Penn State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1911-1940, November 12, 1913, Image 4

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Touchdowns; Rockne, Eichen
laub, Lamb. Goals from touch
downs: Dorais 2, Miller. Substitu
tions: Penn State— Wood for Mor
ris; H. Clark for Tobin; Welling for
McDowell' Tobin for H. Clark.
Referee: Bennis, U. of P. Umpire:
Luehning, U. of Chicago. Lines
man: Bibby, U. of S. Dakota.
Time: 15 min. quarters.
The Soccer Outlook
Last year when Stewart, Allison,
Warthington, Valenteur, Very and
Black left the prospects for this
year were flat promising. But with
Tobin, Munhall, Gregg, Smedley,
Vollmer, Bishop, Cuno, and Buch
anan as a nuclens, Captain Savery
has worked until at this time the
team seems assured of bettering
last years record. Ceitain it is
that State never had so good a
team as this 1913 team. The most
promising new men are Dorwart
Manwaring and Staiger who are
sophomores and Nicholson Wilkin
son and Holnberg who are fresh-
Tobin, who is engaged at present
in football, will soon be on the
field. He is easily the best man in
college playing soccer. Smedley,
sophomore, played in 1912 and
has improved so remarkably that
he is considered to be the best
"Back" State has ever had.
The coaching has been done
chiefly by Captain Savery. Man
ager Gregg and Prof. Lewis. Ar
rangements are being made to have
the services of Haverford's veteran
coach for a few days.
Freshmen Play Good Game
Last Saturday the Penn State
freshman eleven showed its met
tle by playing Coach Very's Mer
cersburg team to a 7-7 score. The
game was played on a muddy field,
and the outcome was never certain.
Burns, who starred in the game,
made the first touchdown for 1917
by intercepting a forward pass.
Goelitz made the Mercersburg
touchdown on a shift play. The
lineup follows:
1 t Oberle ( Capt)
Bulebolm r g McQuoren
Schley ( Capt ) r e Thomas
Warcl(Brennan) q b Burns
Fitter 1 h b Edgerton
Gillespie r h b Richards
Goelitz f b Kratt
Varsity Lacrosse Team Wins
The sophomore lacrosse team,
reenforced by several varsity men,
was defeated, 30, by a team
selected from the rest of the squad.
The game was played in a down
pour of rain on a muddy field be
fore 200 spectators. Coach and
Captain Farley was particularly
pleased with the contest because of
the showing of the new men. Baet
and R. D. Fisher showed great
promise on the sophomore team,
while Clark, Hoffman, Hallowell
and Barber, all 1917 men, showed
up well on the varsity.
President Sparks is spending the
week in Washington, D. C., attend
ing meetings of the American Asso
ciation of Agricultural Colleges and
Experiment Stations.
Illinois Life Insurance Company
The Giant of the West
All forms of policies written and through our Agencies
you can pay the annual premium in monthly install
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ered at once
with a box of our tine candy. Stop in
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Samoset Chocolate for instance
Thermal Testing Plant
The results of the investigations
conducted during the last summer
in the Thermal Testing Plant of the
Engineering Experiment Station
were presented by Professor J. A,
Moyer in a paper read at the Chi
cago meeting of the International
Congress of Refrigeration. A re
view of this paper was published in
Engineering News for October 9.
The present plant is the most com
pletely equipped of its kind in the
An Invitation
Methodist Episcopal students
and others who worship at St.
Paul's Church are cordially invited
to unite with the congregation in
the quarterly communion service
next Sunday morning at 10.45
o'clock. At the clore of the
preaching service in the evening
this sacrament will also be ad
Pa inter
A New National Fraternity
On Pennsylvania Day, the Sigma
Phi Delta fraternity, a local Catho
lic organization
. established here
three years ago, was installed as
the Gamma chapter of the Phi
Kappa fraternity. The installing
officers were D. G. Donovan, H.
P. Reynolds and T. L. Keily of
Brown University.
Y. M. C. A. Course
The well known Aida Quartette,
assisted by Plancon, the famous
French baritone, will constitute the
second number of the Y. M. C. A.
entertainment course in the Audi
torium next Saturday night.
During the past week ex-captains
of the last three varsity elevens
have helped coach the team, name
ly, Gray, Very and Mauthe.
The first senior cotillion will be
held in the armory, December 6.
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