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semi=Weett y
ai driq
3 4,
To The Free Lance,
, ritti
Established 1887
3 ';
VOL. 36—No. 49
Committee Of
Alumniu /Assoc
Open Letter , Charges
Group Is In Despair,
Begging For Student Aid
Special to the Collegian
"Penn State's Alumni Com
'lifittee of 100 „thiew.another
biduhshell "at' the -College
- Aisociation- today,
„when it filed an open letter
thdt "the, ASsocia-
Alen finally has thrown up,its
'hands in despair and now
'goes begging for student
„aid "
letter, which - was sent -to
Clifton McWilliams' '4O, all-
College president, blasted 'out
against the Asiociation's plan to
make each student a 'life member
:of ;the: Association by taxing him
,dach'seniester he is in College,
• !.'The plan to tax students is ill
condblved' and ill-advlsed," the
Alumni Committee wrote "For—
we repeat once more—loyalty is
not a commodity that can be pur
chased and sold for so many
_pieCes'of silver, but rather an in
`grained characteristic born 'of
gratitude. And the strength of an
orgdnixation is measured not in
numbers but in interest."
Signing the letter were John A
,Troanovitch'439, committee chair
men;' and ThOniasA ,Boat '39,
treasurer. _
' ,ClMrges
'They-charged", -
tiiii - Ses,to c tfoni each' student
,a,sl6 tribute - anetei give thirstu
, dent no right to say what shallbe
done with that money until after
' tic is graduated
2 , That, the system Is a hoax
and an ill-advised system of taxa
tiOn - without tepresentation bound
'to, read to the perpetuation of an
iriesponsible alumni hierarchy
3' That the Association would
do' io more with the approximate
ly $28,000 raised from the stu
dents than it now does with a
$20,000 subsidy each year from
the College With which it has not
been able to sell itself tc,more
than timeie handful of graduates
', , 1 , 1 % That the
_Association offi
cers owe‘the students an explana
tion of what they have ,done to
Matify the boosts they received in
their salaries last June while pro
tessera go, pleading for an extra
dollar in, the payroll and the Col
lege goebmii harping for an extra
seat in a classroom -
Plans Called "Silly"
That some of the plans of
the Association for using the extra
money are utterly silly, add mean
'lngle.% especially those .pertain
nig to a new student news section
hn•Uhe Alumni , News and the "un
covering of ..,,subversive influ
ences." • "
6 That the^ proposal of the
Association to aid in the Student
Placement Phireau , is meddlesome
ind dangerous, that ' the bureau
has,been established by the Col
lege "Or the students and that no
,'student should be asked to pay a
$l6 fee in order to get "assistance
ill obtaining jobs."
'?'Bankrupt in nrember,ship and
in` leadership, floundering in in
action' and reaction, ignored by
thousands. of graduates and un;
Wanted ;by many thousands of
others, the Association finally has
,thrown up • its handsjn despair
and now goestegging'for student
aid," the Committee wrote
:; ROTC Attitude Praised
A masked improvement in stu
dent attitude, toward ROTC at
Fenn State 'during ,the past sev
,,eliti years was praised”by' Col.
Frederic' G Kellond,-officar m
'charge of surveying' components,
Ttihd Corps Area, who made his
annual ROTC inspectitin 'here on
'Fuesday and Wednesday: ,
i,,46'Praclice Teaching ,
Forty-six seniors and' graduate
,attidents from tthe departnient- of
agricultural education are, practice
teaching for four weeks in 41.vo
'chili:mai agricultural schools They
,will return to the'campus on April
100 Denounces
iatiorirs New Plan
W. Jerome HoWerth '4O aricrFlelcher" , If. Byrom '4O, co-chairmen
of Interfraternily Ball.
