veteran, has shown that he
expects to be a dual meet winner
this year."
Max Peters,-Chet Snyder, Clair
Hess, Choppy Rhodes and Vern
Kotz, are other varsity men who
will vie for favorite positions on
Werner's team. - -
The Lions
The - Bisons Are Coming
'Within the past week I have
counted exactly 6,438 people . who
have asked me,' "How badly is
Penn State going to beat Bucknell
Saturday?" or "How. many touch;
downs will State, run up on the
Bisons?" •.,
Since I broke my last crystal'
ball several-weeks ago, and since
my subscription to Yogi Mahatma's
Weekly Horoscope has expired, -I
have no substantial evidence -to,
base an answer on. So I'll just set
down a few of the facts about_
Bucknell's_Bisons and let you - draw
your- own conclusions._ -
Coach Al Humphrey lost ten
varsity men by graduation, includ:-:
ing seven who would have beep.
possible .starters on this year's
eleven . . . he was greeted at his
opening fall sessions by a squad
almost as big as his coaching 'staff
. . . 29 men in all . . . Jim Brandt,'
plugged as "being the best sopho
more—prospect ever to enter Buck- -
nell didn't come back to school this
fall . . . the entire Bison squad:
averages about 185 pounds.
Collegian Spy Z-6, who. spends
most of time in Lewisburg over i
each weekend, reports that the I
Bucknell freshmen had the Thun
dering Herd' varsity as colifilsed as
a Mass. of -Italian' , siSighetti in
scrimmage sessions Last Safurday.
Remember what Penn State's reg
were doing to the Nittany
Forty-Fours at the same time?
Z-6 also admits that the Bisons
are switching , this fall to a, Passing
attack, moving,away from the-typet
of power play customary' with
Bucknell grid representatives. This
may be answered in the fact that
Al Humphrey will send a team.
against the Lions which will be
outweighed nearly ten pounds to
the man. A checkup shows that
the probable starting line for the
Lewisburg machine will average
around 182, with the probable
backfield at the - highest at 182.
That's the way it stands atl
Bucknell. Make your own deduc
tions tonight. I'll make my own to
morrow morning: -
Physical Exams Required
Before I.M. Events Begin
Intramural cross-country rims
are to start Thursday, October 17;
ichas been announced by the phy
sical education department.
' Before any contestant will be
permitted to run, they must have
at least eight practice runs around
the golf course. These practice
sessions must be noted on a list in:
Rec Hall. ;
Intramural- swimming is to geil
under way irnmediaely... All Par-1
ticipants in intramural sports must
turn in their physical-exams to thel
intramural office, except those!
playing horseshoes - , -- before they,.'
enter any contests. The cross
country men must have these ex.
aminations before they start thei ,
eight practice runs. •
Walking Horse Presented
To College By Hellick
George F. Hellick of the soar •
of Trustees presented the Anim.
Husbandry Department with the
gift of a 'Tennessee walking horse.'
This type of horse is fast becomin.
•popular as a riding horse for thos:.
people who prefer a slow welkin;.
animal. ,
The department intends to_ tit
the horse for classroom demonstra
tion work in the Animal Husban
dt7 classes.
A College pest Control crab
oflo acres is devoted exdlusiv
to the study di Injurious