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With the Editor—
, Abut Conscription And Ik Process
09 Pennsylvania Registration
For the purpose of the record, it is well to set
down, somewhere—and here seems like the best
place—the process of registration, for conscrip
tion in Pennsylvania.
College students will be deferred —on request—
until the end of the academic year but all be
tween the ages of 21 and 36 must register, the
only exceptions being advanced ROTC students.
The step by step process, as reported last week
by the Associated Press, follows:
1. Appointment by President Roosevelt, upon
recommendation of Governor James of 420 local
draft boards seven regional appeal boards.
. 2. A special date is set when every man be
tween the ages specified in the conscription bill
must register at his local election district.
3. The chief registrar in each of the 80,690 vot
ing precincts turns the registration cards over to
the county commissioners, who send the cards to
the local draft boards in each area.
4. A local draft board is appointed for each
30,000 population in an area, including three vot
ing members, one examining physician, and one
government appeal agent.
- 5.' The local boards take the registration cards
of 20 to 30 election districts, up to 3,000 cards,
.shuffle them, and assign serial numbers ranging,
from 1 to 3,000 for each name.
C. The lists are compiled and posted in each
election district, and copies sent to the governor
and the federal government.
7. The federal government determines the or
der in which each bracket of serial numbers shall
be called to military service, through a lottery
drawing. -
8. Those whose serial numbers are called in
the ‘first draft” are furnished with questionnaires,
which they must fill out and return to their local
draft boards, listing their occupations, family in
come, dependents, education, etc.
0. The local boards determine who shall be
called into the federal service from these ques
. 10. Those who are rejected at first because
they have dependants, are physically unfit, or are
retained in 'private industry, are placed on a “de
ferred” list, and may be called later if. they are
needed to fill the quota. "
.11. Those who. are. called in the first draft, and
are not eliminated through exemption or appeal,
must report on a date set for the training period
to begin at a state-wide “reception center,” 'prob
ably at Harrisburg, Indian town Gap, or New
' The Gettysburgian of Gettysburg- College re
lates the story of the wrestling coach who pa
tiently tried to'explain the fundamentals of: the
grunt and groan art to his only mildly interested
pupils. None seemed to understand, and the light
of learning burned low. ! Finally in sheer depera
tion he wrote in bold white letters across the gym
ceiling: “If you can read this you’re in the wrong
"For A Better Penn'State"
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Tuesday Morning, September 17, 1940 _
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Columns, columns, columns, the Collegian is
full of columns. It- seems that everybody and" his
uncle have taken a crack at writing a column. I’m
no exception, but if you can take it so can-I for
what fool doesn’t grab at the chance to forget his
inhibitions and give—on paper. All of which re
minds me of the slogan of a one-jerk Missouri
newspaper gone blotto years ago. .“He whq
bloweth not his own bazoo, the same shall not be
blown.” The paper if you’re interested was the
Sedalia Bazoo.
To get back to the point and turn tattler on the
local has-beens, have you heard that . . . Peg De-
Silver, aopi, will marry Jack Hirsh, sigma chi, on
October 5 . . . A 1 Simpson, theta xi, and Gertie
Cronan, dg; Ann McCracken, alfachio, and Verb
Smith, pika; Betty Miller of Harrisburg and Bill
Andrews, phi kappa tau; Mae Weigner,- alfachio,
and Bob Cleves, lambda chi alpha-. Doris Bailey
is the lucky girl who’ll marry Warren Elliott, and ~
September 28 is the big day . . . Howie Anderson
is a proud papa but no one seems to know wheth
er it’s a boy or girl . . . Sammy Gallu, you’ll re-,
member him as King Hot. Dog, is beating it out
with Fred Waring’s glee club at the Aquacade,at. •
the Fair . . . The cdt-has added Bob Wilson and
Pat Braun to its staff—that makes- at least two
journalism graduates that got jobs.
Bill Diely, pride of the Delta Sigma. Phis, laid
an egg last week! No fooling. He was ghowinga
freshman the game room when the rushee. asked
where the bathroom was. Bill, thinking the -fel
low had asked about a badminton court, answered
brightly “Oh, we used to have one out on the front
lawn but it was too hard on the grass.”
And then there were the two Pi Kappa Phis who ...
were invited to go through-the SAE house when
one of the brothers saw them standing at the cor--'
net of Beaver and Pugh. They went
Peggy Herman Harlan’S family is being well
taken care of by the Sigma Nus. They pledged
her brother and -Dana .Chalfont and' Rod Sachs
flipped for the chance to take her sister -out. Rod- -
won. We understand that Rod -was oh so thrilled
when he received a letter from his last: year’s
flame, Bev. Wilson. She is living in 'California
now and thoughtfully remembered to send Rod
her telephone number.