' ' + +-+ ~ ,-' .. - + ,
.I._ +
In:lndi a / The m e
OF Interfraternity Ball
Non4'raternitiSludentiMO:Alfend Dance;
IFC.Siog Finals•Scheduled,For,lnfermission,,
-, ."There'll , be a hoehme m th - e,bld,townintilght," accmdineto Co-
clan men FletcherL Byroni,l'4„aticl W. Jerome Howarth !;10„wllen
couples swmg .. to~the . ~tunes.of Weire.,lertipa's - oTe - eltrzi; flan-'
•ing fiackground of a "Night in Hades" at Interfrafernititall to Rec
• 4 • ' .1/ • Hall at 10 p m '
IFC Adopts-New-Set-Up For the first time In the history
of the Ball, non-fraternity stu- 1
, r dents ate invited to attend the
For Auditing Accounts; - dance and can secure invitations
and booth reseivations at Student
Plan Periodi c-S tatement Un ion or at the door during the
Adoption of a new financial set
up, under which a local accounting
rum will audit the books of Inter
fraternity Council quarterly, was
the chief business of the IFC meet
ing Monday night
A periodic statement giving a
breakdown of IFC expenditures
will be - issued under the new plan,
which has been under considera
tion for several months A commit
tee headed by W Jerome Howarth
'4O, with Daniel I Hess '4O and
Richard G Hall '4O, submitted the
It was announced that Emmett
W (Dusty) Rhodes has been select
ed as editdr of the fraternity hand
book, upon which rapid progress
is being made A suggestion 'that
in 1942 fraternity house presidents
be, elected to the Council instead
of other representatives, was tabled
for future consideration '
lirydock pub Will Start
Student Serveylodri ti
Postponed foi a week until an
adequate set of questions could be
drawn up , for presentation, the
Drydock Club survey will start
this afternoon and run until next
Wednesday, Edgar V Hall '4l,
manager of the club, announced
yesterday: The survey will at
tempt to get the opinion of the
student body on keeping the club
open until the end of the semes
,The . club committee also an
nounced the entertainment for the
club tomorrow night, a collegiate
sing with Roy Rodgers as master
of ceremonies. Featured in the
sing will be winners of the Inter
fraternity Sing contest.
teven .senior, Beautiei
Chosen By George
George Petty; ' famous Esquire
artist, has sent in his choices of
the seven outstanding senior beau
ties whose pictures will appear in
the 1940 Lalfie, Editor Thomas .1.
Finn annminced today
Those selected: Cicely M. De
Silver, Margaret R De Silver, Ruth
E Kennedy,; Mary H O'Connor,
Marguerite R. Scheaffer, Jean G.
Taylor, M2....^4.11.,117irtz
Sheets of flame falling Limn the
ceiling, devil's henchmen leaning
out of "spooky", caverns, and
dwarfed imps with sharpened
pitchforks will colorl the festive
decorations of the Ball The band
stand will be enveloped in a huge
circle of flame
'Smooth" Music Slated
` Communications from Krupa as
sumed the committee that he in
tends to play "smooth" music for
dancing rather, than Intersperse his
program with the "Jitterbug" va
riety -„
The three IFC Sing finalists„
Tau Kappa Epsilon, Beta Theta Pi,
and Phi Kappa Psi, will compete
lot the Fraternity Sing Trophy at
intermission, and the winner will
appear at the Drydock Club Satur
day night, accoiding to G Warren
Elliot, chairman of the committee,
and Edgar V Hall, manager of
New Junior Blazer - Goes
On Sale Today; Lion Coal
Display,Opens April 13
A new Junior "Blizer of blue
gabardine will go on, display today
in the windows of 'the Athletic
store, Co-chairmen Howard R
Alter and John H Jenkins an
nounced yesterday The new blazer
will be priced at $495.
Also announced yesterday by
Semi Class President David E
Pei grin was the sale of Senior Lion
Coats at downtown' stores begin
ning next Saturday The b edition
al Lion Coats will be sold for $1 10.
Commenting on the new Junior
Blazers, Thomas C Backenstose,
junior class president, said that he
believed the new coat to be an im
provement over those sold during
the past few years, and , "more
nearly representative of what the
average student wants."
