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    The : Pennsylvania : State : College
Established and maintained by the joint action of the United States Government and the Commonwealth of
CIFIVE GREAT SCHOOLS—Agriculture, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Mining, and Natural Science, offering
thirty-six courses of four years each—Also courses in Home Economics, Industrial Art and Physical Edu
cation—TUlTlON FREE to both sexes; incidental charges moderate.
First semester begins middle of September; second semester the first of February; Summer Session for
Teachers about the third Monday in June of each year. For catalogue, bulletins, announcements, etc., address
THE REGISTRAR, State College, 'Pennsylvania
Severs Connection With College to
Accept Prominent Position at the
University of California
It is with regret that we announce
to our readers the fact that Profes
sor Van Norman will sever his
connections with this institution
during the early part of this year.
His interest and his influence has
been manifested so keenly in this
institution. and his work in dairy
activities has been so excellent
throughout the state, that his loss
will prove to be a serious one to the
Penn State School of Agriculture.
Professor Van Norman came to
us in 1905, and he immediately
took charge of the Dairy Depart
ment. At the same time other than
his direct application to his depart
ment duties, he has done much for
both the college and the country in
certain branches of work. He orig
inated the idea of, and organized
the first institution of Farmers'
Week in this institution, and this
happened to be the first of its kind
in the country, although the prac
tice has now been taken up by var
ious other colleges. Under his
guidance the college creamery,
which in 1905 handled the milk
from 40 farms, today turns over the
large amount of milk produced on
224 different farms.
As an author and investigator Mr.
Van Norman has not been idle.
He published "The First Lessons in
Dairying", and also gave much
literature to papers throughout the
country. One of I . is most notable
achievements is Bulletin No. 114,
in which he explains a simple
method for computing dairy
rations, and in this way made it
possible for farmers to apply the
worth of scientific investigation di
rectly in the feeding of their cattle.
Professor Van Norman is secre
tary of the Pennsylvania State
Dairy Organization, and he is also
secretary for the Agricultural Fed
eration of Pennsylvania. Probably
the most conspicuous office he
holds is the Presidency of the Na
tional Dairy Show Association,
which has its headquarters at Chi
Professor Van Norman will be
Vice Director of the Experiment
Station in connection with the Uni
versity of California. He will also
accept the responsible position of
Dean of the University Farm
School, at Davis, Cal.
In an interview Mr. Van Norman
expressed his sincere regret at leav
ing Penn State, with which he had
been associated for such a long
period of time. He said however
that the opportunities otfered to
him were so copious and so exten
sive, and the future prospects were
so promising, that he felt bound to
break his friendly connections with
this institution to go into this lucra
tive and far reaching work.
It is to be deplored that we have
lost a man so prominent in Agricul
tural Circles, and one who has done
so much for an institution, but at
the same time we can fully appreci
ate Mr. Van Norman's position, and
it would be fitting to say, that for
the student body we wish him the
best of success for his new life
Practically a quartet of all the
men registered at Harvard are do
ing some form of remunerative
work to help themselves through
college. The statistics announced
in the report of the Employment
Bureau show that during the last
college year 8107,000 was earned
by students in the university. In
the college, with its 2,300 students,
687 men applied for positions,
while the graduate school applica
tions numbered 113, the Law
school 92, and the Medical and
Scientific schools 74. During the
year a total of 2,455 positions were
filled. Still some people maintain
the university to be composed sole
ly of aristocrats.
Dartmouth College, through a
$lOO,OOO gift, will be enabled to
proceed immediately with the erec
tion of a unique college building
which the donor expects to "neu
tralize" athleticism on the one hand
and social cliques on the other.
The building will be given over to
the exclusive use of the undergrad
uate non-athletic organizations, and
will be the centre of student intel
lectual and literary interests.
When "Lefty" Flynn, the big
Yale football stir, married Irene
Claire, one of the most statuesque
brunettes of the show at the Winter
Garden, he automatically severed
himself from Yale. Although there
ale more than a dozen married men
in Sheffield. Director Chittenden
has stated that the rule which bars
him from the University will be
sti ictly aclhet cd to. "How fortun
ate for some of us that it does not
exist here."
A careful supervision of the man
ners and deportment of the Anna
polis students is being maintained
as will be understood by reading
the following rules which the mid
dies must obey.
1. No new dances are to be in
troduced at any of the academy
2. The left arm of each mid
shipman must be held straight at
all times.
3. A space of three inches
must be maintained between part
ners at all times.
Supplemental to these rules is
one which warns the midshipmen
not to take the arms of any of their
lady friends, but to allow them to
take theirs.
Department of English
The following elective courses in
English will be offered by the De
partment of English during the sec
ond semester, 1913.
Eng. Lit 2. A general survey of
the whole field of English Litera
ture. Open to all students. 3
hours. Mr. Conover.
Eng. Lit. 4, Anglo Saxon. A
study of the elements of Anglo
Saxon irammar together with the
reading of the Gospel of St. John in
West Anglo Saxon and other early
English classics. 4 hours. Pro
fessor Espenshade.
