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To The Free Lance,
Established 1887
VOL! 36—No 65
Pearce Promises
'Housing !ureau's
full, Cooperation
Proposed Rooming Plan
Receives Dual Approval
Of Warnock, Ritenour
With the proposed plan for stu
, dent housing inspection in the
hands of Pi esident Ralph D Het
-/el for -approval, Mrs Charles
' Peal cc, president of thel State
College Student Hciusing, Place
ment Bureau, announced yester
-day that her group offers full co
r,operation and agreement with a
College approved list
Mrs Pierce assured the Student
Housing Board that the plan was
-parallel to the requirements, of
hei group, especially the advoca
tien of housing cant acts and re
quired health standards
Warnock Approves
Coincident with Mrs Pearce's
announcement, A It Warnock,
dean of men, and Dr Joseph P
Ritenour, -director of the College
Health 'Service; approved the
move by the Senate committee on '
"student v,elfard, but warned stu
dents..that .perfection in housing
conditions will take time
"Student housing inspection or
regulation cannot be compulsory
but voluntary, with inspection of
private homes entirely up to
.'housekeepers," Dean Warnock
' • Dean ,Warnock,saie that the
first - , step necessitates 'agreement
by,the - householders to accept the
inspection and the willingness of
'the .students —to cooperate
College specifications" - '
Rules Supported
supoort of warnOck's sug
gestion, Dr Ritenour told students
that only when they adhere to the
lules of the proposed housing,
`plan and educate, themselves in
rooming and personal, hygiene
will an adequate housing prograM
be put into effect
The student's ability to judge
„fwhethei a loom is in a healthful
condition, and his, awareness of
housing standards, according to
alitenoui, will simplify the ad
nnistiabon's task
`John M Beyerly '4l has been
appointed chairman of the Student
Housing `Board and will be in
- charge of housing reorganization
next fall, Adam A Smyser '4l; re
tiring chairman, has announced
Advice On Speech
Offered 'Students
:,-conversation,al Topics,
`Practice Items Urged
After condilettng .a of
Pend' State students' conveisation
,fil difficulties, backgrounds,-likes
and dislikes, Eugene T McDonald,
graduate assistant' in speech, has
plepated a, list of"tips" for those
who feel that they are having trou
ble to conversation
Budd up a good background
for conveisation ..Read what other
students ale reading, listen to your
tadio, - attend popular movies, etc
2 Practice talking about, items
of Intdrest to college students with
someone you know well.
+2 . - - 13e a good listener. Remember
that a conversation requires both
speakers and listeners V
- Don't Annoy Others
iZ4:-Unless you want to annoy
people; don't' ,/
a Act stubborn Stick up for your
sights and ideas bfit don't be
'f'afraid to admit you're wrong
b Misuse English m make errors
,in pronunciation '
, Act conceited H you "have
something on the ball" stu
,",denti will find 'lt 'out. You
won't need to' , tell them
Talkd. louder than necessary
'e 'Lose, your temper. You might
; say things you don't mean if
you , become angry
"I Make dogmatic statements
,There is a possibilityi that you
may be wrong '„ , -
g `Use profanity: This - more
~ , annoying .to girls, but many
men say they don't like its
, 1 11' Contradict the speaker unless
can do It tactfully - '
priori'. #1 , - 7 --
4, *)
. 0
(trattgia , n
• • • iess•
Full , Activities Schedule
Ushers Out, College Year
Student Government Memoi ial
Day services, 8 45 a in Most Col:
lege groups will follow Sunday
4-H Club meeting, 405 Old Main,
7 30 p m
Jan Sava!, Cathaum 'neat' e
Grange, 405 Old Mani,'B p in
PSCA meeting, 304 Old Main.
