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    Friday* .November. JLB, 19.32.
Between the Lions
• , tOith V j
The Sports Editor |
Publication'of the probable ’33 grid card is bound to produce a'mixed
effect in the student "'body. '•* -Many will greet' it* as “the panacea to Penn
State’s football ills; others will, be disappointed in the weakened
Calibre of the teams which grace it. Our personal reaction is that it is
more nearly the. schedule appropriate for Penn State elevens, but we
would like to' sound a note of- caution that the officials do not lean back
wards in their attemptsVto’.giv? future elevens;opponents more equal in
strength. ’ '
Anal.vzingtjie seven-teams corded for IM3, we:fihd three teams in
.rhe to|i ranks of tn'nr l h»]|..tin»'w'hii a h, like the;l.ions.,has slipped from tli**
upper rungsi another hiat, although it represents a.large institution, hiis
never quite attairied gridiron prominence, and two who are frankly rep
resentatives' of-thersmall college-class. ’
: Lebanon Valley is a -traditional early season, opponent with whom
relations have always, been "of the best; ifs retention as:the opening con
tention the 193JJ cord is sure; we believe/’to'meet .with widespread ap
proval. Muhlenberg, on the other hand, will be playing a Lion eleven
for only the third time when it appears here, probably as the'Dads’ Day
attraction) on'October. 14.-. The athletic reforms it has instituted and,
t it 3 geographical position in’the ‘state make it, a thoroughly. l acceptable
warm-up opponent. . . •*. j
Although (Lehigh has ’slipped from the position it once the
gridiron'world,-there is -every reason M believe the hard-fought rivalry
rhat existed between the‘Linns and the Brown and White in th»,past will
be.resumed to the of’both hsre nen'yeaK If.there-#r*
any doubts to M be raised about, the Lehigh game; it Is concerning*- the
power of the Bethlehem eleven Alumni Day drawing card. ’ But in
every other respect* the Engineers qualify as a well-chosenJmember of
the 1933 card.* . • ' ; .■ 1 -
Without any doubt, one of the most eagerly anticipated'games on the
entire schedule'.will be the game with Columbia in New York October
28. Offering as it does, an opportunity for Penn State,'to appear’again
in the metropolis against a team which has clinched;top-rate ranking
within the last few years) the contest is rightfully, one of the high spots
on the card. - ’ V v
If controversy will rage about any single feature‘of the schedule,:
-it is bound to center on the choice of'Johns Hopkins as Houseparty l op
, - poncnts. While we' have a Jot of respect for the Baltimore institution,
we do feel that a better-known team' of similar strength might have been:
f. scheduled; Rutgers, W. & Ji, Virginia arid niany others would be’eligible.
Jf’Penn State football schedules are to be cut to seven games,-it doesn't
:seem logical that all the cutting be done on the .major-contests.
The remaining games on the 1933/card,. Syracuse' at; Syracuse 'and
.Penn at Philadelphia, are of course engagements'* which meet.with the
approval of every .student. Both‘are traditional rivals 'Whose gridiron
reputations have not suffered^even, though. they-.have been .among the!
first to institute athletic- reforms similar, in ; some degree,,'tolour, own.
This and That T-
- rAfter seeing..the : reel on Penn ;6f : the post/
ydu : strongly Tiot ; to;.rhiss\it^if -you’re -interested'.iri watching
: thelLionsJ aided b'y.K)rie'.Harry'.\yjlsori; run up victories over
Navy, Georgia Tech, Carnegie Tech' arid others' justras good •.. .. No, we
-were not paid-one cent'for thatcendorsemerit .... Someone - wrote.' Jesse-
Brewster congratulating, the Lions .on beating Temple .• Maybe ,«ieVe
•wrong . . . ..One of the.fraternities .received a card if rom an
manding to know just where (this here team, .Sewan6e,, conics from 1 . .. .
•'And then there’s the-senior ori.the. Lion squ‘ad;who voted.for George
Veriero3a on the All-Opponents’ Teamuntikhe found out -that-Periri Stafe •
' players, past or present, weren’t included'. V. I.’ -7 ' \
Real Old-Fashioned
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The NittanyTLibn ;
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you .must think of Grahams’.
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jy, ; vy'... y.. .
f “*' i-"> ; >-yi-. / • *,,•
Seek Third Victory of Season
In Contest at 2 O’clock
-On New Beaver Field
I since .1913 has a. Lion soccer
I ream dosed a season with |oss**s'»*.v
-| i.-ceding tla-, victories. un>i with a firm
, it- biilnni'tt the U*dg**r a. three
J for, and three against. Coach Bill Jctt*-
iey'y. ‘ boaters, impudently await the
starting, whistle of the year|s finale
with Army on New Beaver Field at 2
o'clock tomorrow, afternoon.
“We’ve just got to win!” is the cry,
land in the face of an opponent, pow
erful, confident, and boasting a per
fect record of. six victories, the Lion
will put forth all his might in his last
stand. Only two goals have been
charged against the West Pointers
thus far,, but the Nittanymen are:
ready to change, that; .
