Penn State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1911-1940, December 09, 1914, Image 1

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    Penn State
Juniata Here Saturday at 7:15,
State Must Avenge Last Year’s
—Team Work Taking
With the memory of the victory
last year still fresh in their minds,
Juniata is coming Saturday confi
dent of duplicating the perform
ance, while our team is just as con
fident that they shall not. It was
the first game of the season last
year and although our team was
not in mid-season form by any
means, a hard fought battle resulted
in Juniata coming off the floor vic
tors by two baskets. It was indeed
a discouraging start and this year,
with the help of every State man,
the team will endeavor to avenge
the defeat of last year and start a
successful season. Prospects are
exceedingly bright with such men
as Captain Park, Jester, Walton,
Wilson and Metzger of last year's
team together with some very
promising freshmen candidates.
The squad was cut last week to
the following men: Park, Jester,
Walton, Wilson, Metzger, Beckett,
Wagner, Hunter, Connell, Baer,
Fast, Kannas, Blakesly, Hoffman,
Hartman, Bishop, Hostetter, David
son and Miller. This list also com
prises the training table.
The game will start promptly at
7:15. Tickets will be on sale at the
Toggery Shop on Thursday, and it
would be well to buy your ticket
early to avoid the crush at the
All "S" men may procure tickets
for the game at the graduate mana
ger’s office.
Varsity Soccer Trip,
The men chosen to take the var
sity soccer trip to Penn will leave
here December 15. The team will
play Westtown School and Girard
College and on December 19
the strong Penn team will be
met. Penn has an unbeaten record
thus far, and has disposed of Yale,
Harvard and Princeton. This game
alone will really decide the rating
of our team. A game is also pend
ing with Franklin and Marshall.
Sixteen varsity candidates were
put on the training table last
Wednesday; twelve men will make
the trip. Meanwhile daily practice
is being held on New Beaver. The
team will be picked from the fol
lowing men: Fullbacks; Kelly,
Smedley. Williams and Simons.
Halfbacks; Roberts, Yen, Hessel
bacher, Cranston, Greenland, Holm
berg, Goal. Longo and Dutemple.
Forwards; Bishop, Dorwart, Gregg,
Cope, Wilkinson, Mainwarning,
Staiger and Nicholson.
Interclass Cross Country.
The annual handicap interclass
cross country race will be held next
Saturday afternoon at two o’clock.
The start and finish will be at the
Co-op. Fourteen prizes for the first
fourteen men' and a time prize of a
cup have been donated by the
business men of the town. The
limit of handicap will be three min
utes. Any man who has any abili
ty should enter this race for the
first five men on each team are
usually awarded numerals. All
entries should be handed to H.
Smith at the Beta Theta Pi house
before Friday at noon.
Every York County student is
requested to come to Smith’s
studio Saturday, December 12, at
12:10 for La Vie picture.
Will Give Play Demonstration in
the Armory,
The men at State will have a
splendid opportunity to learn some
thing of the work that is being
done in rural communities in the
way of health and recreation.
Next Sunday Dr. John Brown, Jr.
will speak at the first of a number
of meetings which have been
scheduled for him. Dr. Brown is
at present secretary of the health
and recreation department of the
county work which is being carried
on by the International Committee
of the Young Men’s Christian Asso
ciation. He is a graduate of New
York University and has for several
years been connected with the de
partment of physical education,
and the department of rural work.
He is perhaps the best authoiity on
rural health and recreation of any
man in the country and at the pres
ent time at the invitation ot Com
missioner Claxton, ot the United
States bureau of education, is pre
paring a monograph on the subject
of play for rural children. He is an
interesting and enthusiastic speaker
and teacher having for the past
three years been one of the regular
instructors at the student confer
ences at Northfield and Eaglesmere
and at other summer schools.
While he is a specialist along the
lines indicated above, his studies
and experience in county work
have made him an authority in the
general plan of iural betterment,
and he will bring to every man who
hears him a new vision of the larger
opportunities of service in the coun
try districts.
The most important meeting on
his schedule will be held on Mon
day evening, December 14, at 7
o’clock in the Armory. At that
time he will give a play demonstra
tion, such as is suited to the needs
of children in rural districts This
promises to be an exceedingly in
teresting meeting, and students are
urged to attend. To anyone who is
taking an agricultural course, this
demonstration will be invaluable,
and to those in other courses it will
be beneficial from the standpoint
of general education. A cordial in
vitation is extended to all who wish
to attend.