6'30 p m
Louise Homer Club, 411 .01d
Main, 7 p m
International Relations Club,
418 Old Main, , 7 15 p m
Friday, June 7:
' "What a Life." Schwab Audi
torium, 8 30:p m
Fraternity dances, 9 30 p m
Senior women's breakfast in
McAllister Hall at 830 a m
Saturday, June 8:
Alumni Golf Tournament, 8 30
a m
Campus tour.—Buses leave from
rear of Old Main, 9 to 12 noon
Annual,meeting of Alumni Coun
cil, 121, LA, 10 a m
Election of , Alumni Trustees
closes, 11 a m
Alumni luncheon in Rea Hall,
12 30 p m
Baseball.—University of Pitts-
Mirgh, 2 30 p m
Dean of Women Charlotte E
Ray, assisted by members of her
staff, hostesses of the dormitcuids,
and the State CO'lleie Alurridad -
Club will be at home to Alumnae
in Frances Atherton Hall, 3 to 5
Class Reunion dinners, 6 p m
Dinner for non-reunion classe%,
Sandwich Shop, Old Main,, at 6
p m "
"What a Life."—Schwab Audi
torium, 7'30 p m
Fraternity dances, 9 30 p m
June 8, Alumnae Tea, Atherton
Hall, from 3 to 5 p m
Savitt's 'Top Hatters' -
Play ; At Cathaum Monday
- Jan Savitt and his "Top Hatteis" Oacbestia, dkreet n from engage
ments at the Lincoln Hotel, New Yolk City, and the' Stanley Theater,
Pittsburgh, come to the Cathaum Theater on Monday, All'lC 3
Five shows will be presented by the Senioi Ball band throughout
the day in addition to the feature picture Them will be no t inci ease
in paces i - - ,
Broadcasting nightly over the NBC network, Jan Savitt has de
veloped in the "Top Hatters" a swing orchestra which has won the
acclaim of radio fans from coast
to coast.
The success of Savitt:s interpre
tation of swing music is due to
the fact that through his brilliant
musical airangements and instru
mentationhe has taken the brassy
harshness out of swing music and
made it easy on the eats as well
as danceable.
Jan Savitt stepped into the Blue
Room of the Lincoln Hotel as the
successor to Artie Shaw. Un
daunted Jan swung his band into
the hearts and feet of the dancers,
many of -whom came to see who
dared to follow the popular Shaw
Savitt won and since the open
ing night has had no trouble hold
ing his own—and jamming the
Blue' Room with his many fans
and admirers Visiting Penn
State's campus to play for Senior
'Ball, the band was again a dis
tinct -hit:
Carlotta , Dale, sweet swingstress.
arid Bon Bon will also appeal with
Jan's "Top Hatters" ,
Three Juniors Named
To Sumnii,Colleglin '
William E 'FbiAiler :41 - ,
and Ed-'
ward J K IdcLone' '4l will
serve as co-editors of the,Sum
mer Collegian with Lawrence S i
Drieyer'4l as business manages,.
'lt was announced, today
The Summer - Collegian, will
begin publication', July 1 and
'publish every ' week' dming the
six weeks H of the main session of
Summer School _
Sunday, June 9
Senate breakfast, Milan.) , Lieu
Inn, 8 45 a m '
Alumnae' breSkfas / t. Sandwich
Shop, 9 a m
Baccalaurealo Service, _Recre
ation Hal, II a m
Senior Class Day Exocise% and
Blue'Band Concei 1, fi ont campus,
9 , p m
Monday, June 10:
The Commencement procession
tot MN al, New BCdVel Field. 11l
a m
Commencement Exeimses, New
Beam Field, 10 30 a - in In case
of rain, Rec Hall, admission by
ticket only '
Senior Women's Millie at, Nit
tany Lion Inn from 9 to 12 p m
Saturday with' Rex Rockwell's ni
Central Pennsylvania section
meeting in Room 121, LA at 7 30
p m Monday with Dr Meile
Randall of the University of Cali
fornia speaking on "Molal Prop
erties and Distillation Process De
sign "
Students are reminded to get
defeiment blanks at the Bursar's
office '
La Vies now available at AA
window: Bt ing matriculation
Room deposits for women's dor
mitories due before June 7 at
Bursar's office"
SeCorldi'embidereffdr'Juiffi - 6' --
; Names of new officers of all fia
teinities, 'clubs, soCleties and oth
er organized groups' should be re
ported -to Student Ninon
Freshman Commission meeting,
418 Old Main, 7 15 p m
Summer camp jobs and other
summer positions ate listed on the
PSCA bulletin bumf! Further in
formation available in PSCA of
'4O 'Class Day'Exercises
411eduled 6 P.M. Sunday
, Plans 'tor , the; annual 'Senior
Class Day emterses slated lei. the
tient lawn, of Old 'Mini at 6 p in
Sunday; June 9, neaied,completron
yesterday' t
• ~
' Highlighting the piogiam, will
be introduction , of honor men and
women.' supplemented by presen
tation , of : , !,all.-College Cabinet
awaids to 20 deseiving Senlois H
Clifton Jr, , who
served as hist' All-College, press , .
