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To The Free Lance,
Established 1887
L. 36—:-No 62
Rockwell And Blasingame Lead
86 Seniors Who Will Graduate
With Academic Hon'Ors June 10 ,
Group . With Better Than 2.4 All-College
Averages Includes 14 Winners Of Evan Pugh
And John W. White Scholarships And Medals
Marlin V Rockwell was named valedictorian of this
yea! 's graduating class and B Paul Blasingame, salutator
ian, today as Registiar William S, Hoffman announced the 86
S11)101 s who will graduate with honors, having an average of
2.4 of higher and at least two academic years of residence
Among the honors group
scholarship awards: Rockwel
& News Briefs
(All contributions for this col
umn must be received at Stu•
dont Union Desk by' 1 p.m. the
day preceding publication.)
Final meeting of Freshman
Counselors Dr Kingsley R. Smith,
professor of psycholoky, will speak
on "Hints on thc,Art of Counsel
ing," in Room 316 Liberal Arts, 8
p m
Sophomore and junior women
room selections, second floor
lounge, Old Main, 6 30 p m
The Penn Stale Farmer's annual
banquet, the Allencrest, 7 15 p m
Subscriptions to the daily Colle
gian go on sale Orders taken at
Student Union, or may be medal
Rouse of Representatives meets
in Room 305 Old Main, 5 p m
Campus Center Club meets in
Room 405 Old Main, 7 p m
Louise Homer Club ,meels in
Room4ll Old Main, 7p m
..'4Gorman , ,,Cluli'meets‘in Room
418 Old Nlam, 7,p 'in.
' International Relations Club
meets in Room 412, 7 15 p m
Liberal Arts' Student Council
meets in Room 318, Old Main, 7
p m
Grange Club meets in Room 405
Old Main, B.p in
Seniors call for announcements.
invitations, and programs, Stu
dent Union
' Names of new officers of all fra
tei miles; clubs, honorary societies,
and - other organizations should be
handed" in at Student Union im
, Last PSCA Cabinet mooting at
8 15 p` m
Freshman women select looms.
second nom lounge, Old Main, at
6 30 p m
% Sale of Lion's Coats ends at 4
p m
,' Exhibition of works of Henry
Varnum Poor opens in College Art
,Gallery , Open daily except Sun
'clay Rom 8 30 a m to 8 30 p m.
' Moiler Botii•d' meeting, WSGA
Room, White Hall, 9 p m
Freshman Commission meets in
,Boom 304 Old Main, 7 p m.
, Honor Society Council meets in
Room 318 Old Main, 730 p m. ,
C. I. P. Committee of the AAUP
meets' in Room 305 Old Main,
730 p m.
'Meetin g , of fraternity rushing
chalimen at Tau Kappa Phi, 7:30
p‘ ,
Movies on murals, sponsoted by
fine ails , division, College Book
Store, 129 West Beaver Avenue,
admission 'flee, 7.15 to 845 p. m,
all , ,week _
Poor's Woik Exhibited
In College Art 011ery
.., -
A Special exhibitio n of work by
Henry Varnum Poor will be shown
in the College Art Gallery, Room
303 Main Engineering, beginning
tomorrow morning and continuing
until June 1
' Part of the exhibition will con
sist of preliminary•studies in pen
cil "color , for the 'Old Main
mural now' in progress, including
some ,of ;the, sketches Poor made
M Pennsylvania last year
Another section will be devoted
to, pictures done during the past
several years -
',The sliowing Is made possible
,through the courtesy of Poor and
lais dealer,
the Rehn Gallery in
'New York The College Gallery
,will be open daily except Sunday
from 8 30 a :la unto 8 30 p, m
run a 0 :
' ,\;•(:!85.:).V
are the following 14 winneis of
, Evan Pugh Scholai . Sylvia L.
