Penn State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1911-1940, April 19, 1940, Image 3

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Lion Nine Meets Mkishipmen Here Tomorrow
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Golf. Team Opens .
Season Tomorrow
Four Veterans Form
Nucleus Of Links Team
Beginning his Nth season as
Penn State golf mentor, Bob RUM
erford, Sr, will send his vaistty
linksmen against the University of
Pittsburgh golfers in the opening
match on the College links tomor-'
With inclement golf weather
holding up the anal selectioa of a
team, Coach Rutherford will piob
ably enter co-captains Kenny Klm
gensmith and Bud Miller, Jack
Brand, and Scotty Maxwell, all
veterans from the 1039 team,
against Pitt Comm row Play-offs
today will detei mine the other two
members of the vaisity.siv, with
Bill Hublei, Who saw some action
last yea!, holding a slight edge
over other candidates
A decided blow to Coach Ruto
erford's plans was the announce
ment that junior Don Leyden is in
eligible for vaisity competition
this yeas Don-had shown promise
in early pic,^tice, and was looked
upon as good vaisity Umbel
Little information is available
concerning the Pitt team since
they, like State, have no winter
schedule Coaclßutherford,'how
ever, feels that weather conditions
have handicipped Pitt also
Tomorrow's match as well as , the
three following with Washington &
JelTolson, Ai my, and West Vir
ginia, is listed as a pie-league
game/with Penn State's first match
in theAliddid Atlantic division of
the - Eastern Intercollegiate Golf
Association scheduled for May 4 at
Ithaca, N Y
Lion Lacrossemen Meet
Cornell Here Tomorrow
Thiel Drilling 'Attack' Half Of Team, Concentrating
On Extra : Man Offense; Will Seek First Victory
Determined to profit by the , unexpected rest gained by postpone
ment. of the Swarthmore game, the Nittany stickmen,will tangle with
Cornell on New Beaver Field at 2 10 p m tomoi row
On the'surface the teams appedr to be equally matched, for neith
ei has won a game this season But theie's a catch to this,' for the
Bears are untried, having been foi
er against Princeton. ,
State, however, is far from being
an unknown quantity To date
Lions have met Hobai t, Penn and
Navy, and have lost to all three
In practicelsessions Coach Nick
Thiel has been : putting the attack
half of the team through its paces,
concentrating on an extra-man of
fense During the Penn and Navy
games State had an extra man on
the field for a total of DT minutes
but failed, to capitalize
' Carter to Start
The only change in the opening
lineup will be' at cover point,
where Joe Cartel is scheduled to
start in place %of Jack McHugh
The rest of the team consists of
Bud Dattelbaum tin home), Jim
Three Veterans Lead Tennis Team
Against Penn In Opening Match Today
Courtmen Face Tough Assignment In Philadelphia;
3 Untried Men On• Squad; Meet Lehigh Tomorrow
Led by•thiee varsity performeis [tom last year:Penn State's ten
nis team opens its cuitent campaign against the formidable Univer
sity of Pennsylvania aggregation in Philadelphia this afternoon in the
first of two weekend matches Lehigh will Banish the opposition in
Bethlehem tomoi row
- -
Only CaptainiJeri y. Goodman, Mac Weinstein, and Del Hughes re
main (rein the'l939 squad which won seven out of 10 matches Last
year's number one player and captain, Al Hi'debt and, and Gus Bigott,
number three, have left tkeir'posts vacant.
Weinstein will lead off against
Izzy Bents, one of the outstand
ing collegiate netmen in the East,
in quest of his first victory over
an old scholastic rival Follow
ing him in the second and third
spots will be Goodman and
Hughes, who will ^face two star
,performers in Moiton Kline and
Ed Kilgus, both instrumental in
administering a 9-0 setback to the
Lion forces in '39
Coach Ted Roethke, at the helm
c,'lei srAlt COLLEGIAN
ccd to cancel last Saturday's open-
Riddell (out home), Co-captain
Bait Buser Hirst attack), Jim Rit
ter (second attack), Co-captain
George Ritter (center), John Price
(second defense), Roger Sharp
(Slot defense), Hoit Drake (point),
and Jack Yudin (goal)
Cornell's main scoring threat
will piebably manifest itself in
the form of attackman Campbell,
who tallied six goals last year as
the Lions won, 11-7 Teamed
with Campbell- will be erennan,
second-string All-American
A new coach, Ray Van Amman,
will undoubtedly be an asset to
the Bears Van Amman is a for
mer John Hopkins mentor and
coach of two Olympic aggi ega
foi the second year, has selected
two sophomores and a senior with
`little varsity experience to fill the
other three singles positions
Tasting their first intercollegiate
competition will be Chuck Bow
man' and John Knode, a pair of
promising newcomers Ted Les
ko, a holdover from last season, is
the number six singles player
Ramsay to Play
Five of the first six men will al
so take to the nets in the three
doubles matches Lesko in all
probability giving way to Sopho
more Bill Ramsay
The Lion netmen are sorely
handicapped by lack of outdoor
practice, bad weather limiting
them to only four days on the clay
courts Both Penn and Lehigh
have been in action twice this
season, the former defeating the
Engineei 4 R-1 in their 1940 open
PHA Cabinet Adds Two
Mary .1 Seamy '42 and Jean F
Weaver '42 have been named - to
the PSCA Cabinet by President A
John Currier '42 .
