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30 Coed Groups Queried
For Point System Data
.Junior Senators To Head
Administration of Plan
Over 30 women’s organizations
have ; been . interviewed by a
WSGA committee to gather in
formation concerning the point
system, Anne M. Borton ’42, chair
man, announced: yesterday.
•' The system, approved by a vote
pf 437 to ■B6_ by women - students
last spring, will operate as soon, as
: data is completed. Administra
tion of the system will be carried
out by the two junior senators.
Designed to apportion offices
among women students, the sys
tem will be scaled according to re
sponsibility of office and time
required to fulfill its duties. It
.will help assure that each organ
ization get officers with concen
trated interests and will protect
individuals from the burden of
more extra-curricular activities
than are safe for studies and
Included in the survey informa
■ tion are: Frequency of meetings;
length of meetings; approximate
number of hours.required for each
office; if officer automatically be
comes a member of other organi
zations', which ones, and how
much time is required by each; if
members are put on committees
very often; activities the organi
zation sponsors and amount .of
time required for them;- general
duties of officers; and type of or
A WSGA House of Representa
tives survey-last spring revealed,
that .only 352 of the 1,106 Penn
State -women participated in out
side activities and that at least 25
of these carried more than they
could handle efficiently.
In addition to Miss Borton, jun
ior senator, committee in
cludes Elinor L. Weaver ’4l,
WSGA president; .petty M. Mar
tin ’42, WSGA vice-president; and
Mildred M. . Taylor - ’42, junto?
190 Freshman Invited
To Second WSGA Mixer
One hundred and ninety fresh
men will attend the second WSGA
sponsored mixer in the Armory at
8 p.m.' tonight given by Alpha
Lambda Delta, freshman women’s
scholastic honorary, Druids, sopho
more men’s athletic honorary,
Skull and Bones, men’s upperclass
activities.honorary, and Pi Lambda
Theta, women’s education honor
Freshman women ■ attending the
mixer have been granted 11 o’-
clocks but must wear their name
'cards. They may be escorted by
men .when returning to the dormi
tory r'
Freshman men attending the
mixer must wear, their customs
but may accompany women home
at 11 p.m.
Ellen H. Richards Club
Maps Activity Program
, Activity projects for the semest
er .were outlined at a Thursday
meeting of Ellen H. Richards, jun
ior home economics honorary,
President Julia A, Adams ’42, an
nounced last night.
The club made' provisions for
monthly , teas and committees were
appointed to study guiding so that.
members may take visitors through
the Home Economics Building.
Committees Selected
By Alpha Lambda Delta
Committees to plan the. yegt’p
prpgr&m and. initietlSh" eritef-tain-
Ifteat V/Are named by Alpha Lam
bda Delta, freshman women’s hon
Joanne M. Palmer, M. Edythe
Moore, Kathryn M. Popp* and
Mildred §. Schxdidt Wfll serve bn
thd- program committee while
Jeanne E. RUess, Ranee A. Dur
kiee, Elizabeth J. Bijlett, and Sara
M. Bailey will help with enter
lofa Sigma Pi Lays Plans
For Curie Lecture Series
“Fingerprinting- the .Molecules”
will be the subject of the first
Marie Curie lecture to be given by
Dr. Emma P. Carr, head of the
department of chemistry at Mount
Holyoke College, it was announced
at a dinner of lota. Sigma Pi in the
Sandwich Shop Wednesday night.
The women’s chemistry honor
ary, headed by Dr. Harriet M.
Harry, sponsors the talks during
the second semester. Last year’s
speaker was Dr. Pauline B. Mack,
director of home, economics re
Madeline M- Fiorillo ’4l was ap
pointed secretary-treasurer of the
organization to succeed Arista M.
MCCormick, graduate student.
Freshmen And Transfers
Will Pop-In Tomorrow
Bread-and-butter visits by fresh
men arid transfers will be made
from 8:30 to 10' p.m. tomorrow
when upperclasswomen stay at
home to be popped-in on.
Special 10 o’clock permission
has been granted to all freshmen
women who will, pop-in at Ather
ton Hall, Grange, and sorority
houses to repay last Sunday’s calls.
PhysEd School Council
Plans All-College Dance
An All-College dance will be
held by the Physical Education
School Council some time in Feb
ruary, Walter M. Kniaz ’4l, presid
ent, announced after a council
meeting last night.
At the meeting, Dr. Lloyd M.
Jones, new professor of physical
Pan-HeLTea Today
It was inccbrectly stated in yes
terday's- Collegian - that the Pan
hellenic tea would be held yester
day. The tea will be held in Ath
erton Hall from 2 to 4 p. m. today
for all freshman and transfer
Are You Behind the
You Will Be if You Don’t Take
Join the Rest and Read the Best
WSGA Announces
'44 Hall Nominees
Election of freshman hall officers
will be held in house meetings
Monday night. Hall presidents will
automatically sit on WSGA Fresh
man Council. Nominations for of
ficers made last Monday and ap
proved by WSGA Senate follow:
McAllister Hall, Rooms 202-218
—president: Mary Galt, Ruth Hum
mel, Betty Story vice-president:
Frances Burke, Joanne Fiero; sec
retary-treasurer: Ruth Baker, Dor
othy Clymer, Rhoda Ruth; Rooms
219-232 president: Peg Colvin,
Florence Jaffy, Mary Lou Keith;
vice-president: Shirley Hayes,
Helen Neubert; secretary-treas
urer: Lillian Clark, Jean Little,
Harriet Vanßiper; Rooms 300-318
—president: Eddie Dobnoff, Mar
ion Dougherty, Louise Henry, Dor
othy Jones; vice-president: Anna
Bottorf, Mary Matry, Florence
Most, Elaine Parke; secretary
treasurer: Peggy Campbell, Janet
Carbaugh, Joan Herzer, Margaret
Ramaley. .