• Bernstein, Evan Pugh Scholar and
John W White Medalist; Seymour
S Epstein, John W White Schol
ar, Frank J Fry, John W White
Scholar, Mary E Hatton, Evan
Pugh Scholar, Marianne C Bes
semer, John W. White Fellow
George E Inskeep, John W
White Fellow, Leon M Knetz,
Evan Pugh Scholar; Elmer D
Longfellow, Evan Pugh Scholar,
George B Lucas, John W White
Scholar, Calvin D McCarthy,
Evan Pugh Scholar, John J Tren
tin, John W White Fellow, and
Robert S Voris, Evan Pugh Schol
Others on the honors list are
Frederick B Augustine, Marguer
ite C Beach, Benjamin P Bias
ingame, David E Brenneman, J.
Robert Brunner, Robert R Blum
enstem, Dan M Boyer, Emmet F
Helen L Camp, Robert L Cas
selberry, Jesse W Catim 11, Floyd
P Coyne, Maynard H Dawson,
James V DeLuke, Herbert S Dsr
oshow, Brenda M Eld, Mary E
Fletcher, Richard A Fletcher,
George E Gard, Emma Jane Gil
mitt', Marian E Goodley, John R
Graham Jr, Robert W Green,
Philip W Harland
Sara 'E Hileman, Katherine 0
Horn, DeVid H - Jenkins, George
R. , Keehn"; Josephine A ' Keeney,
Floience C Kilgore, 'Pauline .
Kirshner Keiineth -K. Klingen
smith, Charlotte S Knabb, Ruth'
Kocher, Barbara A Kohman
Rose Kozak, Marian E Lathrop,
Dorothy L Lesh, Maurice M. Lip
nick, Jean Livermore, John L
McCray, Murray C McJunkin,
Wilham P Malasky, Josephine B
Miller -
Helen R Moore, John W My
ers, Lois T. Myers, Dorothy E
Neff, Marjorie L Peck, George H
Pyle, Pierce M Reed, Herbert N
Reitz Jr, Seymour , N Resnick,
Willard B Robinson, James R
Sausser * Jr , Marguerite R Schee&
ler, Leonard S Schneider, Harry
M Shank, Harold E Smith,
Robert K Smith, Richard B
Steele, Lillian M Straka, Naomi
J Turover, Wilber W Ward, An
drew D Watson, Joseph Welker
HI, Edward M Williston, Ruth E
Wmt, Stanley A. Wykes, Mildred
I Yearick, Norman W Young,
and Frank R,Zumbro Ji
Parrish Elected_
To Head Thespians
Initiation And Banquet
Close Successful Season
Thespian season closed with in
itiation and banquet in Old Main
Sandwich Shop last Monday New
officers are George L Parrish"4l,
president, D Ned "Startzel '4l,
Paul V Goldberg '42, John H
Heck '42, Robert J. Lyman '42,
and James McAdam
_" . 42
Bracelets awarded for service
went to E Elizabeth Groff '4O,
Harriet E Sherbon '4O, Jane A
Fulton '4l, Alice M Janota '4l,
Bettie L Long 41, Dorothy B
Reeves '4l, Barbara R Thiele '4l,
Audrey R Dice '42, and Martha
I Stringer '42 ' '
Pledges are H Lindsey A'rison '
'4l, William D , Hogar '4l, Edwin
I- Carson '4l, William S Kirkpat
trick '4l, Walter E Llewellyn '4l,
Donald J. Stitzer '4l, John E Phil
lips, '4l, Jerry Schwartz, John M
Arnott '42, D Garth Dietrick '42,
Wilson S. Geisler '42 Jr., Henry
F Daley ,33,' Harry C Herbert
'43, Herman K Klauk Jr '43, and
Leon Rabinowitz '43.