Massachusetts Corporation of
fers pleasant and profitable
summer employment to under
graduates and seniors. Use of a
car necessary. Ability to speak
in public helpful. No house-to
house. Many undergraduates in
past summers have found this
association meets their financial
needs. Write Box No. 528; West
field, Massachusetts, for explan
The Lions
With 808 WILSON
I am not a disciples of the im-
mortal Beethoven, a Benny Good
man addict or a John Phthp Sousa
student Neither am Y interested
in Ferde Grote, Johann Sebastian
Bach. or for that matter Rex Rock-
' I gnt my "1" in Hum Fishburn's
Music 5 course, so that just about
stamps me as anything BUT an
authority on the art called music
But regardless of my apparent
lack of knowledge on this delicate
subject, I am thoroughly convinced
that there is , some definite tie-up
between athletics and the perform
ance of instrumental music.
It Hum Fishburn's them y (and
I warn you, it's a flimsy theory at
that), that the muscular coordina
tion and the manual dexterity )e
-glared to play a flute, a violin of
even a tuba is similar in many /a
spects to the same coordination and
dexterity that participation in any
spm t calls for
-,Take big Cliff McWilliams (bas
ketball captain) for example. Big
Mac sings, plays a wicked piano
and has written two tunes that will
make their debut in tonight's Thes
pian show
Big Mac is not alone In the same
show is swimming captain-elect
Bill Kiikpatrick, a member of the
College Glee Club And with
"Hu k" in the Glee Club is Kenny
Ti . uhn, shortstop for Penn State's
baseball Lions
'Joe Scalzo, 155-pound varsity
wrestler, is another outstanding
campus musician. Joe plays a tuba
in the Blue Band, sings in the Glee
Club and snaps a mean string bass.
Hum Fishbui n wasn't contgpt to
stick to the pi esent generation for
proof of his fly-by-night theory He
went back a couple of years and
pointed out ease after case in cor
nection with some of Penn State's
mole Immo' tal athletes—like Hugo
Bezdek, the violinist par excel
lence, or Hinky Haines, a whirl
wind piano player, or Mike Zelez
nock, former EIBA champ and Glee
Club sollust, or our own Dutch
Herman, still an excellent violin
Of course there was Dot Ander
scinrienms star in '35 and the only
girl ever to win a varsity S award
and the only girl ever to be concert
moister of the College Symphony.
Not to mention psych prof Di •
Lepley, a varsity fencer when in
college and a piccolo player of thr.
very, 112 , 4 calibre. Ch assistant
Dean of Men Danny DeMarino, a
brute of a man to be the expert
mouth al ganist that he /,
Mr. Fishburn rattled on. He told
of Mike Palm, now co-owner with
Doggy Alexander of the Old Grad
Tavern in Philly Mike was a foot
ball, track and baseball star when
he was in school, and he played a
piping-hot piano on the side.
Back to the present generation
again, n' t. Hum mentioned swim
mer Don Schaper as a fine instru
mentalist and a solo clarinetist in
the Blue Band, varsity wrestler
Midge King ..s a jitterbug drum
mei,..swimmei Art Lehman as a
baritone ham soloist, outstanding
freshman football end Bob Davis
as a talented pianist, and versa%
grid guard Ted Nemeth as an ac
complished fiddle player.
"Oh. I could ramble on like this
for hours," Hum yawned. "But you
probably wouldn't know most of
the people I would mention, so
what's the use?"
