Penn State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1911-1940, February 22, 1912, Image 1

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    Penn State
Penn State Wrestling Team Loses
to Cornell 12-6—Shollenberger
and Fulkman Secure Falls.
Scoring two falls and three de
cisions to our two falls, Cornell de
feated Penn State in_ a very fast
meet at Ithaca Fricfay night. The
bouts were all closely contested,
several bordering on the sensational
order. The only exception to inter
collegiate rules under which the
meet was held was the fact that, if
a man secured a hold on the mat
and wfie—fcrccd c-ff, the- wrestling
was continued on -the floor. Three
points were given for a fall and two
for a decision. The bouts were all
interesting and a large number of
students witnessed the contest.
Decisions were given on rolling
falls, a rule that our men were un
used to.
The 115 pound match started the
meet with a rush. Mason of Cor
nell showed aggressiveness at the
beginning, but Park secured the ad
vantage for two minutes by an arm
roll. Mason was given the decision
in nine minutes.
In the 125 pound class, Matchat
and Callendar were very evenly
matched, both guarding so closely
that most of the first nine minutes
and the two extra periods of three
minutes each were spent in grap
pling. On a very close decision
Cornell won on aggressiveness.
Fulkman threw Lewis after 6 min
utes 31 second by a half Nelson and
body hold. This bout which result
ed in a fall for the Blue and White
was the fastest of the evening.
Great credit is due Fulkman, es
pecially as the Cornell meet was his
first varsity contest.
After 50 seconds of grappling
Shollenberger went to the mat with
Stokoe. Shollenberger’s experience
enabled him to win a fall from his
opponent by a bar lock and head
hold in 3 minutes and 39 sec
onds. .
Shaw’s fall from Very in the 158
pound class came as a surprise.
After a minute the men closed and
went to the mat with Very on top.
Shaw won the event by a double
arm roll, securing a fall in 4 minutes
36 seconds.
In the 175 pound class, Captain
Lesh was thrown by Bame in 7
minute 51 seconds on a half Nelson
and bar lock. Lesh secured a neck
chancery, but Bame pushed it off
before the fall.
Five minutes of grappling in the
heavy weight bout between Captain
Collins of Cornell and Lamb re
sulted in no advantage on either
side. Collins then took the offen
sive and sent his opponent to the
mat. Lamb lost on a decision.
Summary of Bouts.
115 pound class —Mason won
from Park on decision in 9 minutes.
125 pound class —Matchet won
from Callender on decision in 15
135 pound class —Fulkman won
from Lewis on fall in 6 minutes,
31 seconds.
145 pound class —Shollenberger
won from Stokoe on fall in three
minutes, 39 seconds.
158 pound class—Shaw won frorn^
Very in fall in 4 minutes, 36 sec
175 pound class —Bame won from
Lesh on fall in 7 minutes, 51 sec
Heavy weight class —Collins won
from Lamb on decision in 9 min
Score —Penn State 6, Cornell 12.
Referee —Lawrence Connelly.
If our President was not very well
pleased with his rousing send off.
If, too, we do not wish him and
his family a most pleasant vacation.
If we are not mighty eager for that
Yale meet.
If, too, we should not endeavor
to make a lasting impression upon
the first athletic team of that uni
versity to come to Penn State.
If our new eligibility rule will not
bring us more recognition from the
larger colleges.
How many are pleased with their
grade reports.
If that band concert on Sunday
was not highly appreciated.
If the "movies” will, some day
entirely replace Penn State spirit.
Fraternity Bible Classes.
The following fraternities have
Bible classes: Beta Theta Pi, Sig
ma Chi, Kappa Sigma, Phi Gamma
Delta, Delta Upsilon, Alpha Chi
Sigma, Alpha Kappa Delta, Theta
Psi, and Alpha Delta Sigma.
State two years ago had the
national record for fraternity Bible
classes, every chapter but one hav
ing a class.
The Y. M. C. A. and the Sigma
Chi fraternity substantially helped
Mr. Woods of Shingletown, who
was recently burned out, and who
has lost everything. Besides the
parents, there was a family of five
Varsity baseball practice at 2
o’clock this afternoon (Thursday).
Pena State Five Wins , .om Buck
nell in Basketball in a Fast
Rough Game—Score .^5-17.
Last Friday night thi Penn State
five outclassed the Bqcknell quin
tet in an intensely interesting bask
etball game which was characterized i
throughout by roughness. The'
home team was especially strong,
defensively in the first'half, allow
ing the visitors but a single field (
goal. ' |
Penn State— 3s Bucknell— l7 .
Craig f Bartholomew
Shore f Fulmer
Hartz c I Fisher 1
"Monthe ' g IC-uSt . (SiiuSuotj--
(Wright, Park) |
Blythe g Zehner |
Field goals—Shore 6, Hertz 5, Park i
4, Craig, Fulmer 2, Bartholomew 2.
Foul goals—Shore 3 out of 7, Bartholo
mew 9 out of 14. Time of game—Two i
20 minute Referee—Wallace,
Strong Delegation Coming to Meet
Penn State on Saturday Night.