Rooms 319-330—president: Mary
Jean Anstoy, Dorothy Brunner)
Bunny Bundick, Eloise France,
Marjorie' Hazlette; vice-president:
Suzanne Clouser, Ollie Gillis,
Adele Levin, Doris Stevenson; sec
retary-treasurer: Ruth Alvord,
Jane Ammerman, Betty Christman,
Nancy Hamill; Rooms 401-415
president: Margot Blass, Mary
Kane, Mary Roelofs; vice-presid
ent: Grace Judge, Margaret Mag
innis, Ruth Thomas; secretary
treasurer: Virginia Barratt, Lu
cille Barton, Helen Schmeltz, Elea
nor Stoner; Rooms 416-430—pres
ident: Ruth Shanes, Ruth Storer,
Jeanne Ward; vice-president: Bar
bara Cooper, Margaret Campsey,
Bobby Longenecker; secretary
treasurer:- Ruth Conrad, Jeanne
Saylor, Ruth Schwarzman, Nan
Woman’s Building, east wing—
president: Betty Rose Broderick,
Jane Murphy, Doe Wheller, vice
president and social chairman:
Lois Dosch, Virginia Jackson, Bar
bara Mennies; secretary-treasurer:
•Katherine Brong, Betty Gattside;
west wing—president: Helen Dodd,
Marian Reynolds, Alberta Spudis;
vice-president and social chairman:
Jane Ludwig, Mary McCurdy,
8-Ball ?
60 Your Sabsoiptiofl l« ’The Daily Collegian’ Now!
At Slndenf Onion Office or 313 Old Main Buitdins
Coeds will have an opportunity
to show their favorite BMOCs just
how to ride a bike, pitch ringers,
shoot arrows, serve aces, and
make holes in one on. Co-Recrea
tion Day Sunday.
Feeling the need for combined
men and women’s recreational ac
tivities, WRA’s activity board
made plans for this first Co-Rec
Day last spring. With Mary G.
Procter ’4l as chairman, all club
presidents have been instrumen
tal in planning the activities.
Events will include a bicycle
breakfast hike to the WRA Cabin
starting from Metzger’s at 7 a. m.
and returning by 10 a. m. A
charge of 50 cents will be made
for bicycles, and 15 cents for food.
From 2 to 4 p. m. there will be
contests in archery, badminton,
golf,horseshoe pitching, ping
pong, tennis, and volleyball all
centering about Rec Hall.
The committee feels confident
that such a program is attractive
enough to warrant large partici
Maybelle Wood; secretary-treas
urer: Jane Barnes, Gloria Duerst,
Anne Serocco. \
Town women, north—president:
Ann Carruthers, Ruth Popp; vice
president: Janet Henninger/ Doro
thy Wittman; secretary-treasurer:
Jean Alexander, Hilda Bergren;
west—president: Betsy Edwards,
Janet Graham; vice-president: Ann
Sheffield, Jean Stauer; secretary
treasurer: Jean Donaldson, Vir
ginia Gardner; east president:
Mary Beattie, Phyllis Garrison;
vice-president: Joan Laude, Phyl
lis Watkins; secretary-treasurer:
Clara Day, Dorothy Doyle.
i McCormick Dormitory—presid
ent: Dorothy Pavlich, Joan Somers,
Jeannette Young; vice-president:
(Betty Aatan, Ruby Meissner, Joan
Somers; secretary-treasurer: Ruby
Meissner, Diane Novich, Arlene
Sander lin.
Locust Lane Lodge—president:
■Rita -Burkhardt, Priscilla Mac-
Lellan, Julia McMurray, Marcelle
Knowf; vice-president: Marian Du
Bois, Florence Clemmer, Shirley
Newman; secretary - treasurer:
Irene Fanucci, Frances Lowery,
Betty Podell, Mary Wertz.
We, The Women —
Pan-Hel Plays A Part
In Promoting Unity
among freshmen and transfers that
sorority membership is a “must”
on this campus seems to have crop
ped up this year more than ever
Already, women who know they
cannot afford sororities are con
fused in believing that without
sorority backing they can never
achieve success in campus activi
ties and social life.
We have always prided our
selves on keeping politics out of
women’s activities here. We have
encouraged and rewarded individ
ual effort. Our positions are filled
with women who have been se
lected solely for their merit anc'
without regard for sorority affilia
What better evidence that no
breach exists between sorority and
non-sorority women is there than
the Panhellenic tea today? Pan
hellenic Council is sincere in ex
tending an invitation to all new
students regardless of any in
tention to “go sorority.” This tea
is an organized get-together in
tended to foster friendly relation
ships among freshmen, transfers,
and sorority women; and everyone
is urged to come. Affiliated women
will not wear their pins, and no
one will segregate into groups.
New students will have an op
portunity to meet Greek women
and judge them at face value. They
should keep in mind that sororities
on this campus are a luxury—not
a necessity/
7:30-9:30—20c Per Person
“Million Dollar Racket”
Herman Brix, Joan Barclay
See and Hear The Movies
1 mile west of Slate College
On 322
—A. Murray