Graduate Begins Practice
Before Supreme Court -
Milton I Baldmger '33, was re
cently admitted to, practice before
the United States Supreme Court
on the motion of Francis Biddle,
United States solicitor general_
Joe '44 To Wear
White Socks, Bows
Skull-Cap Replaces Dink;
Can Speak To Coeds
Changes in the freshman clink,
and the style of the tie, and a reg
ulation compelling freshmen to
wear white socks were added to
freshman customs for next year
by Student Tribunal Thursday
G Warren Elliot '4O, retiring Tri
bunal chairman announced yes-
The dink will 'evert to the
skull-cap variety worn last by the
class of 1940 A black bow tie will
be worn instead of a black four
in-hand Freshman men will be
permitted to speak to women but
only for a two minute period
Customs will continue until
Christmas vacations for all fresh
men except two-year students
who will „be -permitted drop
customs after Thanksgiving
Violations may be reported at
Student Union or to a member of
Tribunal Freshmen may report
violations by other freshmen
Complete Customs Listed
The complete list of customs
`1 Freshmen shall carry copies
of the Student Handbook, known
as the "Freshman Bible" Infor
mation requested on the identifi
cation page must be filled out
2 Freshmen shall wear clinks,
black bow tics, and white socks
except on trips, holidays, when
escorting women to house parties,
house dances, or all-College
dances The period between mid
night-Saturday and 8 a m Mon
day will be'a holiday concerning
dress customs only, i e , the
dink, tie, and socks The dink is
to be worn at all Indoor athletic
contests and mass meetings
No Dating
3 Freshmen shall not date
within a three=mile radius of Old
Main until after Thanksgiving
vacation Freshmen shall not
associate with women longer than
two minutes at a time ,
4 Freshmen shall attend all
class meetings, athletic contests,
and mass meetings and shall not
leave until they are closed unless
an excuse is issued by Student
5 Freshmen shall carry
6 , Freshmen shall not walk on
the grass of the campus Fresh
men shall not be permitted to
walk on "Senior Walk"
(Confinned on page six)
IF( Renominates Tanner
1940-41 Faculty Advisor;
Judiciary Group Chosen
Prof Sheldon C Tanner was re
nom in a led by Interfraternity
Council to succeed himself as fac
ulty adviser The nomination will
become permanent vilien approved
by President Ralph D Hetzel
A Judiciary 'Committee, formed
at a meeting Thursday, includes
Piof Edward L Keller, Prof
March W White, Prof Henry
Geist, and John Doty
IFC voted to present a gift to the
retiring president, Frank C 'An
derson '4O, and a' selection com
mittee was appointed by H Ed
ward Wagner '4l, new president
The committee consists of Roger
S Findley '4l, Robert L Elmore
'4l, and Ernest C Wright '4l.
Wagner announced that there
will be a meeting of all rushing
chairmen at the Tau Kappa Epsi
lOn fraternity, 7 p. m. Thursday
night, to discuss the new rushing
PSCA Name's Counselors ;
Smith To'Address Meeting
Ninety-two sophomore and junior Men, selected foi their outstand
ing scholarship and leadership ability, were named as Freshman Stu
dent Counselors by the PSCA Executive Committee on Coumelors,
Paul M. Doty '4l, chairman, announced yesterday
During Freshman Week, the counselors will instruct the incoming
students on various phases of cam Pus activities, customs and college
regulations Dr Kingsley R Smith, profersor of psychology, will ad
dress the final counselor meeting+—
on "Hints on the Art of Counsel
ing" in Room 31G Liberal Ails at
8 p m today
The counselors listed by schools
Alfred H Austin '4l, Thomas
C Backenstose '4l, William B
Bartholomew '9l Edgar M Bar
ton '4l, Samuel F Crabtree '4l,
W. Lewis Corbin '4l, David I
Finkle '4l, John C Good '4l,
Stewart A Gross '4l Charles I
Horrocks '4l, Edward E Lewis