dent, , will receive a special award
from the State College Borough
Senate Will Rule
On Vatation Cuts,
Engineer Courses 1
Addition Of 24 Hour.
To Fine Period Asked
By Dr. Dye's Committee
At its last meeting of the yeas
on June f, the Senate will con
,nlei changes in the rules con
cei ning "cuts" before and allot va
cations new engineet ing courses,
and a change in icsidenee cowl e
monis foi a second bachelor de
o ee
AL d recent meeting, Di William
S Dye presented t e cepoml of the
committee on rules, suggesting the
following changes in regulations
governing absences before and
after vacations
I E' tending the piesent 24-how
line pet iod before and ate' vaca
tions to 48 hours and providing a
special $5 fee for students who are
absent during this period
2 Each instiuctor shall be le
quo ed to report all absences from
his classes during the 48-hour
peliod to the College accounting
3 Appeals from the $5 fee must
be submitted in writing, accom
panied by sufficient evidence, to a
committee composed of the Bursar,
the director of the College Health
Service, the Dean of Men and the
Dean of Women
4 The committee named above
shall have the Dowel to establish
or change administiative practices
necessary for carrying out the Eno.:
visions impartially and effectively
5 After these changes shall be
approved, the Senate hellaequest
the Board , of:Trustees 'to approve
the allotment of the money col:
lected to the Student Loan Fund
New engineering courses will be
presented fot approval by the com
mittee on ionises of study Action
will be taken on courses in the
upper three years of the School of
The Senate will also' consider a
recommendation that the same
minimum requirements foi a sec
ond bacheloiN degree at the Col
lege be enfoi ted as ale required t for
the degree The recommendation
also proposes that the period of
residence fin two bachelor's de
glees may not run concurrently
Craighead ; Rills
To Head Portfolio
Spnisky And Weinberg
Named To Staff Offices
Jean C Ciaighead!4l and Mrs
Ellen N Rifts '4l were elected co
editors of Portfolio for 1940-41
with Isabel M Stainslcy '4l as
business manager Portfolio's
last issue will appear this week
Bernard M Weinberg '43, win
ner of one of Portfolio's flesh
man literary prizes, will be man
aging editor next year
Other business officers of the
year-old literary magazine are
Edward J Lotz '4l, advertising ,
manager, Ruth Goldstein '4l, cir
culation manager, Beatrice .1
Winn '42, secretary, and Lee F
Carney '42, Jane H Firestein '42.
Catherine Bidelspachei '42, and
John B McCue '43, business
Winners Of Water Color
Competition Announced
Donald H White '42, Doris G
Gutman '40,. and 'Mrs Marion'E.
