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    ! FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1940
Sororities Guarantee No O rganized Rushing For First Semester
WRA Plans Day
Of Co-Recreation
September 29 is the co-rec’ day
ifor co-recreation!
| ’With plans for an archery tour
jnament, bicycle breakfast hike,
i fencing, golf, tennis, and volley
ball tournaments, the Women’s
'Recreation Association will spon
sor its first Co-Recreation Day
! designed to stimulate combined
recreational activities. . .
A man or woman may partici
pate in only one'activity and must
. designate -his choice at Student Un
jion by noon Friday, September 27.
j The bicycle breakfast hike to
jthe’ WRA Cabin will begin at
'■W|iite Hall at. 7 a.m. and return by
j 10 v a.m. A 50-cent charge will be
made for bicycles and 25 cents for
Other activities are slated for 2
to 4 p.m. The Archery Club will
conduct a mixed Columbia-Round
;on. Holmes Field; the Fencing
j.Club, a /tournament in White Hall;
-fthe Gplf Club, mixed two-ball
foursomes on the College links,’"'the
Tennis Club, a mixed doubles pro
gressive tournament on Rec Hall
courts, and the Variety Club, a
volleyball tournament on Holmes
. Mary G. Procter ’4l, chairman,
has appointed Janet L. Fleming ’42,
in charge of golf; Anita M. Knecht
’42, bicycles; Elizabeth C. Rose
’42, food; and Josephine J. Tag
gart ’4l, tennis.
Refreshments will be served at
White Hall at 4 p.m.
Women Will Observe
Pop-in Night Sunday
1 With all the dainties from choc
olate cake to apple cider,'freshman
women will play hostesses to up
j perclasswomen from 8:30. to 9:30
| p. m. Sunday in observance of tra
-fditional Pop-in Night.
Freshmen in McAllister Hall,
Women’s Building, Grange play
room, arid the eight downtown
dormitories, as well as transfers
and town women, will wait in
their rooms for upperclasswomen
to drop in for a chat and a snack.
The following Sunday night the
procedure will be reversed and
freshmen will pay return engag
ments to Atherton Hall, Grange,
and sorority houses.
ptt’S hilpfitl;. . KEUFFEL & ESSER CO.
.'I I l' §f,l\ f\ '' CHICAGO • ST. LOUIS
We, The Women —
Helpful Suggestions
for Pop-In Night
POP-IN NIGHT has always been
an ivy-clad custom with Penn
State women. This tradition, which
was established to further friendly
relations among coeds, will again
be observed Sunday night when
upperclasswomen visit freshman
coeds in their rooms.
Traditionally this evening .of
making acquaintances with cam
pus newcomers has been abused.
It has been turned into an oppor
tunity .for pre-season rushing by
sorority women who are anxious to
get out leadpipes and camp in
freshman rooms.
For a really successful Pop-In
Night we suggest that upperclass
women wear name cards and visit
downtown dorms as well as Mac
Hall and Women’s Building. Totfm
freshman houses; are Locust Lane
Lodge at- 312 Locust Lane, Anchor
age at Reaver and Atherton Ave
nues, and McCormick at 225 S.
Allen Street. Freshman coeds are
also located in the following
dorms: Mrs. Reman, 236 S. Frazier
St.; Mrs. Bart,' 222 W. College
Ave.; Mrs. Forbes, 129 S. Miles
St.; Nitiany Co-op, 244 E. Nittany
Ave.; and Student Co-op, 425 S.
Allen St. The two transfer dormi
tories are: Wiley, 134 OE. Foster
Ave.; and Parker, 228 S. Allen
St. And don’t forget the three
freshmen in Grange playroom and
the town students.
Non-sorority women as well as
sorority affiliates should do their
part Sunday night. All upperclass
women should visit as many rooms
as possible.