'4l, John T Malefic '4l, John H
Mendenhall '42, Andrew Paton
Hugh T. Peeling '4l, Frederick H
'4l, Hugh T Peeling '9l Freder
ick A Slczak '4l, William It
Young '4l, and Wai ien D Zieg
ler '42
Mrneral Indurfnes
Lewis C. Cavalier '4l John C
Conte '4l, John M Fillman '42,
Donald D Foucart '4l, W Rae
Herrmann '4l, Allan J Heyl '4l,
and Edward W. Nestor '9l
Liberal Arts
Harold L Arison '4l, Paul R
Baird '4l, Robei t D Baird '42,
Robert N Baker '4l, Richard Bit
ner '4l, Ralph Blastngame '42,
John M Capozzola '42, A John
Currier '42, John W Dague '42,
Gerald Doherty '42, Lawrence S
Driever '4l, William E Fowler
'4l, Edgar V Hall '4l, William E
Harkins '42, Philip E Hetzcl '42,
Harold G High '42
Oscar Kranich '4l, Arnold C
War Coverage Accounts
Authoritative accounts of the current Ethopean war coverage will
feature the annual Pennsylvania Pleas Conference which more than
two hundred newspapermen are expected to attend here Friday and
Meeting under the joint sponsorship of the Pennsylvania News
paper Publishers Association and the College's department of Journal-
ism, the conference will present
high-speed war coverage by W
W Chaplin, International News
Service correspondent who has
just returned from the French
battlefront, Miles Vaughn, night
news manager ,of United Press,
and William Haskell, assistant to
the president of the New York
Herald Tribune Chaplin will
speak Friday morning, and
Vaughn and Haskell on Saturday
Raymond Clapper, veto r a n
Washington correspondent of the
Scripps - Howard Alliance, and
Mark Sullivan, renowned colum
nist who started his newspaper
career in West Chester, will fea
ture the concluding dinner meet
ing Saturday night Clapper will,
give a "behind the scenes" ac
count of the nation's capitol, and
Sullivan will be given an honor
ary citation by the P. N P. A
Prominent Writers To Attend
Among the prominent Pennsyl-
Questions, Stump Profs
As Students Win $17.50
With questions about college and county, campus Imams foiled
the board of experts to win a total of $l7 50 in Alpha Lambda Delta's
"Infoi:mation Please:: program in the second floor lounge of Old Main
at 3 p m Sunday. s '
Experts Warren B Mack, Ks
and Charles S Wyand missed on]
fired at them by Robert D Galbr
75 submitted Dean J Clyde '43
pulled in answers of from 100 to
2,000 on his campus acreage query
to win $2 50
Governor Bigler, who signed
Penn State's charter, is not only
gone but forgotten to the delight
of Quentin R Fehr '4l. Although
given a strong hint that a nearby
town bore his name, the experts
decided in favor of Pine Grove
Mills and Mr Fehr
'Four quotations to complete
from Browning, Coleridge, Frank
lin, and Shakespeare rang the bell
for another prize to Gertrude H
Hecht '4l.
Although two of the experts are
Penn State graduates, the board
(and the audience) was stopped by
the first college, custom as listed
in the Student Handbook—Every
student shall greet the President,
submitted by Ellis A Kaplan '42
Michigan, the state with
the longest shoreline, had every-
Laich '4l, Charles F Mattern '42,
Marshall D Miller '4l, Eris S
Moeller '4l Arthur Peskoe '42,
Charles A Reed '4l, Robert Rob
inson '4l, Ralph C Rotusong '4l
Adam A Smyser '4l Frank W
Stanko '9l John H Thomas '4l,
H Edward Wagner '4l Malcolm
W Weinstein '4l, and Howard W
Yates '4l
Chemistry and Physics
Thomas H Ainsworth '4l, Rob
ert C Clark '4l, William J. Dor
, worth '4l, Martin H Fritch '42,
I Edward M Griest '4l, Vincent N
Hurd '4l, Paul E Moyer '4l, Max
S Peters '42, Theodore Rice '4l,
Hugh J Rogers '4l William L
Sandston '42 Joseph R Scab°
'4l, Murray L Schwartz '42, Wil
liam S Sloatman '4l, Frank .1
Stahak '4l, and Robert T Struck
Physical Education, Clan L
Hess '42, and Donald R Yoho '42
Douglas K Adams '4l, Robert
G Alexander '42, Howard R Al
ter '4l, Byron B Blank '4l.