Stern have been announced as
winners or a watei color contest
sponsored recently by a local book
store The 37 pictures entered in .
the competition' were judged by
Henry Vainum Poor, Mrs Elinor
Rubin, and Prof Harold E Dick
'The works of Ranulobe de Bay
eux Bye, rising young contempor
ary American water color artist,
will be exhibited for two weeks
beginning Saturday, June I, at
the College' Book Store They
may be viewed between 9 a m.
and 10 p in. -
Memorial Holiday
Services Slated
!,For College Today
Wreath Placing, Rifle
',,, Salute Form Ceremony
: At 8:45 This Morning
Memorial Day will be observed
ps an official holiday by the Col
lege today with all final examina
dons discontinued A regular
Sunday tchedule will be follow
ed by all departments
As pact of the Memorial Day
ibservances, wreaths will be
placed on plaques at Recreation
Hall and Old Mainat 8 45 a m
,today while taps are played and
a gun salute is fired by a ROTC
firing squad
'; The plaques honor those Penn
State men who died in action in
the World Wai A wreath, will
'also be placed on the grave of
George W Atherton, seventh
president of the College, who pre
sided over the institution from
1882 to 1906
The ceremonies will be con
:aucted under the auspices of the
student government The Ameri
can Legion of State College will
also participate Six squads of
Pershing Rifles will fire gun
'salutes in nearby cemeteries as
part of the observances
Delegates To Penn
Parley Chosen
44 faich - And Barthokimew
Will Attend 200th Fete
Ainold C Laich '4l, all-College
president, and William B Barth
olomew, semi class president,
will probably represent the Col
lege at the University of Pennsyl
vania's bicentennial celebration
on September 19, 20, and 21,
Latch announced yesterday.
The selection will not be final
until approved by, President
Ralph D Hetzel
Winding up Cabinet business
for this academic year two stand-,
mg committees have been named
since the last Cabinet meeting on
Tuesday, May 2L
Frank R Flynn, sophomore
class president, 'and Frances E
Hohn '4l, were appointed to the
public occasions committee and
Norma P Stillwell '4l and John
1-1 Hibbard '4l were appointed to
the calendar committee
Nine students were selected
yesterday as members of the For
ensic Council from a list submit
ted by John H Frizzell, head of
the division of speech They are
Maly H Ashby '4l, Robert D
Baud '42 David R Benjamin '4l,
Gerald H Doherty '42, Louise M
Fuoss '43 Ruth L Kiesling '43
William C Ritzel '42, Edythe B
Rickel '4l,- and Robei t I Weiss
'4l 11
Railer, Yagellomplele
irst CAA Flying Course
Two CAA students, Paul 0 Stal
ler '4O and Charles 0 Yagel '4O,
became the first to complete the
local cow se by passing their flight
examination Friday
The other 28 student pilots ale
expected to take the test before
commencement. All have passed
the ground test.
Collegian Prepares
Preview Of Tabloid
Today's issue of Collegian
finds a paper in transition
As the last issue of the old
semi-weekly Collegian it is as
well a preview of daily
Collegian -It is an issue that was
inevitable in the march of pro
gless that has made Penn State
a leading American university
The back page of this special
- number has-been converted into
the tabloid size that Collegian
use regularly next year By
reversing the present folds it
will be possible to preview the
'new daily. Turn back and try It
Preview Of Commencement
Pictured above Is New Beaver Field as it looked last year when
the first outdoor commencement exercises were held.