In the coming wrestling meet to
be held in the Armory on Saturday
between Yale University and Penn
State, Yale will be represented by
the following line-up:
115 pound class —Ingram.
125 pound class —Hute.
135 pound class —Colver.
145 pound class —May.
158 pound class —Avery.
175 pound class —Newberry or
Heavy weight class —Capt. Perry.
Assistant Manager Warren has
charge of the team for this trip.
In our display of the old spirit
which will naturally be in evidence
at this big wrestling meet, let us
make sure that nothing unsports
manlike mars our reception of the
Yale team. Plenty of spirit, yes;
but remember the old square, hon
orable policy of meeting our
opponents. This meet is regarded
as a step toward restoring athletic
relations between the two institutions
and if the effort is to be successful,
we must do our part by properly
entertaining the visiting team.
Big Show Tonight.
In what promises to be one of
the best shows ever seen at State
College, a large cast of students and
faculty will produce “The College
Boy’s Wedding” tonight in the
Auditorium. Don’t miss it! If
you do, you will be “too far
back” to carry on’ an intelligent
conversation. “Get in college”, and
be there tonight.
fEBRUARY 22, 1912
Sophomores Lead Again
Last Saturday evening the juniors
were defeated by the sophomores
in an exceedingly fast game of
basketball by the score of 48 to 23.
It was not an easy victory tor 1914
and the large score did not make
the game uninteresting, since there
was good playing to be seen at all
| Since the defeat of 1914 on last
Wednesday night, 1913 held first
■ place in the league. To regain this
position again, all that was neces
■ sary for the sophs was to win this
game and with both teams knowing
| this, the game was, naturally, hard
fought. The juniors scored five
'points on_ the sophomores early in
| the contest and ~it was "along time
before the latter got started.
Throughout the entire first period
both teams were evenly matched
land they alternated in taking the
I lead.
Later in the game the soph’s
five developed such wonderfully
good team work, passed so surely,
and shot goals in such lapid order
that their opponents were almost
overwhelmed. The juniors fought
hard to prevent defeat, but in vain.
The lineup:
Leyden (Moore) f Maybee
Savery c Murphy
Warr g Karcher (Reel)
Quirk g Hoffmann
Field goals—Binder 5, Leyden 3,
Savery 8, Quirk 6, Erwin. Maybee 6,
Murphy 3. Foul goals—Binder 4 out
of 7, Erwin 3 out 6. Referee—Love
ndge ’l2.
A larger number of students wit
nessed this game than any previous
to it this year and there was also
more class spirit shown than ever
before. The managers are glad to
see the students come out, but they
would also like to see spectators
stop at the door and buy tickets be
fore entering to see the race for
championship interclass basket
ball. The percentages up to date
Won Lost Pet.
1914 4 2 .666
1913 3 2 .600
1912 2 2 .500
1915 1 4 .200
Memorial Service on Sunday.
A memorial service for Dr. Ben
jamin Gill will be held in the Au
ditorium Sunday afternoon, Feb. 25
at four o’clock. Dr. E. W. Runkle
will give a biographical sketch of
Dr. Gill, and Prof. F. L. Pattee an
appreciation of his character and
his services to the college. The
music, which will be in charge of
Mrs. Govier, will include the ren
dition of a hymn, composed by Dr.
“The Commandant" on March 15-,
Promises To Be Best Show Ever.
Strong in Cast and Chorus—Elab-
orate Scenery and Dazzling
Three weeks from to-morrow night
the Thespian organization will pro
duce its annual show, prior to the
extended trip which will be made
by the thirty-two actors and actor
ines in the first week in April.
Coach Downing is working his
men night and day to produce a
show which will equal and indeed
surpass all past productions given
jj, .1., u...... it
it would seem that such will surely
be the result. Novelty dances will
be introduced, the equal of which
has not been seen in any of our
modem ball rooms. The ban has
not been placed on the Turkey Trot
or the Hula Hula but rather two
more striking and graceful dances,
notably the “Japanese Glide” and
the “Camel Ride” will be presented
to the followers of the Thespians
on Friday, March 15.
The first scene laid in the Arm
ory at Penn State presents an en
tirely new idea for future com
mencement dances —Can you
guess it ?
The second act of the show trans
ports the audience to Japan and in
troduces a wonderful panorama of
Japanense scenes and characters,
and any person who has never had
the pleasure of a trip to Japan can
not well afford to miss this chance
of seeing its wonders and beauties.
The management has gone to a,
great expense to procure elaborate
unique, and dazzling costumes,
which together with the appropriate
and beautiful scenery that is being
prepared by famous artists, are sure
to hold the audience bewildered
and spell-bound.
The first show has usually been
considered a trial one but this year
the finished product will be placed
before the public. No true Penn
State man, from senior to freshman,
can afford to miss the blushing but
confident de’but of this brilliant
production “The Commandant.”
Yale Meet.
The Yale wrestling team will fur
nish the first contest at State Col
lege Friday evening at se\ en o’clock
in the Armory. Perry and Avery
who were on the Yale team last
year will be in the contest tomorrow
night. The meet will be the best
on an floor. Admission by tickets
only will be allowed by the manage