Charles R Clemson '4l, Jack R
Cunningham '42. Lloyd F Engle
'4l, Eugene W. Fickes '4l, Robert
K Fiske '4l, Emmett H Fletcher
'42, Richard M Geissinger '4l.
Charles L Hamilton '4l, Albert
H Kaiser '4l, Louis E Laushey
142, Christian L Martin '4l, Mil
ton Schwartz '42, Walter IVI
Shambach '42, John C Williams
'4l, and Harold G Wilson '4l
first-hand accounts of the present
vania newspapermen totappear on
the program will be Dwight Per
rin, managing editor, Philadelphia
Bulletin, Harry Keck, sports edi
tor, Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph,
William Haggard, picture editor,
Philadelphia Inquirer, Dean Hoff
man, editor, Harrisburg Patriot-
Evening News; Cy Hungerford,
cartoonist, Pittsburgh Post-Ga
zette, J T Barber, Sunday editor,
Lancaster Newspaper, Inc
Florence Fisher Parry, column
ist, Pittsburgh Press, C M Bom
berger, Jeannette publisher and
president of PNPA, John E
Person, president, Williamsport
Sun-Gazette, George D. Stuart,
Tarentum editor; Hiram G An
drews, editorial director, Johns
town Democrat, John L Stewart,
Washington publisher, Herbert
Eyman; Sharon telegraph editor,
and William Thomas, Clearfield
igsley R Smith, Joseph J Rubin,
ly seven of the difficult questions
Atli, who selected them from over
one guessing except Pierce M
Reed '4O who came in fon his
share of the spoils
A bee question Involving an in
sect with /grandparents but no
father aroused such a hub-bub
and such a variety of solutions
that David Segal '42 was reward
Perspiration in animals caused
much controversy with experts
and listeners making all sorts of
attempted replies Cats use paws,
pig don't, horses employ skin, and
dogs—pants, it was revealed
Keller Elected President
J 0, Keller,. assistant to the
President in charge of extension,
was elected president of the Na
tional University Extension Asso
ciation at the 25th anniversary
convention of the group at Ann
Arbor, Mich, over the weekend
Medical Talks Will
Teach Prevention
13 Groups Plan Program
For Summer, Next Year
Talks on preventive medicine,
scheduled for this summer and
next yew, will be sponsored by 13
College and town groups in con
juction with a Pennsylvania De
partment of Health committee
headed by Mrs Edna M Kech of
Altoona, former president of the
Women's Auxiliary of the Amer
ican Medical Association
During summer school, Dr
Joseph P Ritenour will ilustiate
his talk, "Tuberculosis," with two
movies, "Let My People Live" and
"Cloud in the Sky "
Di Gilson C Engel of Philadel
phia who spoke this spring on
"Cancel" will return by popular
demand to speak to summer 1
~school students and townspeople
on the same topic, July 16 and
July 23
First of the three talks nest
year will be "The Common Cold
and Pneumonia," November 13 A
talk on "Tuberculosis" will be
given Decembei 4 in connection
with Chi istmas Seal sales and il
lustrated with the two movies
To Discuss Social Diseases
Dui mg National Social Hygiene
Week in February a program on
syphillis and gonnorehea, their
early symptoms and cure, will be
given This part of a program to
educate people about veneral dis
eases so infected individuals will
apoly for early treatment
Cooperating groups are the Col
lege Health Services, the health
department of the School of Phy
sical Education WSGA, all-Col
lege Cabinet, WSGA Junior Serv
ice Board, Penn State alumni
PTA, American Association of
University Women, State College
Women's Club, pre-medical group.