50 Fraternities Elect
Next Year's Presidents
Appioxnnatelv SO men s ft atm nities have elected presidents foi
the year 1940-41 Those who will head fiateindies next yea' ate
Acacia, Jack W Strong '4l, Alpha Chi Rho, Stanley C Wygiendowski
'4l, Alpha Chi Sigma, Vincent N Hurd '4l
Alpha Gamma Rho, .John T Maletic Ji '4l, Alpha Kappa Pi,
John A Dornsite '4l, Alpha Phi Delta, Joseph J Fo: tunato '4l, Alpha
Sigma Phi, Delvin S t Mattk '4l, Alpha Tau Omega, Ernest C Weight
'4l, Alpha Zeta, Paul B Gensemei Ji '4l, Bela Kappa, Marion Mag
alotti '4l •
Beta Sigma Rho, Norman Racu
sin '4l, Beta Theta Pi, Thomas J
Robinson '4l, Chi Phi, H Guy
111auk•-'41; -Delta Chi, John H
Thomas '4l, Delta Sigma Phi,
Robert- L Elmore '4l, Delta Tau
Delta, Jack W Brand '4l, Delta
Theta Sigma,-Chestei M Swisher
Delta Upsilon, William E Ge
hoe '4l, Kappa Delta Rho, War
ren L Davies '4l, Kappa Sigma,
Ralph Sapp '4l, Lambda Chi Al
pha, George A Thompson Ji '4l,
Phi Delta Theta, H Edward Wag
ner '4l, Phi Epsilon "Pi, Ralph K
Madway '4l, Phi Gamma Delta,
William J Dorworth Jr '4l, Phi
Kappa, William P Conlon '4l
,Phi Kappa Psi, Rohm t F
Raughley '9l, Phi Kappa Sigma,
Charles L Larvey '4l, Phi Kappa
Tau, William D Bogar '4l
Phi Mu Delta, George W Rein
hold Jr '42, Phi Sigma Delta,
'What A Li
High School Adventures
"What a Life ' Players' 20th an
niversary production and annual
Spring housepm ty show, promises
to re-create a laughable picture of
their own nigh school adventures
for playgoers in Schwab Audito
rium at 8 30 p in on Fr iday, June
7, and at 730 p In on Saturday,
June 8,
Two tears ago the comedy was
produced on Broadway by Geoige
Abbott and almost immediately
was adapted into the 'Aldiach
Family" lady) seises This Spting
a movie version stalling Jackie
Cooper met with the same success
In the Play eis' interpietation,
James Ambandos '43 as know-it
all Hemy Alduch gets into trou
ble and more trouble with teaches
Mr Patterson, William S Swift
Al, who spends most of his time
sending Holly to the principal's
office and Principal Medley, Ber
nard Freed '4O, who spends most
of his time in a quandary
Donald R Taylor '42 pot trays
Mr Nelson, the assistant pi menial,
who alternates between defending
Henry and worrying about Miss
Shea, Thelma R Kluger '4l, the
principal's secretary
Mote love element is inti o
duced by Baljnila Pearson, Lois
A. Reisingei '42, Junto' class presi
dent with "lovely eyes, lovely Ilan,
lovely smile." Bai bai a dangles
both Henry and George Bigelow,
played by Eugene H. Scheftel '42,
at her fingertips, but Henry and
the "Aldrich tradition" finally con
quer George and his second-hand
If any additional comedy were
needed it would be adequately
Robert Robinson '4l, Phi Sigma
Kappa, Robert E Clark '4l, Pi
Kappa Alpha, John R McCiacken
'42 , _ _
Pr Kappa Phi, Leonard R
Greenaway '4l, Sigma Alpha Ep
silon, David Wilson '4l. Sigma
Chi, John R Gelt? '4l, Sigma Nu,
Robert K Mayfield '4l, Sigma Phi
Epsilon, Arthur K Meyers '4l,
Sigma Phi Sigma, Frank W Stan
ko '4l, Sigma Pi, Carl E Ziegler
Jr '4l, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Edgar
M Bartin '4l, Tau PM Delta,
David S Levan '4l
Theta Chi, Howard R Altci Ji
'4l, Theta Kappa Phi Thomas E
McCarthy '4l, Theta Nu Epsilon,
Scovel B Swan '4l, Theta Xi,
Robbert R Mall '42 Tiangle,
Douglas K Adams '4l, Heave'
House, Veinal E Goodeiham '4l,
Sigma Phi Alpha, Charles J
Steinhauer '4l. Gann& Sigma
Phi, Philip M Ferman '4l
e' Re-Creates
supplied hn Junk-dealei Vecehito,
Jerome H Haimsoho '42, who is
surpi ised to disLovei that his
daughter, Dolls Laskei '4l, Isn't
the only Hain in the school
Eleanor T Dill 41 as Mis Ald
tub, wants het troublesome son to
follow in his relict's PM Beta
Kappa footsteps and woi ties about
burn almost as efficiently as music
teachet Miss Wheeler, Veina Se