Phi Eta Sigma To Hold
Bull Session Wednesday
Phi Eta Sigma, 'freshman hon
orary scholastic 'fraternity, will
hold a social meeting at Theta Xi
fraternity at 7 p. m.' Wednesday
"The Influence of Grades on
Success after College," will be
led by Registrar William S. Hoff
: r. ,„
Cabinef Approves
Plan To Reward
Student Service
Student-Faculty Group '
Will Choose Recipients '
Of 15 Shingles Each Year
Acting on a recommendation
first presented last January when
the proposed IMA Hat Society
was refused a charter, the All-
College Cabinet approved a plan
which would give recognition to
those persons who are rendering
great service to the College, at its
meeting Tuesday night
Under the present plan present-,
ed by a committee headed by
Wallace, H Dunlap '9O, the stu
dent government body would pre
sent a maximum of 15 shingles
each year to students, who, in the
eyes of a Joint student-faculty
committee are deserving
.• Both men and women, regard
less of class, would be eligible
under this tentative arrangement
to receive the awards. In his re
port Dunlap suggested that the
plan be put into effect this year
and that shingles be presented at
inauguration ceremonies
The proposed Joint student-fac
ulty committee would be compos
ed of the dean of men, dean of
v.omen, Student Union treasurer,
Collegian Editor, Collegian Wom
en's Editor, junior class president,
all-College president, a repre
sentative from the president's of
fice, and the WSGA president
- The Cabinet also approved the
Revolving' Student , Loan- Fund
Caumottee's plap.t,'for providing.
;lungs Torilesewing gifileuts. It
is possible that! an' opera singer
may be engaged to come to the
College to help finance the stu-
Ilea loans
Pres H Clifton McWilliams ap
pointed a ,committee consisting of,
A William Engel, Jr , '4O, Wallace
H. Dunlap '4O, Juanita M Cham
bers '4O, Thomas C Backenstose
'4l, and Elinor L. Weaver '4l, to
present a report on the pros and
cons of the proposed Alumni As
sociation plan at the next Cabinet
The various committlees also
submitted reports on a new com
pensation plan, the student gov
ernment convention and the elec
A. John furrier Elected
1940.41 PHA President
A John Currier 12 was elected
president and Sarah P Searle '42
was elected vice-president at the
annual elections of the PSCA last
week by the new Cabinet
- With the election of officers came
the announcement that additional
members of the Cabinet will be
named shortly. In the meanwhile
the group is formulating plans for
the fiscal year
Other officers: elected are Miriam
T Miller '4l, secretary, and Thom
as H Ainsworth '4l, treasurer
Collegian Readers Like
Interest Survey Covers
Collegian readeis like their gos
sip and read gossip columns in the
Collegian mole regularly than any
other at ticles,,features, or columns
, Results from the first Collegian
Reader's Interest Poll, taken dur
ing the mid-semester registration
revealed that the Maniac and Cam
puseer columns were most regular
ly read by both male and female
readeis of all material published in
the Collegian Approximately 1500
students were reached by the sur
vey -
To male readers, general wo
men's news is most unreadable
and thus drew the highest num
bei of "nevers." Sports statistics
were "never" read by more wo
men than any other Collegian
Among the males, Between The
Lidos polled the third highest regu
lar reading habits, but was twelfth
most popular with women readers.
On the other hand, We Women, re
placed now by Us Gals in most is
sues of the Collegian, was third
choice for female readers, but
ranked last m the-estimate of =Ten
A a •
ne t
LI •
[Tom Waring To Sing'
With Glee Club In NYC
' 4 soloiSf Will Also Appear At Concert Here
April 14 After Singers Return From Tour
Tom Waring, vocalist with his brother Fied's orchestra, will ap
pear as guest soloist when the College Glee Club pi esent the final con
sea of the tour in New York next Thursday, Sammy Gallu announc
ed yesterday Waring will also sing at the concert in Schwab Audi
-torium April 14• + + +
tricsigned to give two weeks of
intensive training to those who
Will direct the numerous WPA
playgrounds and recreational cen
ters this summer, the School will
offer classes in crafts, folk danc
ing, games, dramatics, leadership,
adult education, and nature
, Open lectures are slated in
Room 121 Liberal Arts on Mon
day, Tuesday, and Wednesday
nights, with students invited Sev
eral state recreational leaders
wAll speak
Several College Departments
and the School of Physical Educa
tion will cooperate in presenting
the Training School courses,
which will be under the super-
Ktiion of the head of the state rec
reation department.
ingineers Set
Open House"Dafe
Annual Exhibition To Be
Field Saturday, April 20
The annual Engineering Open
House will be held Saturday,
Apiil 20, it was announced yester
day by Co-chairmen Jerome N
Goodman '4O and Michael Balog,
Jr '4O
The exhibition is expected to
draw engineering authorities from
within a radius of 75 miles A
special feature will be a conceit
by the ROTC Engineers' band un
der the du ection of Prof Frank
Gullo in the new Electrical Engin
eer ing laboratory at 3 30 p. m.