American Legions, Kiwarns, and
Rotary Club
Hillel Foundation
Presents Awards
Roth, Dankner, Hertz
Given Honor Keys
Hillel Foundation presented
honor keys to three senuns, made
Oleo competitive awards, and
elected two students to the execu
tive committee of its first repre
sentative student council and 12
more to the council at a senior
social at Phi Sigma Della Sunday
Seniors who won national Mil
let honor keys for outstanding
service to the Foundation were
Emanuel Roth, president, Claire
Y Dankner, social chan man, and
Robert L Hertz, special projects
Special Awards
Other special awards were a
cup for the highest scholarship
last semester to Phi Sigma Delta,
a cup for the Hillel ping pong
tournament champioonship to Be
ta Sigma Rho, and a cup for the
ping pong singles championship to
Sidney U. Miller '4O.
Elected to the executive com
mittee of the new student council
were Estelle Margulies '4l and
Harriet Singer '4l
William Rainey Harper, first
president of the University of Chi
cago, liked to lie on the floor to
study when he was a student at
Backenstose Appointed President
Of Student Government Association;
To Head Organization For One Year
All-College Cabinet To Meet Weekly Next Year;
Tribunal Members To Be Selected Tonight; Fate
Of Politicos To Be Decided At Cabinet Meeting
Thomas C. Backenstose '4l ha , , been appointed In ~ .t
president of the Pennsylvania Inteicollegiate Student Gov
ernment Association which was organived by 17 colleges and
universities here on March 2, Arnold C Latch '4l, all-College
president, announced yesterday.
Backenstose will hold office fol one year 'I he vice-pi esl
dent will be selected by Lafayette College and the seci etai
treasurer by Muhlenberg College
Laich also announced that the
all-College Cabinet will meet
every week instead of every two
weeks as in the past Increased
volume of business was given as
the reason for the change
At the Cabinet meeting tonight
five Juniors and one sophomore
will be selected to serve on Stu
dent Tribunal W Lewis Corbin
'4l, Junior member of the retir
ing Tribunal, will replace G War
Elliott '4O as chairman
Other appointments will be one
freshman man and one freshman
woman to the library committee
Definite action will be taken on
the application of the Penn State
Politicos, student poltical science
organization, for recognition by
The committee on compulsory
attendance will report on possible
measures to insuie better attend
_and promptness at Cabinet
meetings This year the Cabinet
met only 14 times yet many mem
beis failed to attend regularly
One member was absent seven
30 CAA Fliers Gel
Wings For Soloing
State's Youngest Pilot
Honored By PS Airmen
Wings were presented to 16-
year-old Charles Neyhart of State
College, the youngest flier in the
state, Alice Shutts and 30 students
who have soloed under the CAA
at the Penn State Airmen's an
nual dinner in the Sandwich Shop
In Intercollegiate Flying Club
competition at Philadelphia on
May 4, Miss Shutts' glasses acci
dentally fell from her plane and
were the only thing to hit the
bombing target In humorous rec
ognition of this she wa, presented
with an ordinary tin cup inscribed
"Alice Shutts, Champion Bifocal
Bombardier "
• Alfred L Wolfe, pi esident of the
Private Pilots Association, spoke
on "Flying in Europe Before the
War" Other speakers were Har
ry P Hammond, dean of the Engi
neering School, and Prof Harold
A Everett, local CAA director Dr
Richards Hoffman, CAA medical
examiner, was toastmaster
Students Receive Wings
The student fliers who received
wings were Harold B Archer 'lO,
Robert N Baker '4O, B Paul Bias
ingame '4O, Edward 0 Blews,
graduate, Richard R Blews Jr
'4O, Robert R Blumenstein '4O,
Thomas C Canan '4O, Harold F
Eckenrode '4O, F Richard Ellen
berger '4O, John F Elliott '4l,
Charles W Fatzinger Jr '4l, Roh
