Penn State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1911-1940, January 14, 1914, Image 4

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Ed. 3: Lib. K.
E. E. 1: 201, 202 En, A.
Hist. 1: Am.
Ind. Art. 1 (Sect. 5, M. E., R. M.
E., Mill. E„ I. E., M. Tr.): 266,
274 Ma.
Met. 8: 119 Min,
Zool. 11: 4 M. H.
Zool. 21; 4 M.?H.
All lectures, recitations, and
practicums regularly scheduled for
the first semester will close at 12.10
Thursday,January 22, 1914.
All persons having conflicts in
examinations should report them
to the Assistant Registrar immedi
ately for adjustment.
Walter H. Barber,
Assistant Registrar.
Jan. 12, 1914.
1210 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa
If You Want
your life insurance policy to give you the maximum amount of
protection you will be repaid if you investigate the Disability
Biists of a
New York Life Insurance Company
policy. Or if you are more interested in life insurance as an in
vestment you will find none better thaa a New York Life policy.
F. F. SHANNON, Agent
301 West Beaver Avenue
Annual Clearance
Sale Starts
Jan. 9th
As has been our custom since the establishment of our Bellefonte Store almost fourteen years ago—we offer at the close of the season
or a short time all remaining clothes at attractive prices. Cleaning up time is now here and you have a selection of any suit or overcoat in
either of our two stores at a greatly reduced price. You'll never find bigger clothes economy than right here —now. You'll find the same
unvariable high standard ol quality in these clothes —you can’t change that; the price alone is lowered.
Your unrestricted choice—nothing reserved —we prefer an absolute clearance.
Overcoats receive the greatest cut we have made in eight years. Unfavorable weather conditions until Holiday season as well as the
popularity of Mackinaw coats affecting their sale —find us with more than our customary share and for stock adjustment we cut them more
strongly to insure complete and prompt sale.
There will never be a better time to get acquainted; never a bigger chance to get the best clothes made at such extraordinary prices.
Gooa selection—and all alteration without extra charges.
These Prices now in force Friday, January 9th until Saturday, January 27th
$12.50 Suits Reduced to
15.00 Suits Reduced to
18.00 Suits Reduced to
20.00 Suits Reduced to
22.50 Suits Reduced to
25.00 Suits Reduced to
28.00 Suits Reduced to
30.00 Suits Reduced to
35.00 Suits Reduced to
Boys Suits, Averaging- a
1,4, 1 5W1
\ %WA'
of La Salubra cigars and you will find
it of the same even excellence. Be
cause the tobacco in thein' is all care
fully selected, and every leaf has to be
perfect or it is rejected. Try aLa
Salubra to-day. If there is a better
five cent cigar made it must indeed be
a wonder.
Men have been entered in three
indoor meets. The Middle Atlan
tic States Championship will be
held January 31 at Pittsburgh in
the Duquesne Garden. Hammitt
will run in the 60-yard hurdles;
Lamb will enter the 12-pound shot
put event; Leyden will run in either
the 600 or 1000 yards and Captain
Keyser will be found in the two
mile run.
On February 14, a relay team
and three special event men will
run in an indoor meet at Johns’-Hop
kins University- The third meet in
prospect will be at Columbia Uni
versity, New York. The date is as
yet unannounced.
Now is the time to prepare for
the spring. Report for work in
McAllister Hall.
Good Clothes at Reduced
Drugs Sundries Stationery
Toilet Articles
Students’ Supplies
Prescriptions a Specialty
Whitman and Huyler Chocolates
Nlttany Inn Block
College Ave.
‘SovY Yvtt
C. A. Blanchard
Penn Avenue and Tenth Street
YttUWfth, Ya.
SmvY\v -p H^QQTa^6T
Sole agent for Eastman goods
"Kern 'PatvotamVo Camera
and upjto'date apparatus and methods
2Y2 Sa&\ CoUe^e
S\a\e CoUtft®
Every Suit and Overcoat
at Lower Prices
$ 9.85
out 1-3 off
MM3 (TV Correct vlu gress,
and State College - Pa.
Fisher’s Shoe Store
$12.50 Overcoats Reduced to
15.00 Overcoats Reduced to
18.00 Overcoats Reduced to
20.00 Overcoats Reduced to
22.50 Overcoats Reduced to
25.00 Overcoats Reduced to
28.00 Overcoats Reduced to
30.00 Overcoats Reduced to
35.00 Overcoats Reduced to
Mens Pants, Averaging 25 per cent off
TKe Toggery Shop
Men’s Furnishings "s A. G.
Spalding & Bro’s Athletic
Goods T TKe Heidcap and
Tailormade Clothing v t
A full assortment of (allege
Pennants 't 't v it
South Allen Street
We have the Shoes that will
prove their value
All the Standard Makes
Sale Ends
Jan. 24th
$ 8.50