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    Penn Stateollegian
eublished on Thursday of each reek donne the
cotton year by the students of I lie I'd lest Ivann.
State College in the interest of the Students,
ally. Alumni and Friends of the collei e.
hatered at the Postoffiee. State Cunt re. l'a ...s
•ecund etas. matter
Editor in Chief
W. S. KRIEBEL. JR., 'l2
Assistant Editor
W. P. LITTLE, 'l2
Associate Editors
G. A. BARKER, 'l2
R. M. EVANS, 'l3
M. k. KRIIIMEL, 'l3
F. C. DOSE, 14
Business Manager
E. A. JAMES, '1
H. S. COCKLIN, 'l2
St. 50 per year or $I 25 if paid within 30 diu s after
Sate of subscription.
THURSDAY, DEC. 21. 1911
The Cal-
Owing to the increasing
endar. interest which has been
manifested in regard to
the reinstatement of a calendar in
our columns, we have decided to
reserve space for it in the future is
sues. The attempt has been made
at various times, during the fall to
print a calendar, but owing to the
nature of the material, it cannot go
to print until the latest possible
time. Thus, it happens that if
there is an excess of material, the
calendar is omitted. For future
issues, a definite space will be re
served so that the calendar will ap
pear in preference to any material
which comes in at a late bon'.
To insure the success of the work,
and to make the schedule of events
as complete as possible, we ask the
co-operation of all organizations in
co1 1 eb?. 'rho--vsr?oc.
r,al- s o -
cieties, musical clubs, and a•l other
organizations should notify us of
meetings which are to take place
within the week, so that the calen
dar appearing on Thursday may
contain all the events occurring be
fore the next Thursday. Leave all
notices in the Faculty Exchange in
the Business Office at or before the
Tuesday noon prior to the issue in
which they are to appear.
Business At a meeting of the
Managers "Collegian Board"
Elected. held recently, two
men from the class of 1913 were
elected assistant business managers.
To the two new members, M. M.
Grubbs and B. R. Henderson, we
extend our congratulations, and at
the same time our hearty wishes fox
successful and pleasant work on the
business staff of the Penn State
Collegian. -
The class of 1912 recently voted
to present the college with a two
hundred foot' wireless tower, and a
new antenna for the station. The
contract for the erection of the
tower has been let and the work is
to be completed by February 1,
1912. Excavation for the founda
tion of the tower is already finished.
The two hundred foot steel tower
will be used to support the umbrella
antenna having six radial wires des
cending to points two hundred feet
from the foot of the tower. Judging
from the splendid results lbtained
from the present temporary antenna
it is belies ed that when the new
wireless station is completed that
messages will be packed up from
stations several thousand miles dis-
tant, possibly from those stations
along the Atlantic Coast and o i the
Gloat Lal.cs.
the new towel will be placed
back of the Electlinl Engh eeling
building anti the wet of etc( tutu:
and installing the new appata;u•t will
be in charge of the Elcaucal Engi
neering department.
Soccer Football
For the first time in• its history.
'The Pennsylvania State College
sent loith a football team, which in-
stead of carrying faith an oval pig
skin from one end of the field to
another, precipitates a round one
there by means of the fool alone.
In other words - our College Soccer
Team went on a trip
The schedule is as follows :1
Tuesday, Dec. 19, Haverfoi d Col
lege, at Haverfotd, Wednesday,
Dec. 1 20, West Town School, at
West Town; Thursday, Dec. 21,
University of Pennsylrania, at
The following men will probably
play :
McGiegor '.12, Meisner , 13, w a t _ : =plosion and mine fne which took
son 'l5, Valcntour 'l3, Worthington Place on December 8, 1911, at
'l3, Wair 'l4, Stewart 'l3, SaNtly !In iceville, Tenn., where about 100
'l4, Manager, Vuoner 'l5, Vei y 'l3,lrien are reported killed and five
'robin 'l5, Captain, Cure 15, Al_ men have been iescued alive.
lison 'l3, Mut - lban 'l5, Dn'Ttru- i Mr. Ryan is stationed at the
pie 'l5. Pleld Headquarters of the U. S.
The team has been working hard, j Ilmeau of Mines, Pittsbuigh. When
and both Captain Tobin and Man- tle seriousness of the disaster was
age! Sal y feel conf,dept that the :aired, he ;n company with Mr. J.
tiip will be a successful '\ V. P,3111. Chief of rescue work,
Great inteics i,a been manifeq..,:_uthea to Brice% iile in one of the
ed in this new ry cit Mr ,White; a:1 lee Besel,c Car;. He has been
trustee of the colic ge, has gone so p..tit.cly cr:, rred in the work dur
far as to promise his support, and r g the ent re past calendar week,
thus, to a Itur- , ,c extent, poimitted r rid will contrnue until a detailed
the Learn to take its first tarp. t-xamine.tion it, made of the entire
Fellows--come out for th.s sty,- 1= tine in an eftoit to determine the
eel team—there is always loomlcause of the disaster.
for a good man. Gis e your sup- E. B Sutton was appointed
pelt to a project which has been i Foreman or the U. S. Bureau of
met successfully in es :,r; › , lane I lines Rescue Station at Knoxville,
stitution. Help this team to be enn , on October 20, 1911. He
victoi ions Ike all of our teen s. A ! 'as among the fast of the Bureau
tap will probably be taken son - re ,t ) reach the mice. Prior to his ap
time pc , -1 e'c . • f r ointment ,hi.c was working in_BuQ r
lee, ion:.
a grand and glorious future to out
new football team. .