cast, gialuate, does about $3OO
worth of stolen band inshuments
Plainclothesman Ferguson, Mal
colm Weinstein 41 snoops mound
suspecting eveiyoue but finally
solves the theft by releasing from
Latin chores au eyewitness, Alvin
Weinberg 42, who acts the pall of
slow-witted Bill
Gel tie, Helen S Dales 42, is a
giddy, pouting school gul who
hies unsuccessfully to sell dance,
tickets to all the boys, especially
Bony who doesn't have money to
buy one
Fate 01 New ROTC Unit
In Hands 01 Trustees
The fate of the proposed ROTC
anti-au craft coast al tillery unit is
in the hands of the Board of Trus
tees, Col Ambrose R Emery, head
of the department of military sci
ence and tactics, said yesterday
The Wm Department is pre
pared to furnish all the equipment
and personnel necessmy for the
installation of the new unit if the
College provides facilities to safe
guard the additional equipment
All-College Cabinet has voted to
recommend addition of the unit
This Year's
Publication Ends
11,016 Will Receive
Degrees In 80th
Dr, Buttrick Will Give
Baccalaureate Sermon
In Rec Hall On June 9
A ppi eximately 1076 se
niors, the largest graduating
class in the history of the
College, will receive degrees
horn Pi esident Ralph D Het
zel at the 80th annual com
mencement exercises on New
Eedwei Field at 10 30 d in Mon
day, June 10
This rear's graduatmg class
will e\ceecl by 22 last year's total
The number of June graduates
has been steadily increasing from
year to year In 1930, 620 were
graduated and live years ago 812
received degrees In addition to
the graduating seniors, 131 ad
vanced degrees will be conferred
Buttrick Will Speak
Di Geoige A Buttock of the
Madison Avenue Pi esbytei ion
Chuich, New York City, will
speak on "Knowledge and Revei
ence" at the Baccalaureate ,ervice
in Recreation Hall at 11 a. m
Sunday, June
Though both in England, Dr
Buttrick has performed all his
ministly in America A holder of
many honoiary doctor's degiees,
he mote a book on "The Para
bles of Jesus" in 1929 which was
chosen as the "Religious Book
of the Year"
Form By Schools
.. Mat tin V. Rockwell,will deity
el the valedictory addiess - and B
Paul Blasingame has been chos
en salutorian
Prof Charles E Bu'linger. Col
lege mairhal, announced yester
day that gi aduates of the various
schools will assemble with their
maishals on New Beaver Field
in the designated sections at 10 20
a. m Members of the faculty re
ceiving advanced degrees will as
"emble with other graduate stu
dents in section N
In case of lain the commence
ment eset cises will be held in
Recreation Hall with admission
by tickets only
The approximate total gradu
ates from the various schools as
ieleased by Registrar William S
Hoffman ale
Chemistry and Physics
Liberal Arts
Mineral Industries
Physical Education and
Dean Ray Offers
Anti-Theft Plan
Advises More Caution
When Leaving Rooms
A four-point program was out
lined by Dean Charlotte E Ray
i, estei day in an effort to curb the
recent outbreak of petty thievery
in the women's dormitories and
swot 'hes
1 Unoccupied rooms should be
kept locked at all times Dean Ray
also ad% lied women not to turn in
loom keys until they are ready to
leave the campus
2 Unnecessary room -to - room
visiting should be reported to a
Socrocy Advised
3 Women were urged not to
tell other women when they re-
Leive large sums of money
4 Large sums of money should
be kept in the dean's office, the
bursar's office, with a hostess, or
with the campus patrol and re=
ceipts should-be asked for.
"We don't like these conditions,"
Dean Ray said, "but there is little
we can do However, all possible
steps are being taken "
She would not disclose what
these "possible steps" are.
No thefts have been reported this
week Since Mother's Day ap
proximately $5O has been stolen
with total thefts since Easter
amounting to at least $350.