Glad to see that the campus big-wigs who are
sponsoring freshman, beauty queens have taken
such a keen interest in their work .. . understand
from several of the women on the staff that pro
fessor Baldanza is back —what does he have that
the rest of us—oh, 'well, let’s skip that . . . wish
something could be done about lights going out in
the middle of a meal, half the college was eating
by matchlight Sunday night . . . have been asked
to. appeal to the freshman in Women’s Building
who-was singing hymns at 7 o’clock Sunday morn
ing—you know young lady that it would be more
appreciated in church or chapel 1 . . sorry to hear
that Bill Hubler, Ed Hall, Peg Mcllray, Bev Wil
son and the Seeds girls aren’t going to be here
this year . . . that’s the best I can go for now . ..
I’ll see you at the Thespian show tonight, that is
all of you except "the freshmen—there won’t be
room for them after the upperclassmen get all the
best seats. .
“So long as the state pays the expense of junior
college educatjon'at the state university or the -
state teachers college, there is every- reason why
it should also participate in the expense of local
public junior college, which operate on. the same
level.” Dr. George F. Zook, president of the Am
erican Council on Education, thumps for. state sup
port of junior colleges.
• “I hope you never belong to Youth with a cap
ital ‘Y'. You ought not to be marked off- as a spe
cialpressuregroup because of your age, just as
women shouldn't be. marked off because of their
sex. You are not a special class, but citizens.” .
Mrs. Robert Taft, wife of the G.O.P. presidential
hopeful, told University of Minnesota collegians
the-piaee they ought to assume in national affairs.
“The academic year 1939-40 will be marked in
the future as the turning point in
cation in the United States—a turning point away
from specialization oft technological subject-mat
ter in the basic four-year programs, and toward
the. inclusion of an integrated stem of social-hu
manistic studies wbich will tend to, make the en
gineers of tomorrow a more 'rounded man' and
citizen.” Columbia University’s Dean Joseph W.
Barker points, to/a great grpwth in engineering
curricula revision begun this year in many insti
TWO PLEASANT comfortable
rooms near campus quiet private
(large second floor double room
and one single suitable for grad
uate or faculty man. Study and
bedrooms will rent separately.
Any one reasonable. 124 jS. Pat
terson St. 2t-pd-CRE
DOUBLE -front room, quietsection
'good single beds.' Will rant sin
gle. Call State College 2717, 133
South Gill. se 13,16,17-St-pd6
ROOMS for students. Desirable
classman in pleasant corner room,
room and roommate for upper
second 'floor. 300 S. Burrowes
street. Phone 3280,-
FOR RENT —Single room, private
family. Inquire 316 S. Gill'street.
Dial 3417. . 12-2tp-BB
PENN State Hotel remodeled
under new management. Stu
dent rooms reasonably priced and
extended dining room service. 310
E. College.
FOR RENT large room, private
entrance, next bath. Graduate or
faculty.-Phone 3383 evenings.
. lt-pd-9-17CJRE
JEWISH cooking,'room and board
now available, 217 E.- Foster,
Phone Bertha Stem. 3fc-pd-19BSD
ROOMS for rent. Suitable for two.
Men students only. Available at
once. Inquire 254 S. Burrowes St.
Our lines of desk radios, ranging froui“s9-95 to $l9-95, have been-;
selected with a view to the low radio signal strength in this area,
and. are guaranteed to give both day and night reception without '
the use of an outside aerial.- . .. _ . .
Radio Corner
Allen St. & Beaver. AVe. Opposite-Post Office,:
. • 7." "7 . .
Guaranteed Service On All Makes And Models,
Home and Auto Radios,JOur Specialty. • -
Thirteen Years Experience.
Portables —Record Players—Combinations—Auto Radios —
. Recorders—l.E.S. Lamps
Announcing the Opening of ...
Formerly Nittany Meadows Faim Store jr.
104 W. Beaver Are, -
Free Delivery
Campus Calendar—
All women transfers must report
to desk at registration "for name
cards. L
- Notice to students in Chem. 3,
Sections L, M, N, P, and R:„ At first
laboratory period,/have $3 break-,
age ticket, obtained' at Bursar's
.Office. Money refunded at end of
semester, excepting that covering,
breakage. Also bring manual, “Ex
periments in. General Chemistry', 0
by Chandlee, Mack, and Currier.
Notice to students in Chem. * 52,
Sections' A and B: Have $lO break-,
age-ticket,-obtainable at Bursar’s.
Office, at firstscheduled laboratory,
period. ■ • - -
Campus Center Club Mixer for
center transfers. Old Main Sand
wich Shop, 8 p.m. /
Transfers Meet Tonight 5
All new transfers, including wo
men from undergraduate centers;
are invited to a coffee hour in the
southeast lounge of Atherton Hall
today, at 7 pan. The Hpuse of Rep-'
resentatives is sponsoring the af
fair to help transfers get acquaints
ROOM for two stu-
dents in new home. Use of living
room. $2.50 each.-Inquire 131 Miles
Street. Dial 4000, lt-pdr9-17GR&