Eng Lit. 8. English Literature
to Milton. The period covered by
Pattee's Foundations of English
Literature. Open to seniors and
juniors. 4 hours. Professor Jones.
Eng. Lit. 12. The Victorian Era.
Lectures on the development of
English Literature since 1837.
Open to seniors and prepared jun-
The John Middleton Pipe
cigars, cigarettes, tobaccos and
smokers' supplies of every descrip
tion. Give the best satisfaction.
Class and Fraternity Pipes
a specialty, all guaranteed En
dorsed by 'l3, 'l4 and 'l5.
H. C. WEINER 'l4
Local Agent
"&e, Svokkess Shop
11 tea\ QM
N(. ( a )
11. Many sm. "Moak
950. V.CACII. Alt
Mention Penn State Collegian
when calling on or writing to
advertisers in this paper
iors. 4 hours. Professor Pattee
Eng. Lit. 20. The English Es
say. A study of the development
and the various types of the essay
from Bacon to Arnold.-i'3 hours.
Professor Frizzell.
Eng. Lit. 22. The Poetry of
Browning and Tennyson. Open to
juniors and seniors. 2 bows. Pro
fessor Crockett.
Eng. Lit. 28. Later American
Literature. American literature
since 1870. 2 hours. Mr. Frizzell.
Eng. Lit. 30. The Literature of
the Bible. A treatment of the litera
ture of the Bible in its historical
development. Literary forms are
carefully discussed. 2 hours. Pro
fessor Jones.
Eng. Lit. 32. The Drama. A
study of the fundamental princi
ples of the drama and dramatic
construction illustrated by typical
dramas. 3 hours. Mr. Curl.
Eng. Lit. 36. American Litera
ture from 1830 to 1870 with partic
ular reference to the influence of
German romanticism. 2 hours. Mr.
For. 10. Orators and Oratory.
Lectures, readings, and discussions
on the famous orators of the world
and their masterpieces. 2 hours.
Mr. Crockett.
Rhet. 12. The Short Story. A
study of its rise, nature, and
structure. 3 hours. Mr. Breimeier.
Rhet. 14. Journalistic Writings.
A brief survey of the field of
journalistic composition. 2 hours.
Mr. Hughes.
Debating Trials
The trials for the Varsity Debat
ing Team will be held in the Old
Chapel on Friday at 7 p. m.
The question is:— Resolved, that
the judiciary should be subject to
recall by their electorate. Consti
tutionality waive! ed.
All men interested should prepare
some sort of an argument. Come
out, because we want to find out
your ability.
A New Baby Girl
Born to Professor and Mrs
Diemer, a daughter on Jan. 3, 1913
Harry Sauers
A full line of men's furnishings
Custom made clothing by the
Royal inilors ^&* Pennants and
cushion tops—n fine assortment
3 Suits Pressed for One Dollar
Clenning sin(' Pressing Tickets
$1.50 worth of work for $l.OO
*.:•f - -,.tom. , qi•ifzit4E*C .-- ':EDi,.ii . 7".' ,- 3 ,-- D: --- ,-_ -4 : - .1. V,
1 5c Admission always the same 5c
e e
e m
e 02
o.i q . 7,1
9 0 Ml - 1_ C I / e7 - 1. - tii. --- r - i I'D
5 ---.-..---/ .7:=3-----
gi 5
5 5
5 - NVOIVIE= 5
q)i quo . ,
5 5
gl 1-61
5 5
5 id ,
5 5
5c Admission always the same
• ,=?.. • •
• r'''•""i''; • • - 477>•7ir.-.. • • c '•c•-'7.''
Steamship Tickets
Schedules, rates and itinerary of
trips quoted to Europe, Bermuda,
1 Panama and other points
Insurance and
Steamship Agency
Our Fall line of
Shoes just in
L. D. IF'l"
Dry goods, groceries, notions, fur
niture, carpets, curtains, drapings
Vlatiacts 3racalng a Svao‘akta
Nos. 200-206 East College Ayenuo
The !Leading Restaurant
Ice Cream and Confectionery
Short Orders a Specialty
A. C. 1-cnigee ,
The Tobacco Store
Geo. B. Jackson
Holmes Bldg, Allen Stioet
The First National Bank
State College, Pa.
3,g interest
on time deposits, payable
Accounts solicited
can now supply you' with
Fuller-Greene Chocolates
choice cigars, cigarettes
ice cream and fruit sodas at
the old store
TheiNittany Inn Building
next to postoffice
J. C. Smith & Son
Dealers in
General : Hardware
Builders Material
Oils, paints, glass, cement, stoves and
electrical supplies
Roofing and spouting
Housefurnlshing Goods, Etc.
ICA - kvity 7.Aqhk, 1 1(1,11.k
and ?ceam. Company
State CcAtqt,Ventea
C. 3k. litvg.Ts' "Jonsoftak Vectkoc
1 ‘ .4 East Cok‘e9 l 'tow
Every tool sterilized for each man Particular
work done for particular people
South Allen Street, opposite the Postoffice
James M. Williams
General Tinning, Roofing
Spouting and Furnace Work
Shop: South Frazier street
5c gq