6 Seniors in Last Game
Five seniors will start in their, last
contest while another, left • fullback
.n&rtz!niywin* injured in mMctiw
llii> week, will got in i'-.r pinx nf the;
gaum. The v«ki*r<irr,. halfback trh». ;
; Captain Daykiii. Evans, aiH Young.-!
i will present the Lion primary defense,
[while Frank Tully is slated for‘goal
duty. *
Chick Musser, the only senior line
man, will start at. his regular posi
tion, inside left. Three sophomores,
Casterline, outside right, Finsel, in
sido rights Fletcher; center, and
Shorty Edwards, a junior, at outside
left, complete the Nittany offense. Si
gel ’and,- Graham* will take the full
back posts.
Although the Cadets have been run
ning up high scores in their .six con
quests this year their* forward line is
overshadowed by’the brilliant, defense
built .around-their halfbacks, Rober-
son and Van Sant, and left fullback,
Cairns; Conway, outside right, is* the
high scorer for the West-Pointers. '
Students who wish to engage *in
workouts, at. Recreation hall during
the -regular-physical -education classes
-may take’ part’ in’the activities.of the
class this year, according to Hugo
Bezdek, director of the School of Phy
sical Education and Athletics.
' / . ‘ ■•* " ./\ ■ ,
-' ' X
■ . f'i-,-
V *>, v'% v 'X
THE young,man is saying,.the
reason he. smokes Chesterfields,
•is because they satisfy. • "
. The young'lady agrees with him
She says:"They click with me, too.
■ I’m not -what you’d call a heavy
smoker. But even I can tell'that
they’re, milder. Besides, I always
Fresliman Gridmen To Face
Seminary Eleven Tomorrow
Nittany Gubs Will End
Season With Tilt
■ At Kingston
leaving' its Alrnu - Wati;cV s.|»ron |
: strings for il*«« first.‘last. nn.P .mjy J
time tiii- year. " ths ! i
team will match onto
iron tomorrow afternoon to stack up
against what will probably be the J
strongest opposition encountered all!
season—Wyoming Seminary.
- Although the-Kingston menace has,
annexed six-ofvits-seven games this I
season by. large.'margins, it!
that universal bugaboo; the Pitt fresh- j ~ .
man 'machine, 9-0.; The entirejWalke will-start the same team that
strength, of the Nittany eleven will beJ opened up the Kiski game. Fry-will
available to. help stem the run. of vie-• start at the other end, while Sloan
tories garnered by the.eastern Penn-[and O’Neill will mate at the tackles,
sylvania' school, as Xoach Walke re-1 Latorre and Cressw-ell will pair off as
ports an . excellently conditioned | guards with Kessler at center. The
l . > i well-lrill«*d Maurer-AnHrews-O'Tlnrfl
• With the exception of who j Onr.|»<*r cemhimitior will- rr>r»r ;h..
will ivnliirfc ■. vine. - ;>l left I b:i.-k|'i*-l<i.
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I '
y&c?.. ):b ).' by,b
l l ', 1 V,-.•'« '
hy W. \\l.-steweieh •.*.«
■ - (Served 11:30 to 9P. M. -
. . “Eat Out"
Make.Tabie Reservations for Your Family Now
Campus Green Room
? . Phone 734
have a kindof feeling,that Chest-:
erfields taste.better.’’
I She’s right. Chesterfields are'
just as pure and wholesome as
Nature and Science can make them/
•And we have upwards of 90 mil
lions sf dollars invested to ensure
their mildness and better taste.
■ ■
Harriers Gain Fifth
Place in IC-4A Race
Lion cross country runners fin
ished fifth in the IC-4A race at
New York City Monday instead of
fomth wus previously an
tiour.rpsi in tne «v«u.F:r,iAN\ .Syra
was the .stivond plaer* winner.
C-ipi/iin Chstrlii* King nuiiplrttil
the .-ix-ii'ii.- comse in nmth pluce,
us tlie Jirsi Nittuny iiarrier to
finish. Curt Grenninger was six
teenth, followed by Bill Rishel in
seventeenth place. Bill Space in
thirty-ninth place, and Geprge
Harvey as forty-seventh completed
the Lion score of 128'points.
EVERY undergraduate is judged by liis class and
campus record. Usually the ouslanding men in
college.are those whose energy springs from a
vital, healthy body.
A common enemy of In;;<jiir )v cotisiipaiMDi..
fry inis pleasant "cereal way - * to health. Two
tablespoonfuls of Kellogg’s AIL-BRAN will pro
mote regular habits. ALL-BRAN furnishes “bulk,”
vitamin B, and iron. Ask that it he served at your
fraternity house or campus restaurant.
The most popular ready-to-eat cereals served in the dining-rooms
of American colleges, eating clubs and fraternities arc made by
Kellogg in Battle Creek. They include Kellogg's Corn Flakes, PEP
Bran Flakes, Rice Krispies, Wheat Krumbles, and Kellogg's wnoi.E
wheat Biscuit. Also Kaffee Hag Coffee —real coffee that lets
you sleep.
All - Bran
' '■ '' * ' * 'l ' ' '' ' 4 J" •»
1' v '
1 ‘ - ,
too __ ;
V* ; ' v <1 '!
What is
so far?
, N <■ .. V
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