Alpha Lambda Della
Pledges 7 Sophomores
Alpha. (Lambda Delta, freshman
women’s scholastic honorary, will
pledge seven women who made an
average of at least 2.5 last semester
in Atherton Hall at 7 p.m. next
Wednesday night. The honorary
previously pledged 21 freshman
coeds last spring.
New pledges will be Christine
R. Grant, Esther M. Hall, Harriet
S. Herschfeld, Marjorie J. Kehler,
A. Ruth Krimmel, and Dorothy J.
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Meefing Last Night
Limits Rush Code
Unanimously agreeing that no
organized rushing of any kind will
be held - first semester, sorority
rushing chairmen and the execu
tive committee of Panhellenic
Council met last night in Atherton
Hall to ban high pressure rush
methods which were beginning to
be evidenced this week.
Violations of this “gentlemen’s
agreement” among houses will
necessitate reversion to last year’s
code which free asso
ciation, the group threatened.
The present j:ode was reinterp
reted to provide that no organized
chapels Cattending in large groups)
or downtown “coke” parties will
be held until intensive rushing
starts next semester. The group
restated that until October 9 Pan
hellenic rules stipulate literally a
“free association” which is to be
used to further friendly relations
among freshmen, transfers, and
sorority women.
Agreeing yesterday afternoon
that the code had been abused and
that rushing had already begun,
the executive committee headed by
Jean A. Krauser ’42, Panhellenic
vice president and rushing chair
man, called the rushing chairmen
together last night.
It was established that after Oc
tober 9 freshmen can visit upper
class sorority women in dormitory
rooms but not in sorority houses,
and that from now on freshmen
are not obliged to attend chapel
when invited. s
Further code clarifications will
be made in Senior Sponsor meet
ings which will be held throughout
next week.
Three Honoraries
Sponsor Mixer
. The first in the series of WSGA
sponsored mixers will be given for
175 freshmen in the Armory at 8
p.m. tomorrow night by Mortar
Board, senior women’s honorary,
Cwens, sophomore women’s hon
orary, and Friars, sophomore men’s
Freshman women living on
fourth floor Mac Hall have been
granted 11 o’clock permissions to
attend the mixer but must wear
their name cards. However, they
may be accompanied by men when
returning to the dormitory and
need not wear their hair ribbons.
W. Lewis Corbin ’4l, chairman
of Tribunal, announced last night
that freshman men attending the
affair must retain there customs
except that they may escort wo
men home at 11 p.m.
Pan-Hel Issues
Second Handbook
To open the door of Greekdom
■for bewildered freshman women
and to lead them safely through
the maze of rushing regulations,
Panhellenic Council has again is
sued its - Handbook, edited by
Arita L. Hefferan ’4l.
Full of helpful suggestions on
conduct, dress,, and proper eti
quette, the booklet is designed to
simplify rushing for freshmen as
well as to present an accurate pic
ture of sorority life.
The Panhellenic Rushing Code
is set down and its confusing sec
tions explained. Special emphasis
is put on the Panhellenic tea,
Stunt Night, and. Open Houses to
which all freshmen are expected
to come without invitations.
Explanation of bidding, formal
and informal parties, silent per
iods, free association, and terms
peculiar to sororities is given as
well as detailed expenses of indi
vidual houses.
All sorority members are listed
alphabetically and the last page is
devoted to names of officers and
representatives' of Panhellenic
Council. •
Freshman Coeds To
Nominate Hall Officers
. Nominations for freshman wo
men’s hall offices are scheduled for
Monday night, when each group
will elect a president who will
automatically sit on WSGA Fresh
man Council, a vice-president, and
a secretary-treasurer.
Qualifications for officers include
scholarship, leadership, and res
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ponsibility. Elections will be Sep
tember 30.
Freshman Council, composed en
tirely of freshman coeds and pre
sided over by Margaret K. Sher
man, Sophomore Senator, discus
ses matters pertaining particularly
to freshman women. Each dormi
tory also elects a president, vice
president, and secretary-treasurer
to work with the entire group.
1 - *•*
$2 50
State College