Dr. Brown’s schedule while at
State :
Sunday, December 13
10:30 a. m. Freshman Bible Class,
Old Chapel.
3:00 p. m. Conference on Rural
Work, Old Chapel.
6:30 p. m. Y. M. C. A. Meeting,
l)i. John Brown, Jr.
I Monday, December 14
| 700 p. m. Play Demonstration,
Tuesday, December 15
1:20 p. m. Lecture (regular agri
cultural hour), Old Chapel.
For the Hospital Benefit
Mr. Blackford, manager of the
Nittany theatre, has done many
things for the benefit ot the school
and the students, but his latest at
tempt is one which certainly de
seives our appreciation and cooper
ation. The entire proceeds for the
afternoon and night performances
Friday the eleventh, will be donat
ed to the College Hospital fund.
The price will be 10 cents, but the
offering will be well worth the
money. “The Master Key”, a two
reei seiial, wiii oe "Followed by a
screaming four reel Glass comedy
entitled "The Perfect Thirty Six".
A single reel Sterling comedy will
complete the bill. Now we will
never get a better chance to give
ourselves something for nothing, so
let us show Mr. Blackford that we
do appreciate and will cooperate
with a business live wire.
More Debating Trials
On Wednesday night of this
week additional trials for the de
bating team will be held for those
men who have no: been selected as
yet. The men in charge of debat
ing interests here at the college are
dissatisfied with the showing made
in the first trials and are making a
last effort to secure representative
speakers on the team. There is a
liklihood of four teams being se
lected and this fact should be born
in mind by all candidates for it
means that the chance each one has
ot representing his college is very
great. The coach system, as
planned, offers the best training
that can possibly be given in public
Sophomores, Notice 1
A number of men from the
sophomore class will be added to
the Collegian staff as reporters.
All interested will come to the Col
legian Rooms, basement of Library,
Thursday at 7:00 p. m.
Important Class Meeting.
On Thursday night 1916 will
have a very important class meeting
in the Old Chapel. Matters of
grave importance will be taken up
and it is desired to have every man
in the class, out to this meeting.
Trials for Gym Team
Trials for the gym team will be
held Thursday evening at seven
o’clock. Those making the team
will probably be excused from gym
drill. The team will be coached
by Mr. McLain.
Wkdnksiiav, J)m:.MiiKit!i
liCll) p. in. I''iMshnimi Nun I'niiimi
snnvil Ollirrr- Cl.i'-s 202 Mngi
lUMTUlg Htlllllll'g
7:00 ji. m Fiuuiii Sm*i. ly iUefting,
ilmiiii K. I.limit \
Tiiiiksiiai, l)i:i i.uunu hi
0*31) [t. in. Class A, S.'iiim Cmlft
Ofiitvis. ini; M.nn.
7:1.7 |i in l!i!H Class Mi-i-ling, Oil
Kuiday, Di.o:miii:ii 11
11 :l(l |l til Slll'linlllill i- Nun Cniniiils
snnnsl 0(1 is elnss. 1(111 Minn.
7.011 |l. 11l l.lln-i al Arts .Sin'lnly Mfi‘l
iiia, Kniiin K, I jin at \.
Sati isiiaj . lJi:i'i:uiiKii, 12
1.00 ji ill. It On i Ciuiiii I’u'lnti-.
7.17 Ji 111. Vaisiti ll.,s|s, l Hall, .Juni-
ata CnllfKf, Al miiri
Hl7 p in Ciiin.ii' I'lays, Auilitni
Tie in Soccer.
If the tie between the juniors and
sophomores in soccer is to be finally
decided, at least another game must
be played. Two games, which
went to extra periods, have already
been played and both have resulted
in the same score 2-2 In the first
game an extra ten minute and an
extra five minute period were
played; in the game Saturday an
extra ten minute period was played.
Staiger made the first score of the
game for the juniors by kicking a
goal from scrimmage, but Corbin
shortly thereafter tied the score by
kicking a goal from a bunched field.