Just .. about that time Barney
Ewell moped past where we were
standing Barney was singing' to
himself, just like Bai ney is always
singing to himself
Hum Fishburn looked at me and
smiled. His bushy red eyebrows
looked like fierce little brothers to
his bushy red mustache
"Do you see what I mean?" he
OMy Eighl Days Remain
In Spring Football Season
With only eight days remaining
befOre the end of the spring foot
balPseason, the Blues defeated the
Green aggregation, 12-0 in TueS
day's mtra-squad scrimmage
While Craig White scored both
totiOdowns for the winning train,
It was Chuck Peters who dazzled
the 4ew onlookers with his flashy
open-field running which netted
him substantial gains time after
time , White scored first on a re
verse:gooll‘for ten yards, and his
second tally came as a result of a
long pass from Ralph Venties,o,
the entire play going for GO yards
Sill Smaltz and Len Krouse
starred for the Green forces,
Eugene H. Lederer
110E..Eleaiier Ave. Dial 4000
" 'State College
Bastian Blanks
Orangemen, 34)
For Bth Victory
Medlar Slated To Hurl
Agaiiist Navy At 2:30
Ed Bastian did it again'
Pitting his slight 1381 pound
pitching strength against a danger
ous Syracuse nine, the Nittany
hurler subdued the Orange, 3-0,
Wednesday for his eighth consec
utive victory in two years
Tomorrow, the Lions encounter
Navy here, for the flrSt time since
1929 and will seek their 13th win
out, of 19 games with the future
Admirals Chuck Medlar will open
the hostilities, which begin at 2.30
p m
After ,lx and one-half scorelesi,
innings, the Lions struck viciously
at the Orangemen in the seventh
when they tallied three marker,,
featured by, Co-Captain Menzies
sharp single to right field with the
bases loaded
With one out, Ken Truhn, Lion
shortstop, stet led the rally whcri
he singled to left field After John
Ebersole fled to Pulaski, Bastian
followed with a single to centPi ,
Truhn stopping at second
Tally 3 in 7th
Peany Gates gave the Lions their
first run with a second hit to cen
ter, and "Bud" Sherwin crammed
the bases on an infield hit, setting
the stage for Menzie's two-i un
Winning his first game as a start
ing pitcher, the other seven being
relief tilts, the slender Bastian
curve-balled eight Syracuse bat
ters into strikeouts and allowed
only three scratch hits, while his
teammates were gal nermg nine
safeties from, Moran, Kane, and
After suffering from a spring
batting slump, Paul Menne snap
ped back into hitting form with
three ringing lose-hits besides
handling SIX difficult chances at
the hot coiner without a miscue
Coach Joe Bedenk was com
pelled to shake up his lineup after
Frit, Seibel was injured at firsti l
base during the West Virginia
game Bill Debler moved in from 1
center field to replace Seibel and
Sophomore John Ebersole played
his (Mal game at the outfield post
The box score
Syracuse db r h o a e
'opp, 3b 4 0 0 2 3 0
O'Connoi, c. 4 0 0 1 1 0
Holly, of 4 0 1 1 0 0
Pulaski, If 3 0 0 1 0 0
Arnold, lb 3 0 0 8 0 0
Lynds, rt 3 0 I .1 0 0
Chesbiough, 2b 1 0 0 3 2 1
Thorne, ss 3 0 1 2 2 1
Moran, p 1 0 0 0 1 0
Kane, p 1 0 0 1 1 0
pOOO 0 0 0
x-MacPhall 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 30 0 3 24 10 2
a-Batted for Kane in eighth
Penn State ab i h o a e
Gates, If 4 I 2 0 0 0
Sherwin, rf 3 0 1 0 0 0
Menace, 3b 4 0 3 1 5 0
Debler, lb 4 0 0 10 0 0
Sapp, 2b 4 0 0 2 4 0
Valero, c 4 0 0 11 I 0
Truhn, ss 2 1 1 1 2 0
Ebersole, cf 4 0 1 2 0 0
Bastian, p 3 1 I s 0 2 I
Totals 32 3 9 27 14 I
Syracuse ' 000 000 000-0
Penn State 000 000 30x-3
Sacrifice ha Sherwin, Stolen
bases Gates, Menzie, Ebersole,
Double play—Thorne, Chesbrough
and Arnold, Struck out—by Bas
tian 8, Moran 3, Ricey 1, Base on
balk—off Bastian I, Moran I, Ricey
Umpires—Garr and Hancock
A prize of $lOO is being offered
Princeton undergraduates for a
new Tiger football song.
Dr Joseph M Gwinn of San
Jose State College believes the
government should subsidize col
lege marriages ,
5 g /2 Weeks 'fill
Poor Sight May
Cause !failure
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Broken Pieces
• Expert Repaii. Work
• 24 Hour Service
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Established 1896
-Member of
Federal Deposit !nu:ranee Corporation
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