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With the Editor —
About The Draft And The College
And Politics And All The Rest
Now that the draft is passed, the College is re
lieved of some of the uncertainty which compli
cated preparations for enrollment this year.
It can how proceed with more certainty along
lines which Will facilitate national defense. It is
now assured that its students -will riot be called
until next July dnd that its enrollment until that
time will not be seriously affected.
But the College has more thari manpower to of
fer the nation, its manpower is cidser to being
its least, important contribution than to being its
midst importarit contribution..
Sturdy young boys who can carry gUris and
stand the strain of criiribai dre a diirib d do'zeri. in
telligent leaders, intelligent planning, and stddied
research come high. It is the American colleges
—with Penn State high among them—that must
furnish these last, more important materials.
The College carries on a vast research program
Which last year cost tabout $700,000. From its
petroleum laboratories, its engineering experi
ment station* its. weather bureau, its textile re
searches, its extensive work with farm crops arid
farm stock, and its investigations into chemistry
will come the methods which, will contribute to
America’s defense.
Politics is in the dir arid there is the usual talk
going around about the horror of it. Some people
would even like to see parties done dway with—
as if they could be!
There is so much about politics that is interest
ing: For instance; the friendliness of it all. Two
years.ago in the more suitable capacity of cub re
porter, the editdr Wats assigried to cover a cam
paign talk by Jim Davis, who was driving for (arid
got) a third terrri in the seriate.
At a country picnic, which was the scene of his
principal address, Jim was really doing all right.
He was just plain Jim Dayis—everybody’s friend.
He chatted about the crops, led the band while
explaining he had played the piccolo as a boy, met
every proud father who was pushing forward an
even prouder cherry-faced son, waltzed with a
ten-year'• old maid, bought cokes all around, and
really put his heart into the business of having a
good time.
in one of these interludes an oldish, flabby and
well-to-do Pennsylvania Dutch farmer avalanched
himself through the crowd to the senator and
swarmed over him like a flock of loving puppies.
“.Remember me?” he asked Jim Davis.
“I sure do. I’d never forget that face, but .. .
I’m blamed if I can recall your name.”
‘.‘Do you remember old Congressman Menges,
“Yes, sir! Now I’ve got you, Congressman. Yes
siree, now I’ve ...”
“No’. I’m not' him. I’m his friend, Klinedinst,
old Postmaster Klinedinst.”
Jim got out of that somehow. Politics is co
operative, too. Later that same day Jim Davis
gave me a copy of the speech he was going to de
liver. He did deliver it too—for five minutes, that
is. But. then there was a twenty-minute tirade
against a democratic skunk who Senator Davis
said lived in Harrisburg (which wasn’t on the
hooks.) Politics is friendly.
"For A Better Fenn State"
Successor to the Pe'nn Stale Collegian, established 1904, and
the Free Lance, established 1887
Thursday Morning, September Is, _IS4(J
Published daily except, Sunday. and Monday, during the
regular College year , By, the. students of The Pennsylvania
State College. Entered a$ second-class. mattes July. 5. 1934.
at the post-office at State College; - Pa., under the act of
March 3. 1879.
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ner ’42. Jeanne C., Stiles.’42. ,• ,
Junior. Business w. Allison 42, Panl
M. Goldberg '42, James E. McCaughey-.’42, Charted L - . Van
Inwagen ’42, T. Blair Wallaie. ’42, Margaret L. Embury ’42,
Virginia Ogden '42, Fay E. Rees '42. ... . ....
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Go'od mo'rriihg. It’s a lovely morning. Don’t have
to dash out and grab any boys for breakfast. Don’t
have to turri on any personality smile. Don’t have
to play class Z ping pong to keep the rushees
happy, Mori’t have to keep the hole in thb rUg
hidden. Don’t have to" laugh at lousy jokes or
shrike fishy palms (pardcfri the scaies; bud) o’r risk
dull ’44 hopefuls what courses they’re taking arid
why it’s not Liberal Arts. ...
What a morning!!
For yesterday that period of high-pressure hell
known as rushing season, staggered to ai close,
leaving in its Wake shattered' nerves, tifed bodies,
several thousand bad cases of the
more pledges than have been acquired by . Penn
State’s fraternities since last year..
•if y'bii cdll a porter to carry the bags under my
eyes I’li go dowri to breakfast with you.
Speakiiig (Sf Lead Pipes
How corrie, the Camp'useer wants to know, that
the college dorms require a one-year contract?
Is or is not the administration in favor of frater
As rushing season fades into the dim past
Cariipy wishes to record a few passing irripres
sions in the annals of—well, just the annals. How
about ...
The way the sigmdpis put on the do'g with a
darky briskly outfitted in white duds serving
cokes'on a tray . .
the for rent sign the phi moo deltas had out
in front Of their house all throUgh rushing sea-
sori . . ;
the guy who pledged KDR arid went to lurich
at a certdiri nearby house ...
If. this new and different daily rag had a
society column we wouldn’t be a -bit surprised to
read a black-bordered item informing the feW
collitch students who can read that Peg Hafer
and Ray Leffter are rio longer anticipating wed
ding bells ...
don’t tell “Genial Joe ” Ritenour this one. A
fiosh asked at student union for some bandage.
No soap, but Donovan sent hirn to the dispensary.
Again, no soap!!!!
Walt Chase, fiji pledge, will subscribe when
he sees this . .
It seems an ignominious (and unusual) way
lor a kappa to - make this column but Connie
Smith fell off her bicycle the other day. Poor
thing ....
Well, maybe I can sleep the whole! thing off.
Friday, Oddfier 11fH j
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Of* Dorni biie Of ivhicß
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Campus Calendar —
Freshmen pay fees in the Ar
mory, 9 to 5 p.m.
Sophomore women Collegian
candidates meet in Collegian office
at i p.rii.
. .Players. technical staff, Little
Theatre, 7.p.m.
/College Cfibir try-outs for girls,
ScKwaib’ Atiditbritfiri, 7 p'.fri. .
Cwen meeting at 6:45 p.m. in'
WS&A rdo’fri, White Mall.
, Application blanks for the John
W: White arid Ltfdisb Carnegie
scholarships are available fo in
terested students at Roorii 11-2;
PO'rid Lab'oratdry; This iriforiria
tioh mUst he Compidte’d arid in the
hands of thri Cdmriiitete o'ri Acad-
HOME and back by
Railway Express!
Birfect ds a pass” is the campus-tbdibme
idUadcy service, offered by RAILWAY EXPRESS. We
call for your laundry, take it horire...and then bring
it back to you at yorif college address. It’s as quick ."
and convenient as that! Yo'ti triay setiH yo’iif laundry
prepaid or collect, as you prefer. ,
Low rates include calling fof add deliveringin all cities
and principal towns. Use RAILWAY EXPRESS, too,for -
swift shipment of all packages and luggage. Just phone
, agency itic. '■
College Choir Try-ouls
-"Try-outs to fiil vacancies in tfe
College Choir for girls’ voices will
be. held in Schwab Auditorium at
7 p.m. tonight. Freshman girls are
eligible to try oiit. •
All other girl members _of ( tfjj
Cfiofr from last year- are also re
quested to report. !
emic Standards by September 2t,
. F’enri State irierfiitetsftip ifieet
iSii m M M; 6:48-$M - ,
■ Safe .Driver Training .School
classes b'egiri. in Room, State
College High School, - at. 7 p.m;; j
Candidates for .assistant ijqeni.
ger of footbail report, to. Water
Tower, sign up at AA Office.
wft —. -*»»_ #■ &.. f
*»«■«>*.. aJ-*-*--