Dean Harry P. Hammond an
nounced a cooperating committee
tonsisting of the following men•
Robert A Hussey, Earl B Snave
ly, Elmer R Queer, John W
Breneman, Frederick C Stewart,
Burton K .Johnstone, and John
S Leister.
There also will be a display by
the engineers' unit of the ROTC
Further plans will be announced
within the next week, the co
chairmen stated
Gossip Columns
1500 Students
Men Bead Edits
In reading editorials, men read
ers of, the Collegian are almost
twice as iegular as the women, and
also take slightly more interest in
the large lead stories of each issue
The +weaker sex slightly favored
the human side of the news, read
ing .feature stones with a little
more regulaiity
The results tallied below show
the reading habits of the men and
women readers of the Collegian
The, participants in the Poll were
asked to check their reading habits
for each item. Totals of all items
may not be the same, as some were
unanswered by participants
Flegu- Some
lady times Never
Eddorials 121 274 22
Fillers 117 256 29
Lead Stones 211 212 2
Maniac 334 73 8
Campusoer 365 47 6
Feature's 209 205 9
Us Gals . 318 47 9
Votes $BOO Frorrk,,,,
Collegian Adds $lOO
Senator Nye Will
Talk Here April 15
Phi Beta Kappa Sponsors
Address By legislator
United States Senator Geiald
P. Nye, Noi th Dakota, sponsored
by the local chapter of Phi Beta
Kappa, will speak in Schwab
Auditorium at 8 15 p in Monday,
April 15, Dr Carl - E Marquardt,
chairman of Phi Beta Kappa com
mittee, announced yesterday Sen
ator Nye will talk oq "Can We
Keep America Out of Wei"
The prominent 'North Dakotan
will come directly from Washing
ton to make his address, Dr Mar
quardt pointed out. Phi Beta
Kappa is bringing the Senator
here in answer to the expressed
desire of students and faculty
members to hear more nationally
prominent speakers
Campus Bullo
tins 224 133 45
Women's News 309 102 4
Between The
Lions 104 230 76
Sport Stories 92 246 77
Sport Statistics 79 245 94
Student Opin
ion Surveys 174 306 19
We Women 322 73 9
Rage. Some
larly times Never
larly ally Never
Editorials 414 623 93
Fillers 284 773 116
Lead Stories 556 491 59
Maniac 813 229 82
Campuseor 760 319 77
Features 489 507 68
Us Gals ' 184 413 485
Campus Bulle-
tins 695 366 76
Women's News 135 578 409
Between Tho ' '
Lions 720 308 125
Sport Stories 744 301 194
Sport Statistici,732 308 60
Student Opine,
ion Surveys 395 503 181
Additional Funds To Be Solicited From Student
Groups In Effort To Apprehend Taylor Slayer;
Police Report 'Nothing New' As Hunt Continues
Endeavoring to raise a $l,OOO reward for the person or
persons providing direct information resulting in the arrest
and conviction of the slayer of Rachel 'laylor, the All-Col
lege Catinet of the Student Government Association voted
SBOO and the Penn State Collegian added $lOO late yester
Each of the four classes hale contributed $2OO from
their class funds touard the present $9OO total.
Approsal for offering the reward was granted by Col
lege officials .ind Stale Police following a vote by the Cab
Every effort to reach the MOOD
goal will be made by a commit
tee of four headed by A William
Engel, Jr., Collegian editor, and
consisting of All-College Presi
dent H. Clifton McWilliams, Jr..
Senior Class President David E.
Pergrin, and WSGA President
Elinor L Weaver '4l.
Other activity groups will be
requested to contribute any
Since the discovery of Rachel
Taylor's horribly-mutilated body
Statement by
All• College President
H. Clifton McWilliams, Jr.
"It seems ironic that just a few
"Weidcs ago., Pennsylvania State Col=
lege entertained other Pennsylva
nia schools at a student govern.
ment convention, the outcome of
which was the formation of the
Pennsylvania Student Government
Association, a landmark in the ac
tivities of Pennsylvania students.