The next score was a penalty kick
registered by Holmberg T 7. The
last score was made in a rather
unique way, Hesselbacbtr drove a
oenaltv kick to Fluck, who in
throwing the ball back onto the
field of play carried the ball across
the goal line. The referee called it
a goal. The game was viciously
contested throughout. Wilkinson
was the star.
Sophomores Win Lacrosse Scrap 7-0.
By defeatirg the freshmen last
Saturday by a 7 0 score, the sopho
mores earned whatever of distinc
tion there may be attached to having
won both of their interclass lacrosse
scraps. Last year they defeated
the present juniors by a 2-1 score.
The game on Saturday was one
sided throughout; the ball was in
freshman territory practically the
whole game and on the few occa
sions that they succeeded in carry
ing the ball down the field, the
freshmen never got near enough to
shoot at the sophomore cage.
Vacation Changed,
Due to the fact that it was found
impossible for many of the students
to reach home before Christmas
eve and in some cases Christmas
day the period of vaction has been
set back one day on the calendar.
Vacation will start Tuesday and end
two weeks from that day. The
hours of dismissal and starting of
classes remain unchanged.
Tne Forum Society
The meeting of the Forum So
ciety last Wednesday proved to be
quite as lively and as interesting as
was anticipated. The meeting this
Wednesday will probably be con
sumed for the most part with busi
ness matters. In addition there will
be an oration or two and general
Another cut has been made in
the number of papers sent out this
week. If you are a subscriber or
want the paper and did not get it
please write to the Circulation man
Two Very Attractive Sketches to
be Presented by Deutscher Ver
ein Saturday Evening—Great In-
terest Shown Talent Good,
On Saturday night, December
12, at 8:15 the German play will be
staged in the Auditorium. This
year Ihe play will consist of two
very funny corned es, "Er Muss
Tanzen” (He Must Dance) and
“Fin Knopf" (A Button ) The
play is presented in German but a
complete synopsis enables every
one to enjoy it to the fullest extent.
The comedy ’’Kin Knopi" pre
sents the adventures and misfor
tunes of a very loving but forgetful
university professor, Dr. Ralph
Bingen, who has been married for
just a week to the young and beau
tiful Gabriele. Dr. Bingen’s friend,
Dr. Blatt, is in love with Gabriele’s
cousin, Bertha, with whom Dr.
Bingen had formerly been in love.
The mysterious Red Button plays
an important part and furnishes
much amusement. The forgetful
ness of the professor causes much
jealousy and trouble but finally
everything ends well.
“Er Muss Tanzen" gives an ac
count of the efforts of "a man and
a maiden fair” to outwit a cross
and fussy old uncle, Hauptmann
Droll. The latter will not allow
his nephew, Edward, to marry his
sweetheart because she dances. The
uncle even means that his nephew
shall never marry the girl until he
has seen his uncle dance which of
courses win be never. Come anu
see the results. You will enjoy
Tickets are on sale at the Music
Store. Admission 25 cents.
College Comics Banquet
The College Comics Association,
of which the Penn State Froth is a
member, held their first annual ban
quet and convention at the Hotel
Biltmore, New York City, on Satur
day evening, December 5. At this
meeting 14 colleges sent representa
tives and adopted a constitution be
sides electing a temporary presi
dent, secretary and treasurer.
Wayne W. Weaver and Charles
A. Sipe formed the delegation of
the local magazine.
After the banquet, at which
Charles M. Connolly, of the Cluett,
Peabody Company, acted as toast
master, the representatives were
favored by short addresses by
Clarkson A. Collins, Jr., who spoke
on “What an Advertising Agent
Does For an Advertiser", and Rob
ert A. Holmes, who talked on “The
Work of an Advertising Manager
of a Nationally Advertised Article".
Other speakers were George B
Richardson, Ingalls Kimball and
Herbert D. Houston.
At the meeting it was suggested
to organize with the daily and
weekly college papers in forming a
combined association for the pur
pose of securii g uniformity in ad
vertising in legard to rates, size
and form.
Football Manager.
R. S. Davis was elected football
manager of the 1915 team. Mr.
Davis is the successful candidate
over Jimeson and Skillman. The
race was closely contested and diffi
cult to decide. With Davis in
charge next year we may be assured
that both the student and team
comforts will receive the best con