m t H Frank '42, John W Graves
Ji '4O, John D Griffith '4O, Robert
B Gundel '4O
James D Hagy, assistant in
petroleum refining, Harry H
Hauth '4O, James D lift '4O, Rob
ert J Kirkpatrick '4l, William D
Lewis, graduate, Robert K May
field '4l, Everett R McLaughlin,
assistant in mechanical engineer
ing, Ray E Nicholas '42, Andrew
Paton '4l, James B Robinson, Jr
'9O, John S Rose '4O, Robert G
Schimpt '34, Paul 0 Staller '4O,
and Charles 0 Yagel '4O
Harkins '4l Elected Head
Of Glee Cub For 1940-41
John W Harkins '4l, former ac
companist for the varsity quartet,
was selected president of the Glee
Club and Rodney E Sachs '4l was
named vice president Wednesday
The Glee Club will .sing at Sun
day Chapel this week in plaCe of
the College Choir, Frank Gullo,
Glee Club director, has announced
Other officers elected include
Denial A Swope, Jr '42, secre
tary, Arthur C Jenkms '4l, busi
ness manager, and William F
Christoffers '43, librarian
Semi• Weekly
Complete Campus
Reede And Davis
Gel Fellowships
Absence Leave Granted
To Conduct Research
Ai thur H Reede, of the depat t
ment of economics, and Di Kings-
Icy Davis, head of the dcpai tinent
of sociology, have recently becn
awarded research fellowship , ' by
the Social Science Research Coun
cil, associated with the Roclcelollcl
Foundation - •
Professoi Reede will be on n
special Committee on Employment
horn June 1 to August 10 The
work of the committee, to measuie
business trends since 1920, will be
of importance to social sei vice
boards and unemployment-com
pensation divisions in several
Granted Leave of Absence
Professor Davis has been grant
ed leave of absence I'm 1940-41 to
accept a post-doctoral ti evening
fellowship for work in "Popula
tion " The study will take him Om
the nation, though most of the
work will be done in Chicago and
, Washington, D C
Professor Davis will be on the
faculty of the University of Texas
for six weeks this summer He will
teach courses on the family and
social conhol
'B5 First Class To
Hold 55th Reunion
Class Of 'OO Will-Mirk -2
50th Year Alumni Day
When the class of 1885 holds its
reunion on Alumni Day, June 8,
it. will be the first time that a Penn
State class celebrates its 55th-an
niveisary Si' 'B5 graduates—are
expected to attend the ieunion
Mrs Louis E Rebel 'B5 and hei
husband, Di Reber 'BO, tome,
Dean of the School of Engineering,
are coming from Florida for-the
celebration Other 'B5 graduates
coming with their families are Mis
A L Miller, Williamsport, Cum
mings C Chesney, Pittslield;Aass
vice-pi esident of the General Elec
tuc Corporation, J C Barrett,
Youngstown, Ohio, David E Ro
berts, chief of the division of line
arts in the Library of Congress in
Washington, and Dr Dugald C
Jackson, Cambridge, Mass, formei
head of the department of civil en
gineering at MI T Mrs Jackson
'B7 is a sister of Mrs Reber
Holds 50th Reunion
In honor of their 50th class Le
union, members of the class of
1890 will be specially saluted dui
ing the Alumni Day activities
Among the graduates of 1800 ex
pected to return sic Judge ti W
Mitchell of the Orphans Court,
Pittsburgh, past president of the
Board of Trustees, Phillip G Gus
slei, clianman of the board. of
Columbia Gas and Electric Corp ,
New York, and Ralph L Watts,
dean emeritus of the School of
When the class of 1895 cele
biates its 45th reunion, the guest
of honor will be Mrs Cummins,
mother of Thomas R Cummins '95
Mrs Cummins attended the grad
uation of her son 45 years ago and
will celebrate the reunion of the
class in her 90th yea'
Fee To Be $5 Per Credit
The instructional fee charged
in the summer sessions Is $5 per
credit for courses of under.
graduate level, and $6 per cred:
it for courses in the "400". and
"500" series. Regardless of
course level the fee in the Inter.
Session and Post-Session is $6
per credit.