This venture was indicative of the!
real Penn State. Our publicity for
that convention was scant and far
between, and we felt indeed fortu
nate to rate a little article on an
inside page.
"Then along comes a horrible
tragedy, and Penn State's name is
smeared over every paper in the
' country—in a light that is as un
true, and as contrary to conditions
as they actually exist, as if would
be to say the Republican Party
will put up a Democrat for Presi
"We have often observed how lit
tle stories start and like wild-fire
sweep the community and with
each repetition continue to grow,
and how in each telling the facts
of the case are distorted until they
are entirely out, of proportion. This
thing has happened right under our
very noses, but I firmly believe
that the Penn State students have
enough common sense to extricate
the truth from the fantastic."
on the gravel roadway in front of
the Lemont School Building last
Thursday morning, the police
have pursued over 201 possible
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Letter Box
April 5, 1940
Ma George Ebert
Depat tment Head
Gi ounds and Buildings
While there is still time, may we
suggest that you do something
about building an annex to Schwab
Auditorium It is of vital minor•
tance that we have extra seating
space foi the Sett!' day night (April
20) peiformance of our new Sm mg
WORK" or "Don't Send Your Boy
to Vassar"
Once the Finlay night (Ain't 19)
audience spreads the word that
"this is THE show," there is no
predicting what damage and due
desti notion will be wrought by the
fienzied mob that will stout'
Schwab Saturday night
It is in the interest of protection
to College property and with a
sense of obligation to our patrons,
then, that we ask you to give this
matter your immediate attention
We feel certain that the present
accommodations will be inade
Sincerely yours,
The Thespian Club
P S It's worth a couple of comps,
George See what you can do
'43 Independents
Nominate Flynn
To Head Ticket
Slate Includes Frescoln,
Miller, Richards; Political
Platforms Still Unknown
The lineup foi fast-approaching
political wars was completed Tues.
dayA night with the nomination of
Flank--R Flynn, -former— clique
than man, to seek the sophomore
class pi esidenev at the head of the
'43 Independent Pal ty slate
Leonard nest°ln was named as
Flynn's nming-mate, with Sally
Miller up foi secretary and Bill
Richard for treasurer At the same
time Bill McFadden was chosen 'as
the pal ty's new chairman, replac
ing Flynn
_Flynn will tun against Charles
(Chuck/ Edda', Campus nominee, in
the '43 political scramble
Platforms Delayed
Meanwhile, both Independent
and Campus groups, scheduled to
Celease theh platforms Tuesday
night, declined to do so in a fit of
caution It was induated that the
iespe‘tive party pledges', would ,be
made public at the end of the week
Clique chairmen were reminded
ester day by Elections Committee
ellen man Bill Engel that next
Tuesday is the deadime for filing
petitions All-College candidates
are r e q uired to submit 200 signa
tui es, othei s 100
ROTC Infantry Band To
Play Sunday Afternoon
Concert In Auditorium
Dnectoi Flank Gullo will intro
duce his ROTC Infantry Band to
Sunday afternoon concert-goers in
Schwab auditorium at 3 p in Sun
day The Infantry Band is the sec
ond ROTC Band to appear on this
sem's annual complimentary con-
Lei t set les, being preceded by the
Engineeis' Band concert earlier in
the season
In addition to a rendition of
"The Grenadier" by Richard Cris
well, baritone soloist, the program
will contain several marches, in
cluding the "University Grand
Match," and the "March of the
Mai Ines " The Band will also play
a selection from the Gilbert and
Sullivan operetta "H M S Plna
foi c"
In addition to Director Gullo,of
noels of the Infantry Band are as
follows Fred Zaiden, librarian,
Clair Wagner and Bruce Garner,
student directors, and Paul Ben
ner, custodian of equipment.
Navy Seeks Pilots Here
Lieut Philip Allen, Jr, United
States Navy,'will spend next Mon
day and Tuesday on the campus in
terviewing seniors who wish to en
ter a course in aviation conducted
by the Navy as a post graduate
course He will show a motion pic
ture describing the life of the stu
dent naval aviator. Interested stu
dents have ben asked to contact
Lieutenant Allen at the Armory on