Interclass Basketball
On Tuesday evening, December
12, the Se ,ims and the Juniors en
gaged in their fast basketball
game of the season which lesulted in
a well earned victory for the latter
130th teams seemed on a pal.
team work and in goal sheotinl:,
consequently a very intei eqing
game resulted. The. Sen;ois m mzsf
ed to secure a lead which tt cy held
at the end of tht• [list' half whfcl
ended with the scale 17-15 in their
1913 came out somewhat stronger
in the second period ~net nosed out
victors by three points• scoic
Last Saturday evening in a \ eiy
freely contest in which the. Diesh
men won their fiv.t victory in
basketball, the Ju.hois were de
feated for the fast time this season
by the close score of 27-21.
The teams were So evenly match
ed that the icsult of the game was
never certain. '1 he Freshmen,
much improved since their lust con
test, kept a slight lead until in the
lattei pait of the second pusiod
1913 by excellent passing and
shooting tied the sem e. After that
eoch team alternated in leading by
one point until thump . the last min
ute of play, 1915 slot tin ee goals in
rapid succession and won the gait e.
Centre County Club Dance
The members of the Centre Coun
ty Club will hold an informal dance
on Thursday, Dec. 28, at the Bush
Atcacle. All Penn State students
and members of the fa( ulty who arc
in, 01 about, Bellefonte at the time
ate invited to attend.
Sunday Chapel Speaker
Dr. Joseph S. Walton, of Geoige
School, will be the speaker on Sun
day, January 7.
'A, t z- - - - 311 - 1 a Ea.. cl L. &t. ra
qw, make an honest efiort to give you the best to be had in our line. illiOur laundry
is modern in all departments. qWe tater to those who desire high grade work at hon
est prices. JYou will appreciate the snappy appearance of our work. •
FI. E, Shorc 'l3
J 1. M4„Creary 'l2 c • STUDENT AGENTS
L A Davis 'l2 1
C. a. '3onsofta.k ?Eakin.
111 Easl. Co \\.est Ilea
lair Cutting a Specialty
Moles and Warts Removed
Stephe fl s" POOL ROOM
12:1 Allen Street
Alumni Prominent in Rescue Work
'qr. J. T. Ryan. 'O3, and E. B. Sut-
tan, 'lO, are playing a very import-
Lilt part in the rescue work at the
EnAineering News
' Th- , road scraper, and log drag
htve been iii use during the past
tvo vLcel.; improN ing the roads
nong,h ti college grounds. As
t to col (talon of the roads did not
'mato, it !he steam roller was not
cscd. The loads that were scraped
and ch;:a!,rml Tics( nt a much better
- )pcarance than they did before
, t e mnent.
Piofe,soi Diernei has been asked
by the La Salle Extension Untver
s.ty Chi , ago to prepare their in
stinction papers for a conespond
ence cent;.c. ;n factory organization
adrn nv,trat:ou.
1911,spent Pennsyl
vania D-Iy at the college. He is
v.ith the Westinghouse Electrical
and Manufacturing company at East
I ittsbuigh.
'AI C Weinbach, 1911, resigned
iris positior with the Westinghouse
Elect teal company, and has ac
cepted a position with the Westing
house Magiiinc company.
Ail Star Pennsylvania Eleven
Pcnn State leads in the numoei of
men selected foi the first team of
stars [lam colleges in the state.
The selection was made by D L.
Reeves, a miting Editor of the
Philadelpeii Ledge!. Mauthe, Mill
er, limy, Very and Hallow are
placed on the team. In making the
choice the University of Pennsyl
vania, Indians, Pitt and W. and J.
are eliminated. '
tss:sfstant F - Admit Managers Elected.
At the elections in the Athletic
Associatlou had December 18 for
three assistant football managers,
out of t4ght men nominated, the
following three were . elected: —N.
Mel. Fleming, L. P. Lindsay, and
Wrn. F.. trekin.
Tlhs s , ttiaein t ' s 'Laundry
We carry a
full line of
Students' Supplies
)Bellefonte Central Railroad
F H. THOMAS, General Manager
.1 1 ,11
S 00 a 10
7 1 3 )o
t ffillljo is
.'2 02 10 20;
I. 51
it IU
6 : 8
( I I
• it)
a2O 11 10
a In 1
Itil re1111431,111i1l
The First National Bank
State College, Pa.
3 j r ‘ i t-ite r-st
on time deposits, payable
AccOunts solicited
Have you tiicd
"Buffalo" Smoking Tobacco ?
For Pipe or Cigarette
All Kinds of Choice Meats
138 College Aventte
G E. -Si3neY
J_ANi-c.een• anirf op,riciar2
Tonsorial Artist
Your patronage sollettd Firstclass work guar
ant •
Headquarters for •!
Choice Meats of All Kinds
Frazier Street Both phones
Patronize the Col
( E. T. Asnlundh 'l2
STUDENT AGENTS -; B. M. Herman 'l2
I T. W. Harris 'l3
The Athletic Store
Dec 26 1910
ix NEW YORK Ar .
I.v riiu.lDßldlli.l Ar
1, LOCK if VE\ A
. Is BELLI:1 , 0 \ TEt .lr
AloUltis • •
P .
I thi.Vol:l; .
BM 'MY . .
. \‘' IDDLES
, . Ar Kitnritncr:
. ST , Z WILES ...
rEs:E uno vi: MILLS
Sheasly & Gentzel
Dry Goods, Groceries, Notions
Furniture and Carpets
Yteture sratttaq a Specialty
Headquarter, for
Nos. 200-206 College Avenue
The Potter-Hoy Hardware Co.
Everything in Ilardware
Dist, ibinors for the
complete Ilne
our mpeclalty
Both phones
4,._ L, i , v ,- r y
Both 'Phones
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